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Any website store owner knows how important shipping is to their success. Shipping fulfillment goes hand in hand with customer satisfaction. WooCommerce allows store owners to be very flexible with their shipping options. You can even offer free shipping in WooCommerce.

DHL is one of the most popular international shipping companies, along with UPS shipping (check WooCommerce UPS shipping plugins), and FedEx shipping (check best WooCommerce FedEx plugins). Companies of all sizes use their dependable worldwide services for many years.

Their renowned small business support makes it even easier for small companies to run more efficiently. There are several options you can use for connecting your WooCommerce store to DHL express shipping services. I will discuss some of the best DHL shipping WooCommerce plugin options in this article.


What Are The Advantages of Using DHL?

There are several significant benefits of using DHL shipping for your online store.


1. Single point of contact

DHL lets you have a single point of contact. This gives you better control over making sure your door to door shipments get to the right place on time, every time.

It puts you in control over every shipment and eliminates most of the headaches associated with shipping orders. DHL’s vast global network is very accurate in tracking orders.


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Their employees use handheld scanners at different checkpoint locations to ensure that no packages are missed.


2. Fixed prices

Surprise increases or unexpected shipping charges are one of the last things an online store owner wants to deal with. You don’t have to worry about those issues when using DHL.

Their price quotes include pick-up and transport for each order, any required customs clearances, and delivery to the customer’s door. All pricing information is stated upfront, and you won’t be billed later for any additional fees.


3. Better management of international rates

DHL charges import express rates no matter what the shipment destination’s currency is. This means that you don’t have to tamper with ever-changing international currency exchange rates.

You’ll be more confident in your shipping decisions when you know exactly what you’re paying for ahead of time.


4. Easy international imports

DHL Import Express allows you to use the same account to import items from over 200 countries around the world. This makes it easier to import products and manage your accounts at the same time.

You’ll receive a fully itemized import list so that you know everything you’re importing, where it’s coming from, and when it’s expected to arrive.


Best DHL WooCommerce Plugins

Here are some of the best WooCommerce DHL plugins you can use for your WordPress online store:


PSS WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin

PSS WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin with Print Label is shipping solution for WooCommerce store owners via DHL. It integrates seamlessly with your store.


PSS WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin with Print Label.


This is the only solution that allows you to perform all the shipping tasks including displaying live shipping rates at checkout, printing labels, and monitoring shipment tracking status right within your WooCommerce dashboard.

Some of the other features include complete support for domestic and international shipping, the option to request carrier pickups from within the store, shipping automation rules to set up cost based on weight, price, location, etc. For more info how plugin works, check YouTube video tutorial.


ELEX WooCommerce DHL Express Shipping

ELEX WooCommerce DHL Express Shipping plugin with Print Label can be used to connect multiple different DHL services with your WooCommerce store. ELEX (formerly known as XAdapter) is an official partner on DHL’s website. The plugin can be used to add DHL Express shipping labels to your WooCommerce store orders.

Some of its features include shipment tracking, real-time rates, the ability to print shipping labels, and automatic packaging assistance. The plugin works in every country that DHL ships to.

The plugin is mainly used to show real-time shipping rates. This data is based on product weight, box dimensions, shipping destination, etc. You can also choose to display rates that you’ve negotiated with DHL. You can rename, enable, or disable certain services. You can also add extra costs to an order if you desire.


WooCommerce DHL Express Shipping Plugin


Another popular feature is the ability to craft and print shipping labels. Postage for these labels will be paid for automatically using the funds in your DHL account.

The plugin also provides order tracking information. The details can be sent to customers via email or added to order notes.

Return labels can be created from the order edit page. You can toggle back and forth between live and test modes, and you can activate shipment insurance using the currency conversion feature.

Options for DHL eCommerce and DHL Paket are also available. You can buy a single site license plugin for $79, a five website license for $109, or a 25 site license for $199.


WooCommerce DHL Express Shipping

WooCommerce DHL Express Shipping plugin allows you to connect your WooCommerce store with DHL Express. You can create shipping labels, add insurance, and verify address information.

The plugin requires an EasyPost account to integrate seamlessly. You’ll pay 5 cents to EasyPost for each shipping label that you create. There are no other costs to use the EasyPost API.


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The plugin can ensure that you have the best rates and best service available. You can purchase a single site license for $79, a five site license for $110, or a 15 site license for $250.


DHL for WooCommerce

DHL plugin for WooCommerce is official DHL plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce. Plugin allows you to print DHL labels for domestic and international shipments via DHL Paket and DHL eCommerce. The tool will create tracking codes for each shipping label that you create automatically.

It also allows for extra services such as cash on delivery in certain countries with DHL eCommerce and visual age check with DHL Paket. The plugin also supports the ability for your customers to choose their delivery location and delivery times.

You can also customize different DHL services by adding extra handling charges or changing the names of certain services. If you have problems printing labels, you can always reprint or delete labels as needed.


WooCommerce DHL Plugin Conclusion

Many WooCommerce shipping plugins can help with different aspects of product delivery. They range from printing order information (see WooCommerce print order plugins), printing labels and invoices, tracking shipments (see paid and free WooCommerce shipment tracking plugin), table rate shipping, shipping based on product weight, the ability to display real-time shipping rates from some of the most popular shippers, and more.

DHL is one of the largest shipping and logistics service providers today. No other company can even come close to its air or water mailing capabilities. It provides international shipping almost anywhere around the globe. DHL handles small and large shipments efficiently every day.

It may seem to some that DHL is expensive. There is a notion that the service is only cost-effective when shipping in bulk. After seeing the rise in popularity of e-commerce web stores, the company shifted its focus to meet individual business needs.

They provide affordable options for companies of any size. DHL also ships packages to 220 countries daily. Your location shouldn’t be a problem when you’re using DHL for deliveries.

Shipping is an essential aspect of any business that has physical products to sell. You’ll have an easier time converting sales when your shipping rates are straightforward and reasonable when compared to others in your industry.

WooCommerce can help you get started, but the basic options can be somewhat limited. When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, you’ll need more advanced shipping options.

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