4 Best Free WooCommerce Payoneer Payment Gateway Plugins

Payoneer is a payment solution and not a payment gateway. Payoneer helps freelancers and businesses receive and send payments. You can even use Payoneer to receive affiliate commissions from Amazon, ShareASasale, etc.

Payoneer Global Payment Service lets you use your Payoneer account to receive money from businesses based in Japan, the EU, UK, and the United States. But you can’t use Payoneer as a payment gateway on WooCommerce store because Payoneer doesn’t have a payment gateway platform.

But you can still receive payments using several methods. One option is to use the Request a Payment feature, allowing you to send payments requests and bill your customers. And if you’re working with a company that has a direct partnership with Payoneer, you can simply link them to your Payoneer account.

For more info about Payoneer, be sure to check Payoneer vs PayPal comparison and Payoneer review.


WooCommerce Payoneer Plugins

Freelancers, online merchants, and other companies can receive payments locally and internationally with Payoneer’s payment services.

As stated, Payoneer itself isn’t a payment processing service. It’s a digital payments platform. You won’t be able to add the Payoneer payment button on your store so that customers pay. However, you can utilize certain plugins so that Payoneer can be used to accept payments. Let’s check some of the WooCommerce Payoneer plugins you can use.


Payment Gateway Payoneer For WooCommerce

Payment Gateway Payoneer for WooCommerce gives you ways to accept payments with Payoneer on the WooCommerce store. This free plugin can be a good option for companies who want to accept payments from people who use Payoneer.


Payoneer WooCommerce payment gateway plugin.


The plugin uses email to send funds between Payoneer accounts. Clients will need to verify transactions by entering their Transaction ID manually and Payoneer email address after the money has been sent.


Payoneer WordPress payment gateway plugin.


The transaction and verification have to be confirmed before orders can be removed from hold status.


Payoneer Manual Payment Gateway

You can connect your WooCommerce-based site to Payoneer with the Payoneer Manual Payment Gateway plugin. It’s a very intuitive and simple tool. Business or personal Payoneer accounts can be used.


Payoneer manual payment gateway.


Just share your email ID and ask for a reference ID when another user sends you a payment.


Payoneer WooCommerce integration.


You need to manually check this reference number to verify payment.


Simple Payoneer Offsite Gateway for WooCommerce

Simple Payoneer Offsite Gateway for WooCommerce plugin operates much like the BACS method that is already included. The difference is that your customers can make payments between Payoneer accounts with the direct link that will appear in the order checkout form. Entering the transaction number and email address will finish the checkout process for the user.

The plugin can be activated by going into the WooCommerce menu and selecting “WooCommerce > Settings > Payments.” After setting all, the Payoneer payment choice can then be viewed by your customers.


Payoneer offsite gateway for WooCommerce.


Before a customer checks out on your site, they can choose to make a Payoneer to Payoneer payment. The checkout gateway form will have the link for customers to use this payment method.

Once the payment has been made, the customer will enter the transaction number to the checkout page and then complete the order. You’ll need to manually verify those orders, which will be put in an “on hold” status until verified.

You can change the order status after you’ve verified the customer’s payment. Orders can be placed in a completed or processing status.


Payoneer Store Manager Feature

The Store Manager is a unique Payoneer feature. It allows you to link your Payoneer account with your Amazon, eBay, and other e-commerce sites.

eCommerce store owners and managers can use the same central location to manage their store payments made on different marketplaces or different stores. Be noted that this only works if you sell on Amazon, eBay, etc., to receive payments to Payoneer.

Choosing Payoneer as your payment method will automatically add online stores already working with Payoneer to Store Manager. Amazon sellers will have to enter their information into Store Manager by hand. You can add as many e-commerce stores to the Store Manager as you want.

If Payoneer is not what you need, and you would like to use different payment gateway, then I suggest you check best Payoneer alternatives.

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  1. So, All the plugin works with payoneer. But My question is, Does my buyer has to have payoneer in order to pay for my service or using their card they can pay and I can receive via payoneer?

  2. I am starting dropshipping from Pakistan for US market. I have an issue regarding payment gateway, can you help or suggest me about any international payment gateway working in Pakistan.

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