How To Automatically Generate Comments For WordPress Posts?


So you have a website. Lets say you have done everything right. Site works flawlessly, you even start getting solid traffic. But nobody comments on your posted content (yes, like on this website).

Ok, except those spammers looking to promote their own site or looking to get backlinks. But spammer comments is not something you want. You need real people opinions and their contribution on your content in comments.

We all know major search engines love websites which have lots of comments. Comments are good for SEO and for telling those search engines that your site is authority site.

That will lead to better ranking and that to more traffic. More traffic, more money, more girls and so on. You get my point. You could always write your own comments on your own website. Pathetic, yes.

There are many methods, theories and so-called internet gurus who will have something to say on that. But I will not go into that. What about plugin that can automatically generate comments for your WordPressposts and pages?

Yes, everything is possible with WordPress. It is called xCommenter WordPress Auto Comment SEO Plugin.


Automatically Generate Comments In WordPress

xCommenter automatically generates comments on your blog/site posts and pages. It does that by analyzing post title, content and tags to find relevant Yahoo Answers comments and questions.

Optionally xCommenter can run the content through content spinner API to make it more original and unique for improve quality. xCommenter can approve it’s own comments too if you wish that.

Once a new comment has been made xCommenter will then optionally ping the updated page URL to all the RPC Ping services listed within your WordPress Admin panel.

That will then ensure that updated post or page will be crawled and indexed quickly and more frequently. All is done on auto pilot. This plugin when activated autopopulates your site with comments from yahoo answers.

Yahoo API key is needed. Its free, all you need is yahoo account. There is option to enable spinning, rewriting comments so that they become unique.

But it seems it only supports few of them and you need to pay for that. There is comment gravity option in which you can set percentage of the time how often will comment be posted.

That means if you put comment gravity at 50%, then there is 50% chance comment will be added to your post every time it has been viewed. There is proxy setting if you wish to use it. Plugin suggests some paid packages for proxy.

You can add or edit usernames which will show on your comments too. All settings are pretty easy to configure and shouldnt take much time. I always love when it is not needed to spend hours to configure the plugin first. xCommenter supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Thai language.


Automatically Generate Comments

xcommenter auto comment wordpress plugin


Generating Comments Automatically Summary

Is xCommenter WordPress Auto Comment SEO Plugin worth 16$ which is its price? Well, maybe. The comments plugin generates are often far from related to your topic. Ok, it all depends what the topic is.

If it is some broad topic like Facebook, cars, food then it will work nicely. But in my case I tested plugin to see which comments it will give for my posts on this site. Comments were far than related to the topic. And they were mostly questions. That is not necessarily bad.

As author says: “Comments posted by xCommenter are typically questions or requests for more information found on Yahoo Answers, thus visitors to your blog will be more likely to respond, often dramatically increasing user interactivity”. Hmmmmm. Maybe. It seems that author is no longer updating this plugin.

Instead he recommends his new plugin Comment Sparker SEO for WordPress which is updated version of xCommenter with cleaner code. It can be downloaded for limited testing time purpose. So you can test it first before buying.

It is nice plugin, but for some specific topics it gives irrelevant comments and is strictly tied to what people have asked and answered on yahoo answers.

Also if you want comments to be altered, plugin only integrates with two content rewriting services which are paid. If you know any other plugin that automatically create comments for WordPress website let me know in comments below.

UPDATE: The item is no longer being sold. The author may have stopped selling or it was taken down for other reasons. Either way it’s no longer available.

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24 thoughts on “How To Automatically Generate Comments For WordPress Posts?”

  1. Tuan Nguyen Dinh

    Xcommenter’s been out of the market for a a while now, but I saw a new one on the market from BuSO.

  2. Hi Kasa ,

    There are a lot of question running in my mind as i was looking for auto commenting software for my song lyrics website . I wanted to know that is these software or auto bot really works ethically for website . Does google track these methods . Should i have to try this method or not?

    1. Well, this method is indeed questionable and I personally didn’t encounter working product for a method to automatically generate comments.

      1. Thanks for Reply Kasa ,

        I was wondering that the product Xcommenter that mention above on page is really works . Well i mean to say that is it works like human commenting and work fine with google products . Have you used it before ?

    1. Like with social shares where people are more likely to share post when they see a post already has many shares, it is true that people are more ready to comment when they see someone already commented before.

      But if you write quality and helpful content, shares and comments will eventually come.

  3. Boyan Minchev

    I think nobody has to use a plugin or software to generate comments, they have to come in a natural way. This will guarantee the best SEO for your website or blog.

  4. It would be great that such plugin exist and which works. I mean for website that just start it is good to get things rolling.

    1. Well yes Tania, but after few posts and quality content things start rolling out by themselves.

      Of course there are other aspects that need to be done. But this is huge topic so I will not go into that.

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