Best Paid & Free WooCommerce Store Locator Plugins – How To Add Store Locator To WooCommerce?

WooCommerce store locator plugins are helpful for companies with multiple physical locations. Beauty parlors, hotel and motel chains, gas stations, and other types of chain stores are examples of businesses that can use store locator plugin to their advantage.

These kinds of plugins often rely on Google Maps to display locations. Directions, geolocations, map views, and other Google Map features can help customers find your store locations in their area. The WooCommerce store locator plugins can also assist businesses that already offer directory services by providing information for their retail outlets’ physical locations.


Best Paid WooCommerce Store Locator Plugins

You could add a long list of addresses via the website page to show visitors where your store/s are located instead of using the store locator plugin. But that is not a very user-friendly option for people who want to find stores that are either located in specific sections of a city or want to find the store that’s closest to their home.

The best way to let customers know where they can buy your products and services is by using a good WooCommerce store locator plugin.


1. Store Finder for WooCommerce

Store Finder for WooCommerce lets your site visitors see the details for each of your physical locations, search for stores according to their specific needs, and locate the store nearest to them.

The plugin’s auto-geocode function will automatically display the store that’s closest to the individual consumer. It also has complete maps with directions and a very responsive and easy to understand interface.


Store Finder for WooCommerce plugin is accurate, user-friendly and highly responsive.


Store Finder uses Google Maps API V3 for WooCommerce to provide the most accurate and updated information. It’s a great resource for WooCommerce consumers who want to buy items at their local stores.

Customers can physically examine products before their purchase. It saves companies significant money on shipping and delivery costs and time while simultaneously increasing overall revenue and profit.

The “Find in Store” button will redirect site visitors to the store finder page. They will only see the local stores in their area that carry the particular items they are looking for.

Plugin features:

  • You can use shortcode to show Store Finder on any page of your website.
  • It can be used in any country around the world. Your WooCommerce clients can easily search for products and stores in any country across the globe where you have store locations.
  • Custom markers are available. Markers for store location and start location can be assigned. Markers are available in 6 colors.
  • Customers can get directions on the map to their local store. All they need to do is to select the “Find Directions” option. The route from their starting location to a specific store will then be displayed. Turn by turn directions will be shown underneath the map. Distance and the approximate time that it should take to complete the trip will also be displayed.
  • Filters and store categories can be used. Customers can use various filters to narrow search results. They can also look for stores with certain categories that are relevant to their needs.
  • The “Find in Store” button helps customers find items in their local store. This option will appear once the “Display Find in Store Button” feature is activated.
  • Map views are available. The longitude and latitude values of the maps for each of your stores can be controlled.
  • Store Finder for WooCommerce is mobile-friendly and works great on any mobile devices.


2. Store Locator

Store Locator plugin simplifies searches for products, events, and brick and mortar retail locations for customers. It will add a fully customizable WordPress store locator and map to your website.

You can add all of your store locations to the map. You can also edit the names and descriptions. The CSV upload option can be used to upload store information in bulk if you have multiple locations that you want to add at the same time. You can upload custom pins or use different pin colors for different store locations.


WordPress Store Locator plugin help customers find your stores, events, and products in a fully customizable map.


You can even add a convenient search bar and panel that will show all of your store locations on the left-hand side of the map. Site visitors will automatically see the stores that are closest to them right away.

You can use maps from either OpenStreetMap or Google Maps. Several map style selections can be implemented to match your WooCommerce store’s unique look and feel.

Plugin features:

  • The location panel lets site visitors move back and forth between site locations seamlessly.
  • You can use hybrid, road map, or satellite maps to highlight store locations.
  • A store locator can have a convenient search bar.
  • The store location that’s closest to the site visitor will appear automatically.
  • The store locator can use customized pins that you assign.
  • You can customize backgrounds, borders, fonts, and other design elements.
  • Text can be displayed in any language.
  • A store locator is optimized to work on any mobile device.


3. YITH Store Locator

YITH Store Locator plugin allows you to enable a store locator on your company site. Site visitors can then find your retail locations by getting real-time directions from their current point of origin.

There’s no limit to the number of stores that you can add. You can assign addresses, store descriptions, images, contact information, and operation hours for each location. You can decide which retail stores to highlight and the first two stores that will appear in users’ search results.


YITH Store Locator for WordPress allows your customers to easily reach your points of sale by getting directions in real time.


Filters can be added for the services you offer (such as free parking, garment collecting, toilet, home delivery, etc.). Filters can also be implemented for different products that are offered at each store location. This can help customers find the retail outlets that have just the items that they’re looking for.

Geolocation is one of the most important features. Activating this option allows site visitors who use the store locator to find your shops to receive customized data based on their current position. This can be accomplished without having to enter any information manually. A single click of the mouse will tell consumers where the store is located, the recommended route to that store, and how close it is to their position.

You can activate a modal window that will display the address, contact links, name, and directions to a specific store instantly. This information will appear on the map as soon as a person clicks on the store location or hovers over that store.


Using Woocommerce Store Finder plugin, users can get real-time directions based on their position.


Users will see search results in real-time whenever they enter a store name or address in the search bar. This will enhance the overall user experience and reduce the amount of time spent by site visitors looking for information on the website.

You get to determine the zoom level for maps and the map’s default position. You can also select how many of your stores will be shown in search results and the search radius.

Uploading custom pin icons and adding specific store details is easy. There’s an advanced control panel in the plugin that lets you customize all of this and other important sections to meet your customers’ needs.


4. WooCommerce Store Locator

This WooCommerce Store Locator plugin is a great way to show customers where they can find your products. WooCommerce Store Locator lets you create a directory of all of your retail stores. This directory will have the address, phone number, and website of each store location.

Each store’s address can be geocoded. This allows a pin to be placed on a map showing the precise location of each store. Site visitors can then use the map function and zoom, drag, and click to find the stores closest to them. This is much easier than figuring out where the nearest store is from a lengthy list of retail locations.


With WooCommerce product locator plugin, show customers the physical locations where your products are sold.


Geocoded information allows your customers to use a center point to conduct their own unique searches. WooCommerce Store Locator’s search page feature lets people start searches by entering a distance (or radius) and an address. The resulting map will automatically size itself to display all of your retail stores within the predetermined radius of the center point that the site visitor selected.

There’s also a CSV import option for business owners who simultaneously want to enter data for multiple store sites. Just use the format that’s supplied to bulk import store information via a CSV file. The importer will geocode each store’s address so that it will work with the address search function. It will also take care of adding the locations for each store.


5. WordPress Store Locator

The WordPress Store Locator plugin is a good resource for highlighting store locations. Uploading and creating store information is simple. You can even design your own store page that’s embedded with shortcode and start selling your products and services offline. The plugin is completely customizable. You get to decide what information you want to include and how those details will be presented.

WordPress Store Locator connects with Google Maps to convert visits to the website into foot traffic in the real world. It’s a handy tool for helping more clients find your retail stores.

WordPress Store Locator plugin allows site visitors to filter stores by opening hours, physical locations, and the available products at each store.


Best free and paid WordPress store locator plugins.


You can design or bring in hundreds of different maps thanks to the plugins connection with Google Maps Styling Wizard. Website administrators can decide what information site visitors see how information is loaded. They can also use custom pin icons for different types of stores.

Individual stores can be set up to appear on their own pages. This can improve local search engine optimization results for those stores. Customized contact forms and action links can also be used to help boost conversion rates.

Your site visitors can find the hours of operation for local stores after searching for stores using various product categories and location information. Clicking on action links will give them driving directions.


WordPress ultimate store locator plugin premium.


WordPress Store Locator is a little different than many other standalone WordPress Map plugins. What makes it stand out is that it can be set up so that your clients can directly contact individual stores. You can place static contact information for different stores on their pages. Site visitors can use specific store contact forms to interact with local stores.

You can convert more offline sales by adding a “find in store” button on single WooCommerce product pages. Store locators will open up in a modal view after this option has been selected. Preselected filters will be applied if you’ve already linked store categories and product categories.


6. Agile Store Locator (Google Maps) For WordPress

Agile Store Locator is a premium WordPress Google Maps plugin created to help consumers quickly find the best retail stores in their immediate area. It can be used for real estate listings, hotel listings, job listings, restaurant listings, deal listings, store listings, and much more.

It enables you to find the very best stores and their location, thanks to the power of Google Maps. The Google Maps API V3 is used to provide the most updated and accurate information for each inquiry that is made.


Agile Store Locator plugin features.


Agile Store Locator has its own custom dashboard. This dashboard shows all important store locator information, such as search count, markers, stores, and the total number of stores. Most viewed stores and locations are some of the top search results that will be shown.

Monthly bar charts will appear in the dashboards with data on the total location and store searches for that time period. Site admins can view charts to compare data from the current and previous months. There are different colors, layouts, and template options that can be easily integrated with your company site.

Agile Store Locator has different layout selections that can be added. The templates have an impressive amount of color palate options. You can easily convert back and forth from accordion or list layouts. The accordion layout will display city, county, and state/province hierarchies.


Best Free WooCommerce Store Finder Plugins

Online stores are very convenient as they require less overhead than traditional physical stores and let you offer your products and services to anyone anywhere in the world. However, there are always going to be customers that prefer shopping for items at brick-and-mortar stores.

Companies with physical store locations usually need a good store locator plugin that will show their customers where their retail stores are located in areas close to where they live.


1. WP Store Locator

WP Store Locator is an effective and efficient store location management tool. You can make custom labels for entry fields and change how the map looks.

Site visitors can use the specified radius to filter search results. They’ll receive driving directions for the closest store in the language that was set in the admin panel. You add a shortcode to the page where you want to display the store locator.

Plugin features:

  • You can control as many physical stores as you need.
  • You can include opening hours, URL, phone number, email address, store description, fax number, and other data for each store.
  • Custom map styles are fully supported.
  • There are nine different retina-ready marker icons to select from.
  • Driving directions to nearby stores can be displayed in either miles or kilometers.
  • Shortcodes can be added to any page of the site that will show a map with a single marker, addresses, individual opening hours, or other important information.
  • WP Store Locator is also compatible with qTranslate X, WPML (check WPML review), and other popular multilingual plugins.
  • Markers can be dragged in the editor to the precise location on the map.
  • Search results can be shown either under or right next to the specific map that’s being used.
  • Google Maps can be displayed in various languages. The language selected will affect the language for driving directions to that particular store.
  • Search radius values and maximum results that site visitors choose can be customized.
  • Users can opt to filter their search results by category, radius, or maximum results.
  • The Geolocation API can be used to find the site visitor’s present location and then show them stores in their area.


2. Agile Store Locator WordPress

Agile Store Locator is one of the best free WordPress Store Locator/Finder plugins available. It’s a complete tool that uses Google Maps V3 to give instant access to all local stores closest to the site visitor.


Best free store locator plugin for WordPress.


Category management lets you add as many stores as you want. Updated geolocation information about each store and the best stores in each area will be shown for each search. You can add a Store Locator on a page with an easy shortcut.


  • Category Management with Markers
  • Add custom fields
  • Set Time Format
  • Set Distance Unit KM/Miles
  • Sort by distance, id, title
  • Set priority stores
  • Geo button or Geo-Location button feature
  • Search Zoom, Click Zoom, and default Zoom
  • Display Hours by current day or week
  • Search via Google Place API or Google Geocoding API
  • Full-Width Store Locator
  • Open links in a new tab
  • Set your Map language
  • Logo Selection for each Store
  • Search Direction by Zip, City, State, Country
  • Restrict Search to a Country


How To Display Physical Store Locations On WooCommerce Site?

Customers frequently use Google Maps to get driving directions and find their favorite local stores. There are plenty of loyal, dedicated customers that visit company or store websites to obtain that information. They use companies’ store locator services to find the most current and accurate data.

There are different reasons why customers use store locators. They may want to find a particular location’s opening hours, see which stores offer specific products or services, or get a customer contact phone number. These are just some of the many purposes that online store locators are used for.

All e-Commerce sites know the importance of making important information easy to find. Customers need to be able to find exactly what they need right away. Providing fast access to all relevant store information is essential. This is important for both professional services and retail companies with physical locations.

A reliable WooCommerce Store Locator plugin can be a precious resource in these situations. WordPress store locator plugins are used to add a Google map with store locations. Each store location can quickly be added to that map. They also allow site owners to add a complete list of their physical stores to any post or page on their site and add a function that allows site visitors to search for local stores based on distance and store names, among other categories.

Check best WooCommerce plugins for more useful WooCommerce extensions to improve your store.

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