WooCommerce Product Tabs Review – Best Free WooCommerce Product Tabs Plugin?

WooCommerce Product Tabs


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Free version available
  • Affordable price of pro version
  • Allows creating unlimited tabs
  • Allows adding unique tab icons
  • Easy to use
  • Options to manage the default tabs
  • Supports embedded codes, HTML, images and shortcodes


  • Advanced features available only in pro version

Good paid or free WooCommerce product tabs plugin can be helpful when it comes to providing customers with as much information as possible about the goods and services that you sell. Those details can make all the difference between a sale and a customer moving on to another site.

Customers can make better purchasing decisions when you utilize custom product tabs for them to view. Product tabs can help improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. You will gain their trust, which can lead to additional purchases.

Thanks to the WooCommerce Product Tabs extension, your product pages can have extra custom product tabs. You can create professional tabs that include important details such as size charts, videos, use cases, policies, warranties, product features, and much more.

In this review, you’ll see how WooCommerce Product Tabs works and how it can help your store overall sales.


WooCommerce Product Tabs Review

Using WooCommerce Product Tabs, you can easily add custom tabs to WooCommerce product pages. Tab content supports embedded codes, HTML, images, and shortcodes. You can add as many tabs as you need.

Best free WooCommerce product tabs plugin.

Every new tab that’s created will have the traditional WordPress WYSIWYG editor. Tabs can be added for certain products or as a custom default product for all products. Tab order can be adjusted at any time.


  • You can add as many tabs as you want.
  • Support for embedded codes and shortcodes.
  • Define common tab for all products.
  • Change tab order.
  • Products and categories can have their own custom tabs.
  • Customize custom tabs and appearance.


Product Tabs Settings

WooCommerce Product Tabs has several settings for customizing custom as well as the default tabs. To access the setting page, go to WooCommerce Product Tabs > Settings.


Custom product tabs for WooCommerce.

WooCommerce additional information plugin.


You have the following options:

  • Rename default tabs.
  • Hide the default tabs if needed. Just check the box for the tab you want to hide.
  • Under the Tab Options, there is an option to make the product search appear for the keywords in custom tabs.
  • Enable option that tabs appear as accordions. After enabling, you can also enter the screen size for the accordion.
  • Set icons for the tabs.


WooCommerce custom tabs plugin.
You can reorder tabs using drag and drop feature.


WooCommerce adds three tabs by default. Those are Description, Additional Information, and Reviews. Priorities can be set based on the default tab you want to use under Reorder tab. By using drag-and-drop prioritize tabs from top to bottom.

All default and other tabs can be reordered quickly. In the Settings menu, find the Reorder option to change the tab order.


How To Use?

From the WordPress dashboard on the left-hand side of your screen, there will be a Products Tabs option in the menu. You can make a new tab by clicking on “Add New.” You can create unlimited tabs to suit your purposes.


WooCommerce tabs plugin.

Additional information WooCommerce plugin.


You will have the option to configure certain settings for your tab, such as activating it for particular categories, whether or not to use it as the default tab for all products, etc.

When creating a new tab, you have these options:

  • Set the name for the tab.
  • Enter a description, which will be displayed on the tab. You can use different types of content like text, image, shortcode, links, HTML embeds, etc.
  • Choose the tab icon from a list of available icons.
  • Tick the checkbox if you want to have the same description on the tab for all products. If you uncheck this, you get to edit the description for each product individually.
  • If you have defined tags for your products, you can display a particular tab only for specific tags. You will have the option to enter the tag name for which you want to display the tab.
  • Choose the categories on which tab will be displayed.
  • Choose the products where the tab will appear.

After you complete creating the tab, click on the Publish button. You can check your product to see if settings are applied.


WooCommerce additional information tab plugin.


Adding Tabs To Particular Product

The product add/edit option can also be used to add new tabs. It only lets you add a tab for one product, so it’s not useful for simultaneously adding a tab to multiple products.

There will be a new choice on the product adding/editing page after you install WooCommerce Product Tabs plugin.

Go to Products > All Products, and then add or edit any product from there. Scroll down to the Product data section. From there, click on Product Tabs.


Free WooCommerce custom product tabs plugin.


Now you will have the option to add the tab’s title and description. After that, you can update the page.



The plugin comes in the free version and pro. The free version is pretty basic but lets you add unlimited tabs to all products. With the premium version, you can assign tabs to particular categories and products. Pro version comes as a yearly ($19) and lifetime ($59) pricing plan.


Free vs. Pro Version

Free and the pro version of the plugin have a few differences because some features are only available in pro.

Here are the premium version features:

  • Reorder default and custom tabs.
  • Option to rename default tabs.
  • Add icons to tabs.
  • Hide default tabs.
  • Search by custom tabs (search based on the title and content of the custom tabs added).
  • Convert tabs to the accordion.
  • Assign tabs based on products, categories, and tags.
  • Add multiple tabs to the individual product pages.

The free version will be a good choice if you just want to add custom tabs for products. But if you need more features like unique product tabs, customization, tabs arrangement, etc., then go with the premium version.


Should You Get WooCommerce Product Tabs Plugin?

WooCommerce product page details can be organized in a more logical manner using product tabs. There are several plugins that can assist with this task, so why should you pick this one over all the others?

WooCommerce Product Tabs is a lightweight but powerful plugin for adding new tabs for WooCommerce products. It extends the default tabs provided by WooCommerce and allows you to create multiple tabs for each product.

You can create as many tabs as you need, and each tab will use a standard WordPress WYSIWYG editor, so it is easier to add content.

It Supports adding shortcodes, HTML, embedded codes, and images. The tabs you create can be used on specific products or for all products available in the store.

Reordering is simple using a traditional drag-and-drop editor. Overall, this plugin is simple, easy to use, and includes helpful customization features.

This is a great free WooCommerce product tabs plugin that offers basic features in the free version but adds more options in pro. I suggest you check the free version and see if the plugin fits your needs. You can always upgrade to the pro version if you need more features.

WooCommerce Product Tabs is great plugin for improving your store and conversions. To further optimize store, you can also use plugins such as WooCommerce cart notice or WooCommerce checkout manager.

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