9 Best Paid & Free Grammarly Alternatives You Can Use

No writer is perfect. Even experienced writers in their native language are bound to make grammatical errors and misspellings eventually. Mistakes are eye-catching. They can distract people from the original message that you want your posts to convey.

It’s not uncommon even to find mistakes in published pieces. People who speak, write, and read in their native language can make errors, no matter how cautious they may be.

Most errors found are significant spelling mistakes, typos, phonetic errors, and misused words. Using the wrong plural or singular form of a specific word or adding the wrong tense are examples of typical grammatical errors.

There are many ways to improve your writing. Learning all that you can about spelling, grammar, and other related things is one method. You can use a tool to help you find mistakes, or you could hire a professional to proofread and edit your writing.

Thankfully, there are plenty of spelling and grammar checker resources that can quickly identify and help to resolve those issues.

If you’re not a native English speaker, Grammarly can be a great tool that makes it easier to detect punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors. It can make you become more proactive and ensure that your blog post, article, or book is correct and can be understood by your target audience. For more info, you can check my Grammarly review.


Best Grammarly Alternatives

Grammarly’s free version will check the sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, and spelling. The Premium version of Grammarly includes all of the features in the free version, plus you’ll also have access to additional functions such as the ability to evaluate your work for possible plagiarism, wordiness, use of passive voice, clarity, and word choice.

Vocabulary enhancement is a feature that’s unique to the premium edition. It can be used to see what words are used frequently and words that can be used instead.


Grammarly suggestions example.
Grammarly tool at work example.


Grammarly is good, but it isn’t the only tool that’s available. I’ll use this article to show some of the best Grammarly alternatives available.



Ginger Writer is a great alternative for Grammarly. It will check your work for grammar and spelling mistakes. You won’t have to worry about spelling errors or problems with uncommon or common grammar errors because Ginger will look for those for you and suggest improvements.

The tool can help you reduce word count in your blog posts and make them more accurate. It will provide information about the errors that it found and the corrections.


ginger online proofreading
Ginger makes sure everything you
write is mistake-free on Gmail,
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MS-Office
and everywhere you write.


The software will correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors. It gives information about certain words and adds synonyms for those words to improve your English skills. The tool’s grammar checker offers corrections and suggestions as you type.

Ginger works well on both mobile devices and desktop computers. As you type, you’ll receive recommendations and see corrections being made.

Ginger helps you to rephrase sentences to avoid redundancy. You can determine if particular words used in certain areas are proper by checking the dictionary that the tool provides.


ginger grammar spelling tool


The tool helps you become a better writer and not just tell you what you need to edit or adjust. That’s what sets Ginger apart from other similar tools.

One of Ginger’s best features is the learning center. You can see there some of the most common mistakes that you make. You’ll be shown why certain things are wrong or misplaced and how they can be remedied so that you’ll know from experience not to make those errors later on.


grammarly alternative tool


You can do much more with Ginger than just fix basic grammatical errors and common spelling mistakes. It also offers suggestions and changes punctuation, writing style, and sentence structure as needed. It can help to confirm that your verbs and nouns are properly aligned by supplying feedback for words that may seem out of context or misused.

Ginger features:

  • Grammar checker – It will look for consecutive nouns, singular/plural nouns, any contextual spelling corrections that need to be made, misused words, subject-verb agreement, and other typical errors.
  • Spell check – This feature assists in fixing typographical mistakes.
  • Sentence rephrase – Additional suggestions are offered to help you express your message clearly and concisely.
  • Personal trainer – Information on your prior errors is accumulated. Practice sessions are offered according to this data to help you become a better writer.
  • Text reader – Pronunciation skills can be enhanced with the use of this text-to-speech engine. This tool will pronounce specified words in the accents that are chosen.
  • Translator – Your writing can be translated into various languages as needed.
  • Dictionary – You can learn more about the meanings of different words that are used in your content.

The Ginger free version has a certain weekly limit. After the limit is reached, the tool will continue to show corrections, but the drawback is that you’ll need to enter the corrected word(s) manually.  The limit will be refreshed on the following Monday.

Ginger premium plan can be paid monthly, annual, or two years cycle.

Features Free Premium
Grammar Checker Limited corrections Unlimited AI-powered corrections
Definitions Yes Yes
Synonyms Limited Unlimited
Sentence Rephraser Limited Unlimited
Translation No Translate to 40+ languages

For more information about Ginger features, as well as pros and cons, be sure to check my Ginger review and Ginger vs. Grammarly comparison.



WhiteSmoke Inc. released their alternative to Grammarly called WhiteSmoke, which is helpful grammar checking software. The grammar checker is impressive and simple. It can be considered as a more advanced edition of Microsoft Word’s spell check and grammar tool.


whitesmoke disadvantages


WhiteSmoke will automatically evaluate what you’ve written online, in emails, and MS Word. It can effectively review articles, essays, short stories, and other content. It will either significantly lower mistakes or get rid of those errors entirely.

This tool can do more than just to find and fix spelling and grammatical mistakes. A plagiarism checker resource is also included with WhiteSmoke. The plagiarism checker can help check if your content is unique.

Any content that isn’t unique can be easily identified with the plagiarism checker. You’ll receive a list of online sources that share the same text as what you’ve written.

WhiteSmoke comes with a convenient grammar checking tool that can be used to find all errors in your content. The tool will show you possible corrections for the mistakes that have been located.


whitesmoke online editor

whitesmoke pros
WhiteSmoke Online Editor example.


This comprehensive tool checks for various grammatical errors, including run-on sentences, fragments, incomplete sentences, subject/verb disagreement, double negatives, shifting tenses, misspellings, punctuation mistakes, capitalizations, object clauses, comma splices, fused sentences, missing words, etc.

WhiteSmoke comes with a style checker which will inform you about any issues with your writing’s flow. Monotony and tense switches are some of the typical errors. The style checker aims to ensure that your documents make sense and are simple to read and understand.

WhiteSmoke also comes with a punctuation detector. It can locate and suggest corrections for hyphens, em-dashes, dashes, colons, and semi-colons.

The punctuation detector won’t make any changes for you, but it will inform you about the problems and recommend edits, but it’s up to you to correct your own work.

WhiteSmoke’s Translator feature lets you translate what you’ve written into 55 different international languages. It works with any text editor and has a complete thesaurus and dictionary that includes usage examples and side-by-side translations.

You can either choose the WhiteSmoke Web, Premium, or Business plan with three available pricing plans. Each plan has flexible payment options like an annual and 3-year plan.

For more info about WhiteSmoke, as well as its pros and cons, be sure to check my WhiteSmoke review and WhiteSmoke vs. Grammarly comparison.



Trinka was developed specifically for academic and technical writing. It’s a powerful grammar correction and language AI resource similar to Grammarly. Trinka locates problems that other comparable alternatives don’t.

It can find and correct over 3,000 kinds of grammatical mistakes. Issues with grammar, tone, and scientific style are easily detected and fixed. Trinka can help improve writing by using proper grammar, vocabulary, tone, and syntax.


Free advanced grammar and spelling tool for academic and technical writing.


This tool is beneficial to writers because it conducts the necessary advanced writing reviews. Formal and technical writing are taken into consideration when this artificial intelligence-powered grammar checker and language correction tool was created.

Trinka’s advanced features evaluate the grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your documents. It can assist in eliminating errors and making your works more readable.

Some of the features include:

  • Subject area and document type – Trinka can be customized to only receive suggestions according to manuscript type and subject area.
  • Style guide preferences – This feature will look at frequently used style guides to help tailor the grammar and words in your writing.
  • Auto file edit – Trinka can check the Microsoft Word files that you upload. Those documents will then be automatically edited and corrected.
  • Publication readiness checks – Journal Selection and Ethical Compliance are just some of the more than twenty checkpoints that will be used to review your writing before they are published.
  • Consistency checks – Six types of writing inconsistencies are evaluated with this function.
  • Download track changes file – A file with all changes made to a specific document will be generated by Trinka. You can then download that document to look over whenever you want.
  • Accept and ignore all – This option simplifies corrections that need to be made throughout an article. You can either ignore or accept the suggested changes with a click of the mouse. If approved, those changes will then be applied across the entire document.
  • Personal dictionary – If you want to add a more personal touch to your writing, you can create a custom dictionary. All words that you add to your dictionary will be remembered and retained by Trinka.
  • Trinka Cloud – You can also use Trinka Cloud to access your writing from your favorite web browser. Any changes are made as they happen. This feature can be used whenever you wish. Trinka automatically saves your writing. Exporting and importing documents at any time is one of Trinka Cloud’s many convenient features.

Academic and technical writing is this tool’s primary focus. It’s an advanced writing assistant that specializes in language improvement and grammar correction. A future free from complicated barriers in communication is what Trinka’s development team of linguists, scientists, and data engineers envisioned.


Trinka AI features.


You can use the tool for assistance with personal and academic communication and daily conversations with friends and family members. Trinka is the writing assistant that meets your own individual needs. It finds complex writing errors that many other trusted grammar checking tools may not always identify.


Trinka publication readiness checks.


Trinka can help enhance your academic writing by adjusting the tone, delivery, and phrasing to meet publication standards. Supplying detailed explanations and offering recommendations and writing tips are just some ways it can help you improve. Trinka is an essential resource for many writers of all interests and skill levels.

For more info, you can check my Trinka review and comparison with Grammarly.



Hemingway is a free Grammarly alternative that began as a text editor that was only available online. It was modeled after the short sentences and easy writing style of renowned author Ernest Hemingway. The tool is a basic method for enhancing people’s writing.

Hemingway isn’t the same as other Grammarly substitutes. It will inform you of unusual-looking words in your content. However, its main focus is on your documents’ readability.


hemingway check your wordpress post readability


The tool will highlight sentences that readers may have difficulty in reading or understanding. It doesn’t make corrections. Hemingway makes you responsible for correcting those sections.

This is the main Hemingway drawback. This means you will have to copy and paste the content they want Hemingway to check. You will then need to make changes there and then copy the corrected content back into the document.

Hemingway uses different colors to indicate how serious different issues are. It will highlight sentences that are extremely hard to read in red. Less difficult sentences to read will be highlighted in yellow.

The tool will provide suggestions after you hover your cursor over a particular sentence. Heminway is very useful, but it doesn’t provide grammar and spell check like other grammar checking tools.

The web tool is completely free. The desktop editor is a $19.99 one-time payment.



ProWritingAid can help to enhance your English and writing skills. It’s a style editor, grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and editing tool. ProWritingAid can help you feel more confident about yourself and your writing. It can make presenting your work simpler by serving as your writing coach or personal mentor.


ProWritingAid features.


The tools works everywhere, including Google Docs. It is currently being used by writers, students, bloggers, non-fiction authors, and writers in other specialties and genres.


  • There are more than 20 different types of comprehensive reports to evaluate what you’ve written.
  • The tool works well with Scrivener, Apache Open Office, Google Docs, Chrome, Microsoft Office Suite products, etc.
  • A Contextual Thesaurus report will let you choose alternatives for your writing by suggesting synonyms for commonly used words.
  • The Word Explorer allows you to spend less time looking for the right words. It provides detailed explanations of different words and finds words from various dictionaries.
  • You can check content grammar using manuscript editing software. The software will visualize sentence variations and lengths, make style suggestions according to content and locate repeated words.

ProWritingAid offers a free plan along with two paid plans:

  • ProWriterAid Free. This plan is available for free.
  • ProwriterAid Premium. This plan can be purchased for $60 annually.
  • ProwriterAid Premium+. You can buy this plan for $70 per year.

ProWrigingAid is good Grammarly alternative. For more info, be sure to check my ProWritingAid review and ProWritingAid vs Grammarly comparison.



Linguix is a writing assistant that’s powered by artificial intelligence. It can be used to write comprehensive sentences and to identify and resolve punctuation and grammar errors. Linguix is a good low-cost alternative to Grammarly.

The tool can help prevent you from having poor grammar or spelling mistakes in your writing. Linguix has over 2,700 styles, spelling, and grammar corrections.


Linguix is site similar to Grammarly.


You can use the Linguix browser extension on Facebook, Google, and other websites to check grammar as you write.

The Linguix intuitive dashboard allows you to evaluate spelling, style, and grammar in the documents you upload to your Linguix account. The “Look Up in Linguix” feature in the browser extension can get word definitions as you read new articles, pages, and posts.

Exhaustive explanations are provided for grammar fixes. They can help improve your writing for personal projects, academic articles, and business emails.


Linguix is one of Grammarly competitors.


You can also view and analyze statistics that are specific to your audience via Linguix’s web app. This information can help you find the right content for the people that you’re trying to reach. Linguix will show your overall readability score, reading time, average word length, and word count.

You can write on different platforms because Linguix integrates with Medium, WordPress, Gmail, Google Docs, and other popular platforms. It also has flexible privacy settings, which can be very important for people who want to keep their sensitive or confidential documents safe.



Teams of all sizes and specialties can benefit from using the Writer AI writing assistant. Answering a few easy questions can determine your style guide. Writer will use your guidelines to review your content so that it stays on topic and is relevant to your brand. It can also help enhance your writing by identifying writing errors and grammatical and spelling mistakes.


Writer AI writing assistant.


Your own terminology and messaging are what Writer’s fixes are based on. This helps to establish a uniform tone in writing created by everyone in your organization. Your team’s writing is enhanced by making spelling, grammar, clarity, and vocabulary corrections.


Witer AI is site like Grammarly.


Your team’s writing should have a purpose that others can clearly understand. However, it shouldn’t distract writers from the messages that they want to express. Team members can opt to see suggestions before or after they’ve finished writing particular pieces. Admins can change Writer’s global settings for how and when content will be reviewed.

Writer can improve any document or web article. It will edit product UX, product marketing, web copy, support tickets, documents, emails, and other content.

The tool doesn’t keep any of your documents on its web servers. Content is “read” as it appears. Writer won’t use your articles to train their AI models or retain your information after being processed.


Microsoft Office

All Office programs can always check the grammar and spelling of your files. You can opt to have your documents checked automatically and revised as they’re being worked on, or you can run the spelling and grammar checker to review everything after you are done with writing.


Google Docs

Google Docs is an online word processor that can help with basic writing. Google Docs comes with a personal dictionary and in-built spell checking, which is simple and can be conducted in multiple international languages.

Start by opening the document that you want. From there, go to the File Menu option and click on the “Language” setting. The drop-down menu that appears will have a list of all the languages that you can choose from.

You can check spelling by going to the Tools menu and selecting the Spelling option. Google Docs will then evaluate your document for any spelling mistakes. If errors are found, it will suggest corrections. You can fix misspelled words by clicking on the “Change” button.

Google Docs’ spell check feature isn’t perfect. Some of the corrections that it recommends may not necessarily be appropriate for the piece that you’re writing. In those instances, you can add a particular term or word to your dictionary for later use or ignore the suggested correction and proceed to the next error.


Best Tools Similar To Grammarly Conclusion

There are many grammatical and spelling errors in publications today. A fair amount of those mistakes are made by native speakers of the particular language in question. Grammar and spelling check tools can identify and fix many of those errors before they are published.

Misused words, major spelling mistakes, phonetic mistakes, and typos are examples of common spelling errors. Misused tenses and improper usage of singular or plural nouns are typical grammatical mistakes.

Many people use Grammarly. It has gained a solid reputation because of its ability to identify different grammatical problems and its high Accuracy Score. But even Grammarly doesn’t catch every error. It is useful, but it isn’t the only solution for identifying and correcting grammar, syntax, and spelling issues.

There are many Grammarly competitors. Selecting the ideal proofreading tool might not be easy. Evaluating the essential aspects can help you narrow down your choices.

There are three criteria that you should look at before making a decision:

  1. The tool should help improve the quality of your writing by having a precise grammar checker.
  2. Determine if you need a desktop or web-based resource.
  3. Examine the additional feature that each tool offers and see if they would be useful to you.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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