Amazon Affiliate Store Builder WordPress Themes

Amazon Affiliate Store Builder WordPress Themes

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As I have received a decent number of questions about best WordPress theme for Amazon affiliates, I decided to pick top Amazon affiliate store builder WordPress themes which should help you in decision.

Most bloggers will tell you that affiliate commissions are a great way to monetize a blog.

It doesn’t have to be the primary monetization method, but it’s an extra weapon in your arsenal to maximize profits.

And, if you commit to earning affiliate commissions, you’ll be interested that the world’s most popular affiliate program is Amazon’s.

Affiliates earn between 4-8.5% per sale. That is very low. But the main draw is the volume of products available to promote and the well-respected Amazon name driving sales.

In fact, many top internet marketers earn good money by creating niche Amazon affiliate websites.

Before you even think about placing product links into your posts, you’ll need to create an Amazon Associates account.

To do this, sign into your regular Amazon account. From there, apply for an account. It’ll take some time for approval…if approved.

Once you’ve been approved, you can go ahead and start adding products into your blog posts.


Amazon Affiliate Store Builder WordPress Themes

Building Amazon niche sites is a popular way of creating passive online income. If you’re just starting, then let me make it very clear that this isn’t an easy way.

But once you’re expert enough then you can set automation campaigns and do whatever other you wish while making money.

You can make money by building product review sites, coupon sites, price comparison or simple information-based websites.

I will not talk about the best way to promote products from Amazon store in order to receive a commission. Nor is it better to have Amazon affiliate review site, compare prices site or plain store site.

That is up to you and your preferences. Please inform yourself about Amazon affiliate program if you are not familiar how it operates. Plugins for Amazon affiliate or any other will not be discussed in this post.

NOTE: Having premium niche-specific theme isn’t necessary since you can start affiliate oriented site even with the simple blog, free themes, and plugins.

But having Amazon affiliate store builder WordPress theme will make your life easier and creating niche affiliate sites lot faster.

It’s a better idea to invest in buying a premium theme that will bring almost every possible and required functionality alongside.


Covert Store Builder – Amazon Affiliate Store Builder WordPress

Covert Store Builder Theme


One of best WordPress Themes for Amazon affiliates. It is not limited just to Amazon. It can be used for ClickBank or Ebay.

It automatically pulls products and descriptions from Amazon, so you don’t have to do much. The site can be set up and ready in half an hour.

The only downside is that there is no option to redirect users to their Amazon country store.

So if you pick as the main store for your site, users will be redirected to no matter do they come from Germany, Canada, China, Italy….

Why is that bad? Because they will probably want to buy a product from their country store. This means no commission fee for you if you don’t have their Amazon store locale.

Luckily there are free and paid plugins for solving that problem. For more info about Covert Store Builder theme check my Covert Store Builder review.

 Covert Store Builder  


 Amazon WordPress Theme – WordPress Affiliate Store

wordpress affiliate store amazon wordpress theme


This Amazon WordPress theme is an excellent solution for earning commission fees from Amazon. The theme is easy to install and can be installed on unlimited domains once purchased.

Once you set the products, all your shops will be auto updated with the latest products and you will have time to do the marketing and SEO for your business.

Some of the theme features include:

  • Support 7 Amazon stores (Canada, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy and the United States)
  • Use any keyword you want to generate your Amazon product automatically
  • Include the newest Amazon customer reviewers about product on your site
  • Auto-updating price tags, so the latest price is displayed in your posts all the time
  • Price tag ribbon for getting buyer attention
  • SEO optimized
  • Image product magnifier

NOTE: I don’t recommend purchasing this theme. Few of my readers contacted me regarding purchase of this WordPress theme for Amazon affiliates.

It seems there is lack in support, if any at all. That also raises a question is this theme updated regularly and does it work with latest WordPress versions, plugins and follows common practices. If you still intend to purchase, have this warning in mind.

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WordPress affiliate store  


WP Amazillionaire – Amazon Affiliate Store Builder WordPress


wp amazillionaire amazon review affiliate sites


With WP Amazillionaire you can create beautiful Amazon WordPress sites.

The theme can be used as usual, or you can convert it in reviews site for better performance. It is known fact that product reviews have deeper and better impact on people.

WP Amazillionaire is built on ThemeStarta Framework. This WordPress theme does not support auto posting but it is compatible with WP Zon Builder and WP Zon Grabber plugins or any other if you want to set your site on autopilot.

WP Amazillionaire is responsive which means it will be fully optimized for handheld devices. It is also SEO optimized, localization ready, schema markup optimized and much more. You can get this theme as part of Planet Starta club.

NOTE: Planet Starta does not exist any longer and this theme cant be purchased.

WP Amazillionaire  


Prosociate Amazon Affiliate Store Builder

prosociate amazon affiliate store builder


With Prosociate 2.0 you can build an unlimited number of Amazon Affiliate Stores fast.

This theme combines the Amazon API and WooCommerce to create the ultimate Amazon Affiliate shopping tool. Plus, you get all advantages WooCommerce has to offer.

Some of the features are advanced navigation, ready-made themes for plug and play site building and customizable shortcodes for placing products anywhere on the site.

You can also generate WorldWide profits via GEO Targeting algorithm which auto detects where users are from so you can benefit from anyone who visits your site no matter what country they are from.

Prosociate is also Google optimized and products will auto update with the latest pricing data and content. It will also add new products to your site on auto pilot.



Associate-O-Matic Amazon Store Builder

Associate O Matic Amazon Store Builder

Installing Associate-O-Matic is pretty easy as it’s without a database, so not much programming skills involved. You just have to look for a hosting that supports PHP.

If you own multiple stores, you won’t have to pay for each store you create as it’s a one-time payment and you can use it on as many sites you want.

This script also extracts reviews on Amazon. The visitor will only redirect to Amazon when he is making a checkout. It has theme pages with prebuild themes according to a different niche.

You can also add associate-o-matic as a side store on your blog or a website. Even if you are running a business, you won’t have to start a new site separately for your store.

Assiociate-o-matic is SEO friendly. Set your own custom titles description on the product to get more better placement on the search engine.

It has paid and free version. For more information visit official site. It is not WordPress theme but can be used on WordPress.



REHub – Directory, Shop, Coupon, Affiliate Theme

REHub WP theme review


NOTE: This is my number 1 and WordPress theme which I currently use when building affiliate stores. I use it on several of my niche affiliate sites in combination with Content Egg plugin.

From the time I have written this, many more features had been added. This is must have theme no matter what kind of website you intend to have.

You can use it for different purposes: from standalone blog to portal with shop, review system, news magazine, comparison websites, digital products shop.

I was amazed how good this theme is and how many options it has. It is regularly updated, and new features are added weekly. Few authors will do that.

Rehub looks beautiful. It comes with Meta Filter plugin and few other. Rehub works great with WooCoomerce, WooCoomerce Compare plugin, ECWID, BBPress, EDD plugin….

You can add coupons, do reviews, insert various great looking shortcodes, provide visitors with top lists, product comparison, show price deals from the various store, connect the post to offers, insert ads, create branded pages…

This theme doesnt come with integrated features like automatically pull products from Amazon, product price and product description.

REHub WordPress Theme  

Fresh Store Builder

create amazon affiliate sites using fresh store builder


Fresh Store Builder from recently integrates with WordPress. FSB is a nice way to earn money by promoting Amazon products though there is controversy about it and its author Carey Bird.

FSB is full of features and options. It is not WordPress theme or plugin. You don’t even need WordPress or any other CMS.

But it does come with WordPress theme + plugin so you can integrate it with WordPress. What you need is a domain name, hosting, and Amazon associates account. Simple as that.

I have wrote post about it so check my Fresh Store Builder review for more info.

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Fresh Store Builder  



datafeedr affiliate store builder is an affiliate marketing solution that can integrate thousands of products from different merchants and from a wide variety of options into your WordPress site in an instant.

Datafeedr connects to all the affiliate networks and downloads affiliate data-feeds. It pulls this data into a central administration area called the Datafeedr Factory.

With Datafeedr, you can earn a lot of money from helping merchants market their products into your site, not just to one site but to every site you wish to create.

Datafeedr can instantly feed any products into your site, and you are in control for any niches you can think of.

It offers an easy way to create browsable, searchable WordPress affiliate store, website, comparison site or blog.

Check Datafeedr  


Amazon Affiliate Store Builder WordPress Comparison

  • Product
  • Amazon affiliate
  • Ebay affiliate
  • CJ affiliate program
  • Importing Content
    Content imported straight from Amazon
  • Option to register
    Registration option built with theme
  • Slider
    Slider showing most recent products
  • Automatic update
    Automatic price update
  • Built in social sharing
    Theme comes with option to share products on social sharing sites without the need of plugin
  • Multi Site license
    Once purchased you can use theme on unlimited number of sites
  • SEO optimized
    Well every theme will say it is SEO optimized so take this with doubt
  • Import reviews
    Import product reviews from Amazon
  • Image Zoome
    Image Product Zoomer
  • All Amazon Stores
    Support different Amazon country stores
  • Shopping Cart
    Built in shopping cart
  • Autoposting
    Autoposting new products
  • Rating option
    Built in option to rate products (review site)
  • Responsive
    Optimized for handheld devices
  • Duplicate Post
    By activating duplicate post detection you can check if you have already posted a product before
  • Quick Loading
    Pages are optimized and tested to boost loading times
  • Custom Search
    Amazon Custom Search
  • 90 Day Cookies
    Standard Amazon affiliate links only set 24 hour cookies
  • GEO Targeting
    GEO Targeting algorithm which auto detects where users are from so you can profit from anyone who visits your site no matter what country they are from
  • Control
    Control the Look and Feel
  • Free version
  • Price
  • Covert Store Builder
  • SEO plugin is needed
  • Available with Covert store content which is paid extra
  • $47
  • WordPress Affiliate
  • Category descriptions, meta tags and title tags
  • Need to buy additional wordpress plugin
  • $29
  • WP Amazillionaire
  • It is possible to obtain license for unlimited sites for higher price
  • In built compatibility with the incredibly powerful WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast, including support for titles and interior links / breadcrumbs
  • Need to buy additional wordpress plugin. Optimized for WP Robot,WP ZonBuilder, WP ZonGrabbing
  • $17
  • Prosociate
  • Need to buy additional wordpress plugin
  • $49
  • Associate-O-Matic
  • Need to buy additional wordpress plugin
  • Free version has limitations
  • $99 First Year
    $20 Per Year Thereafter


NOTE: As time goes, themes get updates, modifications, changes or even become abandoned. I try to update content and comparison tables as much as I can.

But with so many published content I just don’t have time to keep pace constantly. Please check product sales pages for most current information’s and features.


Amazon Affiliate Store Builder WordPress Final Words

When it comes to building a niche site, choosing a proper theme will make your job a lot easier.

Once you have chosen such a theme, you can put your primary focus on developing the content and promoting your website.

Modern niche themes could also help you in getting better search engine rankings. Finally, you need to choose one theme.

If you’re confused which one to go with, I’d recommend you to create a list of requirements and then start the matchmaking process with each of the themes.

It will help you quickly find the theme that is covering most of the requirements.

That concludes my top best WordPress themes for Amazon affiliates. There are much more. All these themes can be made even better by adding plugins per need.

I recommend REHub, Covert Store Builder or Datafeedr for creating Amazon affiliate stores in WordPress.

I hope the theme compilation helped and saved your precious time. Do click on social buttons I’ve added to share it with people in your social network. It will take only a click.

Let me know in comments below which theme or plugin do you use for your Amazon or any other affiliate business?

About Article Author


Hello, my name is Matija but everybody calls me Kasa. I started this site to earn lots of money so that I never have to work again. Just lay down on a beach, drinking cocktails day after day while hot, beautiful chicks fight for my attention.Ok, now seriously. I love making websites, especially in WordPress. Hope reading content on this site you will find helpful tips, tutorials, comparisons, and product reviews for your business.

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  1. Segun
    January 21, 00:05 #1 Segun

    Quite eyeopening. Great. Keep it up.

    Reply to this comment
  2. aaliyah
    March 11, 07:06 #2 aaliyah

    I am thinking of WordPress Affiliate Store but wondering if there a better option or free theme where I can just buy a domain name and start because I really don’t want to spend on something which I am not sure will work for me. Any guidance on that?

    Reply to this comment
    • Kasa
      March 11, 12:01 Kasa Author


      There is no free WordPress theme with features and options paid themes come with.

      When I was starting with Amazon affiliate program I used free WordPress theme. Had to add various plugins, make customization and there was no support.
      There was no earnings too. But that was more because I was lazy and didnt add value to content.

      Then I told myself “Fuck it!” and paid $50 for premium theme. Mostly when you buy something, you appreciate it more than things you get free.
      As new theme came with lots of features I was able to provide value to visitors. Also I added unique content and worked on SEO (those two are most important).

      Now 2 years later I earn $50-$100 per site in Amazon program. Probably would earn more but I manage more than 10 sites and work on dozen of projects so dont have time to add content, update or do much work.

      Paying $20-$50 for a theme is not much. I think everyone can afford it. Especially if you are thinking of devoting to it.

      But you can have success with free theme and plugins too. WordPress community is great. There are many available tools for Amazon affiliate program in WordPress repository.
      Start with free theme and see how it goes. You can always upgrade.

      All in all, theme doesnt matter that much. You have to be motivated, provide visitor with comparison tables, other buyer reviews, do proper SEO and keyword research…

      PS: You can try with Associate-O-Matic free version.

      Reply to this comment
      • aaliyah
        March 12, 07:21 aaliyah

        Thanks for the detailed guide. I was thinking of the second option that you have mentioned above and trying to get in touch with them but no reply from them, I wonder if they are still active?

        Other queries that I had about amazon affiliate was about the content: do you have to create all the content by yourself. For example you have listed 200 products on your website, for each product you have to make that content? How do you do that?

        Reply to this comment
        • Kasa
          March 12, 13:03 Kasa Author

          Every good Amazon affiliate oriented theme has option to automatically import content and images from Amazon for desired product/s.

          You can do that and then rewrite that content. But usually Amazon product descriptions are just few paragraphs. That means you need to add content. If you pick to promote product you dont know much about, then you need to gather info.

          Browse, search and collect other people content and reviews. Then mix it up and rewrite. Or pay other people to write content for you. You can even use some kind of spin rewriter.
          I have tested few and you can find reviews for some here on site. But to save you the time, they are not that good.

          Best results come when manually editing and adding content. List, for example, two quality posts every week.

          It is like with backlinks. Better 5 good ones than 50 bad ones.

          Look at it this way. Every great article will bring visitors for years to come.

          Reply to this comment
          • aaliyah
            March 13, 07:33 aaliyah

            Very helpful…thanks. Will get back to you incase of any further queries on this.

  3. gordoh
    May 06, 13:17 #3 gordoh

    Hi Kasa
    Thanks for the reviews. I used your site and decided to get the wordpress affiliate store theme. I must say that im having some problems with it, and I contacted support, and they haven’t replied yet. I have looked online for help but there doesn’t seem to be anything. If you know about the theme and you would like to help me, please contact me, I would really appreciate the assistance.

    Thank you!

    Reply to this comment
  4. Sysco
    June 17, 15:40 #4 Sysco

    Excellent unbiased evaluation, Kasa. One point; I did not see Re-Hub in the comparison matrix. I will be buying it any way.
    Great work by you.
    Thanks and Best wishes.

    Reply to this comment
    • Kasa
      June 17, 23:02 Kasa Author

      Hey Sysco,

      I am glad you like it and fount it helpful.

      REHub is not included in comparison table because it isnt exactly Amazon affiliate oriented theme.
      It is multipurpose WordPress theme which can be used as shop, directory, coupon or as affiliate purpose theme.

      I personally love REHub. Support is excellent and it has huge number of options and features. I strongly recommend it.


      Reply to this comment
  5. Maria
    July 07, 14:15 #5 Maria

    Great reviews. I am interested in creating an affiliate niche storefront with many branded products – not just amazon. Which store builder do you suggest?
    Thank you.

    Reply to this comment
    • Kasa
      July 08, 13:13 Kasa Author

      Hello Maria,

      I would suggest using REHub WordPress Theme for this.
      It recently has ability to combine it with Egg Affiliate plugin which is from same author as theme.

      It has ability to use storefront.

      Reply to this comment
  6. Amin saleh
    August 31, 02:10 #6 Amin saleh

    Thank you indeed for the reviews. soon I will start my amazon affiliate store.

    Reply to this comment
    • Kasa
      August 31, 14:48 Kasa Author


      Wish you luck. You can also share your experience in comment section after some time.

      Reply to this comment
  7. Johnthan
    October 25, 07:28 #7 Johnthan

    So detailed and compared. Thanks a lot.

    Reply to this comment
  8. Birdie
    November 28, 14:28 #8 Birdie

    Hi Kasa,

    thank your so much for your review and the great comparison table! Just what I was searching for.

    In the part about Covert Store Builder (already bought it) you wrote there are free and paid plugins which redirect users to their country’s Amazon store – I searched the net for several hours now, a lot of them are not supported any longer, a few others cost up to several hundred bucks …
    Which one at a reasonable price-performance ratio would you recommend?

    Regarding REHub – does it include autocontent and automatic store localization?


    Reply to this comment
    • Kasa
      November 28, 15:57 Kasa Author

      Hi Birdie,

      I am intending to update this post and make some step by step tutorial which WordPress theme and which plugins I recommend to use in affiliate business for subscribers. Will do this when I get time.

      Yes most of them are not supported anymore or too expensive. I have also been searching for quality plugin or WordPress theme which can redirect users to their local Amazon store.

      Though, there are some ways to make this possible. For example plugins by Igor or Amazon Discount Finder.

      I have tried plugins by Igor for testing purposes but in the end decided not to use them. I bought Amazon Discount Finder from Codecanyon two weeks ago and started to use it on one of my Amazon affiliate oriented site.

      For now I didnt see much success but that is site I didnt post for a long long time and it has become forgotten in Google eyes. So that are some ways you could still provide possibility to visitors to end on their local Amazon store.

      What I currently use and highly recommend is using REHub. It doesnt include autocontent or automatic store localization.
      This theme is constantly updated and it has so many possibilities that make it well worth the money.

      Same author of REHub theme has developed 2 plugins which work with any theme but especially good with REHub.

      Those 2 plugins are Content Egg (Check my review) and Affiliate Egg.
      Content Egg makes possible to autoblogg, but only provides one Amazon store at the same time. For all Amazon stores you will need Affiliate Egg. But Affiliate Egg doesnt have autoblogg option.

      You can combine both if you want. That is how I do it. Other ways except REHub which I recommend are using Datafeedr or Fresh Store Builder.

      As you have bought Covert Store Builder, you should give it a try. I often recognize sites which are using Covert Store Builder and they are in fact doing good.

      If you need more help feel free to ask.

      Reply to this comment
      • Birdie
        November 28, 17:58 Birdie

        Wow! That’s what I call a helpful answer.
        I will check out the plugins, and after having built my site I’ll report here about how everything succeeded – hopefully. 🙂
        I am looking forward to your step by step tutorial! Thanks,

        Reply to this comment
  9. ramfingo9
    April 22, 09:43 #9 ramfingo9

    Thanks for this useful info Kasa.

    Reply to this comment
  10. Dweepayan
    August 22, 04:18 #10 Dweepayan

    Hey Kasa,

    Information here are very valuable and it helped me started. Just wanted to let you know. Keep up with content like this.

    Reply to this comment
  11. Ikram Fahad
    August 23, 19:00 #11 Ikram Fahad

    Hi Kasa
    Thanks for the reviews. I used your website and set to urge the WordPress affiliate store theme. I need to say that I am having some issues with it, and that I contacted support, and that they haven’t replied nevertheless. I even have looked on-line for facilitating however there doesn’t appear to be something. If you recognize concerning the theme and you’d wish to facilitate Pine Tree State, please contact Pine Tree State, I might extremely appreciate the help.

    Thank you!

    Reply to this comment
    • Kasa
      August 23, 23:45 Kasa Author


      Unfortunately you are not the first one experiencing lack of support problem. It seems this theme is abandoned and nobody works in update segment nor as support.

      This theme is not recommended to purchase. If you already purchased, reverse payment via PayPal or via your credit card provider.

      Reply to this comment
  12. Rakib Hossin
    August 25, 10:56 #12 Rakib Hossin

    I utilized your site and set to ask the WordPress partner store subject. I have to say that I am having a few issues with it, and that I reached support, and that they haven’t answered in any case.

    I even have looked on-line for encouraging however there doesn’t have all the earmarks of being something.

    Reply to this comment
  13. Sila Mahamud
    September 07, 12:32 #13 Sila Mahamud

    I think this is the Great collection of Amazon affiliate WordPress Themes.

    Reply to this comment
    • Kasa
      September 08, 14:07 Kasa Author

      I will also be updating this post soon to reflect recent and new themes for creating affiliate sites using WordPress.

      Reply to this comment
  14. Jeff
    September 13, 07:12 #14 Jeff

    Thank you for your truly informative and helpful comparison Kasa!

    I am now focused on REHub but I still have a few questions that I hope you may be able to answer:

    1. Automatic Geo-Targeting: Is it necessary to buy the Pro version of Content Egg, when combined with Affiliate Egg, to accept Amazon IDs for multiple Amazon domains and eBay IDs for multiple eBay domains?

    2. Amazon 90-Day Cookies: Do Content Egg and Affiliate Egg extend the life of Amazon affiliate cookies from 24 hours to 90 days?

    3. SEO Links: Do Content Egg and Affiliate Egg cloak affiliate links?

    4. SEO Keywords: Do Content Egg and Affiliate Egg automatically find related keywords and tags for product names and add these to posts?

    5. SEO Syndication & Backlinks: Do Content Egg and Affiliate Egg automatically syndicate posts?

    6. SEO Unique Content: Do Content Egg and Affiliate Egg support text-spinning services?

    7. WP Multisite: Are the license keys for REHub, Content Egg and Affiliate Egg valid for a WP multisite installation?

    Reply to this comment
    • Kasa
      September 13, 13:08 Kasa Author

      Ok, here we go:
      NOTE: I am currently only using Content Egg PRO so about Affiliate Egg, please ask plugin author to confirm as I don’t know if new features were added.

      1. Content Egg doesn’t have Geo-Targeting feature. You can use Affiliate Egg for that as it accepts multiple Amazon and Ebay aff IDs. But you will be able to put each Amazon locale separately as a deal. There is no feature to put one link and customer is automatically redirected based on his IP.
      If you intend to use Ebay too, then you need PRO version as Ebay module is only in paid version of Content Egg. My recommendation is combination of Content Egg PRO + Geniuslink (free).

      2. Yes, Content Egg has that option. From my experience, it is better to redirect the user to product page than redirecting him to cart where the product is already added to basket, and you are forcing him to buy just to get that extra 90 days.

      3. No, they don’t. It is against Amazon TOS to cloak links. Amazon suggests using their shortening service.

      4. Content Egg has related keywords module, but I don’t think that is what you meant here. Could you explain what you mean by this?

      5. No, they don’t. There are free plugins for that if you really need it.

      6. No, they don’t. From my experience text-spinning services require too much manual correction after spinning if you want that your post makes sense.

      7. Don’t know. You will have to ask product author.

      Hope I helped. If more questions feel free to ask.

      Reply to this comment
      • Jeff
        September 13, 21:27 Jeff

        Brilliant, thank you for sharing you valuable experience and you have helped a lot!

        1. Is CE Pro version necessary because apparently AE has an eBay module (are the CE Pro and AE eBay modules the same)?

        4. Does the plugin automatically search for related keywords/tags and add these to each post?

        Reply to this comment
        • Kasa
          September 14, 00:06 Kasa Author

          Well, using both plugins at the same time is not necessary. One is enough. But Affiliate Egg integration with Content Egg is possible. There is even a special tab to set it.

          You could say the modules for Amazon and Ebay are same in both plugins. As stated on sales page main difference is: “Content Egg works with API of different systems, Affiliate Egg works with web versions.”

          Yes, there is a module in Content Egg (as I mentioned already) for related keywords but not for tags. Affiliate Egg doesn’t have that option.

          Reply to this comment
          • Jeff
            September 14, 00:28 Jeff

            Very good, thanks once again for your help 🙂

          • Kasa
            September 14, 13:51 Kasa Author

            If you have more questions feel free to ask.

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