Best Plugins To Manage WooCommerce Images & Product Galleries

Using images on WooCommerce websites is a great way to make a lasting impression. Not only do images help us remember content better than words, but they also add life and energy to an otherwise dull page. Investing in visuals is a great move to make.

An image gallery is an amazing way to showcase a collection of images with a stunning visual impact. WordPress users can take advantage of plugins to easily create a beautiful and captivating image gallery with just a few clicks.

WordPress image gallery plugins make creating stunning visuals to showcase your work a breeze. From arranging photos and videos in unique patterns to adding audio files, you can customize your gallery however you’d like.

The only downside? The decision-making process can be overwhelming with so many plugins to choose from! CatFolders – WP Media Folders is always on my top list of WordPress media library plugins which can also play as an effective photo gallery to manage and streamline all WordPress uploaded files.

This blog will show you why CatFolders is one of the best WordPress media gallery plugins of your choice. And following are alternative plugins that may fit some of your certain management needs.


Why CatFolders Is The Optimal Solution For WooCommerce?

CatFolders lets you use folders to organize posts, pages, and WooCommerce custom post types such as WooCommerce products, WooCommerce coupons, and extra WooCommerce roles provided by other third-party plugins.


CatFolders plugin review.


When it comes to product management, CatFolders help you better manage WooCommerce variable product photos with a wide range of variation images.


Easy-To-Use with Drag-And-Drop Builder

Creating a beautiful photo or video gallery doesn’t need to be a daunting task – with CatFolders’ drag-and-drop builder, you can whip up a stunning WooCommerce gallery in no time without any complex coding or settings.

Plus, you can easily drop multiple files into the destination folder in one go and even easily select multiple folders in bulk.

Let’s explore four ways to simply categorize WordPress files with CatFolders in this video:


Manage Unlimited WordPress Files & Folders

You’ll be able to enjoy the freedom of creating an unlimited number of main folders and uploading unlimited files.

CatFolders is the perfect destination for any kind of content you want to upload to your WooCommerce store, whether it’s images, videos, or PDFs.


Viewing Mode Option

In list mode, you can easily sort your files in the selected folder by their name, author, date, and custom post type.


Sorting images in folder usinf CatFolders plugin.


CatFolders will revolutionize your work in your media library and page/post editor with its grid mode. No more searching through the media library to find that perfect file. You’ll be able to quickly locate and select the WooCommerce media files you need in no time.


Sorting WooCommerce product images in folders in WordPress admin.


CatFolders also offers a convenient collapsible folder sidebar, allowing you to conveniently hide the folder tree when you need the extra space.


Using CatFolders collapsible folder tree sidebar.


Enhance SEO Performance

With CatFolders, you can easily create virtual folders to keep your files in order. Moving files and folders around won’t disrupt the permalinks to the WooCommerce images in your content – so you can rest easy knowing your site will stay organized.


CatFolders plugin product images browser.


Having your WordPress images properly indexed can mean the difference between appearing on the first page of search engine results and being buried within the depths of the internet.

CatFolders make it easy to get your images indexed quickly and accurately. With just a few clicks, you can be sure that your images are optimized to the fullest, giving your WooCommerce website a boost in the rankings.


Import Categories From Other WP Media Folders Plugins

Migrating your existing folder structure from other plugins to CatFolders is a breeze, and it only takes a single click to keep all your familiar categories in our CatFolders format. With just a single click, you can import it all, maintaining the categorization, ordering, permalinks, and other metadata of your WooCommerce media files.


Migrating your existing folder structure from other plugins to CatFolders.


CatFolders platform supports folder to import from top-notch plugins like FileBird from NinjaTeam, Enhanced Media Library from wpUXsolutions, WordPress Media Library Folders from Max Foundry, WordPress Real Media Library from Devowl, WP Media Folder from, HappyFiles from Thomas Ehrig, and Folders from Premio.


Cost-Effective Pricing

You get three main pricing options.

  • One website (yearly) – $79
  • Three websites (yearly) – $99
  • Unlimited websites (yearly) – $199

If you decide to go with a lifetime option, then the pricing looks like the following:

  • One website (yearly) – $159
  • Three websites (yearly) – $295
  • Unlimited websites (yearly) – $699

So, as you can see, CatFolders comes in handy with affordable pricing plans. Although the price of CatFolders for a single site may seem steep, their range of licenses for multiple sites and unlimited sites offer great value and are worth exploring.


Advance Sort Options

Once you upgrade CatFolders, you’ll find that organizing your files is a breeze! You can sort them by file name, creation date, modification date, author, newest or oldest – whatever works best for you!


CatFolders sorting options.


Whether you want to keep everything in its place or just sort on the fly, there’s a sorting method to suit everyone’s needs.


Compatible With Third-party Themes & Page Builders

​​WP Media Folders is committed to delivering extra compatibility, so you can use it to build your website with any of these great builders: Gutenberg, Elementor, WPBakery, Visual Composer, Themify, Divi Builder by Elegant Themes, Thrive Architect, Beaver Builder, Oxygen, Cornerstone Page Builder, Tatsu Builder, Bricks – Visual Site Builder for WordPress, Brizy WordPress Builder, Fusion Page Builder, and more.


Alternative Options To Manage WooCommerce Images & Product Galleries

If CatFolders is not what you are looking for, here are some of the alternative options you can use to manage the WooCommerce image library.



FileBird is such a great fit for the WordPress backend interface that you’ll forget that you’re using a third-party plugin! Not only is it aesthetically pleasing in its contextual menu, but it also provides easy, seamless integration with the WooCommerce themes and WooCommerce single product page builder like WPBakery.


FileBird review pros and cons.


And, as if that wasn’t enough, it’s also capable of handling thousands of different types of media files, including audio, video, and image files.

Adding a touch of charm to your website is easy with your popular themes such as Divi builder, Avada, and Uncode.

With the powerful FileBird free edition, you can give your website a look and feel you want with no worries. And if you upgrade to FileBird Pro, you receive unlimited folders, unlimited file uploads, and 6 months of developer support – a great deal for any webmaster!

There is a free version of the plugin and a paid version of the plugin that costs $39.00. For more info, you can check FileBird review.


  • Export the contents of an entire media folder, including its subfolders and files, in a single ZIP archive.
  • Easily change the source folder of any file by placing it in the details section of the modal.
  • Able to easily expand and collapse the sidebar, giving you full control over all WordPress media library folders.
  • In addition to the hierarchical view, the tree view allows you to hide levels.
  • Drop or drag files into folders to upload or move them in bulk.
  • When the program starts, select a specific folder or a previously opened folder.


2. Media File Renamer

Having cryptic strings of characters as your media item names can make your WooCommerce media gallery navigation a bit confusing, especially for new contributors. This is where the Media File Renamer plugin comes in. This nifty tool will automatically rename your media files to make them more understandable and organized.


Media File Renamer plugin.


Media File Renamer will give each title a neat new name by removing any symbols or punctuation, adding dashes between words, and assigning this new name as its file name. No worries about broken media embed either, as all instances of these file names in your pages and posts will be updated automatically.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to rename multiple files in a snap, you’ll love the free version of the plugin! You can select to exclude specific WooCommerce files from the renaming process with filters, as well as individually. For an affordable $24 annually, you can upgrade to the pro version and gain access to extra features like numbering and more ways to automate your file naming.


Media Library Categories

The Media Library Categories plugin will bring a delightful touch to your WordPress media library, allowing you to easily browse through categories with the drop-down menu. Adding, changing, or removing categories from your media files can be done at the click of a button – either one at a time or in a batch.


Media Library Categories plugin.


The plugin also allows you to use the gallery shortcode to filter categories.


  • Provide direct access to category options and management in your media library.
  • Add, change, and remove categories from your media files directly from the WordPress media library.
  • Change the category of each media file individually or in bulk.
  • Support dedicated gallery shortcodes for filtering WooCommerce media items by category.


Envira Gallery

With its customizability, easy-to-use templates, and friendly user experience, Envira Gallery freemium plugin is the standout option amongst its hundreds of competitors. Perfect for both beginners and advanced WordPress site owners, the drag-and-drop system makes it incredibly simple to use.


Envira Gallery plugin.


Envira Gallery also comes with several free mobile-friendly templates and even more in paid plans, so you won’t have to start from scratch every time.

The free version, on the other hand, will only get you so far. With a subscription, you’ll get unlimited galleries, Dropbox imports, WooCommerce integration, organizational tools, video galleries, social sharing, watermarks, and password protection to prevent unauthorized sharing.

Most of the plugin’s advanced features are provided by add-ons: The more you pay, the more add-ons you can access.

Envira Gallery has a free version as well as a paid version with four tiers: Basic ($26 per year), Plus ($62 per year), Pro ($89 per year), and Lifetime ($269 one-time payment).


Final Verdict

CatFolders is an excellent WordPress media library plugin that allows users to organize and manage their WooCommerce media files. It is user-friendly, customizable, and offers a great selection of features.

Plus, its alternative plugins are perfect for those who have more specific needs. CatFolders is an excellent choice for those seeking an efficient and effective way to manage their WooCommerce product picture library.

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