15 Best Paid & Free Plagiarism Checker Tools To Find Duplicate Content

Plagiarism is using someone else’s work without permission and displaying it as your own. Modern technology gives us access to a vast amount of information, and many prefer going with the lazy route by using other people’s work instead of creating the original content. Here is where plagiarism checker tools can help.

A plagiarism detecter tool can check whole or part of the content for plagiarized or duplicate parts. These tools can scan the internet, searching for text that might be already published elsewhere.

The best plagiarism checkers provide a simple and easy way to automatically check if your website content is stolen or copied.


What Is Plagiarism Tracker?

Plagiarism is derived from the phrase “Plagiarius,” which means to kidnap in the Latin language. According to the definition, when someone uses an artist’s content without defining its intent, it will be called plagiarism.

It is a punishable offense and can sometimes destroy a person’s career. You can use a plagiarism detector tool to avoid infringement. A plagiarism checker/detector scans the data and compares it with different online sources.


Common Types Of Plagiarism

There are different types of copyright infringement, and all of them are considered serious violations. Some of the plagiarism types are defined below:

1. Direct Plagiarism

Direct plagiarism is a type of copying in which the word to word duplication of a specific section of the content without the proper citation is done. This type of violation is unethical and is also known as academic dishonesty. Using an online plagiarism checker is a great option for you to find out any text plagiarized areas.


2. Self Plagiarism

In this type of plagiarism, a person submits his own previously submitted work and sometimes adds any previous content in the new assignments.


3. Mosaic Plagiarism

Mosaic Plagiarism is also called patchwork plagiarism and incremental plagiarism. This violation occurs when a person steals the phrases without using quotation marks or giving a proper citation.

This also occurs when you use the writer’s words’ synonyms with the same structure and logic of the original content.


Best Plagiarism Scanning Tools

There are many plagiarism checker tools that you can use. Here, I’ve gathered the top picks that can assist you in creating original content and checking if the content you received is original (for example, when accepting guest posts).



This online plagiarism checker is the most effective plagiarism checker on the internet that can check whether the data is original or stolen from any online sources. This similarity checker has an easy to understand interface, so anyone can use it without facing any issues.


Dupli Checker online plagiarism checker.


You can use the Duplichecker plagiarism tool for free or upgrade to the pro version. The free version comes with the limit of scanning 1000 words. You can also have the option to scan the data via URL and upload text document files.

By subscribing to the paid version, you can remove the ads and scan up to 10,000 words per search. Deep search and accurate reports regarding scanned files are also included in the paid version’s features.



Grammarly is a one-stop solution for writers, editors, students, and teachers. It is primarily a grammar and spell-check tool, but it also has a plagiarism checker feature in the paid version. It checks the stolen lines, words, or phrases and points out the grammar and spelling mistakes.


Grammarly plagiarism checker tool.


This plagiarism checker tool was released in the year 2009 by Grammarly Inc. the reason behind its popularity is its feature of proofreading.

The Grammarly tool comes in free and pro plan. You can get vocabulary suggestions with features of plagiarism detection in the paid version. The paid version is ideal for content marketing companies to eliminate all kinds of copyrights from their work. For more info, you can check Grammarly review, and Gramarly vs Ginger comparison.



Copyscape started their services in 2004. It offers the services free of cost to track plagiarism. However, the company also offers a premium service that is more powerful as compared to the free option.


Copyscape also has automatic plagiarism alerts feature.


Batch search and inspecting the offline content are examples of the additional features that a user can use in the paid subscription.  The Copysentry feature can monitor the internet for copies of the content.



WhiteSmoke is an astonishingly easy to use and powerful grammar checker. It is similar to Grammarly. WhiteSmoke also comes with a plagiarism checking tool.


whitesmoke plagiarism checker
WhiteSmoke Plagiarism Checker feature.


No matter how hard we try, it can be challenging to write something unique when thousands of people write about the same topic online. This feature will help you keep your writing distinctive and make sure your content is original and unique. For more info, you can check the WhiteSmoke review.



SmallSEOTools has many features, and one of them is a plagiarism checker. They offer free plagiarism checker as well as grammar checker, spelling checker, word counter, paraphrasing, and translator.


Small SEO Tools plagiarism checker.


It can compare the text document data with billions of webpages to find copied content. The tool automatically generates the results when you paste the text into the tool.



Unicheck plagiarism checker is a cloud-based tool that scans the text’s similarities and shows the references where it can be found.


Unicheck is cloud based plagiarism checker.


The Unicheck tool is mostly used by the educational industry, with more than one million users worldwide. This is an ideal tool for writers, bloggers, lawyers, and editors.



The PlagScan plagiarism scanner tool was launched in 2009 by Markus Goldbach and Johannes Knabe. You can check the authenticity of a text with just a couple of clicks. PlagScan Plagiarism Detection software works with all common file formats.


PlagScan plagiarism scanner tool.


The company grew exponentially in the past years. Now it is serving more than millions of users and many organizations from all over the world.



The PlagTracker is a reliable plagiarism checker tool that helps the user in various situations. This plagiarism checker is specially designed to detect all types of plagiarism with reference sources. The user can scan five thousand words through this tool.


PlagTracker is a reliable plagiarism checker tool.


This online software algorithm compares the pasted data with the huge database of websites and articles online. The report by PlagTracker shows where the copied material has been sourced from.



Copyleaks is different from other plagiarism checkers because it supports multiple different formats and multiple languages. It can detect plagiarism, paraphrased content, and similar text using sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithms in 100+ languages


Copyleaks uses sophisticated Artificial Intelligence to detect plagiarism.


Free users can use the features of multiple languages with a limit of 10 pages per month and 250 scanned words per page.



If you are searching for a free plagiarism tracker, then Plagramme is the best tool for you. The brilliant thing about this tool is that it is not bound with any words’ detection limit.


Plagramme free plagiarism checker tool.


You need to paste the document’s text in the tool’s designated field, and the tool starts its magic to generate the results. The result is generated within a few minutes with the exhaustive evaluations.


Paper Rater

The Paper Rater uses Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to analyze content in real-time. Results typically appear in a couple of seconds after submission.


Paper Rater plagiarism detection.


The tool uses cloud-based software that digs deep into the text’s syntax and structure. It can perform plagiarism checking, automated proofreading, grammar check, and automatic scoring to analyze text quickly.



If you are an author or editor who has to repeatedly look for and identify plagiarism online, you probably want a solution. One such great solution is to use a Prepostseo plagiarism checker tool that can quickly tell you whether or not your work is copied. This can prevent costly mistakes from happening when you are in the midst of writing a book or article.


Prepostseo review.


When you find a good Plagiarism checker, it is important that you understand what it is doing. For instance, it look to see if there are any similarities in the structure of the two works. Because of this, many people use Prepostseo Plagiarism tool to find duplicate content.


Writer Plagiarism Checker

Writer is an all-in-one tool that perfects your writing structure, enhances your tone, and fixes any possible grammatical errors. It also has a built-in plagiarism checker to ensure you’re producing quality content that’s totally original.


Writer plagiarism checker tool.


Writer is free and compatible across all web browsers, so adding it to your digital tool set is a no-brainer. Writer is also AI-driven, so it’s ever-evolving and its ease of use makes it perfect for the novice or the pro.



Fixgerald is one of the top plagiarism checkers for online bloggers and writers. With this online tool, one can make sure that articles and blogs are free from errors and only contain original content.


Fixgerald review.


One of the great benefits is that there are no check limits. You can check texts of any length and can run multiple checks daily.

With confidential results, this top-rated plagiarism checker will make anyone a better writer. Simply paste your text into the box, run the check, and get fast results on any mistakes.

Fixgerald also offers tips for making adjustments to ensure your text is the best it can be.



Do you need to make sure your content is original, and written by a human writer and not AI? Do you need to check an entire site to make sure content is original (plagiarism free)? Then Originality is the tool you need.


Originality AI can detect content generated using AI.


You can have all your content scanned with a record of who scanned it, when it was scanned, if AI is suspected and if any plagiarism was found.

With Originality “Team Management” module it allows you to add/remove and monitor team members activity easily.

With the Originality.AI website scanner it crawls the entire site and then completes a full Plagiarism Check and AI Detection Check on all the content.


Why Use Plagiarism Checkers?

Plagiarism checker tools can help you find out if your content was published elsewhere and show you exactly where and which parts. The tracker tool can check documents, URLs, or you can copy/paste text and compare it with millions of online sources to find the duplicated content.

Using a plagiarism tool is an essential need of writers these days. Choosing the best tool for tracking the content is sometimes an uphill task, but any of the mentioned tools will be the right choice. Using the plagiarism tools, you can even remove grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Some of the trackers offer the option to translate the textual data into another language.

Another great plagiarism checker also provides ProWritingAid. You can see more information about it by checking my ProWritingAid review.



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