11 Best Paid & Free WooCommerce Print On Demand Plugins & Tools

Businesses can make more money by selling unique or personalized mugs, T-shirts, caps, phone cases, and other items. It’s an exciting opportunity, but it isn’t without its own challenges. For adding that option to your store, an good WooCommerce print on demand plugin will be useful.

Selling products with your own design can be a great opportunity. However, creating and managing a production system that includes product warehousing and internal shipping is not easy.

The ability to print on demand can make those tasks easier. You can start by creating a store where you will display your designs to the public and let the third-party companies take care of other responsibilities, such as placing artwork on customizable products, packaging items, and shipping them to clients as they are ordered.

In this article, I will show more info on how to set up WooCommerce properly to effectively establish and operate your own print on demand business and which are the best WooCommerced print on demand plugins and tools you can use.


Best WooCommerce Print On Demand Plugins

Print on demand service allows you to sell personalized products in your store without any inventory. Product customization offers great opportunities for products to be modified to meet the interests and needs of customers.

Dropshipping and print on demand are somewhat similar. The primary difference is that items are customized based on your (customer) specifications. Companies specializing in print on demand services will prepare mugs, T-shirts, and other items with the artwork you submit.

Let’s check some of the top WooCommerce and WordPress print on demand plugins.



Printful is a popular print-on-demand and dropshipping platform with fulfillment centers in Los Angeles, Charlotte, Riga, and Mexico.

Using Printful WooCommerce integration, you can easily connect your WooCommerce store with Printful. Then you’ll be ready to use their services on your WooCommerce store right away. Plugin is available for free on WordPress repository.


Printful WooCommerce integration.


Use the Printful Product Push Generator to select and publish products you want to sell in your store. Before you can sell products, the final step is to select your price ranges for taxes and shipping.

You can publish as many different items to your store as you wish, and Printful’s platform will help you manage inventory.

As of this writing, there are around 250+ Printful products to pick from. Towels, blankets, laptop cases, phone cases, hats, bags, and T-shirts are just a few of the many available options. Adding your profit margin to each item’s base price will determine the overall price for each product that will be listed in your store.


WooCommerce print on demand dropshipping plugin.


There aren’t any paid subscriptions. Printful’s print on demand platform is free to use. Item manufacturing costs are the only charges that you’ll incur. All of Printful’s active shipping rate information will be shown in real-time on your site, and your clients will pay for the shipping during their orders.

After a customer has paid for their purchases on your site, the products are automatically forwarded to Printful for fulfillment. This is a white-label platform, so no Printful branding will appear on any packages shipped to your customers. You can configure custom slips, logos, and brand labels that you want to be used.

Warehousing, store setup, and design are some of the additional services that Printful provides. There are Printful apps for Android and iOS mobile devices that can be used at any time wherever you go. For more info, check my Printify review.



Printify is a global print-on-demand platform with over 90 printing facilities in the United States, United Kingdom, and China. Their products include home and living items, accessories, hats, and clothing for men, women, children, etc.


Printify WooCommerce plugin.


You can create designs products quickly before they are published to your store by utilizing Printify’s mockup generator. Printify offers print on demand WooCommerce integration using their Printify WooCommerce plugin which you can download for free from WordPress plugin repository.

Selling prices for each product and profit margins can be calculated via their profit calculator. Total sales of $1,000 or more can qualify for monthly discounts. The discount amount will increase exponentially according to the sales total.


Free print on demand plugin for WooCommerce.


For shipping, the rates are calculated live on product pages. There’s a shipping rate calculator featured for calculating shipping rates for bulk orders. Printify guarantees that all orders will be fulfilled on time. If your items aren’t fulfilled in ten days, you can ask for a refund.

Other eCommerce services available on Printify include dropshipping, store setup services, and creative services.


Shirtee Cloud 

Shirtee Cloud free WooCommerce print on demand plugin and import products into WooCommerce. Shipping, packaging, and product storage (or warehousing) are facilitated by Shirtee Cloud.

With the Shirtee Cloud, you can sell t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, mugs, bags, etc. There are over 50 different product types in total.


Shirtee Cloud WordPress integration.


With the product generator, you can generate products you want to sell, import them from the cloud, and start selling. There’s no upfront cost.

Once a customer places an order on your WooCommerce store, Shirtee Cloud will automatically receive and fulfill that order. All applicable tax and shipping costs are calculated in real-time.

This print-on-demand shipping platform is white-label, meaning product labels and leaflets can incorporate your brand information.


Shirtee Cloud WooCommerce integration.

Regardless of item quantities, all orders are dispatched relatively quickly. The average shipping time is two to five business days.

Delivery times are based on customer location. Shirtee Cloud’s lowest shipping time length is two to three days and longest from eight to twelve days at the most.

Shirtee Cloud is headquartered in Germany, so shipping domestically and to other nearby nations will usually be less expensive and quicker. The company uses Deutsche Post, UPS, GLS, DHL, and DPD for delivering orders.

Your backend dashboard provides access to all of Shirtee Cloud’s current shipping rate data. You can then add that information and have it available for customers to view.



Using Cloudprinter, you can submit print jobs and get them printed and shipped to your location. Cloudprinter offers integration with WooCommerce using the WooCommerce print on demand integration plugin.


Cloudprinter WooCommerce integration.


More than 150 print providers are in their network. That makes finding a print service that’s close to where your clients live much easier. This also increases the amount of print products. There are over 5,000 different items to sell.

Cloudprinter has more than 500 product templates. You don’t have to rely on WooCommerce’s standard default templates and can use Cloudprinter’s templates whenever you want.

Before you can start using the CloudPrinter WooCommerce plugin, you’ll need to open the account. You can publish products, set shipping fees, and sell with just a few clicks.


WooCommerce print on demand integration plugin.


Cloudprinter can be used for free, but paid plans are also available. However, the free plan isn’t totally free as job fees are charged. The job fees include:

  • Starter Plan – $2.95 + 0.29 x product quantity
  • Business Plan – $1.77 x 0.18
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom fees

Each order (no matter how many items includes) will have job fees added to them. Cloudprinter will identify the ideal printer location as its algorithm analyzes the shipping method, product price, printing type, and address information for each client.

You can set custom shipping routes by selecting print providers based on your preferences. If there’s any change in product order status, you can get real-time status updates by email or Webbooks.



CustomCat is a US-based print on demand service provider. CustomCat supports print on demand for WooCommerce integration. It is easy to integrate your store with CustomCat. The API allows you to connect your WooCommerce store and CustomCat platform.


CustomCat WooCommerce integration.


CustomCat handles dye sublimation, DTG printing, and embroidery and has more than 500 products to pick from. Products offered range from phone cases, aprons, hats, hoodies, T-shirts, etc., and print-on-demand orders are fulfilled regularly.

The particular printing method for a specific item will determine the base price for that product. Their pricing sheet always has the most current pricing data. Their prices can change every once in a while, but they are usually quite stable.

Product orders you get on your WooCommerce store are automatically sent to CustomCat to be fulfilled. You can also create manual orders by adding an order from the plugin dashboard.

Most orders on the platform are fulfilled relatively quickly. It only takes about two to three days to fulfill orders domestically in the United States. They also handle international shipping.

CustomCat is free to use. All you need to pay are their flat shipping rates for your customer orders. They use UPS to send orders worldwide, but order tracking is only available to clients in certain nations.



Printrove is an India-based print-on-demand company that has grown in popularity in recent years. To use Printrove with WooCommerce, simply install their WooCommerce print on demand plugin, upload products, map the SKUs, and you can begin receiving orders.

When you register on Printrove, you’re not charged for the subscription. But to move to a business plan, you will need to deposit 5,000 rupees (or approximately $68 in USD). That money can be used to pay for orders after being added to your account. To use their WooCommerce on-demand printing, you need to be on a business plan.

Posters, mugs, notebooks, coasters, cell phone cases, clothing, etc., can have custom designs imprinted on them. You can pay for product samples if you want to review their quality.


Printrove WooCommerce plugin.


Your branding will be used by Printrove to print, package and send orders to customers automatically. Thank you notes, neck labels, pack-ins, and other items are available branding options and can be included in customer shipments.

Printrove’s Merchant Panel allows you to upload your designs and see how they appear on various Printrove products. All designs can be managed in a design library.


Printrove design library.


Design uploads have certain guidelines. A minimum resolution of 3000 DPI is required, so only PNG and JPEG files are supported.

Once an order is placed, Printrove will send it out for delivery within 48 hours. The average delivery time is between three to five business days. Depending on the consumer’s location, some shipments may take more or less time.

India Speed Post, Delhivery, and FedEx are used for shipping. Printrove relies on DHL for international order deliveries. They also support cash on delivery payment option. Hence, customers can pay for goods upon delivery.



Key2Print is another noteworthy print on demand service. A user ID must be obtained after registering on the SaxoPrint site (Key2Print printing partner) before you can use integration with WooCommerce.

Only incorporated companies (entities with a VAT number) can access features. Your request will be evaluated after sending your user ID and completing the registration form on Key2Print.


Key2print WooCommerce plugin.


You will be able to install their WooCommerce print on demand plugin if your application is approved. If you want to learn more about how Key2Print works, you can use the handy demo mode.

Many different items can be selected from over 30 product categories. Flyers, desk calendars, business cards, and posters are their primary products.

Key2Print uses a base price and markup system. The selling price for each item will be calculated after adding your markup profit percentage. Base prices include all associated shipping fees. There are no hidden expenses, order fees, or monthly costs to worry about.


Key2print WooCommerce integration.

Key2print WordPress plugin.


All of Key2Print’s printing responsibilities are handled by their business partner SaxoPrint. As many as 4,000 orders can be processed from their facility daily. SaxoPrint has been printing quality items for more than two decades.

Just keep in mind that Key2Print’s service area is limited. Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, and other European nations are currently supported.


Print Aura 

It is easy to register and set up on the Print Aura platform, and there are no signup fees. Kornit printers are used to provide clients with quality prints, and Print Aura specializes in direct-to-garment (DTG) printing in CMYK colors.

Before you can use Print Aura’s print on demand WooCommerce plugin, you’ll need to open a Print Aura account. After that, you can then select products you wish to sell on your store site, create mockup images and publish them.

Print Aura has more than 100 items to choose from. Variety is one of their strengths. Colors, prices, and categories are some of the filters that can be applied when filtering over their vast product catalog, including accessories, wall art, drinkware, phone cases, bags, hats, tank tops, polo shirts, sweatshirts, T-shirts, etc.

You will be automatically billed when your customers pay for their orders on your site. Print Aura can easily accommodate printing up to 500 items in a day, and there are no minimum order quantity requirements.

After an order is placed, it is fulfilled automatically by Print Aura. Merchandise is packaged and sent out within three to five business days from the date that they were ordered.

There is a minimum shipping cost of $5.50, which is quite reasonable. You can pay more for rush delivery, which will be completed in about two to three working days.

Domestic delivery in the United States is quicker, but Print Aura can also send shipments worldwide. They’re a white label platform, and your branding will be on the shipped items. Return labels, neck labels, and packing slips can have your logo and brand information on them.

All Print Aura products have a quality guarantee. You won’t have to pay for any items that have errors or defects.



Spreadshirt main focus is clothing. To use it with WordPress, you will need to install their WP-Spreadplugin print on demand WordPress plugin and then insert Spreadshirt API to get started.

Flox printing, flock printing, laser transfers, thermo sublimation, direct to garment printing, and digital printing are some of the services they provide. Aprons, photo gifts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and T-shirts are a few of their available items.

You can upload your designs, test them on products, and publish them on your WordPress site. It seems they currently don’t have print on demand integration with WooCommerce.


Spreadshirt WordPress integration plugin.


Adding items to your store is your only concern. Spreadshirt will take care of order and payment processing. Clients are sent to the Spreadshirt checkout pages when they are ready to complete their orders.

You only pay for the product price. The amount paid will be based on the amount of printable areas for each product.

The bulk of Spreadshirt’s deliveries is to customers living in Canada, Australia, and the US. However, they also ship orders worldwide. Order value will determine the shipping rates, which can fluctuate depending on the country.

The company makes use of different delivery companies. Premium shipping takes six to nine days, and standard shipping is usually completed in seven to fifteen business days.

International delivery time with Express shipping is around one to three working days. Domestic delivery only takes about one business day. Some deliveries can take up to five days with Express shipping if they are in parts of the world that are often difficult to reach.

If you receive a defective or damaged item, you can take advantage of Spreadshirt’s fair return policy and ask for an appropriate replacement or a refund. Returns are processed in seven days.


Scalable Press  

Scalable Press is another great print-on-demand service that handles embroidery, sublimation printing, screen printing, DTG printing, etc.

Their printing facilities are located within the United States, but they fulfill even client orders from outside of the US.

You can’t register with Scalable Press directly as the platform is not open to everyone. You have to request an account by contacting the sales team, and it’s possible that your account application might not be approved.

There are no upfront costs if your account request is accepted. Shipping and item costs are the only fees that will be charged.

Product costs according to quantity and print type can be determined with their price estimator, and large volume orders can get reduced prices.

There are thousands of different Scalable Press items that you can use to sell. Beanies, phone cases, backpacks, hats, hoodies, and shirts are a few available items.


Scalable Press WordPress integration.


Fulfillment is quick and easy, and Scalable Press guarantees a turnaround time of no more than seventy-two hours for each order.

All product packages are white label without Scalable Press’s branding, and there isn’t a minimum order quantity. Scalable Press handles shipping for which you can select DHL, the USPS, UPS, or other third-party shipping companies. Clients can monitor each order using a convenient tracking system.

UPDATE: Scalable Press doesn’t offer WooCommerce integration anymore.


DesignO Product Designer Plugin

DesignO is the latest innovation from the world’s leading web-to-print solutions provider, Design’N’Buy. It is great tool for starting WooCommerce print shop business.

Installing the API-driven product design tool is a breeze. Once you have downloaded and configured the plugin, you can start adding products in DesignO by entering each SKU you want your end customers to personalize on your online print store. The ‘Customize’ button will appear on every product page once the changes are live.


DesignO Product Designer plugin.


You can either purchase a one-time perpetual license to use the plugin or subscribe to DesignO every month and pay-as-you-go. If you need more details, please contact their super efficient sales team for pricing.

DesignO is apt for printing office signage, t-shirts, mugs, apparel, photo books, calendars, marketing brochures, mobile covers, banners, labels, and stickers. The end customers can get a 3D preview and ready-to-print vector output files in CMYK and PDF.

You gain access to a fully mobile-responsive Design Studio complete with editing tools and a well-stocked photo, clipart, and vector artwork library. DesignO has a feature-rich back office admin panel covering a job calendar, reporting and analytics, and order and print workflow.

DesignO can integrate with any eCommerce platform such as Shopify, Magento, Odoo, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and NopCommerce.

Since working on DesignO does not require you to migrate the plugin to a new platform, you do not lose any SEO work you may have done on your original or current online store. You do not lose traffic. That is a significant plus point of working on DesignO.

Digital, commercial and wide-format printers, book publishers, marketing agencies, real estate agencies, franchisors and franchisees, trade printers, and digital asset managers love DesignO.

For more info, check DesignO review.


Print On Demand WooCommerce Integration Conclusion

More and more companies have been hopping on the print-on-demand bandwagon over the last few years. Businesses offer items to customers that can be printed on demand at any time.

After an order is placed, the items will be printed, packaged, and shipped. Delivery and order fulfillment is handled by the company printing those products.

Site owners have no physical goods on hand and don’t have to concern themselves with inventory handling and storage expenses. Their only concern is getting traffic to their site.

Great alternatives to using third-party services are WooCommerce product designer, and WooCommerce visual product configurator plugins.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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