Beaver Builder FREE vs Beaver Builder PRO Comparison

Are you confused about whether you should go with Beaver Builder Lite (free version) or Beaver Builder Pro (paid version)? What are the differences between Beaver Builder free vs Beaver Builder pro? In this article, I will compare free and premium versions of Beaver Builder so that you can use this information to decide which edition is right for your needs.

Beaver Builder is a very popular page builder. It allows you to drag and drop elements to create impressive pages for your website. Everything is done from the front-end. The best part is that you can craft your pages without having to touch any code.

Beaver Builder is easy, intuitive, fast, and offers a lot of design options for users at all skill levels. Its responsive design mode lets you toggle back and forth between a small, medium, and large screen views so that you can adjust the settings for each screen size as necessary.

Developers love using Beaver Builder because it’s a very reliable and flexible resource. Beginners have grown to appreciate its simplicity. The plugin has amassed a vast amount of loyal users. There are many helpful code snippets available and third-party Beaver Builder addons that can enhance the overall user experience even more.

One important thing to keep in mind is what happens when you stop using or deactivate a particular page builder. Certain page builders add shortcodes into the pages that you create with them. When that plugin is removed, you’re left with shortcodes on pages made using the page builder.

Beaver Builder doesn’t do that. It saves images and text in the WordPress editor. If you delete your Beaver Builder plugin, you’ll lose the layouts that you created with it, but you’ll still have the content and will not be left with a mess of shortcodes.

NOTE: I have compared Beaver Builder vs Elementor and Beaver Builder vs Divi, so be sure to check those too.


Beaver Builder FREE vs Beaver Builder PRO

Beaver Builder Lite is the free version of Beaver Builder and is available at plugin repository to download for free. Beaver Builder Pro is the plugin’s paid version. There are many differences between both versions. I can’t list every one of them in this post, but I will list the important aspects of each of them.

blank comparison 300x160
  • Name
  • Price
  • Drag & drop page builder
  • Mobile-friendly & responsive editor
  • Preview changes in realtime
  • Gutenberg support
  • User access settings
  • Custom post types
  • Custom modules
  • Basic modules
  • Advanced modules
  • 40+ prebuilt templates
  • 100 prebuilt rows
  • Save, export & reuse layouts
  • Custom icons
  • Domain manager for licenses
  • Text Editor module
  • Photo module
  • HTML module
  • Audio module
  • Video module
  • Sidebar module
  • Accordion module
  • Button module
  • Callout and Call to Action module
  • Contact form module
  • Content slider module
  • Countdown module
  • Gallery module
  • Heading module
  • Icon and Icon Group modules
  • Map module
  • Menu module
  • Number Counter module
  • Posts Carousel module
  • Posts module
  • Posts Slider module
  • Pricing Table module
  • Separator module
  • Slideshow module
  • Social Buttons module
  • Subscribe Form module
  • Tabs module
  • Testimonials module
  • WooCommerce module
  • WordPress widgets modules
  • Beaver Themer support (sold separately)
  • Priority support
  • Beaver Builder Theme included
  • WordPress Multisite support
  • Network-wide settings
  • White labeling
  • Supports 3rd party addons
beaver builder free vs beaver builder paid
  • Free
beaver builder lite vs beaver builder premium
  • Standard $99/year, Pro $199/year, and Agency $399/year
    All Beaver Builder premium plans offer unlimited sites, but for multisite and Beaver Builder theme option you will need at least PRO plan and for white labeling Agency plan
  • Available in PRO and Agency plan
  • Available in PRO and Agency plan
  • Only with Agency plan
  • Only with Agency plan

If you are interested in a more detailed comparison, then check the below text.


Beaver Builder Lite Overview

Beaver Builder Lite has a clean, intuitive, easy to navigate option menu. You can select a system or Google fonts, page colors, and other typography settings. You can also choose text shadows.

The free version has five different modules in the Basic category (audio, HTML, images, text, and video) to choose from. The only module in the Layout category that is available in the free version is the sidebar module, which allows you to add a sidebar in any row of a page’s layout. The theme’s customizer can be used to configure all of your sidebar’s content.


beaver builder interface
Beaver Builder interface.


All of the modules in the free version of Beaver Builder are identical to what you’ll find in the premium versions of the plugin. You can use Beaver Builder Lite to try some of the features and functions available, but the premium edition offers additional pre-built rows, layout templates, and modules.

In the Lite version, you get only three options for the Row background, i.e., color, photo, video. But with the Pro version, you get three additional background options, Gradient, Parallax scroll, and Slideshow.

Another way to get more functionality out of Beaver Builder Lite is by using the free PowerPack Lite addon. This plugin has section templates, pre-built templates, and a few more modules to use.

It’s a good option for anyone who just wants to add a few more features to their free version of Beaver Builder. There’s also a premium version of PowerPack available for $69 annually or a lifetime subscription with updates and support for $249.


Upgrading To Beaver Builder Premium

If you like Beaver Builder Lite and want more functionality, upgrading is easy. All the work that you have done using the free version will remain intact when you upgrade.

There are plenty of prebuilt rows, templates, and modules to choose from. You’ll also have access to more features, including the ability to save layouts so that they can either be exported or used again later.


beaver builder styling options
Beaver Builder styling options.


Another significant difference between the free and paid version of the plugin is that the paid has the Beaver Builder theme, multisite support, and white-labeling option (depending on which paid plan you purchase).

Only paid version comes with premade templates. These features are ideal for those who want to build multiple WordPress websites.


Beaver Builder Modules

All premium versions of Beaver Builder come with many modules. These modules are broken down into six categories: Basic, Media, Actions, Layout, Info, and Posts.

There’s also a WooCommerce module that is very helpful if you use WooCommerce on your site. You’ll find a set of modules designed exclusively for WordPress. These modules consist of widgets that you can put anywhere in your layout.


beaver builder modules
Beaver Builder modules example.


Each module has a wide variety of styles and layout choices. You’ll have more freedom and flexibility in how each of them looks and acts. You can also assign visibility and animation settings for each module that you use. The Beaver Builder demo page is a great way to see these module selections in action.

From the premium editor, enter keyboard shortcut “R” to use the Responsive Editing mode, much like you would in the free version of Beaver Builder. You can see how your pages would look on small to medium devices and make any necessary changes if needed.


Available Templates

Unfortunately, the Lite edition of Beaver Builder doesn’t have a Templates option. This means that you can’t use a pre-designed layout for your pages. That option is only available in the paid version of the plugin.

Each premium edition of Beaver Builder includes various content page templates and over 30 different landing page templates. This gives you more than 50 impressive, unique pre-built pages to customize however you want. You can edit templates the same way that you edit layouts because the templates are built into the modules, columns, and rows.


best beaver builder templates
Beaver Builder templates example.


There are over 100 pre-built rows that you can use. They are separated into ten different categories, such as lead generation, testimonials, calls to action, and more. All you need to do is drop and drag a row and make your edits.

Another advantage is the fact that you can save your content layout once it’s been edited to be used again on other pages of your site. You can even save sections of your layout as modules, columns, or rows.

Save a global module, column, or row after you have a layout portion that you want to re-use. If you change that particular element in one place, those changes are automatically saved across the rest of your pages. This is the same feature as Gutenberg reusable blocks.

You can also export your modules, rows, columns, and layouts to be used on other sites at any time.

Templates can be saved for later use. This feature is only available in Beaver Builder Pro. When you have a great template that you want to add to other websites, you can use the Pro edition to add this template to any other site that you have. A nice feature for developers and people or companies with multiple sites.

You can also use Assistant Pro to help streamline your WordPress design workflow. Using Assistant Pro, you can easily import, export, and store theme settings, creative assets, as well as page builder templates across websites using a cloud storage account.


Premium Pricing

There are three pricing plans for the paid Beaver Builder plugin. Each plan provides an option to use on an unlimited number of sites. Each plan includes a full year of priority support, along with the opportunity to renew your subscription automatically at a 40% discount.

The standard version is priced at $99 annually. Beaver Builder is compatible with many free and paid themes. Pro version is priced at $199 annually. It includes the Beaver Builder theme and multisite capabilities.


beaver builder pricing plans
Beaver Builder pricing plans.


Beaver Builder theme offers deep integration with Beaver Builder plugin and is coded so that pages load quickly. It integrates with WooCommerce and other popular plugins and includes several design high-quality features that are responsive.

The Agency version can be purchased for $399 annually. It includes all of the features from the free and previous paid versions. It also has additional features, such as the ability to white label your website. The white label option is excellent for people and web design agencies who want to use the page builder to add their brand name to the page builder.


Beaver Themer

Page Builders are great resources for creating layouts in your post and page content sections. Themes are what dictate the style and layout for your page footers and headers. Themes also control the style and layout for 404 pages, search results, post grids, etc.

Your theme settings will determine just how much control you’ll have over those sections. What if you want more control than what your current theme gives?

That’s a situation where the Beaver Themer plugin can be invaluable. It works well with Beaver Builder paid version. It also lets you create your layout so that you can replace 404 pages, search results, archives, single pages, headers, and footers.


beaver themer review


You can control where specific layouts will be placed on your pages. For instance, you may want to place them before or after your page headers. Your landing pages can have one type of layout, while your content pages can have a different kind of layout.

You can even have different layouts for various post categories. Beaver Themer allows you to integrate specific row and column settings with custom fields or other database fields. Conditional logic can be applied so that you can decide when specific layouts or layout sections will and won’t be visible to your site visitors.

Beaver Themer connects easily with The Events Calendar, Easy Digital Downloads, and WooCommerce. These integrations make creating and adding banners, event pages, product pages, and shop pages easier.


Beaver Builder Lite vs Premium Conclusion

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on creating custom pages or if you don’t feel confident in making changes to your website all by yourself, Beaver Builder is a great solution. The only real question is which version can best meet your needs? Beaver Builder free or Beaver Builder pro?

Novices are better off with Beaver Builder Lite. It includes straightforward layouts. You can also opt to upgrade to the paid version or buy Beaver Builder add-ons whenever you want if needed.

Online store owners should probably consider purchasing a premium version of Beaver Builder. Each edition has added modules (including one module that was created just for WooCommerce) and hundreds of high-quality rows and templates.

The Pro version includes the Beaver Builder Theme, which has several convenient settings for WooCommerce. You may also want to think about acquiring the Beaver Themer add-on. This plugin allows you to create customized product and store pages without having to edit code.

Web developers can excel with an Agency plan. It provides white labeling options and settings for use on multiple sites. It also grants access to the Beaver Builder Theme.

I would strongly suggest buying the Pro edition of Beaver Builder. It has all the functions that you should ever need to create your own quality, professional sites. Quality isn’t free. You’ll have to trade time or money to acquire it.

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