6 Best Paid & Free WooCommerce Size Chart Plugins

According to sales figures from online retailers, clothes are the most popular product category for customers shopping online.

If you sell clothing or other items based on size, allowing consumers to pick the right size is a practical concern. Customers may return more items if they can’t find the right size on your site.

Including an accurate size chart on your product pages can prevent the logistical headache of numerous shipments and returns. That is why you need a good WooCommerce size chart plugin.

I’ll go through the best product size chart plugins for Woocommerce that you can use.


Why You Need To Add Size Chart To WooCommerce Product Pages?

Since not all manufacturers follow the same sizing standard, an online store often sells a range of items from various brands. Some people adhere to standard size rules, while others have their own.

The size rule varies by country as well. For instance, UK 9 and US 9 are different. As a result, a customer from the United Kingdom who ordered a size 9 without knowing the specific measurements has a greater chance of getting the item that doesn’t fit.

Owners of WooCommerce stores should rethink their strategy and consider incorporating a WooCommerce size chart for product pages.

What’s more helpful than knowing exactly how a skinny dress fits you if you can’t try it before buying? The more information you give, the happier your customers will be with your services. That’s why you need to have a detailed size guide.


Woostify Pro Addon

Woostify is a great WooCommerce theme. But did you know it comes with many valuable addons, including a size guide feature?

Woostify Size Guide is one of the best WooCommerce size chart addons for online stores. You can quickly create customized size charts for each of your products.


Woostify WooCommerce size chart for product pages.


Adding sizes to your store is a breeze with the Woostify addon. Here are some key features:

  • Provide size chart to single or multiple categories
  • Custom your own size guide for products with ease
  • Add text description as well as images to the size chart

Before adding a size chart in WooCommerce using Woostify, remember first to install and activate Woostify to display a product size chart. And then, you also need to activate the size guide setting.

After activating, refresh the page, and you can see the size guide option appear in the Woostify Option.

Choose “Add New.” Then write the title of the size guide, and apply for which category and product(s) you want to add to the size chart. After updating the new size guide, choose “Edit with Elementor.”

To make it faster and more convenient, you should create an external size guide image first and then add it to the edit section. This saves time and avoids making mistakes like when coding the size guide.

To learn more about how Woostify Size Guide is configured or used, you can check here. For more info, be sure to check the Woostify review.


Size Chart for WooCommerce

Size Chart for WooCommerce by KoalaApps is a perfect solution for retailers offering goods that vary in size, such as clothing, footwear, etc.


Size Chart for WooCommerce plugin.


Using the plugin, you can make several size charts and relate them to particular items or categories. You can also upload an image or manually generate size charts.

Moreover, you can decide whether to show it inside a tab or as a popup on the product page. Plus, the plugin allows users to choose the appropriate size chart to appear automatically based on their location.


  • Add unlimited size charts
  • Create a size chart table or upload a size chart picture
  • Add size chart in product tab or display in-popup using a button
  • Add size chart button after description, price, add to cart, or product meta
  • Customize button background and text color
  • Customize size chart tab display order
  • Add custom color for columns and table rows
  • Add table border


Product Size Charts Plugin for WooCommerce

Product Size Charts for WooCommerce by the Dotstore provides a variety of ready-made size chart templates as well as the ability to modify them for any of your WooCommerce items according to your needs.


Product size charts plugin for WooCommerce.oCommerce


By cloning pre-made size chart templates, you can also create your custom size charts as well as apply them to a category or specific items.

Furthermore, the plugin allows you to experiment with different display kinds to improve user experience. Therefore, you may change the layout to make these charts more attractive and eye-catching.


    • Make as many unique size charts as you like
    • Choose a template from more than 10 ready-made sizing charts for products, then attach it to a product
    • Assign more than one size chart to the same product from the product page edit page
    • Multiple size chart table styles like minimalistic, modern, classic, default
    • Display the size chart as an additional tab or in a popup
    • Add and edit various rows on the chart table
    • Add custom measurement
    • Enter text and media into the description of  size charts

The plugin comes in free and paid options.


Product Size Chart For WooCommerce

VillaTheme’s Product Size Chart is a free WooCommerce size chart plugin that enables you to create and adjust the size charts for specific items or categories, and you can select from various size chart designs.


Best free WooCommerce size guide plugin.


With the help of this WooCommerce size guide plugin, size charts can be quickly and easily assigned to items or categories.

Besides, the size chart template can be used to assign the pages on which the size charts will appear. With so many goods and categories on their WooCommerce site, this saves shop owners time when they need to assign a size chart.


  • Create and alter an unlimited number of size charts for items
  • Assign a sizing chart to one or more distinct categories and items
  • Flexible and effective size chart displays
  • Available size chart templates
  • Size charts with unlimited rows and columns
  • Import size chart from CSV file
  • Enter the size chart description
  • Hide or show the table or content of a size chart
  • Preview to see how the size chart displays before publishing
  • You can add custom CSS


YITH Product Size Charts for WooCommerce

With YITH Product Size Charts for WooCommerce, you can designate more than one size chart for a single item. Besides, the plugin provides three ways to display the chart: tab, popup, and tabbed popup. The plugin also lets you personalize the popup button by selecting your preferred colors and styles.


YITH Product Size Charts for WooCommerce features.



  • Display product size charts to enhance the shopping experience for your customers
  • Provide a single product with more than one sizing chart
  • Change the popup buttons’ colors and styles as you choose
  • Create unlimited size charts
  • Choose the display mode you prefer: tab, popup, or tabbed popup
  • Edit colors and style for size charts
  • Enter text and media into the description of size charts
  • Use widgets to show your size charts


WooCommerce Product Size Guide

WooCommerce Product Size Guide provides various options to help you set up size charts in your WooCommerce store.


WooCommerce size variation plugin.


You can make your custom skins or apply the pre-designed ones that come with the plugin. The plugin has an easy table editor and makes it simple to set up lots of size guides.


  • Add size guides to your WooCommerce store with ease
  • Simple configuration options with no coding need
  • In-built skins and sample size guides to make getting started simple
  • Add a guide for multiple categories or just a single product
  • Create multiple tables in one size guide
  • Supports unlimited size guides
  • Mobile responsive



It’s not complicated to add a WooCommerce size chart to your site. You can keep customers coming back to your online store and make product sizing much simpler by including a product size guide.

With the help of the product size charts plugin for WooCommerce, you can meet the demands of your customers no matter what items you offer.





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