Amazon Product Research Tool – AMZScout Review PROS & CONS (2023)



Easy to use






Overall quality



  • The tools cover everything you need as a beginner and advanced seller
  • Huge product database
  • Helps with unlimited ideas for product research
  • Free trial option
  • Available as Chrome extension and web app
  • Huge amount of data
  • Product tracker option


  • Often doesn't show all data for every product
  • Confusion between AMZScout Pro Chrome extension and AMZScout Web App
  • The keyword explorer takes awhile to load the results
  • Many additional available Chrome extensions add more confusion in what each does or if it is needed
  • Only Chrome browser and Microsoft Edge extensions available

Amazon is the largest international online marketplace. Almost any type of product can be sold there. The former bookstore is now an industry giant. Many people can make extra money selling items on Amazon. But уоu’rе nоt the оnlу one capitalizing on Amаzоn’ѕ рорulаrіtу. In fact, уоu’rе fаr frоm аlоnе. To stay on top of the competition, you need an excellent Amazon product research tool, and that is why in this AMZScout review, I will show you how it can help your business.

Large sites like Amazon mean increased competition. It can be tough to get noticed. It takes time and a proven track record before you can rise in the rankings of Amazon’s product search results.

There are millions of companies selling items in every industry and category. Companies have to be innovative and creative with their products and services. They also have to use software and other tools that can give them an advantage against competitors.

There are a lot of product research tools that can make life easier for Amazon sellers. These tools help them better understand the markets. They also give insight as to how they can properly market their items to generate interest and sell more products.

Product research tools help Amazon sellers understand the marketplace and provide sellers access to metric data that can be used to evaluate product success. They can even track different products to see how they are selling.

Using Amazon market research tool such as AMZScout can help you stand out in a crowded field. You can use the information that’s provided to determine the best ways to market your products and give consumers a reason to purchase from you.


Why Are Amazon Product Research Tools Important?

Many people and companies enter the Amazon marketplace each year. There are even more watching the marketplace with intentions of joining soon.

Products and services will always be in demand. People like the convenience of being able to order their favorite products and having them delivered directly to their homes.

There are a lot of active sellers on Amazon, but very few of them are able to make a living from it. A very small percentage can remain profitable and continue to grow their business year after year. It’s easy to understand why.

As more people sell the same products, it becomes increasingly difficult to convince customers to shop with you instead of buying from someone else. Sales stagnate or decrease because most people aren’t willing to put in the extra effort to keep prospects or attract new business.


best amazon niche research tool


Information is essential for survival. Using a tool like AMZScout can give you a distinct advantage over all of the other individuals and companies selling the same items that you sell.

You can use the information and insights that product research tools provide to improve your ranking in Amazon product search results. This can be accomplished even if your products aren’t much different from your competitors’ products.

Competition on Amazon and other popular online marketplaces has been especially fierce in recent years. Using market research and applying what you’ve learned in your marketing efforts can help you differentiate your products and services in a crowded industry. Having more information than your competition can help you stand out, find more customers, and continue to improve revenue.

Amazon product research tools can be very useful also if you are starting Amazon FBA business or if you are using FBA program like Amazing Selling Machine.


AMZScout Review

AMZScout is one of the best resources around for Amazon sellers. Its product and market data research tool that can help your business succeed. Besides learning more about product searches, you can also use this tool to determine projected income. You’ll know how to conduct business and attract more customers properly.

AMZScout provides Amazon sellers with historical pricing information and product rankings over time. It can be used to evaluate product listing quality so that sellers can accurately predict their sales numbers from month to month.


AMZScout PRO interface.


The tool was created to help companies and individuals maximize their online business. AMZScout is also used to obtain rating information and data on Fulfillment by Amazon fees.

Amazon sellers typically use AMZScout for following reasons:

  • To discover new product opportunities and conduct product research.
  • To perform Amazon market analysis and competition research.
  • To use its impressive data export option for data mining.

AMZScout has many useful features. The AMZScout Chrome Extension, Microsoft Edge and the AMZScout Web Application are its most significant features. The web application is a more extensive version of chrome extension.


AMZScout Web App vs. AMZScout Pro Extension

AMZScout comes as an independent web application and as a Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome extension. It can be used to access information that can be used to improve revenue and profits.

The extension offers basic functionality and allows you to extract information in real-time. The AMZScout Web App is a bit more complex. It has features and functionality that would be very difficult to find anywhere else.

Amazon sellers don’t have to open the Amazon site when using the AMZScout Web app, unlike those who use the AMZScout Pro extension. That’s because the app is already embedded with the technology that you need to see the information. That’s not to say that the extension lacks value or importance.

The extension is extremely easy to use. It has a real-time profit calculator and can be used to research niche-specific information from Amazon’s search pages, particular product page, or seller pages. Functions such as the Get Niche Idea can be used to help sellers find new ways to increase revenue or branch out to reach new target markets.


how to use amzscout pro


Product Score, Potential Score, and other essential features from the AMZScout Pro extension help people make better decisions about expanding or diversifying Amazon marketplace businesses. It can be used for several different purposes and adds significant value.

The AMZScout Web app can be used in any current web browser. It has all of the extension’s features and functions, and it also lets users view quantity changes for all of the products that they follow. The app also has a handy keyword explorer.


AMZScout PRO Extension

The AMZScout Pro extension will have to be installed on your Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser before it can be used. There is a free trial period available as well, so you can test before purchasing a paid plan.

Once the installation is complete, you can then use the extension while browsing Amazon. Clicking on the AMZScout icon enables the extension, and you will see various valuable information that will be pulled from Amazon’s site.


amzscout pro extension review
After installing the AMZScout extension, when browsing the Amazon website, you will see a small icon in the bottom left corner. Click it to see all data.


The extension offers product ideas in various categories and product scores. A product score is determined according to a product’s potential.

Both the web app and the extension provide similar amounts of data. The extension concentrates on gathering information for the products and pages that you’re currently viewing.


personalize amzscout data
You can click on the “Personalize view” button and select which data you want to see.


It’s a valuable resource that puts a lot of information at your fingertips. There are far too many functions to list. The extension works well when you’re already on Amazon’s site. Just click on the extension when you’re on a particular page of Amazon’s site to find out more about the results.


amazon market research tool
You can filter results by clicking the “Filter” button.


The extension is compatible with any Amazon page or product search in most markets. Clicking on the results or empty space in any row will bring up information like Find on Alibaba, the Profit Calculator, Product History graph, Get Keywords, Find on Google, and Copy ASIN. You’ll also see the Add to Tracker feature, which will add that item to the product tracker in the web application.


amzscout product history graph
You can always check the product history graph for each product where you will be able to see sales, rank, and price over last year to see how well those products sell and perform. You can also use Niche History to see historical data for products in the niche.


Every product or result that appears will have its own color-coded Product Score grade. Items are graded on a scale from 1 to 10. Clicking on the grade will explain its rating in greater detail.


amzscout product score
You can see the product score for each item. Clicking on the product score will give you more details.


Selecting the Niche Score that appears in the upper right-hand corner gives you additional details about the product niche. This score uses different factors to tell you how favorable selling in a certain niche can be. This score is also ranked from 1 to 10. Clicking on Niche Score you will see more information separated into three columns – Profit, Demand, and Competition.

There’s another handy feature called the Visibility Score. Sellers may sometimes wonder how many others have found the same products. The extension takes the guesswork out of the situation. You’ll know exactly how many people have stumbled upon the same result. It won’t tell you how many people are going to sell the same products, but it’s still useful information to know.


AMZScount visibility score.


Other exciting features include the “Niche Idea” button that will take you to a random niche that has a high niche score. You can extract a CSV file for almost any product, and you can also add products to your list of favorites.


amzscout niche keywords
Trends and Niche Keywords are other useful features of AMZScout.


Clicking on the “Trends” button, you will see the interest over time for a particular product or niche, according to Google Trends. Clicking on the “Niche Keywords” button, you will get a cloud of keywords associated with the item. Using the keywords you can craft titles and descriptions so that your item appears on the first page of search results.

Here are some of the data that extension will give you information on:

  1. Listing Quality Score (LQS) – This indicator will show a listing’s quality. Quality is ranked on a scale ranging from 1 to 100. Placing your cursor on a product’s LQS indicator will show you all of that item’s advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Sales estimation – AMZScout’s algorithm uses API statistics from the previous month. The tool doesn’t over-estimate sales. It’s rather conservative in that regard. You’ll have more realistic profit and sales estimations.
  3. Price history – This function tells you all there is to know about price changes for particular products. Data is recorded starting at the date the item was first made available for sale on the Amazon website. You’ll have a better understanding of when the seller raised or lowered prices during times of high and low demand for that item.
  4. Niches – If you’re looking for the right product to sell, you should observe seasonal niches for sales and general niches. All information on niche products is gathered from Google.
  5. Return on investment – This feature lets you determine each product’s return on investment (ROI). Just bring up the Profit Calculator and enter the item’s buying and selling prices to find its ROI.
  6. Rank – Here, you can see an item’s ranking in specific product searches.
  7. Total Number of Reviews – It’s nice to see how many people have reviewed a product because it can tell you what they like and don’t like about the item. This information may or may not be helpful depending on your needs and the type of product being reviewed.

NOTE: By buying the AMZScout Pro extension, you are buying only the extension. The web application nor its features are not included in this purchase. The web application can be purchased separately as part of Amazon Seller’s Bundle plan (extension will also be included in this plan).


AMZScout Web App

You don’t have to activate or install the AMZScout web app. It works well with any web browser. If you’re not already registered, just go to the AMZScout site, scroll over to the top right-hand section and click on the “sign up” option. Complete the registration process, and then you can sign into AMZScout’s web application.

The plan that you select should be chosen according to how many products you want to track. Each plan has a free seven day trial period. Plans can be paid on a monthly or an annual basis.

AMZScout currently supports 9 countries. The web app works in Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Spain.


amzscout disadvantages
AMZScout can gather data in 9 Amazon locales (countries). You can always change the country when needed.


You can use the app to see Amazon’s entire product database. You don’t have to waste time looking for individual items one by one. You can use AMZScout app to:

  • Gather sales estimates.
  • Get estimated revenue totals for different items.
  • Research keywords to find the most popular ones for the products that you want to sell.
  • Evaluate sales history and trend data. You can determine if certain items are sold all year round or if they’re just seasonal products. The information is extracted from Google’s trend database, so the data is reliable. You can also see how items are selling right now.
  • Use the profit calculator to find out if the product that you want to sell will make money.
  • View fulfillment and product sourcing information. You can determine if FBA fees are going to eat up too much of your profit margins so that you can easily find new product vendors.
  • Receive updated product listing ranks and product rankings. You can see how Amazon views your products and items that competitors are selling.

The AMZScout Web app has some pretty impressive features. It can process information from Amazon’s entire search and product database. This makes it much more expansive than the AMZSCout extension.

Navigation is simple once you sign into the app. A custom-designed dashboard has all the necessary features. It was designed to make things easy for sellers. It’s a welcome experience for those who have become frustrated by having access to too much information on a single screen.


amzscout pro advantages
All the tools available from AMZScout Web App.


The app works in the cloud, unlike the extension which only works on the Amazon platform. The web app and the extension both have similar interfaces. However, their functions are quite different.

The app has several key functions. All of them are essential for any Amazon FBA tool. They are product database, product tracker tool, Amazon keyword search, reverse ASIN lookup, Amazon keyword tracker, Amazon index checker, and how to sell on Amazon course. I’ll discuss each of these functions in greater detail in the following sections of this article.


1. Product Database

The Product Database helps sellers find popular items that are potential for better profits. All sellers need to do is log on to the dashboard and enter a product ASIN or keyword. The product dashboard will then search for similar products.


amzscout web app review
AMZScout web app product database tool.


The search results will provide any similar items along with their respective details and images. The information is easy to interpret. Sellers can then use this data to see the selling costs on Amazon and the revenue that these comparable products have generated. Filters can be added to exclude any items that are too expensive to sell, don’t have a healthy profit margin, or are too competitive.

You can also see a variety of categories without entering a search keyword. This option allows you to add one filter that shows product trend information and another filter that allows you to categorize products. Google trends information can tell you a lot about the appeal of a particular product and how likely it is to sell.

Stay away from products with downward trends. They are often deemed as undesirable and may be more challenging to sell. AMZScout’s information is updated regularly, and methodical searches frequently locate products with high-profit potential.

It may appear that the AMZScout extension and the Product Database have the same data, but that isn’t quite correct. The web app has more product category filters than the extension. Amazon sorts products only by rank, but you can use the app to categorize information however you want.

There are different ways in which the web application supplements the extension. The extension lets you get information straight from Amazon, but the app supplies additional data for various criteria.

The Product Database application can help you find different market niches that best meet your needs. Whenever you want to find a product to sell, open the Amazon website, and start the extension. You can then add the products that you’re interested into the tracker. Spend some time monitoring inventory and sales trends so that you can then purchase those items at ideal times.


2. Product Tracker

Product Tracker makes it possible to track daily info on product sales. Here you can save all items and create your own database that you can analyze and review whenever you wish. You can track any product. Pressing the save button will add products to your tracking list. 

Products that you’re already tracking are included. There are three buttons located left of each product. The first button checks product sales, inventory, ranking, rating history, and reviews. You can set the parameters of this information for 7 days, 14 days, one month, 2 months, or one year.


amzscout product tracker


The second button allows you to search products on Alibaba. Selecting this option will open a new web browser tab. This tab will be for Google search results for Alibaba products. Once you’ve found an item that you like, you can click on the “Visit” button to be taken to the respective page on Alibaba’s website. The page will have complete information for that particular item.

The third button lets you remove products from your tracking list. Items can be deleted from that list at any time.


3. Amazon Keyword Search and Reverse ASIN Lookup

AMZScout Keyword Search feature can be used in two ways. The first is finding keywords that relate to your specific listing. You can use this tool to locate high-volume keywords for products that you’re already selling on Amazon. These are keywords that users use to find items or similar products. Adding high-volume keywords to your product description and listing can help raise your rank on Amazon when people are searching for that product.


amzscout amazon keyword search
AMZScout Amazon keyword search tool example.


The second way is finding high-demand product niches. You can begin by entering a keyword. For example, if you sell lawnmowers, you might enter “robotic lawnmower” as a search term. You’ll receive a list of keywords that are related to that topic. You can see the search volume for each keyword that was returned by going through the list.

You can then use that high-volume keyword to market a version of that item, based on competition for the product. That’s how sellers come up with product ideas according to demand for particular items. I recommend taking advantage of this feature to help you find products that will generate more revenue.

It’s important to pay attention to the seasons when selling products. You wouldn’t want to promote summer-related products in the middle of winter. You can also export the list that’s created into an Excel file to review later on.

The Reverse ASIN Lookup tool is the same as Keyword Search. You have the same features. The only difference is that in Reverse ASIN Lookup you use product ASIN number to snap up competitors’ keywords to improve listing on Amazon.


4. Amazon Keyword Tracker and Amazon Index Checker

Amazon Keyword Tracker and Amazon Index Checker, though separate tools from AMZScout Web App, are used as one extension. You can purchase that extension separately for $29/month or get it as part of Amazon Seller’s Bundle pricing plan.

With Amazon Keyword Tracker, you can see organic keyword rank and track its history vs competitors’ keywords. Using Amazon Index Checker, you can make sure your product is indexed successfully and see rank in search results.

Keyword Tracker extension helps see how your marketing and optimization efforts affect your product listing ranking for given keywords.

Some of the extension key features include:

  • Monitor the keyword ranking positions in Amazon search results for your and competitors products using just the ASIN number.
  • Break down the ranking by page and position for multiple keywords.
  • Visualize keyword position changes over time using graphs and using variable frequency intervals.
  • Analyze various factors influencing the final ranking.

Once you have installed the extension, you can add products for which you want to track keywords. Get the ASIN number of the product and click “Add Product.” Choose the Amazon marketplace the product is listed in and select the tracking frequency for the product. Tracking frequency can be chosen to 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours.


amzscout pro review


Then you will be able to add keywords to track for that product. You can add the suggested keywords and your keywords.


Free Tools Offered by AMZScout

Here are additional tools from AMZScout provided for free:

Amazon FBA Calculator

AMZSCout FBA fee calculator is a free Google Chrome extension. You can use it to calculate fees and other pertinent financial data for any product. There are usually several fees involved when you use Amazon’s FBA services.

You must consider all the individual fees you are paying like fees paying per unit, delivery, packing, handling, and product returns. This is a time-consuming chore for all Amazon sellers, no matter how many different types of products they sell.


amzscout profit calculator
AMZScout profit calculator.


Product charges can fluctuate. They are based on variables such as product dimensions and sizes, whether or not you want to remove an item from your product list if it doesn’t sell as well as other items and the length of time that you decide to store a particular product in the warehouse should inventory issues arise. The FBA calculator does all of the hard work for you.

Any time that you browse products, open the product page and this extension will determine the fees and the total price for that item.

FBA costs can get quite pricey because there are so many factors. This makes some of the products that seem like they have a lot of potential, completely unviable. So you cannot just start selling these products without knowing if the price justifies the product and your profit margin.


Amazon to eBay Compare

This extension will compare product prices and get link to for the same item on eBay. This can make dropshipping a more profitable option for you.


amazon ebay compare prices


While you’re shopping on Amazon for different products, Amazon Smart Shopper will check to see if those particular items have lower prices on eBay. A small notification will appear if better prices have been found.


Stock Stats

Spy Amazon Stocks lets you see a competitor’s information for a specified time period so that you can plan sales in advance. You can view this data without leaving the product page.

Reviewing fluctuations daily allows you to estimate if sales are increasing or decreasing. A better choice is comparing certain statistics for multiple competitors simultaneously.

You can examine inventory levels, prices, and other relevant data. It’s a good idea to review stock levels each day so that you can see how many units of different items your competitors sell. AMZScout Stock Stats is a free extension.


Sales Estimator

You can use the Amazon Sales Estimator information to forecast sales numbers for items in various niche categories. Start at the Amazon home page and enter the name of the item that you want to find. You can sort the search results to find specific products.

Go through the product listings that appear until you see the best seller rank (BSR). Write that number down. Go to Amazon Sales Estimator and enter the BSR number, category, and country for the product, and select the “Calculate Sales” option.

You can’t judge a product by its sales for one day. Sales numbers can fluctuate from one day to the next, so it’s better to look at the sales history for a particular product instead. Using the most accurate and updated apps, checkers, and sales trackers can give you an advantage over your competition.


Amazon Quick View

The Amazon Quick View extension allows you to compare items right on their Amazon pages. You’ll have all of the necessary data right in front of you to help you select the best items to sell.


amazon quick view by amzscout


Quick View will display the following information: BSR and its history, Price history, The best Keywords for a product, What sellers sell the product (FBA, FBM, Amazon itself sells it, Amazon Warehouse deals) The product’s FBA fees, The date it became available, Profit margin, Listing quality, ASIN, Size, Weight.


AMZScout Pricing

You can buy AMZScout at the monthly, annual plan, or purchase the lifetime plan which is available only for AMZScout extension. There are two different pricing plans which differ in terms of the features that they provide.

The PRO Extension plan allows you to use the AMZScout pro extension. The Amazon Sellers’ bundle lets you use everything, including the following items: AMZScout Seller’s Course, PRO Extension, Exclusive Amazon Insights, WebApp Product Database & Product Tracker, Keyword Tracker, Quick View, FBA Calculator, and Stock stats.


AMZScout annual pricing plans.


The monthly package for AMZScout PRO extension can be purchased for $45.99 per month and Amazon Seller Bundle for $49.99/month. It’s a great way to see what the product can do and determine if it meets your needs. The tools offer 10 days money back guarantee.

The best value for the money is purchasing an annual plan which will significantly reduce the price.

The AMZScout PRO Extension currently supports 11 countries. Those are Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Australia and Spain. If you are planning to sell in other marketplaces, note that Amazon doesn’t support payments and shipments to the following regions: Sudan, Russia, Syria, Cuba, Iran and North Korea.



Here are some frequently asked questions regarding AMZScout:

1. How AMZScout works?

AMZScout is product and market data research tool. You can use it to determine projected income and see historical pricing information and product rankings.


2. Is there AMZScout PRO for Firefox extension?

No, AMZScout PRO only comes as Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser extension.


3. Is AMZScout accurate?

No product research tool is 100% accurate so while AMZScout provided data is accurate in most cases, there can be times when provided results are not correct.


4. Is AMZScout free?

AMZScout is not free but there is free trial option without need to enter credit card information.


5. What is AMZScout PRO?

AMZScout PRO is extension. Once you install extension, you can use it while browsing Amazon.


6. Is AMZScout good?

AMZScout is one of the best resources around for Amazon sellers. Besides learning more about product searches, you can also use this tool to determine projected income. You’ll know how to conduct business and attract more customers properly.


7. How much does AMZScout cost?

You can buy AMZScout at the monthly, annual plan, or purchase the lifetime plan. Price for extensions goes from $14.9/month while for Web app from $24.9/month.


8. How to use AMZSCout FBA calculator?

Any time that you browse products, open the product page and this extensionwill determine the fees and the total price for that item.


AMZScout Review Final Words

I like AMZScout’s product packaging, the flexibility, and the convenience of being able to use both the extension and the web application. Both version have a free trial option, which is something that most FBA apps don’t provide. Being able to test the features and functions of an application for free is one of the deciding factors in purchasing and continuing to use the tool.

After all, if you don’t fully understand how something works, why would you buy it? AMZScout’s team is confident that people will enjoy their application so much that they’ll be convinced to buy the application once the free trial period expires. That kind of confidence is very reassuring.

The AMZScout has intuitive interfaces and impressive features. That’s why it is frequently used by Amazon sellers. The Extension is a great product research resource. The only drawback is that the sheer amount of data that the Extension provides may seem overwhelming at times to new sellers.

Customization and filters can limit the information so that you only see what’s relevant to you at the time. There’s a lot of information, but it can be a lot to take in. Novice sellers may need more time to be able to use this tool as effectively as expert sellers do.

This Amazon product research tool can really help you come up with some great product ideas in no time. The more that you use these tools, the better you’ll become. You’ll also become a more successful Amazon seller.

Another great tool is Shopkeeper. It is a profit dashboard for Amazon sellers, selling on multiple Amazon marketplaces. It shows you your sales, expenses and profit.

And if you are Amazon affiliate, then be sure to check the best WordPress and WooCommerce Amazon affiliate plugins, how to set up Amazon OneLink, or check the best Amazon affiliate WordPress themes.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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