11+ Useful Best Paid & Free Beaver Builder Addons (2023)

Beaver Builder is a widely popular WordPress page builder and is supported by a vast developer community. Continually looking to expand its customization functions, Beaver Builder also offers Beaver Builder addons.

Add-ons work with your existing Beaver Builder plugin to support a range of specific and creative functions and expand the available modules. With paid and free options, some addons include personalized WordPress dashboards, widget options, and custom content types.

These addon options are always expanding, with creators always looking for ways to improve the website customization experience. Here are some of the best Beaver Builder addons that will add more options to your website customization experience.

NOTE: If you are interested I have also made comparisons Divi vs Beaver BuilderElementor vs Beaver Builder, and Beaver Builder free vs Beaver Builder paid.


Best Paid Beaver Builder Addons

What if I told you that there is a way to take the already great Beaver Builder page builder plugin and add a bunch of helpful functionality and new modules?

Sounds cool, right? Well, that’s exactly what Beaver Builder add-ons can help you do.


1. Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder

Ultimate Addons compared to the lite version, which only offers ten add-ons, is not free. But the premium price is worth given the multitude of customization options to suit all your website building needs.


beaver builder advanced modules


It works with various types of WordPress sites, including multi-sites. With beautiful page templates, row templates, as well as many custom modules for Beaver Builder, UABB also offers professional support to consult with experts during the website building process.

The UABB plugin works with both the free and paid versions of Beaver Builder, and its price is well worth considering all the features available.


2. PowerPack for Beaver Builder

Like UABB, PowerPack also has lite and premium option. Its modules are user-friendly and well-organized into five categories: Content, Creative, Lead Generation, Form Styler, and Extensions, making it easy to navigate and use.

Within each category exist both free and paid add-ons (the free add-ons in the lite version are already marked “Installed”). Modules aside, PowerPack for Beaver Builder also provides a range of Beaver Builder templates catered to various types of businesses.


best beaver builder addons


The premium version of PowerPack also comes with pre-designed page templates, and reusable content modules to streamline the page building processes.

PowerPack supports multi-sites and one-click previews. Additionally, once purchased, this plugin can be used on any website.

A modern and forward-looking upgrade to the basic Beaver Builder plugin, the wide variety of modules available and efficient approach will make site-building a breeze.


3. WooPack Beaver Add-ons

WooPack is from the same developers as PowerPack addon. The difference is that WooPack is made explicitly for WooCommerce.

It is a premium plugin that helps bring the key Beaver Builder features you know and love to your WooCommerce store – meaning everything you need should be under one roof.

WooPack offers six modules, each with multiple layouts and variations, including Single product, Product slider, Product grid, Cary page styling, Add to cart button, and Checkout page.


beaver builder woocommerce modules
Beaver Builder WooCommerce modules in WooPack


WooPack is priced $59 a year or $199 if you go for a lifetime plan. It can also be purchased in combo bundle with PowerPack addon. All plans include customer support, white-label options, and unlimited sites.

All modules can be previewed and explored ‘in-action’ to gain a more in-depth insight into how they work. These useful features can be accessed on the module’s live demo pages.


4. Beaver Themer

For those wanting to modify existing layouts that are usually controlled by the WordPress theme, Beaver Themer is the perfect add-on that utilizes the Beaver Builder plugin to do so.

Beaver Themer allows you to construct layouts for these aspects of a page: Headers, Footers, Archive pages, Single posts, Search pages, 404 error pages, and more.


beaver builder theme


Beaver Themer allows you to go beyond creating layouts for the content area of pages and posts and create layouts outside of the content area.

Using Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer together lets you have almost total control over every aspect over a webpage. You get Beaver Themer when you purchase Beaver Builder Pro or Agency plan.

You can also use Assistant Pro to help streamline your WordPress design workflow. Using Assistant Pro, you can import, export, and store theme settings, creative assets, as well as templates across websites using a cloud storage account.


5. LiveMesh Addons for Beaver Builder Pro

LiveMesh Addons includes all features available in the lite version and offers a range of additional features that make building your custom webpage a breeze.

Some of the many customization options and expanded features include:

  • Dozens of tab styles to choose from, and Responsive Tabs that function seamlessly across all devices and resolutions
  • Accordion/Toggle that allows for collapsible content panels, which is useful on pages where space may be limited
  • FAQ element to display a set of Frequently Asked Questions on a page
  • Features add-on for showcasing product features, or services provided by an agency/ business
  • Flat style buttons with a wide range of customization options
  • The option to include a Load More button in the portfolio/ post grid, or image gallery, to enable ‘Lazy Loading’ or posts/ images by clicking the Load More button
  • Pagination to create a grid of posts or custom post types, with AJAX-based pagination support
  • Lightbox Support, a premium-only feature, enables Lightbox support for grid and carousel add-ons
  • Customization for certain add-ons, including custom font size, font color, and hover color
  • Over 40 Custom Animations for add-on elements (excluding carousel, sliders, grid), which display on user scrolling to the element, or when the element is visible in the browser window


6. Beaver Builder Addons on CodeCanyon

You can also find several addons for Beaver Builder on CodeCanyon. Those include Elegant Tabs for Beaver Builder, Beaver Builder Visibility Addon, Visual Elements Addon For Beaver Builder, etc.


Best Free Beaver Builder Addons

Here are some useful free addons for Beaver Builder which bring useful options to enhance your Beaver Builder page builder plugin:


1. Beaver Builder Header Footer

This free plugin allows you to add a custom header and footer to your website easily. Custom headers and footers can be built using the Beaver Builder plugin by designing a new page and saving it under drafts.

Beaver Builder Header Footer is compatible only with Astra (check Astra review), Beaver Builder theme, Genesis, GeneratePress (see Astra vs GeneratePress comparison), and Primer. One of these themes must be installed for Beaver Builder Header Footer to work.

After creating a header and/or footer in Beaver Builder, all you have to do is to go to the Beaver Builder page builder settings, click on BB Header Footer, and select the header and footer you have created. Once your creation is selected and saved, your custom webpage is ready to go.


2. Crafty Beaver Custom Modules

Crafty Beaver Custom Modules provides 13 modules that expand website functionality. For those who want to take customization a step further, Crafty Beaver Custom Modules offers the option to consult with a developer to create custom add-ons and help you bring your dream website to life.

Prices are determined by the developers and are based on the complexity of the requirements of the add-ons.


3. Orbit Fox by ThemeIsle

OrbitFox is free WordPress plugin is created by ThemeIsle and provides three additional modules for Beaver Builder.


free beaver builder addons


Each module supports a range of additional capabilities including:

  • Google Analytics integration
  • Social media sharing icons
  • Custom pricing tables
  • Custom post grids

The user-friendly set up of Orbit Fox makes it easy to access all these features, and they all can be found on the Beaver Builder interface, reducing the need to learn or adjust to a new workspace.


4. Timeline Module for Beaver Builder

For those who want to show the history of their company, the development of a service or product, the Timeline Module is perfect for doing so.

The Timeline Module allows for the creation of beautiful timelines directly on a website. This add-on includes:

  • Responsive and mobile-ready timeliness
  • Show and hide options for the date
  • On and off options for connector
  • Animation options
  • Customizable dates, selector, and connector
  • Several typography options

User-friendly module, it is highly customizable, intuitive, and has a variety of applications. It is easy to navigate, and is a drag-and-drop editor, making it perfect for those new to web design.


5. Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder – Lite

The Ultimate Addons lite version of the previously described UABB comes with limited but useful options. Like the premium paid version, this plugin is SEO friendly and performance-optimized.

The lite version includes:

  • Image separator to separate sections of the page into two rows using an image
  • Options to format sections for a page to display information about a business through lists
  • Flip box module to describe services or business information
  • Various icons to make the website more interactive and expressive
  • Multiple button choices to customize the page appearance

Most of the options in the UABB lite version are styling options. For those seeking reusable content modules such as Banner options, contact forms, text styling, progress bars and tabs, the premium version of the plugin is worth investing in.


6. Power Pack Lite for Beaver Builder

Power Pack lite version of a previously described add-on, this version focuses mainly on design elements that improve the appearance of a website.

The lite version can be integrated into Beaver Builder to add new features and does not include reusable content modules or page templates like the paid premium version.


ultimate beaver builder modules


The lite version allows you to incorporate dividers and spacers to adjust the spacing between content blocks, and utilize column effects, headings, buttons for effective CTA, font icons, etc.


7. LiveMesh Addons for Beaver Builder Lite

This free LiveMesh Add-on includes 13 Beaver Builder add-ons, including:

  • Posts/ portfolio grid
  • Advanced grid with lazy load
  • Lightbox support
  • Advanced image
  • Animations
  • YouTube video gallery

These capabilities are also available in dark mode, for those looking to preserve a certain dark aesthetic of the site. The free version offers professional-quality options, and the paid pro version expands upon the options available.


Best Addons For Beaver Builder Final Words

Beaver Builder is already a great plugin that allows for WordPress customization, and Beaver Builder addons can provide extra functions that allow you to create the best possible website for your business or service.

Utilizing one or more of these addons will provide you with a more comprehensive online design set to create an even stronger and more effective website.

My personal favorite is Beaver Themer and Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, as they enhance the whole Beaver Builder experience.

I would love to hear about your experience with using any Beaver Builder addon and do let me know if there are other handy plugins you would like to share.

If we have missed something, or there is something you think I should know, I would love to hear about it.

If Beaver Builder is not your go-to page builder plugin, then check Elementor page builder (see differences between Elementor free vs Elementor paid) and Elementor addons (check best Elementor extensions), or WPBakery Page Builder (check WPBakery pros & cons) and addons for WPBakery, or even Visual Composer Website Builder (see difference between Visual Composer free vs pro).

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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