Best Paid And Free Divi Icons Plugins – How To Add More Icons To Divi?

If you want to add new, additional icons to your Divi Builder (not including those which you get with Divi), one of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by using one of the available Divi icons plugins. Divi already includes over 300 different icons. These icons are available for any Divi module that uses them.

The number of already included Divi icons is sufficient for most websites, although it can restrict your design possibilities.

From Divi’s icons, most are social icons. This includes services or networks, with three different icons per network. They’re three versions of the exact same icon (squared, circled, and non-circled), which means design choices are limited. So it is nice to have more various icons at disposal.

Divi’s icons are nice, and they get the job done, but the design limitations are really the issue to consider. The fewer icons you have to choose from, the more similar our website’s details will look. It makes sense to have more icons to choose from.


Best Divi Icons

If you want to have more Divi selection icons available, there are plenty of other icons for Divi that you can add. Adding icons is incredibly simple. Most of them can be integrated using a plugin.

1. WP And Divi Icons (Divi Icon Expansion Pack) – FREE and PAID ($39)

The WP And Divi Icons Pack consists of:

  • A plugin that adds icons to the Divi framework. These icons can be used in any icon ready module in the Divi Builder.
  • An icon package that consists of hand-drawn, custom-designed icons. These icons can be used in a wide variety of personal and commercial projects.

The WP and Divi Icons (previously known as the Divi Icon Expansion Pack) plugin is available in both free and paid premium versions. The PRO version of the plugin allows you to add over 2,500 unique icons to the Divi Theme Framework and WordPress.


WP And Divi Icons review


You can use the icons that are included in this plugin in all kinds of web design projects. The WP and Divi Icons plugin is the icon plugin that any web development toolkit will ever need.

The plugin is compatible with the Divi theme and any WordPress theme. The plugin will display in the Divi Builder in any icon ready module and the WordPress editor console.

The WP and Divi Icons plugin is already integrated with the popular font icon sets Material Design and Font Awesome. These icon sets use thousands of third-party icons from within Divi Builder or the WordPress editor.

All of this is done without having to run complex integration scripts or start any additional software programs. The plugin also includes SVG support, which offers designs that are pixel perfect.

The plugin includes an impressive amount of hand-designed custom icons, besides the Elegant Themes font set that comes with the Divi theme and the external font sources.


Divi Icon Expansion Pack review


The WP and Divi Icons plugin’s first version automatically integrated 300+ custom icons to the Divi theme framework. The most recent version includes another 150+ custom icons that can be used in layouts for your projects, posts, or pages.

The plugin’s hand-crafted custom icons can be used as standalone graphic assets. The icons are licensed under the Creative Commons license. Each icon can be customized and integrated in all kinds of private and professional projects.

The premium version of the plugin expands the functionality even further. The WP and Divi Icons PRO version offers many exciting multicolor icon features. Custom color values can be assigned from the plugin’s settings menu.

There’s no need to know anything about CSS or use any sort of graphic design software. The color choices that users select will be automatically added to the Divi builder.


2. Divi Icons ProFREE  and PAID (25€)

Divi Icons PRO can make overall users experience on your site much more enjoyable. In addition to its hand-crafted custom icons, the plugin also has three icon font families for your Divi site. There are over 2,400 custom icons that you can use, including:

  • 1200+ Font Awesome Icons
  • 900+ Google Material Design icons
  • 360 Custom Line Style Icons

Divi Icons PRO’s custom settings can be accessed in the Divi menu. From there, you can go to the Theme Options menu and then select the “Divi Icons PRO” option. Here you can decide which font families you want to activate.


Divi Icons Pro review


They also offer a vast icon library. If you want to optimize the plugin’s performance, you can select certain font groups to deactivate, if you know that you’re not going to use them.

New icons will appear in your Divi Builder modules after the plugin has been installed. You can use the filter buttons to sift through the various icons that are available.


3. Divi Icon King – $19.97

Div Icon King adds more various icons to your Divi Builder modules. The plugin also has a search feature. Their convenient search feature ensures that you’ll spend a lot less time looking for the perfect icons for your projects.

Divi Modules currently has more than 300 icons to choose from without this plugin. Material Icons adds another 931 icons, and Font Icon adds 675 icons. This plugin gives you an extra 1606 icons to have even more design possibilities.


divi icon king review


A filter is included in the plugin that allows you to see certain sets of the icon. You can use the filter to filter icons by outlined icons, solid-colored icons, Material Icons, Font Awesome Icons, or Elegant Themes. Just enter your desired keyword(s) in the search bar to find the type of icons that you want.

Using Divi Icon King is simple. After it’s installed and you’ve activated Material Icons and/or Font Awesome, you have almost 2,000 unique icons that you can use. I like the fact that each icon can be styled and that all icons are automatically added.


4. Divi Icon Party – $27

Divi Icon Party provides another 40 fun and exciting social icons for Divi that you can use. Divi Icon Party adds social media icons into Divi’s main header. This feature was previously unavailable to Divi users. This helps you to create your own unique, intriguing design aesthetic that encourages visitors to connect with your brand immediately.

The plugin allows users to add icons to header and footer sections and to the Divi Social Media Follow Module. This option creates additional brand awareness for your site visitors. Divi Icon Party also has social media icons that can be accessed from the main Divi menu. These icons can really help you stand out in a crowded, highly competitive market.


divi icon party review


To use this feature, all you have to do is to activate the plugin, add the Social Module, and select the “add new item” option. Here you’ll find additional social media icons that you can integrate in your site. You can use the module’s styling options to edit the icon sizes, spacing, color, and fonts.

You can use the Divi Social Media Follow Module to add an email icon to your headers, footers, or content within your site pages. This icon is clickable, which makes it easier for your customers and site followers to get in touch with you. When the icon is clicked, the user’s default email account will open up.


best paid divi icons plugins


You can also go a step further and add a clickable phone icon to your site as well. Your business line will be available for all of your new and existing clients, no matter what type of computer, handheld tablet, cell phone, or other kind of mobile device that they use. This is an excellent option for companies that rely heavily on phone interaction with their customers.

The plugin will automatically add more icon choices to the General tab of the Divi Theme Options console after the plugin has been installed and activated. These options allow the user to use added platforms and assign the outbound links for their social media pages and other related accounts.


Icons For Divi Conclusion

Divi is a popular page builder plugin alongside Elementor (see Elementor review), Brizy, Oxygen, Visual Composer (what is the difference between Visual Composer free vs Visual Composer pro), WPBakery page builder (check WPBakery review), etc. If you are interested which is better page builder, you can check Elementor vs Divi or Divi vs Beaver Builder comparison.

Icons are an essential part of most Divi modules. They can be used in a wide variety of combinations.

Although the icons are well-designed, there may be times when site owners need a few additional more creative options to differentiate themselves from the competitors. Material and Font Awesome icons are popular picks for web designers. One of the best ways to add more Divi icons for your site is by using an icon plugin.

The icons that Divi already comes with shouldn’t be ignored. However, if you want to expand your creative potential, having more icons is always useful. The numerous icon plugins that are available today make adding thousands of freely available icons to your site simple.

Some of them include exclusive icons that no other companies offer. It’s never been easier to add more icons to your Divi modules.

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