11 Best Jasper AI Alternatives – Which Jasper AI Competitors Are Worth Using?

Jasper is a great tool, but not everybody is happy with it. That is why I will show some good Jasper AI alternatives that you can use instead.

Jasper AI uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to help write content copy quickly and efficiently. With its capabilities, it can produce copy for marketing emails, social media posts, advertisements, blog posts, website landing pages, etc.

However, Jasper is not for everybody due to its pricing. With the Starter plan, you are limited and can’t write long-form content. To remove these restrictions, you have to purchase an expensive plan. Although Jasper is one of the most useful tools available, it will not be liked by everyone.

Jasper AI’s credit-based pricing model means that the more content you need to produce, the more you will have to pay.

In addition, it doesn’t have built-in features that facilitate collaboration and integration with third-party tools, so it can be challenging for large marketing teams to work together efficiently.

If you are looking for a Jasper AI competitors, then check out my handpicked list of replacement options you can use.


Jasper AI Alternatives

The following are some of the most typical challenges that Jasper AI customers face:

  • Credit-based plans – Jasper AI is a credit-based tool. This means users will have to spend more money to generate more text once their plan’s limit is reached.
  • No long-form editor in the Starter plan – The Boss Mode is the most expensive plan offered by Jasper AI, but it is also the only one that allows you to use the AI to write long-form content.
  • Paid plagiarism checker – While Jasper AI does offer a plagiarism checker that integrates with Copyscape, it does come at a small cost. To use the service, you must load credits in $10, $20, or $100 increments. Credits are then used up at a rate of $0.03 for the first 200 words, and $0.01 for every 100 words after that, for each content you want to check for plagiarism.
  • Out-of-context content – Occasionally, Jasper AI will produce text that is out of context and contains inaccurate information.


Is Jasper AI legit?


When choosing the best Jasper alternative, it’s important to weigh your options carefully. To help you make the best decision, I have put together a list of features and benefits for each of the most popular choices.

By the end of this post, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting with each option and which one is the right fit for your needs. If you are interested in more about Jasper, you can check my Jasper AI review.



Anyword AI is a powerful copywriting tool that can help write email subject lines, blog titles, blog outlines, intro paragraphs, ad copy, product pages, etc.

Currently, English is the only language that Anyword’s AI can use to create grammatically correct, precise, and relatable text. As the tool continues to be modified, the developers are actively working on adding other languages.


Anyword review pros and cons.


Predictive analytics enables the Anyword AI to discover content best suited for any channel or format. This allows it to churn out compelling, dynamic, and high-quality content.

Anyword uses a predictive performance score which can evaluate the potential engagement of the audience as well as determine the reactions of specific demographics to each variety.

All you need to do is enter the URL together with a concise description of the product to be advertised and set tone and style preference.

By clicking the create button, an AI copy will be made. You can either instruct the AI writer to create the variations or provide your own variations for comparison.


  • Original text suggestions – The number of text variations you can create at once is entirely up to you.
  • Text personalization – Different variations of already existing content can be created to determine which phrases receive the most reactions.
  • Preset keyword library – Set mentioning of particular keywords like free shipping, promo, new arrivals, and other relevant keywords.
  • Predictive performance score – You can assess the potential of each message you want to convey using an instant projected performance score.
  • Custom keywords – The AI can use the relevant keywords.
  • Ad account integration – Get predictions and optimization suggestions based on your current advertising.

Anyword comes with Free plan that you can use to test the service. Basic plan starts from $29/month and Data Driven plan starts from $99/month.

The is also business plan. This plan gives users access to website copy personalization, unlimited credits, and predictive analytics and score.

For more info, check Anyword review.



Writesonic is another great Jasper AI competitor. It also allows users to generate unique copies within a few seconds. The content is written in a manner that mimics human writing, and the tool supports more than 18 languages.


Writersonic AI writer.


With the help of this AI writing tool, you can quickly produce Facebook advertisements, landing pages, blog posts, emails, Google ads, product descriptions, and long articles.

Additionally, it generates original content using the pre-trained algorithm. To use this tool, simply choose a template, describe what you are trying to achieve, press the “create” button, and then the tool will do its magic.

Writesonic is accessible in a variety of formats. Aside from the app, it can also be used as a plugin with other tools like Zoho Docs, Dropbox Paper, and Microsoft Word.


  • Integrated grammar checker
  • Expander and rephraser for content
  • Text editor for content creation and editing
  • SEO optimized content
  • Create content about a subject with just a few clicks.
  • Landing page templates
  • Improved conversions with the PAS and AIDA copywriting formula

Besides the free plan, Writesonic offers a Short-form plan and a Long-form plan. The plans have a few distinct features, and pricing will depend on how many words you need. Plans go from $10/month to $133 and more.



If you’re looking for a content generation tool that can help you create unique sales copy, CopySmith is the perfect solution. Created by Jasmin Wang, this tool was launched in October 2020 to help other business owners like her generate content for their businesses.


Is CopySmith good Jasper AI competitor?


CopySmith offers a variety of content templates to choose from, all of which are powered by GPT-3. Simply select the template you want to use, specify the structure and tone you’re looking for, and CopySmith will get to work. In no time, you’ll have high-quality, original content for your social media, ads, blog, product descriptions, etc.

Copysmith’s workflow management is a fantastic feature that allows you to invite all of your team members to a workspace. There, you can work together on multiple projects at once.

This is incredibly helpful since it allows you to, for example, avoid writing content in Google Docs and asking for feedback and approval in Slack. You can also add team members, assign roles, and track the progress of each task you are working on – which makes things much more straightforward and streamlined!

Copysmith integrates with various marketing apps and tools to save users time and hassle. Google Ads, Frase, WooCommerce, Shopify, Zapier, and many others are all compatible with Copysmith.

In addition, Copysmith has a built-in plagiarism checker to guarantee that all content is original. Once your content is created, you’ll see a plagiarism checker icon at the top of your screen, and you’ll need to click on it to confirm that your content passed the check.


  • Overcome writer’s block and create unique content
  • Generation outlines or write entire blog posts
  • Create advertisement copy
  • Easily create product descriptions
  • It incorporates continuance between points and a natural writing style
  • Write YouTube video descriptions and find FAQ ideas
  • Generate Google Ads ideas

CopySmith offers three pricing options and a 7-day free trial that doesn’t require a credit card or sign-up. The Starter plan is $19/mo or $192/year. The Professional plan is $59/mo or $600/year, and the Enterprise plan requires you to contact them for a quotation.


Shortly AI

Shortly AI is a great alternative to Jasper AI  for those who want to create longer blog posts without difficulty. It also utilizes GPT-3 neural network to generate longer or shorter content without trouble.


Shortly AI is alternative to Jasper AI.


Shortly AI has been taught to write more than 500 billion words, and Jasper AI recently acquired it to enhance its ability to produce long-form content.

This tool is currently operating as a standalone product where customers who subscribed early are still paying the monthly rate, while new customers are paying according to the new subscription plans.

The writing interface for Shortly AI is easy to use and understand. To write long-form content, customers simply need to go to the text editor, enter a few instructions, and let Shortly AI do its work.


  • Create higher-quality content with the aid of the AIDA Framework.
  • Templates for questions and answers
  • Create article briefs and content outlines
  • Write product descriptions quickly
  • All the tools are available in the sidebar
  • Control writing by using commands

There are only two pricing options for Shortly AI. The monthly plan costs $79/mo, and the yearly plan costs $65/mo(billed annually). You can also get a free trial of the tool for a limited time.


Copy AI

Copy AI is another amazing Jasper AI competitor and content generation tool that uses Open AI’s GPT-3 neural network. You can use Copy AI to create all sorts of content, including digital ad copies, blog posts, sales copies, social media posts, e-commerce product descriptions, etc.


Copy AI is tool similar to Jasper AI,


Copy AI is a popular content-writing tool used by over 500K customers worldwide. Its straightforward interface makes it easy to get started. Simply select a type of copy, provide a description, and get up to 10 different results that you can edit pr your needs.

Copy AI also offers a free account that provides access to over 90 tools and 100 free credits.

If you’re looking for a tool that can help you create long-form content, Copy AI might not be the best fit. One downside of Copy.ai is that it doesn’t support directly exporting generated content to PDF, Docs, or other third-party tools. Instead, users have to copy and paste their content outside the platform.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Create various copywriting formats
  • Chrome extensions
  • Get personalized copies
  • Create ads for Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn
  • Create blog outlines, posts, titles, etc.

Copy AI has two pricing plans. The first option is free of charge and gives users 2000 words per month to use, with access to 90+ copywriting tools. The second plan is the pro plan, which costs depending on the number of words you choose.


Smart Copy by Unbounce (Formerly Snazzy)

In 2021, Unbounce acquired Snazzy AI and renamed it Unbounce Smart Copy. This made the tool more powerful than ever. The reason for the acquisition was to allow Unbounce users to create better copies for their landing pages and optimize marketing campaigns.


Smart Copy by Unbounce (Formerly Snazzy).


Smart Copy offers an array of templates for Google ads, product descriptions, landing pages, etc. With their free plan, you can access the tool with no time limit and without having to input your credit card information.


  • Utilize GPT-3 to produce human-like content
  • Access to several different templates
  • Remix option
  • Content extender
  • User interface suitable for beginners
  • Give customized suggestions for better output
  • Over six languages are supported
  • Chrome extension

Unbounce Smart Copy offers free, and two paid plans. Paid Essential plan costs $19 per month, and the Unlimited plan $49/month.



Rytr is an amazing Jasper AI competitor because it does something that very few other writing assistant and content generator tools can do – it helps your write faster than ever. Over 800K users rely on Rytr to save hours of manual content writing.


Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content.


Rytr is a tool that can help make your writing process easier. Simply select a use case, add the relevant context for content, and let Rytr do the rest. Rytr is especially helpful for writing great content and managing writing workflow.

This tool was designed with small marketing teams in mind – similar to Jasper. Therefore, it doesn’t have any collaboration or workflow management features. So if you’re seeking a Jarvis alternative that makes it easy to collaborate with other team members, you won’t find that with Rytr.

The Rytr has an in-built plagiarism checker, which can be very useful.


  • Availability of over 30 use cases and templates
  • Create content in more than 30 different languages
  • Write in over 20 tone
  • Scientific writing formulas PAS and AIDA
  • Choose from 25 content types
  • Access to the style editor
  • User-friendly interface

Rytr has three plans for you to choose from, depending on your needs. The first option is free of charge and gives you 5,000-word credits to use each month.

The second plan is the Saver option, which starts at $9 a month or $90 per year, and with this choice, you get 50k word credits to use monthly.

Lastly, there is the Unlimited plan starting at $29 a month or $290 annually, providing you with unlimited word credits.

When compared to Jasper, Rytr’s pricing looks like a more affordable option. Rytr’s monthly AI content generation is unlimited at the $29 price point, while with Jasper is capped at 20,000 words at the same price.

But be noted that Rytr’s pricing plans don’t support long-form content, while Jarvis’ Boss Mode plan does for $59 per month.



Frase has seen a few changes throughout the years, but they continue to be the leader in content optimization and AI writing industries.

Frase is a popular tool used by many companies because it offers a range of features, including a content outline generator, plagiarism checker, paragraph rewriter, etc.


Frase AI writing tool like Jasper AI.


The platform offers specific templates for writing articles, blog instructions, and product descriptions. Users can test the text editor directly on the website without signing up or entering a credit card.

Frase comes in three pricing plans. Those are the Basic for $44.99/month, the Team plan for $114.99/month, and the Enterprise plan for large teams needing flexibility and custom services.

One can access their SEO add-on for an additional $35 per month. Addon provides features like keyword research, keyword search volume, SERP data enrichment, and full access to their AI writing tool.



The ClosersCopy tool can assist users who have no prior experience in writing advertising copy. Users can create unique sales copies fast, making this tool an excellent alternative to Jasper AI.

This software also follows Open AI’s GPT-3 neural network and gives you access to an AI editor with drag-and-drop capabilities.

You can pick any template from its library of templates to easily create copies. You get features like a 1000+ word lookup, assistance, and a step-by-step copy wizard. It is the ideal tool for those in the marketing or sales industries. You can rapidly write content using the drag-and-drop copy editor.


  • Over 300 marketing frameworks can be used immediately.
  • Over 30 marketing workflows that can be easily implemented.
  • Artificial intelligence to assist in writing blog posts, sales letters, etc.
  • Insights into the content.
  • Step-by-step copywriting using Wizard
  • More than 127 languages are supported.
  • Team set up.
  • Template library access.

ClosersCopy has three different price options. With the Power plan, $49.99/month annually. The Superpower plan is $79.99/month annually, and the Superpower Squad plan is $99.99/month if paid annually.



If you have a WordPress website with overwhelming writing tasks, you need not worry anymore! This is because GetGenie is there to take over your overburdening writing tasks. GetGenie is a WordPress AI SEO & Content Assistant that has the power to generate both content and copies quickly.


GetGenie writing assistant features.


No matter whether you wish to generate complete blog posts or short product ad copies, GetGenie can execute that straightaway. Apart from that, the AI Content Assistant is capable of writing product descriptions, listicle ideas, pros & cons, and explain why type of content as well.

GetGenie is able to generate SEO-friendly content for your WordPress website based on SERP analysis and keyword research.

Once the content generation is done, it will showcase the content score suggesting areas of improvement either.


  • Generates an entire blog post in minutes
  • Creates blog title, intro, and blog outline before an entire blog post generation
  • Enables keyword analysis, SERP analysis, and shows a content score
  • Makes content optimized for search engine
  • Provides 30+ templates for content generation
  • Applies AIDA, BAB, and PAS frameworks for copywriting
  • Enables editing content directly on WordPress
  • Offers multi-language support

GetGenie comes with both free and paid versions. The paid version has 3 different plans- Writer, Pro, and Agency. Both free and paid versions offer identical features with differences only in limits of word generation, keyword analysis, and SERP analysis per month.

The Writer plan is $13.3/month or $11.4/month if billed annually, the Pro plan is $34.3/month or $29.4/month if billed annually, and the Agency plan is $59.4/month or $49.5/month if billed annually.

For more info, check GetGenie review.


10Web AI Assistant

The 10Web AI Assistant is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for WordPress users, offering a range of features including AI content writing, editing, and optimization.

What sets the 10Web AI Assistant apart is its seamless integration with popular WordPress plugins and themes. This means that users can enjoy a smooth experience while leveraging the power of AI within their familiar WordPress environment.

10Web AI Assistant for WordPress.

With the ability to connect unlimited websites and access over 20 templates, the AI Assistant caters to diverse content needs and offers flexibility in generating various types of content.

The AI Assistant excels in generating or paraphrasing meta descriptions and titles, resolving SEO and readability errors, addressing keyphrase and passive voice issues, and ensuring proper paragraph and sentence lengths. These capabilities contribute to creating content that is not only engaging and informative but also optimized for search engine visibility.


  • Content Optimizer: Easily optimize your content for SEO and resolve SEO and readability issues within Yoast.
  • Outline Generator: Generate outlines for articles, blogs, descriptions, ads, landing pages, etc.
  • Paragraph Generator: Overcome writer’s block by generating unique, creative, and SEO-optimized content paragraphs.
  • Introduction and Conclusion Generator: Generate captivating introductions and conclusions for articles.
  • Paraphrasing: Create plagiarism-free copies for various content types like product descriptions, blog content, articles, ads, etc.
  • Content Templates: Choose from a wide range of templates for complete blogs, outlines, list articles, product descriptions, FAQs, and more.


Jasper AI Competitors

There are a lot of different content creation tools available, and it can be tough to keep up with all of the latest tools that appear. I’ve tried to focus on some of my personal Jasper AI alternative favorites or the ones that seem to be gaining the most popularity.

Which one should you choose? When it comes to Jasper’s competitors, they each have their unique features. Therefore, choosing the best one comes down to many factors specific to your needs.

If you run an Ad agency, you might prefer an option that integrates with Google Ads, and if you manage an ecommerce shop, you might want to go for the option that allows you to generate bulk product descriptions quickly.

Other Jasper AI alternatives to consider include SEO Content Machine, Article Forge, and Kontent Machine.

If you need tool capable of detecting AI generated content, then check Originality. This can be useful to check if your content writers are using AI.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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