Best WooCommerce Follow Up Emails Plugins Free & Premium

Building long term customer relationships is essential. Following up with clients after a sale and regular engagement with them helps to establish connections. It’s a personal touch that many other companies don’t offer. This is why it is important to send WooCommerce follow up emails.

Sending a personalized follow-up email after a transaction or inquiry is an excellent way to start those kinds of relationships. It shows that you care. It tells your clients that you value their business and want to ensure that they are satisfied with your products and services.

Here are a few common ways in which follow up emails are used:

  • When a customer makes a purchase online, you can send them an order confirmation email that includes a coupon to be used for their next order.
  • When a customer logs into their account for the first time, you can send them a welcome email.
  • If a customer abandons a shopping cart (see how to reduce shopping cart abandonment), you can send them an email reminder to make sure that they haven’t forgotten about the order.

Your WooCommerce store will undoubtedly come across mentioned scenarios. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a plugin that allows you to send follow up emails easily.


Best WooCommerce Follow Up Emails Plugins

The following is a comprehensive list of the most frequently used WooComerce follow up email plugins. You can use mentioned plugins to create, schedule, and send follow up emails for your customers.

NOTE: If you are interested how you can customize your WooCommerce deafault and follow-up emails, then be sure to check YayMail review, and best WooCommerce email customizer plugins.


1. Follow-Ups WooCommerce – PAID $99

Follow-Ups is a great tool for creating follow up emails for your clients. It can help build your customer base. Each purchase provides opportunities for upsells and future orders. This plugin helps you achieve those goals easily.

You can design your own fully customizable follow-up email templates from the default post editor. Several free templates are included with the plugin. Each template is fully responsive and looks great on any device.


Follow-Ups WooCommerce review


The plugin also allows you to combine multiple tweets, emails, etc. in the marketing campaign. Everything will run automatically once you’ve set the parameters.

The plugin integrates with Google Analytics, and it also has its own impressive performance analytic metrics that let you know the click rates, open rates, and send rates of your emails. The single site license of Follow-Ups is available for $99.


  • The ability to run an automated drip campaign
  • Various email templates to choose from
  • The ability to schedule follow up emails on certain days or events
  • Integration with Google Analytics and WooCommerce Subscriptions is fully supported
  • You can create custom emails easily using the WordPress Editor


2. Retainful FREE

What do you do if a customer abandons an order in their online shopping cart? Do you ignore it, or do you try to regain that sale by sending a follow-up email? An estimated 70% of potential sales are sitting in abandoned shopping carts.

Retainful is a powerful WordPress plugin that can help you recover that lost revenue. The best part is that this is a free plugin. It can be used to schedule follow up emails to your clients on a timed basis automatically.


woocommerce follow up emails free


A unique recovery link is sent with all cart abandonment emails. Customers can use that link to recover their order and complete their purchases.


  • You can send an unlimited amount of cart recovery emails
  • Follow up emails can be automated to be sent automatically whenever a shopping cart order is abandoned
  • Each follow up email includes a unique recovery link so that customer can continue where they left off
  • When the shopping cart is recovered, the plugin will automatically stop sending follow up emails
  • The plugin is available free of charge

The plugin can also be used to help drive more business to your online store. You can create and send discount codes (see how to create WooCommerce coupon code) that can be used for a customer’s next purchase.

These offers help to build customer loyalty and motivate them to become repeat customers. This incentive can also help you achieve your goal of 100% customer retention.


3. SIP Advanced Email Rules for WooCommercePAID $29

While WooCommerce’s default email settings are good, they are often too basic for most online store owners.

SIP Advanced Email Rules for WooCommerce adds custom email rules to your WooCommerce online store. You can send follow up emails based on certain factors such as the total order amount, tax, quantity, product category, weight, location, shipping, etc. The plugin will activate whatever rules you set automatically.


woocommerce order follow up emails


You can also use the regular post editor to create follow up emails. You can select different email styles and formats before your emails are sent. There are also custom shortcodes that can be used to add the customer’s name, order number, shop name, URL, order details, coupon codes, and more.

A single site license for this plugin is $29. This plugin can also be used for product rating reminders, up-sells and cross-sells (see how to up-sell products in WooCommerce), store notices, reminders for reordering, and other kinds of follow up notifications.

SIP Advanced Email Rules offers the following convenient features:

  • The ability to send product review reminders
  • The ability to send coupon codes to customers who order specific kinds of products
  • You can send follow up emails to customers who have chosen a particular delivery method
  • You can send follow up emails to customers who have chosen a specific way of payment
  • You can send emails with order tracking information (check best WooCommerce shipment tracking plugins) to your customers
  • Send follow up emails to your newsletter subscribers
  • The ability to send product information to your customers in different languages


4. WooCommerce Custom Emails – PAID $39

This premium plugin developed by RightPress allows you to send follow up emails to customers. You can customize emails according to your needs.


woocommerce follow up emails abandoned cart


Some of the plugins’ features include:

  • You can send emails on a certain date or certain number of dates
  • Send emails right away or schedule them to be sent later
  • Create your own customized transactional emails
  • Send emails to shop managers, customers or both at the same time
  • The handy Email Log keeps track of all plugin events
  • Create specific triggers that will automatically generate custom emails
  • You can also set conditions for each trigger that you create


5. AutomateWoo – PAID $99

Automate Woo lets you create Workflows. Each Workflow consists of various combinations of Triggers, Rules, and Actions.

Triggers specify situations when the workflow will run. For example, an action could be triggered after a customer completes an order.

Rules allow you to define more advanced logic for your workflows so that they are only triggered under certain conditions. For instance, a rule could be set to trigger a workflow for only orders that are over $100.


WooCommerce Email Follow Up plugin


Actions are what happens once a particular workflow is triggered. There are a lot of customizable actions that you can create with AutomateWoo, such as changing an order’s status, sending emails, or defining custom functions if you’re a developer.

After you’ve created your Workflow, you can set it to run at any time. It can run immediately after a specified period, a certain hour of the day or on a specific day of the week.

Automate Woo features:

  • Abandoned Cart – You can send emails at specified intervals to remind customers who’ve left items in their online shopping cart.
  • Automatic VIP – You can give your customers the VIP treatment based on specific spending requirements over specified intervals of time.
  • Birthday Emails – You can use the Automate Birthdays Add-On (which is a separate purchase) to send your customers a birthday email and coupon offer.
  • Card Expiry Notifications – You can remind customers that their saved credit or debit card is about to expire. This can lower churn and reduce the number of failed payments when selling subscriptions.
  • Follow Up Emails – You can set up emails to go out to customers automatically after their orders have been placed. These emails can offer a survey or related products that might interest them.
  • Personalized Coupons –  You can create personalized coupons based on customers’ order history to increase purchase rates.
  • Refer A Friend – You can use the Automate Woo Refer A Friend Add-On (another separate purchase) to improve word of mouth sales.
  • Review Rewards – You can offer your customers discounts for posting reviews of products that they’ve purchased from you. You can set discount limits based on the review rating is given, and the number of reviews a customer posts.
  • SMS Notifications – You can use a variety of different triggers to send notifications via SMS to your admins or customers.
  • Subscriptions Automation – Action various WooCommerce Subscription events, including renewal reminders, changes in status, and failed payments.
  • Win Back Inactive Customers – Send recommendations and special offers to inactive customers through targeted email marketing campaigns
  • Wishlist Marketing – You can send reminder emails on set intervals whenever a particular item in a customer’s wishlist is on sale. You can connect WooCommerce Wishlists using this feature.


WooCommerce Email Follow-Up Plugin Conclusion

Recent research by RaptMedia found that 63% of consumers would think more favorably of brands that supply them with content that’s more relevant, interesting, or valuable.

It can be tough for companies to send relevant emails to their customers. There’s no guarantee that each customer on your list will find a particular email be relevant to them.

The follow-up emails are the type of email that is much more relevant to customers. Follow up emails are sent whenever a customer has interacted with you or participated in a particular kind of action on your website.

Follow-ups should be done even if a customer didn’t make a purchase or complete an order. It is said that 40% of revenue in the United States is from repeat or returning buyers.

Costs involved in finding new customers are far more than those spent on selling to your existing clientele. Email marketing has been proven to be eight times more effective than social media in terms of creating more sales.

Having a good WooCommerce follow up email plugin is a valuable resource for growing your revenue by selling to your current customers. The plugin can be used to create effective marketing strategies.

You can follow up with clients even after every sale and provide discounts and additional incentives to strengthen brand awareness and customer loyalty.

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