Best Revolut WooCommerce Payment Gateway & Integration Tools

Most WooCommerce store owners can understand the frustrations associated with using some of the popular payment gateways to accept payments for your customer orders. Using Revolut WooCommerce integration, can save you on fees and make payments easier.

Getting new clients and managing your company is already difficult. Payment processing should be inexpensive and simple. Revolut allows you to accept payments and manage funds quickly.

Everything can be controlled from the same central location, and you can receive money via next-day settlements. You’ll keep more money from each transaction by using the Revolut WooCommerce payment gateway on your eCommerce store.

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Revolut WooCommerce Payment Gateway & Integration

It’s simple to set the Revolut gateway for your site. But Revolut also provides the following advantages:

  • Using Revolut Business to accept payments lets you receive up to £100,000/month without fees (or currency equivalent). The limit can vary according to region and plan.
  • Settlements are placed in your Revolut Business account the next day. You can get your money quicker.
  • More than 14 international currencies can be used for charging clients. All of this can be done without any additional charges or fees.


1. Revolut Gateway for WooCommerce

The Revolut Gateway for WooCommerce plugin allows you to integrate Revolut with WooCommerce to accept card payments online. It is an official Revolut WordPress plugin. It gives you a simple, stress-free process that gives you more time to concentrate on running your business.


Revolut gateway for WooCommerce free plugin.


Once you’ve set Revolut Business account, you can sign up for a Revolut Merchant account. After the Revolut team approves your application, you can set up and install the plugin.

Merchant accounts aren’t available to all clients by default at this time. Find out if the plugin is currently supported in your country before considering it as an option.


2. Integromat Revolut WooCommerce Integration

Integromat is one of the best online automation platforms available today. It can automate a lot of tasks that are still being performed by hand in many instances. It can transfer and transform data as well as integrate applications.

Integromat works 24/7. Integromat will get the job done automatically after you set it up. It doesn’t require your intervention.


Revolut WordPress integration plugin.


Integromat also offers Revolut Business WooCommerce integration. You need a Revolut for a Business account so that you can connect with Integromat.

Revolut’s business module allows you to retrieve or list account details, add, retrieve, or delete counterparties, and create, retrieve, or delete payment drafts in your business account. You can also create, delete or find counterparties and show or find account information.


3. Zapier Revolut Business + WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce and Zapier Revolut Business integration can be made quickly and easily. The integration can be performed without having to enter any code.


WooCommerce Revolut business integration.


Information will be sent automatically back and forth between WooCommerce and your Revolut Business account. It’s a straightforward connection that doesn’t require any coding knowledge or experience.

It works like this:

  1. Start by validating Revolut Business + WooCommerce connection.
  2. Choose your trigger app. This app will begin the automation process.
  3. Choose a resulting action from the other app.
  4. Choose the data that you want to be sent between the apps.


4. Appy Pie Revolut WooCommerce Integration

Appy Pie Connect can be used to integrate Revolut with 100 different applications. No coding is required. You can also automate workflows across Revolut and WooCommerce.


Connect Revolut with WooCommerce.


It works like this:

  1. You pick WooCommerce as your trigger app by going into the Triggers list and selecting the “Trigger” option.
  2. Use Appy Pie Connect to verify WooCommerce.
  3. Then choose Revolut as your trigger application.
  4. Now you can select the action that you want for the selected trigger.
  5. Use Appy Pie Connect again, this time to validate Revolut.


Revolut WordPress Integration Conclusion

Revenue and sales are some of the most important aspects of any business. Proper payment methods are essential to online sales success. If your payment processes are too cumbersome or complicated, it increases consumers’ likelihood of abandoning their online shopping carts and moving on to a competitor’s site (check how to reduce cart abandonment).

WooCommerce is a convenient WordPress e-commerce open-source tool. The plugin was created for small to medium-sized companies that are already using WordPress.

Revolut is a multi-currency account. It has an Open API and prepaid business debit cards. Revolut for Business lets organizations send and receive funds at the best available exchange rates. It makes good business sense to connect Revolut with WooCommerce.

I have mentioned several ways to integrate Revolut with WooCommerce. I recommend going with the free Revolut for WooCommerce plugin.

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