Best Paid And Free WooCommerce Import Orders Plugins

Most WooCommerce store owners can handle smaller orders with ease. However, order handling can be more complicated as your business continues to grow and expand. The more orders you accept, the more time, resources, and workforce it often takes to process them. This is why it is important to have good WooCommerce import orders plugin.

An easy way to tackle those issues is by importing all of your orders and order information directly into your WooCommerce online store.

Importing orders is important if you’re moving operations from one WooCommerce site to another. You have to keep track of the data for your new and pending orders. You’ll also want to retain all of the information from all previous online orders.

It’s not always easy to track and record order information as your orders continue to increase. Moving all of that data to a new site creates its own set of challenges.

The need to make changes to a large number of orders can be a very daunting task. It isn’t something that can usually be handled on an individual basis. Most companies use XML or CSV files to add data files to their online stores. Once that file’s been created, you just need a good plugin that will import the information to the website for you.


Best WooCommerce Import Orders Plugins

Here are some of the useful and worthy plugins for importing orders to WooCommerce store:

1. Order / Coupon / Subscription Export Import – FREE an PAID ($69)

Order Export & Order Import for WooCommerce plugin is a great resource for exporting and importing orders and associated information. There is both a free and a paid version of this plugin available.

Several convenient features simplify the process. One of the most popular functions of this plugin is the ability to import orders from WooCommerce, OpenCart, Shopify, Magento, and other popular e-commerce online platforms. This is accomplished by using the column mapping feature.


Order Export Order Import for WooCommerce


You’ll have to create a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file to add orders to your store site. This file needs to contain all the necessary information for mapping fields for your customer orders. To create this file type, all you need to do is to create a spreadsheet in Google Spreadsheets, Excel, or another similar spreadsheet program. Save the file using the CSV extension. Once your file is complete, it’s ready to be imported to your online store.

The plugin allows you to use multiple import methods. The methods that the plugin currently supports are supplying FTP details to integrate data via FTP/SFTP or by adding a CSV file that’s either on an existing remote server or from your own computer directly.

One thing to keep in mind is the fact that the data columns in the CSV file that you upload might not always correlate to the order data fields in WooCommerce. In such a case, the plugin’s intuitive user interface can be used to simplify the mapping process. The mapping settings can also be saved for future data imports.


woocommerce automatic import


You can even use the plugin to have scheduled data imports. The Cron Job feature for scheduled job import allows you to automatically add order data from your CSV files at pre-determined intervals.

All you need to do is to ensure that the particular CSV file you want to extract information from is on your FTP server and that you’ve selected your starting time and appropriate intervals between each data import. You can also choose to export products in a CSV file to the FTP site at regularly scheduled intervals automatically.


2.  WooCommerce Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite – PAID $79

Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite plugin simplifies the order import process. It will scan your CSV file and extract order numbers, order notes, order totals, linked clients, line items, and much more and import that data into your store.

Even though the plugin requires certain minimum fields to be filled in, almost all fields are entirely supported. It’s up to you to determine the exact level of detailed information that you want to add to your store.


woocommerce Customer Order Coupon CSV Import Suite review


If you’re importing information from a different eCommerce platform that may or may not be similar to WooCommerce’s data fields, this plugin can really come in handy.

The plugin is compatible with a variety of different formats. It can be used to map your data import columns to the respective WooCommerce information so that you can create orders or merge information.

One of the plugin’s most popular features is the ability to import data from various sources like copying and pasting data, importing from a CSV file path, or uploaded file.


woocommerce import orders xml


Adding meta information in bulk (such as tracking orders), and merging information to create updated order totals or order statuses has never been easier. This plugin will help you accomplish all of this. It can also be used to integrate your own custom taxonomies or custom fields if they’ve been imported via third party code or another plugin.

You can import large amounts of information without having to worry about slowdowns, timeouts, or lags.


3. WOOEXIM – WooCommerce Export Import Pro – PAID $18

Wooexim WooCommerce import orders plugin has several impressive features to enhance and simplify your online store’s import procedures. You can import information from one site to another in just minutes from the user interface.


best WooCommerce Export Import Plugin


The system is Ajax-based, so once you’ve set things up, the system will take care of the rest. You’ll also be shown a preview of information as it’s being imported so that you can make any necessary changes.

You can import data from remote import URL or from CSV files. It also allows you to set orders as pending or complete while you’re importing order information. Its multilingual capability lets you manage this plugin in ten different languages.


4. WP All Import – PAID $139

Using WP All Import, you can easily manage all of your WooCommerce order imports that are generated from Excel files, Google Sheets, XML, or CSV files. Just open the appropriate file and drag and drop the necessary fields from the file into the corresponding WooCommerce data fields.


wp all import woocommerce orders


WP All Import reviews orders as they’re being imported to match them with your existing products. The WooCommerce Add-On and WP All Import are required for importing orders. You’ll need the User Add-On for customers and WP All Export to export orders from one site to another.


  • Any file type or file structure – After you’ve uploaded data to WP All Import, the plugin will sort everything into the proper fields. You don’t have to edit or format content in advance.
  • Full customization options – You have total control over all data.
  • The ability to import a vast amount of information – WP All Import is well-equipped to accommodate file imports of any size.
  • Polylang and WPML support – Support from the Polylang and WPML (see WPML review or WPML vs Weglot comparison)) make importing information from multilingual websites simple.
  • You can import and export more than just orders – Besides orders, you can also import and export WooCommerce items, image galleries, customer information, product categories, and much more.
  • Compatibility with ACF, WooCommerce Extensions, and more – You can import information into ACF, Toolset Types, WooCommerce extensions, and other popular themes and plugins.
  • The ability to schedule data imports – You can create a schedule for scheduling imports. This can be accomplished by establishing cron jobs or subscribing to point and click scheduling service.
  • The ability to import information from various platforms – You can import data from CSV and XML files, Google Sheets, Excel spreadsheets, and other sources effortlessly. You don’t have to worry about converting, organizing, or processing information. You can even import data from platforms that don’t have an export function.
  • No need to overwrite current data – Customer, product, and order information is migrated without rewriting or removing any existing data. You don’t have to configure your system, because everything will be set up to run automatically.
  • Pulling data into customer orders – Linking your orders to current products and customers will automatically import all relevant data into orders for you.
  • Importing information into all WooCommerce data fields – Data will be populated in WooCommerce order notes, order fields, order status fields, shipping fields, and other relevant sections.


WooCommerce Importing Conclusion

Successful online stores usually process high order volumes every day. Migrating from one online store while simultaneously importing daily orders can be challenging. It takes a lot of time and effort to process and fulfill orders to keep customers satisfied.

Thankfully, there are several plugins on the market today that can help WooCommerce store owners effectively handle these concerns. Selecting the proper plugin for your needs can be a huge time-saver.

If you need a good WooCommerce reporting plugin, then InfoCaptor (check InfoCaptor review) is an excellent choice. There are also many plugins to simplify WooCommerce store management or WooCommerce inventory management.

All these tools allow you to concentrate on what you do best – building your company and increasing revenue and profit.

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