9 Best WooCommerce Checkout Manager Plugins Free & Pro

Default checkout pages provided by WooCommerce are not always the best fit for every online store owner’s needs. Some companies may want to customize the checkout page and using WooCommerce checkout manager plugin is a best way accomplish that.

The primary goal of all eCommerce websites is to have customers complete their purchases. An effective checkout page can improve conversion rates and increase overall sales.

Sometimes you need more information from customers. Details about their order, shipping, or the customer don’t have proper fit in the current WooCommerce default fields on the checkout page.

Adding new fields with the appropriate labels and field types can resolve this issue so that clients can provide you with the required information. WooCommerce checkout field editor plugin allows you to add custom fields to your website’s checkout page. You can easily control and change these fields at any time.


Best Paid WooCommerce Checkout Manager Plugins

There are a lot of great WooCommerce checkout manager plugins available. But you need to find one that fits your needs and that follows UX best practices.

I’ve created a list of some of the best free and paid checkout manager plugins to make things easier for you when choosing.


YITH WooCommerce Checkout Manager

YITH WooCommerce Checkout Manager plugin simplifies changes such as adding or removing date pickers, select and radio buttons, checkboxes, and text fields. You can also manage error messages and change their disposition and select different styles for data insertion fields.


YITH Checkout Manager for WooCommerce plugin.
Choose colors, labels and the tooltip you wish to display for the checkout fields.


You can make your checkout page more intuitive by changing the graphics for each field and inserting tooltips and labels to the fields so that it is easier for your users to understand what each field represents.

Standard billing, shipping, and additional notes fields can be customized. You can determine whether this information should be sorted in two columns (which is the standard default WooCommerce selection) or if you want everything in a single column.

JavaScript Field Validation lets you check the information that customers enter in your checkout forms in real-time. You can validate the information and ensure that data has been entered correctly so that they don’t encounter any errors that would prevent them from proceeding to payment.


WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor and Manager

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor and Manager plugin helps you manage WooCommerce checkout fields. It has a handy drag and drop form builder that simplifies any changes made to checkout fields. You can also hide or edit default WooCommerce checkout fields.


Best WooCommerce checkout field editor plugin.
Plugin comes with a drop-down form builder. Adding new fields and re-positioning the existing fields is easy.


The plugins backend drag and drop form builder is very user-friendly. You can reposition current fields and add new fields without spending a lot of time or effort.

Once you’ve clicked on a particular field that you want to edit, you will see the editing choices for that field on the right-hand side of the window. You will see Advanced, Conditional, and General option tabs.


How to customize WooCommerce checkout fields?
Show or hide some fields & sections based on the products & categories added to cart, user role, cart subtotal & cart total.


Conditional logic can display or hide specific fields based on either a group of conditions or an individual condition. The fields and sections that can be hidden or shown can depend on the user role, the items and categories added to the shopping cart, the cart total, and cart subtotals. There is also a free version of the plugin available.


StoreApps Cashier

Cashier is an all-in-one checkout optimization plugin. It provides checkout field editor, one-page checkout, direct checkout, one-click checkout, buy now buttons, side cart, upsells, cross-sells, frequently bought together, cart notices, cost of goods sold and many other enhancements to optimize cart, checkout, boost sales and get happier customers.


Cashier review WooCommerce direct checkout plugin.


How a cashier (person) juggles with multiple things at point-of-sale (POS) terminals in offline stores (review cart items, show offers to customers, accept payment, and others), that is how the Cashier plugin does a similar job but for online WooCommerce stores. For more info, check Cashier review.


Checkout Field Editor

You can use the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor plugin to add, remove and edit WooCommerce checkout page fields. Different fields can be added or removed from the shipping and billing sections.

Custom fields such as datepickers, checkboxes, text, and select fields are supported. Core fields can even be moved around as you see fit. You can control all of this without having to touch or edit a single line of code.


Checkout Field Editor and Manager for WooCommerce

Checkout Field Editor and Manager for WooCommerce plugin allows you to add 17+ different custom fields to your checkout page.

It helps to capture additional information from the customers during the checkout process. Add, edit, modify, rearrange the custom checkout fields on the Billing, Shipping, Order, and Custom sections of your WooCommerce platform

Automatic field validation feature is available. This brings the checkout section a user-friendly interface and easy to manage details of customers.


Checkout Field Editor and Manager for WooCommerce.


Plugin works seamlessly with the majority WooCommerce compatible themes, meaning you have countless options to choose from when jazzing up your store and marketing your products to customers.

This plugin is compatible with the popular WordPress Multilingual (WPML) plugin and lets you translate website content into different languages.

Field orders can be changed with simple drag & drop options. This makes the plugin easier to use. No need to code & debug and don’t suck your time in this process.


  • Rearrange, add, and edit Checkout fields
  • Automatic field validation
  • File upload feature is available
  • Modify the default fields
  • Section positioning
  • 17+ Field types
  • Create and place the custom section on the Checkout page
  • UI is user friendly
  • Date, Time, and Color picker features
  • Checkbox and Radio groups help to capture more info
  • Also can add additional CSS classes
  • Lightweight and easy-to-use

Checkout Field Editor and manager is a Freemium plugin. You can enjoy the basic features with the free version and if like to have more features, then you can buy the pro version.


Flux Checkout for WooCommerce

The checkout process is one of the most important parts of an online store. It’s the moment when a customer decides whether to continue browsing or move on to the purchase process. The right checkout experience can increase sales and maximize conversion. That’s why you need a checkout plugin that works well on both desktop and mobile devices.


Flux Checkout for WooCommerce.


Using the Flux checkout plugin for WooCommerce, you can increase your conversions and reduce abandoned carts by providing a mobile-friendly checkout experience that’s easy to navigate and complete.

The plugin integrates seamlessly with your WooCommerce store, so you can start getting immediate benefits without any additional work. Best of all, the plugin is fully customizable, so you can adjust the design and wording to match your brand and offer the ideal experience for your visitors.


Best Free WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Plugins

The WooCommerce field editor plugin that you select should be based on the features that you need. The right plugin can enhance the overall user experience any time that new or existing customer shops at your store. Take a closer look at each plugin’s features and functionality before choosing the one that’s right for you.


Checkout Manager for WooCommerce

Checkout Manager for WooCommerce is a great resource for improving conversion rates and overall sales, revenue, and profit. It can add, edit, customize or delete various checkout page fields.

You can use the plugin to make changes to the core fields of the shipping and billing sections. You can also add new values for class, default, name, placeholder, and other fields.


How to edit billing and shipping fields in WooCommerce?


You can minimize the checkout form by getting rid of unnecessary or redundant fields. Specific user roles, product categories, and product fields can also be deactivated.

If you use the upload file type option, you can allow customers to upload any file type during the purchase process. Uploaded files can be shown to the user if you enable that option. There’s also a pro version of the plugin.


  • It can assist with field highlighting, renaming, or reordering.
  • Shipping and billing fields in the checkout process can be extended or hidden.
  • Remove toggle checkbox to display shipping fields.
  • You can activate or deactivate the option that allows users to create their account during checkout.
  • Add custom messages that will be displayed before checkout.
  • Remove order note from checkout form.
  • Allow upload files option on the checkout page.
  • Create conditional fields, add, edit, delete, and customize the checkout page.
  • The pro version has additional features such as the ability to sort and filter admin list orders and the option to collect additional fees from customers at checkout.


Checkout Field Editor (Checkout Manager) for WooCommerce

You can use WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor to add fields in the Additional, Shipping, and Billing sections of your site’s checkout page. Custom field types have fields for entering numbers, text, and other forms of single-entry data.

There are also fields that provide different choices, such as radio, select and check box fields. Time picker and date fields have a pull-down display with a time range and a calendar.


ThemeHigh Checkout Filed Editor review.


Custom sections can also be added to your WooCommerce Checkout Form. These sections can be shown in fourteen different positions on the form. You can go into the Account Details tab in the “My Account” section to see all sections that can be created using the plugin.

The plugin lets you show custom and default fields in your checkout forms based on various conditions. They can include product specifications, user roles, cart price, content, and other checkout field-related conditions that you assign.


Best free WooCommerce checkout field editor plugin.


You can also add a field with a price to the checkout field that adds price value to each order’s total price. You can use hidden field types to integrate predetermined fixed prices into your checkout forms.

Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce also has a premium version with additional features.

Free version features:

  • The ability to add or remove one or more custom fields in shipping, billing, and other sections.
  • Custom and core fields can be altered at any time.
  • Provide new values for Placeholder, Type, and Name fields.
  • Seven different field types can be used: Email, Input Text, Password, Phone, Radio, Select, and Text Area.
  • Certain fields can be shown on the order details page.
  • You can easily alter the order of fields on the checkout page.

Premium version features:

  • There are more than 17 different field types to choose from, including Checkbox, Select, Hidden, etc.
  • You can set the conditional display of fields according to the shopping cart value and the values listed in other important fields.
  • Custom validation rules can be defined.
  • You can add a price inclusion field that will integrate any additional costs to the overall value of items in a consumer’s shopping cart.
  • New sections of the checkout page can be added at predetermined positions.
  • You can change or remove custom section positions and labels whenever you want.


Flexible Checkout Fields for WooCommerce

The Flexible Checkout Fields WooCommerce plugin is an impressive plugin that allows you to customize your site’s checkout page per your needs. It can be used to add, remove or edit different fields.

Any of the current fields on your checkout page can also be changed. You can add new fields at any time to provide a better overall experience for your customers.


WooCommerce Flexible Checkout Fields.
Edit, add new or hide unnecessary fields from the checkout form.


You can add new custom fields and rearrange built-in WooCommerce fields. These options can be mixed and matched in any way that you prefer. You can also reorganize custom fields that were created using other third-party plugins. The plugin comes in a free and pro version.

Free version features:

  • Easy to use drag and drop editor.
  • Easy to edit labels and placeholders.
  • You can hide checkout fields.
  • Fields can also be shown on user account pages, thank you pages, and other sections of your site.
  • You get to decide which fields are optional and which fields are mandatory.
  • Custom CSS class can be used to style checkout fields.
  • The translation is easier because the plugin supports Polylang and WPML plugin.

Pro version features:

  • Custom fields can be inserted into various portions of your checkout pages.
  • You can enable conditional logic based on specific values in different fields, based on items in a customer shopping cart, based on product categories, and the shipping method.



The PeachPay plugin allows you to supercharge your checkout in minutes. No hidden fees. No sign-ups. Just a simple, sleek window checkout with various payment options available.

PeachPay checkout manager.

You can use PeachPay to fully customize most aspects of the checkout experience from the checkout button (width, text, color, corners, shine) to the window (coupon/discount fields, additional fields, upsell/cross-sell, product images).

Additionally, PeachPay allows you to choose from 22 language options during checkout, option for leaving order notes, product recommendations, and testing mode.

Perhaps the best part? PeachPay remembers your users, so they have access to one-click checkout the next time they buy from your store. In fact, anyone who has used PeachPay before has access to one-click checkout, no matter which store they used it on the first time. For more info, check PeachPay review.



The ability to effectively manage different sections of your checkout page can help personalize your new and repeat customers’ shopping experience.

There are many benefits to having a checkout manager or checkout field editor plugin installed.  The proper plugin allows store owners to customize sections in accordance with their own branding.

The advantages of using a WooCommerce checkout manager go beyond just the visual aspects. Updating and improving the checkout process can lead to fewer cart abandonment instances. You can simplify things for site visitors who may have otherwise viewed your checkout process as too difficult or time-consuming.

You can even use WooCommerce checkout location picker plugin to get the actual customer address position from Google Maps.

Or you can add WooCommerce custom tabs and WooCommerce cart messages. You can use them provide more info to visitors, encourage customers to buy related items, spend more to qualify for free shipping or promote new products.

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