AliDropship Review PROS & CONS (2023) – Read Before You Buy

AliDropship AliExpress Dropshipping Plugin


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Unlimited products to import
  • Import product ratings and reviews
  • Inventory auto updating
  • Fulfill orders automatically
  • Built-in ecommerce themes
  • Auto order tracking
  • AliExpress cashback system


  • You have to edit imported products mostly
  • No free plan or trial option

What is AliDropship plugin and how can you benefit from using it? In this AliDropship review, I will show you all features it offers as well as its pros and cons.

For start, let’s clarify few things. You can say there are two ways in which store can operate. Stores that hold inventory, and those that don’t. When you hold inventory, you buy products in bulk, unpack them, and ship them to your customers as you generate sales.

The other option is to find a wholesale distributor (supplier) who will warehouse the items for you and ship individual items directly to your buyers. The second option is called dropshipping. A supplier will ship the item to your customers for you, and you never have to handle the product.

Dropshipping allows the reseller to focus on marketing, SEO, getting traffic and eliminate the hassle, time, and cost of dealing with the actual products they are selling.

When a customer buys a product from your site, you will accept payment for the product for your retail price and shipping costs. Once you have received the funds, you place the order directly with your supplier. The supplier will then charge you for the cost of the item and ship the item directly to your buyer.

If you have tried doing a dropshipping business before you know the hassle of browsing and selecting products, checking product options for shipping, downloading product images which you have to eventually upload to your site, applying prices for each item, description, etc.

This gets worse especially if the products have multiple variants where you have to get all the details and images from each variant one by one and input it to your store. This is where AliDropship plugin comes in.


AliDropship Review

AliExpress is an online retail service made up mostly of small businesses in China offering products to international online buyers. AliExpress dropshipping works the same way as the traditional dropshipping business model.

You copy the product from AliExpress to your store, set your prices/markups, and after you sell a product, you purchase it from AliExpress and have it shipped directly to your customer.

You don’t need warehouse nor employees to start. Just your computer and your brains. The main advantage of dropshipping is that as drop shipper you can purchase items when needed only and have them shipped from AliExpress to your customers directly.

Just copy the product from AliExpress store to your website and set your own price. Without a lot of investments, you can create a store to test your niche idea and fill it out with hundreds of items.

If there is no result just create a new store in another niche until you find one that will bring you profit. Except for your time and a small investment in web hosting (see best cheap WordPress hosting providers), domain, and AliExpress dropshipping plugin, you have potential to earn big.


dropshipping with aliexpress


There is little risk comparing to the other online business opportunities because you only have to pay suppliers when you sell something. When you don’t need to think about stocking and shipping, you can concentrate on promoting the store and bringing in new customers.

You can scale your business with automation and continue growing, handling more orders, creating more stores. AliDropship plugin for AliExpress is that kind of automation tool which saves your time and money and can enhance your dropshipping business.

The AliDropship plugin is a premium WordPress plugin that can get product details from AliExpress, download images and import them to store, check the shipping options, etc., and all this automatically.

When you buy AliDropship plugin, you only pay once. It costs $89 with one-time payment, lifetime support, and updates.

After completing your purchase, you will be redirected to the download page where you can get your plugin. There are actually two versions of the plugin. First is the standalone version and the other is the WooCommerce integration plugin.

Following are the few features provided with the plugin:

  • Directly import the products automatically from the AliExpress including the images, prices, descriptions, variations, customer reviews, etc.
  • You can edit the product descriptions and also to add new pictures, texts and videos
  • Plugin synchronizes with the AliExpress in order to get fresh data from the sellers and also updates all the information automatically
  • It allows the drop shippers to order the products from the sellers directly and automatically, and it eliminates the need to enter all the data manually
  • It has a custom dropshipping store development feature
  • It comes along with a personal support which is lifelong as well as free updates
  • It comes with over 100 million of products to choose from. It does not the limit the choice of products


AliDropship vs AliDropship WOO – Which To Use?

As mentioned, after purchase you will have the option to use standalone AliDropship or WooCommerce version of the plugin called AliDropship Woo. Depending on your personal preferences and business aims, you are free to choose any of the versions available. Please note that their features differ.


AliDropship vs AliDropship Woo comparison


As you can see, in comparison with the original version, AliDropship WOO plugin doesn’t have that many features.

AliDropship Woo requires to have WooCommerce installed, and you are free to choose and install any additional WooCommerce plugins that suit your specific goals.

It is recommended to choose AliDropship WOO if you already have a WooCommerce-based online store, and you need to fill it with AliExpress products in a quick, efficient, and effortless way.

Use the original version of AliDropship if you’re creating a brand new online store from scratch. This is the best choice if you are looking for a full-scale solution that contains all the necessary features in a single package and doesn’t require you to search, install and pay for any additional plugins and themes. Both versions are regularly updated, and new features are added continuously.

  • NAME
    Based on language, star rating, import reviews with images, reviews from specific countries
    Purchase through your own affiliate link and receive commission
    Select orders tracking service that will be used by your clients
    The price values will be rounded off to the nearest integer
    Tell suppliers to not include promo materials or invoices in package
    Set the amount added to the cost price of goods using this formula. Markup is how much you add to the cost of a product to get your selling price.
    When a product disappears from AliExpress or is out of stock, When a product's price changed, When a product's stock changed
    When a product disappears from AliExpress or is out of stock, When a product's price changed, When a product's stock changed
    Sales report, orders, traffic report, activities list
    Set default currency, additional currency to show on your site, current currency exchange rate
    After you placed order on AliExpress the status of the order will be automatically changed to 'Processed', when Tracking ID is collected the status of the order will be automatically changed to 'Shipped' and 'Order shipped notification' will be sent to a client
    Stripe, 2Checkout, Authorize, Payssion, PayPlug, PayLike, PayU, Instamojo, etc.
    Set to which countries you are shipping
    Set shipping options like free, standard, expedited, super savings shipping
    Setup your mailing service to get notifications to your email and send notifications to your customers
    Setup email notification sent to your customers after purchase
    Customers will have the option to create an account at the end of the checkout process
    To prevent robots from registering on your site
    Customers may authorize their personal accounts using their social media profiles
    Sooner or later all dropshippers face a situation when some products are out of stock.With ‘Change Supplier’ option you can find the same product at another store and replace your old link with a new one
    Synchronize your web store with Facebook Product Catalog
    Possibility to introduce limited-time offers in your web store which create a sense of urgency and trigger sales.
    Encourage visitors to purchase products other people bought in your web store and keep them engaged.
  • Assign Prize Levels to visitors who have referred your required number of referrals.
  • You can also allow access by IP Address or WordPress role.
  • You can also allow access by IP Address or WordPress role.
  • Needs to be purchased separately
    Price is $27
  • Needs to be purchased separately
    Price is $19
  • Needs to be purchased separately
    Price is $29
  • $89 for single site license
    Lifetime updates and support
  • Needs to be purchased separately
    Price is $27
  • Needs to be purchased separately
    Price is $19
  • Needs to be purchased separately
    Price is $29
  • $89 for single site license
    Lifetime updates and support


NOTE: AliDropship WOO is intended for users who already have a site with WooCommerce installed or wish to use AliExpress dropshipping with WooCommerce. In this way, you can add any WooCommerce plugin (extension) you wish to use and use only features you need.

Taking that into consideration, most features mentioned in comparison table can also be used, you just need third party WooCommerce plugin for AliDropship WOO.


AliDropship Features

After successful activation, you will get access to all plugin sections and can check your main Dashboard. Here you will find information about your recent orders, traffic stats, and other website activities.

AliDropship standalone plugin is only compatible with the built-in themes. You can easily switch between the built-in themes without losing your settings.

To get a more detailed information about your sales and traffic, visit reports section. Simply connect your Google Analytics to get a detailed data about your visitors and traffic sources.

You can easily search and add products to your site. Specify categories, keywords, purchase volume and other filtering options to find the best products.

Or just visit, find wanted product and import it directly in your site in just one click using a Google Chrome extension from AliExpress. The desired product will appear on your site instantly with all variations, images, description, information about stock and pricing.


Storing Images

There are two options to store images when you import products into your store. Leave images on AliExpress or upload them to your server. It is recommended leaving images on AliExpress and obtain only links. In this case, you can save space on your hosting and reduce loading of your server.


Product Import

Importing products into your AliDropship store is a simple straightforward process. All you need to do is first locate the import feature in the dashboard and select a product category and/or subcategory in the dropdown menu.

With the help of the advanced search, you can sort products based on popularity, price, and other important filters. The catalog search results are then displayed with detailed information about the products.

Before importing the selected AliExpress products into your own store, you can still make a handful of tweaks of the information you want to display.

Asides this, you can also remove particular item specifics like material, style, and brand name. When you’re done with the final selection, you can do a preview of the products on the import list before finally publishing them.

While searching and importing products from AliExpress, the extension shows you the products with epacket shipping. That is the best shipping option you should use in your dropshipping business with AliExpress.

With the help of extension, it is possible to import products directly from AliExpress, update them, collect tracking IDs and process your orders automatically. Once Extension is installed, go to AliDropship => Import products and click Use Direct Import button. You will be redirected to AliExpress to start importing items.


importing products from AliExpress


The extension settings can be found on the red panel on a category or single product page of AliExpress. Click on the gear icon to set search filters by country (any country / a set of countries), shipping method and product description type.

You can also select a category you want the products to be imported into. On AliExpress category page the extension will show you the processing time and shipping method available for each product.


alidropship plugin search filters


There are two types of products import available. Single product import and bulk import. If you need to add only some particular products, click the orange AliDropship logo to import items one by one.


alidropship single product import


If the item has been already imported into your store, you will see a tick next to the cart icon. A grey icon will be shown in case there is no existing web store found.


aliexpress import products to site


On a single product page, there is AliDropship Seller’s score available. It may differ from one on AliExpress as it is based on parameters like how long a supplier is selling goods on AliExpress, his feedback, shipping time, the accuracy of product descriptions, etc.

It is recommended importing products with a score of at least 90% or higher. If you need to edit item details before adding it to your store, click Edit button on the extension panel.

When you click on Edit button, the modal window will open. In the modal window, it is possible to make some changes to the products. In General and Pricing, you can edit the title, assign the item to a specific category and set new price or apply pricing formula.

To edit Description, go to Description tab. Check Remove text and/or Remove images if you want your products to be imported without text and/or images. In Variations tab you can not only edit already existing variations but also add new attributes and variations.

You can start with editing the title of the product so that it meets certain requirements:

  • Capitalize first letter of each word
  • Use keywords
  • Delete unnecessary and misleading words
  • Don’t use too many words
  • Ampersands (&) should not be used in titles unless they are part of the products brand name

Be sure to get rid of redundant words in permalink and make it correspond to product title. Make sure that the descriptions uploaded from Chinese supplier do not contain information from the supplier, grammar mistakes (check Grammarly vs WhiteSmoke vs Ginger), factory photos, etc.


edit before importing alidropship plugin


To change product featured image or add a new image, go to Gallery tab. Click Reset to Defaults in case you do not want the changes you have made to the product to be saved.

Once you have made all necessary changes to the product, click Publish or Add to Import List if you do not want this product to be visible to your customers.

Hit Import button on the Extension panel if you want to import items in bulk. The number of products awaiting import is displayed on Import button. Import progress can be checked on the Import button as well.


Auto Updates

You don’t have to worry about changes in product prices, variations, and inventory. The plugin auto-updating system will keep your products updated with the latest data from AliExpress.

AliDropship plugin provides you with the ability to keep the information about your products up to date. It lets you check the availability of products on AliExpress, as well as update product’s price, stock, and variants. There are two options in the plugin. Auto-updating and manual updating.

All options are the same in both cases. The only difference is the process in manual updates needs to be started manually, and you need to log in to your AliExpress account before you start the updating process. You can set up your updating options in the Updates section of AliDropship Settings.


alidropship auto updates settings


It’s possible to check the availability of products on Aliexpress automatically. If a product disappears from AliExpress, you can choose to either do nothing when this happens or send such products to Draft.

You can set a period of an update. It could be every 15 minutes, once daily, once hourly, twice daily. The plugin can auto update only 3-5 items per cycle.

Note that manual update is not automated to be performed regularly, so it is recommended that you use the Manual update option from time to time (at least once a week) or enable Auto updating option.


Image Editor

AliDropship’s built-in image editor has the type of functionalities you would hardly find in anything the competition has to offer. Instead of editing your images before importing them into the plugin, you can as well affect all the necessary changes within the platform.

All you need to do to edit any image is to click the edit icon above the selected image in the gallery.

You can then resize the image, add text and stickers, and even apply special effects. Using the effects tool, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, and other significant properties of the image directly on the website.


Importing Reviews

You can import reviews in your site directly from AliExpress. To start importing reviews, go to AliDropship -> Import Reviews. Select the number of reviews per product and rating of reviews. Click Import Now button and wait for progress bar to finish.

Many of reviews presented on AliExpress are in different languages. If you want to have all reviews in one language, activate Translate option. All reviews in other languages will be translated into the language that is setup on General settings of the AliDropship plugin.


alidropship plugin import reviews


If you want to edit reviews before publishing select ‘Send reviews to draft’ option. All reviews, in this case, will be saved in comments. If reviews on AliExpress have images attached by the buyers, these images will be shown on your site if you select ‘Import reviews with images only’ option.

If you select ‘Ignore images’ option, the plugin will import reviews with text only. To upload review images to your server, select this option in Import reviews section.

You can also import only reviews left by the customers from a particular country. Go to before importing reviews and choose the country in regional settings. If you need to add reviews to a particular product on your store, go to Product Options -> Reviews and click Import Now.


Change Supplier Option

Sooner or later all drop shippers face a situation when some products are out of stock. With ‘Change Supplier’ option you can find the same product at another store and replace your old link with a new one. The plugin will change the Product ID and Product URL in Supplier section.


change supplier option alidropship plugin


If you enable ‘Reset variations, stock, and pricing’ option the plugin will reset product variations, stock, and pricing, but the title, featured image and description will not be changed.

If you’ve deleted some variations and want to restore them, enable ‘Reset variations, stock, and pricing’ option and click ‘Update Product.’


Pricing Markup

Every product you import into your store reflects the original price from the AliExpress supplier. To make a corresponding profit, you’ll need to set a specific margin that applies to certain products.

Having to do this manually for every product on your listing will definitely be an enervating process. Luckily, the plugin allows you to automate this process by setting a pricing formula. To do this, you simply need to add a new formula in the pricing settings section.

You may not only add a pricing markup formula, but you can also apply different rules to different product categories. If some pricing rules are more important than others, you can arrange them in a distinct priority order which the system immediately recognizes.

While at checkout, your buyers can take advantage of multiple payment options. These include PayPal, PayPal One-click, Stripe, PayU, and a list of others.

You may display different item prices differently based on the buyer’s geographical location as well. After the customer is done placing the order, they can also choose between different shipping options.

AliDropship plugin features a profound system for pricing markup. The amount added to the cost price of goods to cover overhead and profit. After you determined the rules, all new products that you will import in your store will have prices according to the formula.

If you need to apply the formula for existent products on your site, you just click the update button.

For example, if you want to apply markup rules for items that cost from $5 to $10 on In this case set Min. Cost – $5 and Max. Cost – $10. Then you assign an arithmetic operation. Addition (+) or multiplication (x), and enter the value.

For instance, if you want to multiply all product prices by two. It means that prices for all products that cost between $5 and $10 on AliExpress will be increased in price by two times on your store. You can add and apply several formulas.


alidropship pricing markup formula


AliDropship Plugin uses dollar ($) as a primary currency set by default. If you want to change currency go to the Plugin General Settings and select the currency you need.

Here you can also activate payment currency that will be used for the payment gateway and additional currencies that will be shown on your site and can be selected by your visitors.

You can show prices in different currencies on your site and also activate Rounding option and Assign cents. For example, if the product price is $5.19, it will be converted to $5. If you assigned .99 cents, this amount would be added to the final price.


alidropship currency settings


Email Lists

The plugin collects emails from your customers and of users who leave their emails on your site but do not complete a purchase.

In order to use email notifications, you need to register with a mailing service. It will allow you:

  • get notifications on your email from ‘Contact Us’ form placed on your store;
  • send your customers email notifications when they place orders on your store;
  • send your customers email notifications when you change the order status.

To activate email notifications register with one of the mailing services offered and enter your API key in plugin notifications settings. You can register with any of these services: SendGrid, SendinBlue, Mailgun, Pepipost, Sparkpost, Mandrill or use SMTP.

You can also add an opt-in form to your website to start collecting your visitor’s emails and improve your newsletter or autoresponder campaign.


Discount Coupons

Offering discounts is always powerful marketing tool. The same case is for your dropshipping online store. If you want to create a discount, go to AliDropship -> Marketing -> Discounts and click Add New button. You can choose whether the discount is for dollars off, a percentage off, free shipping, etc.


alidropship plugin discount codes


You can specify how many times you want the coupon to be used by entering a number in a field next to Usage. To set the value of your discount, first, choose the discount type (% Discount or Currency), and then enter a percentage or monetary value for the discount.

It is possible to set the Start and End dates when the coupon will be valid. You can also choose Never expires to make the discount run permanently.


Abandoned Cart

Cart abandonment happens due to a variety of reasons. Sending mail (with follow up mails) can be the best way to recover users who didn’t complete purchase. You can use a set of pre-loaded professional email templates, or you can create and add your own templates.


alidropship abandoned cart settings


AliDropship plugin offers five pre-made email templates. If you want to start emailing your clients with notifications, change Status to “Enable” under email template you wish to use (you can enable all).

These notifications will be received by customers who left their email on a checkout page but never completed their purchase.

You can set your own time of sending. The time of delivery counts from the moment when customers email is recorded to database. You can change the text of a letter, add a new template, reset to defaults and look at emails in a queue.


AliDropship Built In SEO

In case you don’t use any third-party SEO plugin on your site, like Yoast SEO (see Yoast vs All In One SEO), Rank Math (see Rank Math vs Yoast), All In One SEO, SEOPress (check SEOPress review) or SEOPressor Connect (check SEOPressor review), then you can use SEO tools available with the AliDropship plugin.

You can activate option to generate sitemap.xml and robots.txt files. A sitemap is important because it tells the search engines about the content that you have on your site and how often it is updated.

It makes it easier for Google to index your site and show it on search results. A robots.txt is a file at the root of your site that indicates parts of your site you don’t want to be accessed by search engine crawlers.


alidropship plugin built in seo


If  SEO meta data fields option is enabled, SEO meta fields will be added to every product on your site. If SEO meta data generator feature is enabled, SEO titles, descriptions and keywords will be generated and added to product pages automatically.

Meta titles and Meta descriptions are hidden text elements on your page that are used to describe your site on search engines. These elements are meant to give a small preview of what your site is about for people who have come across your page through search engines.


AliExpress Cash Back System

Another great feature of AliDropship Plugin is AliExpress Cash-back system. The cash-back scheme works on the principle that you get an affiliate commission on every product you sell. You use a unique affiliate link and purchase the desired products.

After the products are delivered, part of the cost is returned to you on your affiliate account. Then you can withdraw your money and get an additional bonus to your primary dropshipping source of income.

To activate this system, you just need to register with AliExpress Admitad or AliExpress EPN network, get your affiliate link and place it in the specialized field on plugin settings.


aliexpress cash back system aliropship plugin


Once you get an order, you visit Orders section and click Place Order button. If you setup your cash-back URL before, you will be redirected to AliExpress through your affiliate link. You buy an item for your client and automatically get from 7 to 15% commission on your account.


Automated Fulfilling & Placing Orders

Imagine you had a large online store (or already have one) and you had to manually process every single order you get. The resulting stress will definitely slow down your business workflow and limit how much revenue you can rack up in a given period of time.

However, that’s not the case here when using AliDropship. With just one click, you can automatically send all your orders’ data straight to the supplier on AliExpress and get the order over with.

Along with that, you can activate the setting to mark the order as processed and shipped once the order has been placed on AliExpress and received a Tracking ID respectively.

In addition to this, you can also add some extra information to the supplier in an attached custom note. This will be useful if there are any specific adjustments you want to make to the order.

For example, you can inform the supplier that a specific label should be stuck on the package of the order. Let’s say your customer ordered something delicate, so the package can be labeled as a fragile one – to inform the delivery guys that the product you’re delivering has to be handled carefully.

In essence, this is a very useful feature that significantly simplifies the process of order completion. It also makes sure that you have done everything from your side to please a customer. In the end, happy customers are the ones that tend to come to your online shop.

Once you have received an order, you need to process it with AliExpress. Go to Orders page, find the order and click your customer email address to get more details. Orders can be dealt with in two ways. Automatically and manually.



Click Place order automatically to proceed with processing your order. The plugin will visit AliExpress and fulfill the order for you automatically. Select necessary product variations, add items to your shopping cart and fill your customer’s shipping details on the checkout page.

To complete the purchase, click Confirm button. Note that you need to have AliDropship Chrome Extension installed to be able to use this feature.


auto order settings alidropship plugin



To place an order manually, go to the order details and click Place order manually button. You will be redirected to AliExpress product page.

Log in to your account, click Buy Now button and place the order using shipping details of your customer. If you do not have your customer’s phone number, you can enter your own.

To avoid any invoices or marketing materials included in the packages sent to your client, leave an additional comment for AliExpress suppliers: ‘We are dropshipping. Please don’t include any promotional materials’. 

NOTE! If you have already set up cash-back URL in plugin settings, you will be redirected to AliExpress through your affiliate link that allows you to get cash-back on each purchase.

Make sure all the fields are filled and proceed to the payment by clicking Confirm & Pay.  After the order is placed, get back to the order details page and change the status of the order to Processed.

As soon as the AliExpress seller informs you that the package has been shipped, you should change the status to Shipped. In this way, your customers receive an email notification that his/her order has been processed and the package has been sent.


Shipping Options

It is recommended to offer your customers a free shipping service by taking advantage of the free/ low-cost shipping offered by many AliExpress sellers. However, the plugin has a special section where you can enable or disable different shipping options.


alidropship shipping settings


You can add up to four different shipping options (including free shipping) to any or all products: Free Shipping, Super Savings Shipping, Standard Shipping and Expedited Shipping. If you activate any of these delivery methods you need to setup Delivery Time and Shipping Cost.

All products on your store will be updated with new shipping rules, as well as items you will import in future. If you want to change shipping options for a particular product, go to Products, select a product and click Edit.


particular product shipping settings alidropship


Scroll down to Product Options and change shipping options in the Shipping section.


Payment Gateways

To set up payment gateways which you will accept on your website, go to AliDropship Plugin – “Settings” – “Payments” and click Edit button next to Cash on delivery option, PayPal or Credit cards.


cash on delivery payment alidropship plugin


alidropship paypal settings

alidropship credit card payment settings


After clicking edit, you will see more options which you need to set depending on payment gateway.


AliDropship Addons

If you wish to extend AliDropship plugin with addons, there are few paid and free available.


Facebook Business

FB Business addon is designed to synchronize your web store with Facebook Product Catalog. With FB dynamic ads you can be sure that your customers will see only relevant products on Facebook and Instagram feed.

Since these ads are based on items which your visitors viewed on your website, they are more likely to return to your store.


  • Sell from your product catalog getting the most out of dynamic ads
  • Increase customer acquisition
  • Spark interest of your potential clients by reminding them about products they browsed


  • Create your product catalog easily
  • Set up automatic product catalog updates
  • Create personalized recommendations to your target audience
  • Let people know about your web store by showing them your ads across devices they use
  • Compatible with WooCommerce


Countdown Timer

This addon provides you with a possibility to introduce limited-time offers in your web store which create a sense of urgency and trigger sales. Addon comes with a clean interface and professional design for three templates to choose from.


  • Create a sense of urgency to trigger sales
  • Run flash sales to convert more visitors into buyers


  • Turn timers on and off with a simple switch
  • Place timers on all or specific products, categories and homepage
  • Restart timer after the end date
  • Edit number of discounted products that are available and sold
  • Compatible with WooCommerce


Recent Sales Pop-up

This addon is designed to encourage visitors to purchase products other people bought in your web store and keep them engaged. The plugin will help you increase trust factor, make your website look busy and drive conversion to your store.


  • Boost your product discoverability
  • Add more credibility to your webstore
  • Make your website look busy and trustworthy


  • Choose any country, city and customer’s name to be shown in notifications
  • Pick all or some specific items you want to be shown in recent sales pop-up notifications
  • Randomize display time for a more true-to-life experience
  • Highly customizable: color, font, placement and timing
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Compatible with WooCommerce


Social Rabbit Plugin

If you want to get stable organic traffic from social media networks, then you can use the Social Rabbit plugin. It is a tool from makers of AliExpress dropship plugin and is made to work perfectly with AliDropship. For more info you can check my Social Rabbit review.

SocialRabbit is a WordPress plugin for auto-running and auto-promoting your websites on most popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. As alternative you can use Blog2Social or SNAP. For more info about them see Social Networks Auto Poster review and Blog2Social review.

Main Features:

  • Smart Posting – Shares content of your website to your social accounts.
  • Social Accounts Promotion – Boosts your Facebook and Instagram accounts by attracting attention to them.
  • Post Grabber – Finds popular content relevant to your niche and publishes it in your accounts.

Use coupon code ali25 to buy SocialRabbit with discount.


AliDropship Themes

The appearance of any website goes a very long way in deciding how users interact with its content. AliDropship understands this aesthetics rule and therefore keeps its plugin loaded with quite a few professionally designed themes that will send the right message.

There are three ready-made themes for Alidropship plugin that you can easily customise and setup according to your own preferences. All themes are mobile-friendly and have a professional, stylish design.

Once AliDropship plugin and theme are installed, you can proceed to customization. To start customizing the theme, visit Customization in your admin area.


alidropship plugin ready made themes


In General section, you can edit some basic configuration settings such as adding default pages and menus, changing template colors and images, and integrating Google Analytics ID.

You can add and edit scripts and styles in Head section, change the logo and contact information in the Header section, edit page images and texts in Home, About Us and Thank You sections.

To change the images, just click the Upload button, select the file and click Insert into Post. To add your social media links, go to Social Media and fill in the appropriate fields.

In Subscribe Form you can paste your ‘Autoresponder’ code for collecting users’ emails. And Footer section lets you customize your payment and delivery options, as well as footer texts and images.


aliexpress dropshipping wordpress themes


You can add a tracking page to your store to give your customers an option to track their orders directly on your site. If you wish to have a possibility for your customers to create accounts in your store, you need to enable this option in Settings => Accounts.

Once this option is activated, your site visitors will be able to create an account at the end of checkout process. Your customers can log in to their accounts or create a new one by clicking Log in. From there, they can store their contact/shipping details, check the list of products they purchased and track status of orders.


AliDropship WOO Review

If you have WooCommerce already installed or intend to use it, then you will have to go with AliDropship WOO version of drop shipping AliExpress plugin.

Once you have installed WooCommerce, you need to install AliDropship Woo plugin if you do not wish to use AliDropship original version. After installing the plugin on your site, it will ask you to enter your license key to activate the plugin.

After the plugin is installed, go to Appearance => Themes and Add new theme. AliDropship Woo plugin supports standard WooCommerce themes. It is incompatible with AliDropship built-in themes. You may download one of the offered themes or choose another WooCommerce theme.

When you check AliDropship WOO settings and options, you will immediately notice there are far fewer features to set and play with. This is on purpose as AliDropship WOO version is intended for users who already have and use WooCommerce on their site.

The users who wish to install features which they want in the form of various WooComnmerce plugins. Importing products goes in the same way as with AliDropship standalone version.

Using Import Products option, you can get all the product details from Aliexpress such as the images, descriptions, prices, variations and then import it to your site.

There are two ways to import your products. First is within your plugin dashboard itself. This is for mass importing as all you need to do is enter a keyword, select ratings and number of orders and the plugin will import all the products in Aliexpress that matches your criteria.

The advantage of this option is that you can fill your store with products at a much less time. The disadvantage is that you will not be able to filter the products correctly and that you might be getting duplicate products from different stores. Especially if the same products from different stores both pass the standards, you set.

The second way, although a bit manual because you need to go directly to AliExpress and select individual products. The advantage of this method is you will be able to filter out the products properly as well as avoiding importing duplicate products.

Also you can select the products with epacket shipping. The disadvantage of this method is it will take more time for you to add products to your store since you have to import each products one by one.

When you click on any of the product, you will be sent to the normal product page, but you can see at the top that there is a button to import the product data to your store.

Just click that button, and all the product details will be imported to your store including the product images, variants (if any), product description, and prices (which is converted based on your pricing structure).


AliDropship Price

The first thing that stands out about AliDropship’s pricing is that it does not offer any free or trial version. This is quite discouraging considering that the plugin requires an initial one-time payment of $89 to even get started.

Price is $89 for one site license. It seems they do not offer multiple site license which means you would need to buy new license if you need for another site. Your license key is valid for one website/domain name.

But if you decide to create another website in the future, your license can be deactivated on your current store and activated on another one for free.

Updates and support are lifetime which means there is no yearly renewal. It is a one-time fee. Support is excellent, and you have many guides, tutorials, and very active forum if you get stuck.

As I began to use the plugin, I discovered that this initial price is not only justifiable but also quite a steal. For starters, a one-time payment is always more cost-effective in the long run than the monthly or yearly subscription plans that the competition offers.

Also, the original $89 payment covers the cost of both a regular AliDropship plugin and an additional AliDropship Woo plugin. The latter allows your store to use additional eCommerce features powered by WooCommerce.

You can also order custom-made store. The will create custom webstore according to your wishes and needs. If you decide to order custom ready made dropshipping store use the coupon KasaReviews10 for 10% discount on any custom store package.


AliDropship Alternatives

Here are alternatives to Alidropship plugin:

  1. Aliexpress Dropship for Woocommerce – Allows you to easily import dropshipped or affiliated AliExpress products directly into your WooCommerce store and ship them directly to your customers.
  2. WooDropship – Set up your AliExpress WooCommerce drop shipping store with just a few clicks. Import AliExpress products to your WooCommerce store and auto-fulfill orders. Check my comparison between AliDropship and WooDropship if you are not sure which to go with.


AliDropship vs DropshipMe

DropshipMe comes with more than 50 000 products with ready-made edited images, titles, and descriptions which you can import. You don’t need to search the best selling, profitable products nor eedit images or text from AliExpress.

But it doesn’t have features like built-in themes, auto-updating of products data and stock availability, cash back system, support for payment gateways, etc.

AliDropship has numerous useful features like auto-updating products in your store (price, availability, stock, and variations), orders redirection, auto-filling and tracking, integrated AliExpress cashback system, etc.

You can utilize AliDropship numerous features to automate the dropshipping process and remove manual work while with DropshipMe you can import and publish ready made edited products.

Using both DropshipMe and AliDropship plugins is recommended as they complement each other. For more info see DropshipMe review.

dropshipme vs alidropship
  • Free with option to purchase more
    Free version offers 50 products to import. If you need more you have to pay.
  • NAME
  • Product search and import
  • Handpicked AliExpress products
  • Suppliers checked by experts
  • Professionally edited product info
  • Unlimited products to import
  • Recommended pricing markup
  • Import product ratings and reviews
  • Inventory auto updating
  • Fulfill orders automatically
  • Auto order tracking
  • Built-in ecommerce themes
  • AliExpress cashback system
  • WooCommerce support
  • Free updates and team support
  • Free version is available
alidropship vs dropshipme
  • No free version available


AliDropship Review Verdict

To sum it all up, the AliDropship plugin is an excellent investment if you are into dropshipping business. It significantly decreases the time you spend on adding products to your store so you can use it for more productive tasks.

The interface is also very intuitive and easy to use and even though the AliDropship Chrome extension is a bit of a manual process. It is still much better compared to adding products without it.

Just keep in mind that even though you have imported your products, you still have to edit the product titles to make it unique and more readable. Some of the product titles from AliExpress are really weird.

Also, make sure that you double check the product images because some have watermarks from the AliExpress store where it was grabbed.

You will need to edit those to make your site more professional, and you don’t want to promote other stores where your customers can buy items at a much cheaper price. These are the tasks that you have to do manually because the plugin can really do nothing about it.

Also, their refund policy is currently not written on their sales page but as I know they provide a 30-day money back guarantee so in case the plugin is not able to meet your expectations, just request for a refund and you’ll get your money back.

Let me know in comments below if you have questions or if you used any AliExpress dropshipping plugin or even AliDropship. And if you are rather interested in AliExpress affiliate plugin, then check AliPlugin review.

If you need good tool to spy on your competition then check Sell The Trend review and SaleSource review. If you need US based dropshipping supplier, Sellvia is a great choice. You can find more about it in my Sellvia review. DSers is another useful tool for dropshipping, and now offers DSers WooCommerce integration.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

37 thoughts on “AliDropship Review PROS & CONS (2023) – Read Before You Buy”

  1. I have to add my experience here and say that Alidropship has been nothing but expensive, time sucking, frustrating and have had ZERO ROI. Its a money pit. I bought a premium store, paid for installation, marketing package. The store was not in any way set up to be successful- in fact I think it was the opposite- the manager they assigned me talked politics and personal with me and then basically has given total half assed efforts and most times I think its actually a bot. The advertising that you can be non technical and be successful in no time is complete BS. I have had months of paying for the monthly sellvia as its a new feature and the only solutions the team seems to have is to sell me more services. Its a great lil store and I have had hours of time sucked up by their videos and tutorials and the claims made that you can automate the store and earn passive income is total BS. If you wat to work hours each day with little no return then go for it. I have spent over $1200 and a couple hundred on FB ads and its been 3 months- NOT ONE SALE. Its not the products- they are great, prices are good and even in line with major retailers so its not that. NOt sure what it is and have bought the social rabbit plug ins and SEO etc yet its still taking hours each day to learn the ropes, the advertising Alidropship engages in to get sales in my view is UNETHICAL as they will promise anything and everything to get you to pay them and then its nothing but excuses for why you were given misleading info etc. The store email gets nothing but spam. AVOID AVOID AVOID. Spend the little bit on a Udemy course and do it yourself. They are a huge rip off.

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with AliDropship. I agree that you will not get automate store. You still need to invest time, manually add articles, optimize SEO, promote, etc.

      Otherwise, you will be lost in the pile of same generic sites with nothing unique to offer and no reason for search engines to rank your pages.

  2. Hello,

    I read your detailed post about but I read the negative review in every where like trustpilot, sitejabber, facebook group, … etc

    I liked the idea of premium store .. did you know why there client say that!!

    is there similar website to them!


    1. Hi Moe,

      Happy customers rarely leave positive rating. I didn’t check what other users had to say, but yes, you should also take into consideration negative rating. If it is too many negative ratings, avoid the product.

      I personally didn’t encounter issues. But I used plugin only for testing purposes and to show features.

  3. Hi,
    Hope you could help me. As i am planning to start dropshipping website and want to clarify some questions.

    Let say i add different products from aliexpress:
    1) Mens clothing
    2) women jewellery.
    (Both from different supplier from aliexpress – obviously)

    If my customer purchase both items, how are they going to ship the items?
    they will post it seperately?
    or ship both item together? (both are from different supplier).

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Lim,

      They will most likely be sent separately in this case .Though in some countries (like in mine) packages get combined by postal service if ordered in similar time interval even when they are from different sellers. But this all depends how your dropshipping store will function. You can go with using standalone plugin or use service like CJdropshipping.

  4. Hi Kasa,

    Very nice and informative post regarding AliDropship. This past week I am searching the web for a good dropshipping business and I am lucky enough that I found your blog.
    I want to ask if I have an eCommerce website already is it ok to use the AliDropship plugins? I mean it will not affect the design and functionality of my website? Can I still control the design, menus, etc of my website?

  5. Alidropshp is so full of crap, the bag the crap is in broke. They do not offer any help after they have your money. Shipping to USA is a joke, so if you are in USA forget it.

  6. After seeing many great reviews online, we were excited and happy to see that Alidropship had positively changed the lives of many individuals by allowing them to generate additional sources of income on top of their day-to-day jobs. As advertised on their website, their team of professional works hard creating a premium custom store according to all our preferences and will help us become a dropshipping business owner without actually lifting a finger. How exciting is that! Thus, my Partner and I who are very new to this, have since embarked on this journey since 12 May 2020 and bought the Custom Dropshipping Store – Ultimate Package since it was marketed as “Perfect for a 100% hassle-free start with a store ready to make immediate profits”. We have also bought various Add-Ons and Services amounting close to USD $2,000 with the Ultimate Package.

    We began by working with our Project Manager on our niche and determined the various categories and theme for the website. This was followed by the uploading of products based on Alidroship Criteria,

    a. Add pictures only of a high quality;
    b. Edit titles to make them short and well presented;
    c. Properly check product’s description uploaded from a Chinese supplier;
    d. Not leave the information from the suppliers, check grammar and delete factory photos.

    To us, apart from the importance of website development, the product pages would be very important as well as these pages are the key to generating an income. This was when our horror began as many of the products uploaded did not adhere to the above criteria set by their team. Out of the 200+ products uploaded, we have only gone through the first 100 of them and many were poorly uploaded.

    On top of that, we were avid fans of their website as it is very informative as it serves as a guidance for people who just started out like us. Many of our products have a Product Attribute “Ships from: China”. Based on the advice from the Alidropship website, this would not be ideal as this will turn away potential customers. We were advised by our Project Manager that there is no way to remove or add the Ships From attribute. In this case, we will break the sync between our site and AliExpress. We began researching more through Alidropship Website and found that this is a product attribute that cannot be removed but can be amended. We were disheartened that their team of Professionals could have advise us to renamed it to ‘Nearest Warehouse’ as advised from AliDropship Website itself instead of leaving information that could trace the product to a Chinese Supplier. These are criterias that were set in place by their team but were not followed. If there was already a solution to address this, we expected the team to have advise us on that instead of us having to dig information out from Alidropship website itself.

    Over at our main page, we have also requested the team to change the colour of the wordings on the website and the team followed and changed it. However, we have noted from our observations that the computer version of the website defers from the mobile version. So, the words could not be portrayed in the mobile version. So, the words were actually on the picture itself. Thus, the words could not be seen based on the colour we had selected. We were also not adequately advised on this. It was disappointing as it seems like the team merely wanted to get the job done as soon as possible and to hand over a poorly done website to us.

    We sincerely hope that they could personally look into this matter. We are very driven and want to make this work, so that we can generate additional sources of income which can positively impact our livelihood. We do not mind sleepless nights working with their team of professionals to improve on our website and continue to purchase the Add-Ons and Services to improve our end to end process as a whole. However, much time was loss as we spent time going through the numerous errors made by them.

    1. Hi Lawrence,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with custom AliDropship store plan. I would not recommend anyone to get custom store. I recommend purchasing AliDropship plugin and creating website and content by yourself.

  7. Yet nobody is talking about the fact that the plugin won’t even work. The Chrome extension can’t authorize. Followed all their troubleshooting steps. Their customer service doesn’t respond. There’s only one option — demand a refund and look elsewhere.

    1. Same here – Part 1)

      Purchased the plugin about 1 week ago – The “Import directly from Aliexpress” feature it is not working (just the extra one where you can only import from their selection of products) – emailed support & reached out via FB, twice, still no answer regarding my issue – They are never available on the live chat (when they are not in office I can see the chat but can only email them and when they are in office they are unavailable due to large number of requests) – Far from the #1 solution

      Part 2)

      They eventually replied and told me they have fixed the issue – In reality, the problem is still there – tool is not working but they have ruined my website.

      Asked for a refund, I don’t think I will get one – if you look closely to the Facebook reviews, many are fake accounts. Will report this “business” everywhere.

      Avoid if you don’t need trouble 😉

  8. Hey Kasa,

    Thanks for the informative post.

    I am already running one Shopify dropshipping store. And I am planning to build a new WooCommerce dropshipping store using the AliDropship plugin.

    But I was thinking that, is it a good idea to start new AliExpress dropshipping store right now at this time when the pandemic is going on and when there are uncertainties about the future?

  9. My site was poorly made by these guys (Alidropship), waste of money.
    Ridiculous products at ridiculous prices, not relevant to the niche, poor design, bad customer service.
    0 Stars!!!

    1. I agree that their custom made websites are priced too high and I doubt final product is something worth that price.

      But manually add products and set everything on website using AliDropship is far better and cheaper option.

  10. Hii, I have been using Shopify (Oberlo) for my dropshipping business and I am thinking to switch to Alidropship. Is it the right decision?

    1. I never tried Oberlo, but if you are thinking about changing things to WordPress and using AliDropship plugin, then go for it.

  11. AliDropship is a waste of your money!!!
    Alidropship completed my store in Feb 2019 and when I reviewed their work there were several changes that were not done to my instructions. The menus were in the wrong order, the Youtube channel image was cut off, several images were uploaded to the wrong category, the About page was not remotely consistent with the name of the site. It was a mess and it looked like no one was checking the work to ensure it was done properly. I brought this to their attention in Feb 2019 and it is now June 2019 and they still have not completed the changes I asked for. I also added Yaroslav Nesky the co-founder to the email so that he was aware of this and NOTHING! Don’t waste your time with their lies. I still have not made a single sale from the site they built. Stay away!!!!

  12. Hi,
    I would like to know if I can add my own products(given that I do the shipping myself) in my online store which was created using alidropship plugin? Or it has to be the products only from aliexpress I can sell in my online store? Please clarify

  13. One of the most detailed reviews I have ever read of any product or service. Thanks for investing all that time and energy.

    1. Glad to hear that you liked the review. Feel free to ask in the comments if you have any questions regarding the plugin.

  14. Hi, I’m building my shopify dropshipping store now. What I did was I downloaded the photo of the product one by one, I have 120 items already in my store and its all sorted out by collection . I did it manually .My question is, Do i still need the aliexpress dropshipping plugin to download products in the future or it will just duplicate the products that I have.


    1. It will not duplicate products that you have because you can control the process of adding products if you wish.

  15. Did I miss the bit how to create categories and the product pages. Seeking how to get the products from AliExpress sitting in specific categories. Is it too in depth for this writeup?

    1. I cant go to broad when writing review as AliDropship has many functionalities so I try to mention most important parts. If you need more information please contact their support to give you more data on the specific topic.

  16. Hello, I do not like to let many plugins enabled on my Woocommerce shop because plugins often slow down websites and are more chance to be hacked sooner or later.
    Do you think that after having imported the products I can disable the plugin ?
    I know that I won’t be able to order automatically from Aliexpress and will have to do it manually, but it’s not a problem for me, as I perfectly know that I won’t have hundreds orders daily.
    So is it possible to disable the plugin after having imported the products from Aliexpress or do we NEED to keep it enabled ?
    Thank you for your help.

    1. I didn’t try to be honest nor did I think about that option. I think it is safe to leave plugin active.

      But if you try, let me know what happens.

  17. thank you so much, I thought about buying the plugin and was searching for reviews. Your article helped me greatly!

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