7 Best Paid & Free WooCommerce Account Funds & Wallet Plugins

WooCommerce account funds is a system that lets your customers add funds to their account wallet. That money can be spent on future purchases. These account funds can speed up the checkout process as customers don’t need to manually enter credit card or other payment information when placing an order. You can add this feature using the WooCommerce account funds plugin.

Many WooCommerce store owners are continually looking for ways to grow customer loyalty and increase repeated purchases. This system can help you achieve both of those goals.

It’s an easy process. You let clients add funds to their online accounts and offer them exclusive discounts or other special promotions to entice them to use those funds to buy products when making future orders. It keeps them as a customer and creates an upsell to increase your revenue and sales.


Best Paid WooCommerce Account Funds Plugins

Maintaining customers’ interest and repeat business requires regular effort. One solution is to simplify and speed up order checkouts, which can also result in reducing cart abandonment. WooCommerce wallet plugins allow you to create a wallet system on site which customers can use to pay for orders made on your website.


Account Funds

WooCommerce Accounts Funds plugin is an invaluable wallet plugin. It allows you to grow customer relationships by providing customers wallet accounts to deposit funds for purchases on your site. This helps you get recurrent sales by ensuring customers spend the funds only on your store.

You can encourage customers to use the funds deposited into their wallet accounts by offering them special offers and discounts. The plugin works well with all major payment gateways (check best WooCommerce payment gateways), making it easy for them to deposit funds whenever they want.


Best WooCommerce account funds plugin.


You get to determine the limits for your customers’ wallet accounts. Clients can only use those funds to pay for orders made on your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Accounts Funds plugin provides comprehensive data. You’ll receive information about the range of the discount funds’ use and other relevant statistics. You can find out how much money has been deposited into each customer’s account in a specified time period.

Any funds that clients have added to their wallet can be refunded to them at any time. You can edit and review the funds for each customer account that’s been registered on your store. Accounts Funds is worth looking into if you’ve been searching for a dependable wallet plugin that’s full of helpful and convenient features.


  • Customers can add money to their accounts within predetermined limits that you can assign.
  • Funds can be used towards future orders in your store.
  • Shop managers can use account funds to offer additional incentives and discounts to their clients.
  • If the available account funds aren’t enough to cover the total for a particular order, a mixed payment option can be used.
  • Detailed reports to keep control of the stats and rate of usage of the account funds.
  • Funds that have been deposited can be refunded when necessary.
  • Shop Manager can review and edit the funds for each registered customer.


YITH WooCommerce Account Funds

YITH WooCommerce Account Funds plugin allows your customers to place orders on your site until their funds have been depleted. Customers can always add more funds to their wallet accounts so that they can continue to make purchases.

You can determine the minimum and maximum amounts that customers’ can add to wallet. Discounts and other offers can be offered to customers for using wallet funds. This encourages customers to add more money to their wallet accounts regularly and improve overall sales, revenue, and profit.


YITH Wallet plugin settings.


You can email clients when their wallet accounts reach a minimum threshold limit. You can also add widgets to showcase the store sidebar’s wallet function. The plugin comes with different shortcodes that can be used to show funds and make it easier for clients to add funds to their wallet accounts.

You can decide which payment gateway you want customers to use when adding funds and allow payments via both wallet and payment gateway.


YITH WooCommerce Account Funds review.



  • Registered users can add money to their online wallet account whenever they wish.
  • Users can pay for orders using the wallet funds that they’ve deposited.
  • Partial payments for purchases can be made using wallet funds.
  • Site administrators can refuse any deposits that aren’t within the pre-determined limits.
  • Users can be emailed automatically if their wallet account funds are under the minimum amount.
  • Site administrators can provide discounts or other special incentives to users who use their wallet account to pay for purchases.
  • Any funds that have been deposited can be refunded at any time.
  • You can create your own “make a deposit” form that can be displayed for deposits with pre-determined amounts.
  • Users can go to their “My Account” page to see a report list of all their deposits.
  • The plugin can be integrated with WPML Currency Switcher and Aelia currency switcher. This allows that amounts are automatically converted into the designated currency.
  • You get to select the payment methods that customers can use to deposit funds.


WordPress WooCommerce Wallet System Plugin

WordPress WooCommerce Wallet System plugin lets your customers use their Wallet System to pay for items on your store. It’s a new way for clients to pay for items they buy. The wallet is a prepaid online account where funds can be added to buy goods and services.

Prepaid accounts like this prevent the possibility of payments being declined. Wallets are pre-loaded with funds that customers can use to make purchases. They don’t need to enter credit card information every time they place an order.


WooCommerce wallet system plugin.


The plugin lets registered users/clients use their Wallet Cash at checkout. Each purchase’s cost will then be taken out of their Wallet Cash funds. Funds can be added to consumers’ wallet accounts at any time.

Wallet System for WooCommerce is a very effective plugin that simplifies payments for online orders using the wallet option.

Customers can use their wallet accounts to view transactions, add funds and transfer money. Funds added to individual wallet accounts can be stocked for use toward future purchases in your store. Different payment processors can be used to add money to wallet accounts whenever your customers want.


WooCommerce pay on account plugin.


The plugin allows your customers to transfer funds to other user accounts. All changes are made in real-time. Customers and site admins can view transactions and changes as they happen.

You can offer discounts, cashback, and other special promotions to encourage customers to use their wallet to make purchases. Site admins can assign the minimum, and maximum limit amounts for wallet accounts.

Custom descriptions can be added to wallet accounts by site administrators. You can even set shipping methods for orders placed by customers who use the wallet system.

This WooCommerce pay on account plugin offers a convenient refund module. You can control and process refunds as they are requested. If a client’s order has been canceled, you can activate the refund option. Refund reasons and amounts can also be edited.


Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet

Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet is a comprehensive wallet system for WooCommerce. Customers can use their wallet to buy Store Credits. These Store Credits can then be used to purchase items from your store.

Customers can add funds to their wallet accounts to buy items at a later date. It simplifies and speeds up order checkouts because people don’t have to enter a credit card or other payment information every time they place an order.


Hoickr WooCommerce Wallet plugin review.

Hocker Wallet plugin settings.
Some of the Hoicker Wallet plugin settings.


The built-in Wallet payment gateway provides faster transactions for customers. Partial payments are accepted if there isn’t enough money in a customer’s online wallet account to pay for the entire amount of a particular purchase.

Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet gives added controls to site administrators. The ability to lock or unlock user wallets, add restrictions to wallet usage, and allow funds to be credited or debited to wallet accounts are some of the more popular features of this WooCommerce credit system plugin.


WooCommerce Wallet

The WooCommerce Wallet plugin lets customers pay for online orders using their wallet accounts. The wallet system makes it easier for clients to pay for the goods and services they’ve ordered.

All customers who have made at least one transaction will automatically see the wallet dashboard. You can easily edit this setting in the settings page to have the dashboard show for all of your clients if you’d like.


Best WooCommerce credit system plugin.


Site administrators can withdraw or add funds to registered users’ wallet accounts. They can also lock individual wallet accounts. Locked accounts cannot be used at order checkout.

Cashback amounts can be used for whatever variation or product. These amounts can be either a percent related to the cash price of an item or a specific amount.

Users can send refund requests if the refund option is enabled. Site admins can either approve or deny refund requests.

The plugin records every transaction on the store. Site administrators can see and review transactions and sort them by the user. Each user can access their own WooCommerce account page to see all transactions they’ve made.

Customers can make partial payments on orders if the total in their wallet account is not enough for the entire purchase. The amount left in their wallet account will be withdrawn for the purchase, and the customer can use another payment method to pay for the rest of the balance.


Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro

A lengthy payout process is often one of the leading causes of cart abandonment. You can simplify and speed your payment process by implementing a wallet system on your WooCommerce store.

Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro

With Wallet System plugin, you can enable your customers to purchase your product and services using their wallet balance. You can bulk recharge users’ wallets and view their transactions.

WooCommerce Wallet system plugin also allows customers to receive refunds and cashback rewards directly into their wallets. You use the coupon code generator to create wallet coupons that can be redeemed by your customers to get free wallet cash.


  • Offer wallet credit to users on daily visits, signup, and product review comments.
  • Restrict wallet users from using wallet functionalities.
  • Show customers their wallet amount in a widget upon login.
  • You can let wallet users invite their friends to join the WooCommerce wallet system.
  • Customers can withdraw their wallet amount into their bank account or any preferred payment app.
  • The users can generate and share QR codes for their wallets.
  • Use the Wallet as a Complete or Partial Payment Method.
  • Import Wallet Balance from CSV File.
  • Add or remove wallet Balance individually or in bulk.
  • Enable email notifications for wallet top-up, wallet credit, and wallet amount deduction.


Best Free WooCommerce Wallet Plugins

Wallet modules can help to improve conversion rates. It gives customers a good reason to shop on your website because payments can be processed in just a few minutes.

WooCommerce credit system plugins can help you add this option to your store. Customers can quickly add funds to their wallets that can be used to buy items immediately or in the future.


TeraWallet – For WooCommerce

TeraWallet plugin lets your customers store funds for purchases in a digital wallet account. Funds can be added to their accounts using the different payment methods that site admins have assigned.

Admins can also define cashback rules according to product or cart price. Cashback will be placed in the respective clients’ wallet accounts. Admins can also issue refunds to customers’ wallet accounts if necessary.


Best wallet for WooCommerce free plugin.


The plugin eliminates the need to enter payment information when a customer places an order. They need to log in to their account and then use the funds in their wallet account to pay for goods and services. Using the wallet system can also earn cashback rewards. Site administrators can issue refunds to customer wallet accounts.


  • The wallet system works just like any other payment method.
  • Customers can use various payment methods to add funds to their wallet accounts.
  • The site administrator can use wallet funds to issue refunds.
  • Clients can earn cashback based on product category, product, or cart price.
  • Your customers can make partial payments on orders.
  • You can use either a percent or a fixed method to calculate the cashback amount.
  • Site administrators can use the backend to see transaction history.
  • Email notifications can be sent to customers for every wallet transaction that they make.
  • Site admins can use the backend to alter wallet amounts for any client.
  • One user can transfer funds from their wallet account to another registered user.


WooCommerce Credit System Conclusion

Customer loyalty and repeat sales don’t happen overnight. It takes time and concentrated effort to make customers happy and give them enough reasons to return to your site to make purchases regularly.

One way to improve customer retention is by simplifying your payment methods. Adding a WooCommerce account funds system lets your clients use their own online wallet accounts.

They can deposit money into those accounts to buy items on your site. Customers can add funds to their wallet whenever they want. It’s difficult to abandon a shopping cart order if you already have deposited funds.

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