7 Best WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together Plugins Free & Paid

E-commerce store sales data show that sales conversions increase when effective sales strategies are implemented. One tactic that has often yielded great results is suggesting certain products that typically go together. For this purpose, it is best to utilize WooCommerce Frequently Bought together plugin.

Having the right cross-selling strategies can significantly impact your sales. Showing “frequently bought together” items generates interest and appeal. Some of your customers may already be interested in one or more of these items. It also helps to improve sales conversions, revenue, and overall profit.

Properly prepared proposals with direct offers are an advantage for online store owners and their customers. Targeted, effective advertising can save store owners time and simplify things for customers.


What Are The Benefits Of Showing Product Recommendations?

Having the right product suggestions makes decisions easy for customers. It can also increase conversion rates. The goal is to show the benefits and the value of those products to your site visitors.

Here’s what displaying product recommendations can do:

  1. Convert non-potential leads – Many times, casual browsers end up buying more items when they see recommended products. These offers are especially intriguing if the deals are being offered at a reasonable price.
  2. Time saver –  Showing related items saves consumers time because they don’t have to search for those products individually.
  3. More sales – Related product purchases increase your overall sales. It also depletes your existing inventory faster and raises the average order value.
  4. Improve sales for slower-selling items – Slow selling items can be pitched with more popular products. Consumers will go for these items if they think they’re getting a good deal.
  5. SEO benefits – Displaying recommended products can persuade people to stay on your website for a longer period. While they’re on your site, they’ll see more items and reduce your bounce rate. If customers don’t feel like buying right away, they may return later for other deals, bringing more organic traffic.


WooCommerce integrated upsells and cross-sells feature is rather similar to the products similarly bought together marketing method.

Upsells are items that you recommend instead of the products that the customer is currently reviewing. This is done to encourage the consumer to purchase a more profitable product. Upsells are usually advertised with a “you may also like” or similar tagline under the tabs and main content of product pages.

For WooCommerce product bundling using upsells, you can check my UpStroke review and Custom Product Bundles for WooCommerce.

Cross-sells are items that complement the products a consumer already has in their online shopping cart. Complementary products are only shown on the shopping cart page. They don’t appear on specific product pages like frequently bought together products do.


WooCommerce product bundles example.
Example of frequently bought together option.


Cross-sells and upsells are frequently used to increase interest, awareness, and sales. Frequently bought together is a better approach because you can recommend specific products based on each customer’s interests. These items can be placed in the ideal location to influence a buying decision.

Related products are ussually placed on product pages at the bottom showing similar or related products to product you are currently looking at.


Best Paid WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together Plugins

Displaying products that are frequently bought together with items that your customers are currently watching is a good way to increase sales. You’re using the social proof strategy to encourage customers to purchase additional items that are typically bought by other customers and simultaneously raise the average value of each order in the process.

The WooCommerce purchased together plugin can be used to show related items that your customers may be interested in to improve sales conversions.


1. Frequently Bought Together

One of the best ways to improve revenues and profit is by recommending products related to the customer’s intended purchase. Customers who buy cell phones probably need earphones and a case to go along with the phone.

Take advantage of the opportunities to upsell whenever possible. You can showcase selected accessories on the product page for the phone and even offer discounts or a special promotional price if customers take it as a bundle.


Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce plugin features.


Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce plugin lets you offer product bundles and related products to customers. It’s an impressive tool that can be completely customized.

An “upsell product bundles” section will automatically be displayed on product pages after you’ve installed the plugin and created few special offers. Customers can purchase those bundles immediately. If a particular item is included in several different bundles, the choices can be shown in either a carousel or a list.



  • It can be used with both variable and simple product types.
  • You can create bulk upsells for all items in a particular product category.
  • The widget display on the product page can be customized. You can change titles, UI styles, position, etc.
  • Create special offers with two, three, or more products.
  • One product can have multiple special offers at the same time.
  • Manage all bundles from one page.
  • Bundles can be given either a flat rate discount for the entire bundle or a percentage discount for each item in that bundle.
  • Bundles can be enabled or disabled at any time without entirely removing them from product inventory.


2. YITH WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together

YITH Frequently Bought Together plugin can encourage customers to add accessories and related items to their cart during checkout. You get to decide if you want to feature certain products, cross-sells, or upsells, or highlight related items automatically as part of your sales strategy.

You can choose how many items you want to showcase as “frequently bought together” for each product. For instance, let’s say that you selected 10 items to recommend to your customers. You can show these items at once or introduce new items each time to arouse their interest whenever they visit a website.


YITH WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together plugin features.


Custom layout settings can be implemented to ensure that the plugin works well with your website theme layout. The plugin allows you to customize the text in the “Add to Cart” button, section title, and other relevant sections.

You can alter the “Frequently Bought Together” box position on the product page to change the level of visibility of items as you see fit. Recommended products can be placed on the bottom of the page, underneath the particular product tabs, or below the “Add to Cart” button. You can have even more versatility by using a built-in shortcode to determine the best possible page position.


WooCommerce customers also bought plugin free.


After the up-sell items have been chosen, you can create a discount to encourage customers to purchase the suggested items altogether in the same order. The discount can be either a percentage or a flat rate.

You’ll have a list that will display all of the linked products. You can then use this information to evaluate and remove certain products from the list without going into the individual product pages. There’s also a free version of the YITH WooCommercee Frequently Bought Together plugin.


3. Store Apps Frequently Bought Together

The Store Apps Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce plugin can automatically show related products to customers. These recommended items can help influence their buying decisions.

The plugin works like an automatic cross-sell. It looks at a customer’s previous orders to recommend frequently bought together items.


WooCommerce purchased together plugin.


You can also manually assign frequently bought together items if you want. The bottom of the single product description page is where you’ll find the suggested frequently bought together items.

Having too many options can detract from the overall shopping experience, so this plugin will only allow you to show up to two recommended products. This lets customers choose the best possible options for their needs without getting distracted or overwhelmed by product choices.


Best free frequently bought together plugins for WooCommerce.


Any bundled item or product variant can be listed as a frequently bought together product. If there aren’t any images for product variations, you can always set a parent image for certain products.

Your customers can select or deselect the suggested frequently bought together items at any time. If they choose all recommended items, all of those products will be added to their cart at once without having to be added on an individual basis.


4. Mighty Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce

There is no doubt that an effective marketing strategy yields fruitful results. The customer’s experience has always been the priority for any website or store owner.

One of the tactics that have been really helpful in the field of sales is the right kind of product recommendations to the customer. Not just it helps the customer by saving time and money but it also increases the sales conversions and the revenue for your business.

And the Mighty Frequently Bought Together plugin is the answer for the type of product recommendations you are looking for.


MightyThemes Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce.


It comes both in free and premium versions. Although you can always use the free version of the FBT plugin but for greater results, we highly recommend you to go with its pro version.  Let see brief features of both free and premium versions.

The free version of the mighty FBT plugin comes with a limited set of following features:

  • You can customize the FBT products section. It includes box title, box position (below product summary/ product tabs), button color/text and button hover color/text.
  • A single layout is available.
  • In product recommendations, you can either display related or no products.

However, take all the leverage you can with its pro version. Following are the features you will be having once you go pro:

  • Make great product recommendations using upsell, cross-sell, related, or customized products.
  • Choose a number of products you want to display.
  • Customize the FBT box section completely including box position, image size, pricing for single/multiple items, labeling for single/multiple items apart from button color/text.
  • Create a linked products list and edit them in a single place.
  • Grab customer’s attention by setting profitable discounts.
  • Multiple layouts are available.
  • Check/Uncheck the FBT products on the product’s page.

We are sure you are going the right way by choosing the Mighty Frequently Bought Together Woocommerce plugin. Know more about Mighty Frequently Bought Together plugin.


5. WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together

weLaunch Frequently Bought Together WooCommerce plugin can help drive sales by automatically displaying suggested “frequently bought together” cross-sell items. Whenever customers add products to their shopping cart, bought together items are assigned automatically.


Display related products in WooCommerce product pages.


Online store managers and site admins can go into their backend to check statistics about each product in their WooCommerce online store. They can use this data to quickly see which items have cart, order, or manual bought together statuses assigned to them.

Bought together items will appear in more locations than just the individual WooCommerce product pages. The shopping cart page will also show cross-sells once the matching items have been added to the customer’s order. There the user can add one or all of the suggested additional products.

Bought together items will be either automatically or manually assigned. These items will be shown on individual WooCommerce shopping cart or product pages. You get to determine how and where these items will be displayed. You can opt to list 3 or more products, display or hide the “add selected to cart” button, have a slider, etc.


6. Checkout Upsell for WooCommerce

Checkout Upsell for WooCommerce lets you combine products and recommend them as Frequently Bought Together Items. You can manually create your own recommendations or let the plugin use its data to create automatically.


Checkout Upsell for WooCommerce.


The plugin lets you display Checkout Upsells, Cart Upsells, Frequently Bought Together Recommendations, Double the Order offers, Post Purchase Upsell, Thank You Page Upsell, and Next Order coupons.

With this marketing strategy, your customers can explore more products and eventually purchase them. As a result, the average order value of every customer’s purchase increases, leading to more revenue.

You can show your customers one or as many recommendations as you want on the product page. Your customers just have to click the “Add all three to Cart” button to add the offer in a single Click.


  • Use Related, Cross-sell, or Upsell Products for recommendation.
  • Create your own custom products for Recommendations.
  • Set Discount only for the Upsell Products or all the products.
  • Display Recommendations for all the products or only for specific products or categories.
  • Use Ready-made Template to create suggestions.
  • Decide the right Display Position to grab the customer’s attention.
  • Schedule the campaign and create urgency.
  • Set Priority for the Upsell Campaigns to be displayed.
  • Use A/B Testing to create successful campaigns.
  • Track the campaign with Reports and Analytics.


Best Free WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together Plugins

Many times customers are looking for additional items to improve functionality or extend features of a certain product. For instance, people who buy cell phones also tend to buy tampered glass protection or phone chargers at the same time. Why not offer these complimentary items along with the main featured product?


WPC Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce

WPC Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce is an impressive plugin that uses the cross-selling strategy to help companies and online store owners raise revenue and profit. The bottom portion of single product description pages is where suggested items are found. You can use this plugin to combine all related products and offer them all together at a great value.


WPC Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce plugin features.



  • Ajax advanced searches can be conducted by sentence or phrase, exact title, or SKU.
  • You can set either a flat amount or a specific percentage for a discount.
  • All you need to do to rearrange product order is to drag and drop items.
  • The “check all items by default” option can be activated or deactivated at any time.
  • Product list positions can also be changed.
  • You can select the WPC Variations Radio Buttons or the default selector interface.
  • Product prices, images, and visibility can be altered.
  • Before and after text, price, and associated text are fully customizable.
  • Product price, brief descriptions, thumbnails, and other product details can be shown or hidden.
  • You can assign minimum and maximum item quantities for each deal that is offered.
  • Additional items can be treated as separate products if you’d like.
  • Upsells or related items can be assigned as default products if nothing has been selected.
  • You can create multilingual store sites quickly with WPML integration (check WPML review).

There is also a paid version of the plugin.


Purchased Together Plugins Conclusion

Suggesting products that are generally bought with each other is a great marketing strategy. People are always going to need associated items at some point, whether they’re buying fashion products, laptops, cell phones, or other items.

Showing “products bought together” increases the visibility, value, and consumer awareness for those items. Many customers may already be interested in some or all of those products.

Amazon is already using this feature for years. Recent statistics suggest that as much as 35% of their additional income has come from these kinds of sales. They suggest products that are related to the primary items that customers are viewing. You’ve probably seen their “customers who viewed this item also bought” section of their site. Wouldn’t it be great to be like Amazon and secure sales this easily?

WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together plugin can help you achieve this goal. It’s an effective and intelligent strategy that embraces cross-selling to improve overall sales, revenue, and profit.

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