5 Best Paid & Free WooCommerce Composite Products Plugins

WooCommerce doesn’t have the option to create composite products out-of-the-box.  So, to create them, you’ll need the WooCommerce composite products plugin. Composite products are items that are built by combining several other products. WooCommerce composite products let you create customized products from other components from the store.

Crafting composite products allows you to offer items from various product lines and categories together simultaneously at reasonable prices. You can provide your clients the ability to build their own composite kit or product.

Unlike a product bundle or bought together offer, composite products contain required and optional parts/ accessories. In this way, store owners can sell more, and customers can save time, money, and effort instead of looking for items individually and various other sites.

I’ll use a bicycle for example. The assembled items can be a bicycle helmet, seat, tires, handlebars, pedals, a chain, and brakes. All of those separate accessories can be purchased in-store individually. They can have several variations, such as bicycle helmets that can be found in several color options.

Not all composite products need to be an item that’s created from one single entity. They could be a combination of multiple items. Some composite items are known as kit builders, custom product builders, made-to-order products, or “build your own” builders.

Don’t confuse the WooCommerce composite products plugin (which is for assembling more product parts into one) with the WooCommerce visual product configurator (which is only visual stylization of products) or with WooCommerce custom product boxes.


Best WooCommerce Composite Products Plugins

Composite items can be anything from abstract services (such as vacation packages, for example) to high-end consumer items (computers that customers build themselves) or physical items (such as a custom bicycle). There are unlimited possibilities as to what products can be matched with composite items.


YITH Composite Products for WooCommerce

YITH Composite Products for WooCommerce plugin can be used to create products made of several components. Clients can purchase different items from your store to assemble composite products.

This plugin allows you to set a minimum and maximum purchase quantity for each component. You can even set mandatory components, which makes selecting a specific component mandatory for purchase to be completed.


YITH Composite Products for WooCommerce review.


If you want to apply the components of a product to another without having to configure them again from scratch, you can clone the components thanks to the in-built Copy components feature.


  • Customers can purchase different items from your store to assemble the composite products.
  • Product prices can either be based on all individual components’ total price, or you could assign a fixed price.
  • Set shipping price using all of the products in the cart or excluding the main product
  • Composite product components can be displayed as steps, accordion lists, or listed.
  • Names can be given to each component.
  • Clients can select items from lists that have been filtered according to product tags, categories, or IDs.
  • Component product lists can be displayed using radio buttons, dropdown menus, or product thumbnails.
  • Each component can have its own minimum and maximum amounts assigned to it.
  • Certain components can have percentage discounts applied to them if you wish.
  • Discounts can be added to either the standard price or the product launch price.
  • Components can be set as mandatory or non-mandatory.
  • Unique items can be selected automatically.
  • Certain components can be set as exclusive for specific products.
  • Dependencies can be created in plugin behavior. This can make certain items mandatory while other products can be excluded.


Composite Products

Composite Products is an advanced plugin that allows you to create customizable product kit builders using items that are already in your active product inventory. It was created with apps that have advanced inventory management needs in mind. It’s a great way to sell items that have multiple inventory managed parts.

Composite Products is a great tool for people looking for an effective WooCommerce product builder plugin for their store. It can improve the overall experience for you and your customers.


Best WooCommerce product builder plugin.


You can create unique item kits using its customizable layouts and flows. You can also build related product bundles by placing various items in the same groups.

Similar items can be grouped together on the same page. This simplifies product searches for your customers. They only need to visit one category to find similar products.

Different product components and product choices are some of the plugin’s most appreciated features. A few quick clicks of the mouse is all it takes to create your own product packages. You can create Grouped Products, Chained Products, and Forced Sells.

Variable and simple products are supported, virtual or downloadable items, and the product bundles. You can do just about anything you want, thanks to the plugin’s advanced options.

All composite products that you create can be easily altered with different layout and style choices. This makes for much simpler and personal shopping for your clients.

You can also take advantage of Composite Products’ conditional logic options. Scenarios allow you to change individual choices and manage how different configuration steps are displayed. There are also plenty of filter and action hooks that allow you to alter product behavior.

A plugin is a great tool for creating advanced product kits with different product choices for their associated components. And with the Product Bundles option, you can create simple product pages with static web information.


  • There are several advanced grouping options.
  • Items can be customized based on what your customers will need.
  • Product kits can be created from multiple configurable components.
  • Whole components can be hidden based on certain conditions to make items with multiple configuration options.
  • Conditional logic is fully supported.
  • Layouts and flows are customizable.
  • Component options can have different dependencies.


WooCommerce Composite Products Plugin

WooCommerce Composite Products plugin lets customers use their own custom requirements to craft products that can be assembled from different components found in your online store.

Furniture, bicycles, computers and other items can be built. Tags, products, and categories can be chosen as components. Base prices can be set for each item, and various layouts can be implemented to display product parts. You can also restrict clients to only choose a certain number of components.


Composite products for WooCommerce plugin.


Discounts can be applied, and you can encourage customers to build items from custom components. Essential components can be listed as required, while other components can be listed as optional. Connecting components makes certain items dependent on other products. Shipping fees can either be charged on the total amount of parts that are purchased or per the individual items.

A base price for each component can be set. This makes it easier to calculate the finished product’s total price along with the components that your customers choose.

The plugin lets you use Accordion, Step, or Simple layouts to show product components to customers. Various layouts can be shown for each component. For instance, let’s say that you’re featuring a computer as a completed product and a hard drive as a component. Hard drives can be displayed by the company and storage space.

Each component can have its own minimum and maximum quantity limits. This can help customers create products that fit in the design frame that was intended for them.


WooCommerce composite products free and paid plugins.


Discounts can be offered on different components. This can promote customer selection and convince consumers to do things themselves and be more innovative. It can also improve overall revenue and profit for your online store.

The WooCommerce product builder plugin can make specific components required for certain products to be built. Let’s use the computer example again. You could require RAM, a hard drive, and a motherboard. You can make the camera, speakers, and other accessories optional.

The plugin lets you select items that depend on each other. Links can be set between different components and parts. For instance, in building a bicycle, certain handlebars may depend on the kinds of shock absorbers that you sell.


WPC Composite Products for WooCommerce

WPC Composite Products for WooCommerce is one of the essential WooCommerce plugins. The plugin allows stores to sell composite products that consist of multiple related items to increase revenue.

Clients can personalize the components that are included. It’s a great way to have diverse kit builders. Companies and customers can benefit from the satisfaction and convenience that this plugin provides.


WPC Composite Products for WooCommerce.


WPC Composite Products for WooCommerce serves as a kit builder. You can cross-sell different items. People can find great value in various components or use the variable parts list to assemble their own computer. The plugin comes in a free and paid version.


  • You can use keywords to conduct AJAX responsive searches.
  • Component option sources can be Categories, Tags, or Products.
  • Components can be rearranged using the intuitive drag and drop interface.
  • Each component can have its own brief description.
  • Discount prices can be set by percentage.
  • Each component can have its own default product assigned to it.
  • Component items can have default quantities.
  • Component items can either be optional or required.
  • Component quantities can be customized.
  • You can determine each component’s minimum and maximum quantities.
  • The null selection option can have its own customizable text.
  • Before and After text sections can be customized.
  • Quantity changes can be used to calculate prices automatically.
  • All component items are controlled, much like individual sales.
  • You can increase multilingual sales with WPML integration.


WooCommerce Products Wizard

WooCommerce Products Wizard plugin allows mass customization of products. It lets clients personalize the items that they buy from you.


    • There are templates for product variations and product viewing.
    • Products can be bundled together into the same kit.
    • There’s no limit to the amount of wizards that you can create.
    • Tab description placement and text can be managed at any time.
    • And/or conditions can be implemented to control product variation or product visibility.
    • Each term availability can have multiple or individual products.

WooCommerce Products Wizard plugin review.


The plugin allows you to accomplish the following tasks:

    1. Single screen, step tabs, and other workflow modes can be established.
    2. Wizards can either be attached to different products or put on individual site pages.
    3. You can create as many steps as you want. All steps can have their own rules, settings, view, and information.
    4. Items can be combined into an individual kit if necessary.
    5. You can receive emails for product requests. Each email can include an attached PDF cart file.
    6. Clients can enter data into HTML fields that can be used to gather custom order information.
    7. Customers can purchase items through a wizard that allows a flexible discount to be applied to those products.
    8. Consumers can select one or multiple items from different steps.
    9. Thumbnails of completed products can be displayed.
    10. Steps and products can have their own availability conditions rules assigned to them.
    11. Steps can also have product filters.
    12. Set a pre-defined bundle of products for the first launch


WooCommerce Product Builder Conclusion

Composite products can serve as kit-building opportunities for your store and your customers. You can improve conversion rates, increase sales and sell more items overall.

Customers can personalize the amounts and kinds of different components. They can create gift packs to give to others for birthdays, Christmas, or other special events or create the kinds of composite products they love.

You can encourage clients to select items that can accommodate their needs. This will remove any doubts that could stop them from making a purchase, reduce support requests and improve customer satisfaction.

The average order value will also increase. That happens because you’re carefully advising consumers what additional items they will need to construct their preferred products.

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