10 Best WooCommerce License Manager Plugins Free & Paid

WooCommerce makes selling physical and digital products simple. But you’ll need WooCommerce license manager addon if you’re planning to sell software licenses.

If you want to protect your digital products from piracy, a license key or serial key will be required. If you operate a WooCommerce online store and want to sell licensed and activated products, having the proper WooCommerce extension is essential as WooCommerce doesn’t offer that feature out-of-the-box.


Free WooCommerce License Manager Plugins

Here are some of the best free WooCommerce license key generating plugins.


1. License Manager for WooCommerce

You can effectively manage and sell your digital license keys using the License Manager for the WooCommerce plugin. Its handy features, including automatic delivery, bulk importer, and database encryption, help your store run smoother.

License keys can be added and then imported to your WooCommerce shop. You can add one license at a time or import them all at the same time. All you need to do is to upload your TXT/CSV file.


License Manager for WooCommerce


You can also generate new license keys as you need them. Just enable that option, and the plugin does all the work. You can design your own customizable license generators so that each license looks the way you want it to be.

Another excellent option is the ability to send license keys to your clients automatically by enabling the feature from the settings menu. Your license keys will be included in the WooCommerce “order complete” emails that go out to customers.

Any license keys that you create will be stored in your database and encrypted. This prevents hackers from using those license keys should they gain access to your database.


2. Software License Manager

Software License Manager is an excellent extension for WooCommerce online store owners. It’s a free plugin that gives you everything you need to create your own digital product shop and sell licenses, free of all restrictions.

Just keep in mind the fact that this plugin was designed for developers. If you don’t know much about the WordPress core or PHP, you may need a developer to assist you.

Everything is already set up for developers to work with. The plugin receives regular updates, and you can request desired hooks. It’s a very flexible tool, one of the best free software license plugins around.


3. License Keys for WooCommerce

License Keys for WooCommerce is an excellent plugin for managing all of the license keys that you create. It also lets you design new license keys for different products. It will add a new product type to your WooCommerce and WordPress setup.


License Keys for WooCommerce


The new product type will appear in your store. From there, you can validate and manage all of your license keys. The plugin acts as a validator API. It performs all of its required functions using HTTP requests.

Built-in customization hooks give online store owners added freedom and flexibility. You can use your requirements to customize each license key that you create.


Paid WooCommerce License Manager Plugins

Here are some of the best premium license manager plugins for WooCommerce.


1. WooCommerce License Manager

WooCommerce License Manager allows you to control and sell license keys for digital products. This is a license key delivery plugin for stores that sell products that require a license key like software, games, gift cards, or any other products that need a license key delivered after purchase.

It includes automatic delivery, bulk importer, database encryption, and other helpful features. You can use the plugin to manage pin codes, license keys, gift cards, and licenses for all of the digital products that you offer in your online store. You can sell those products with automatically generated or pre-generated license keys.


WooCommerce License Manager


The plugin also offers advanced features such as backorder support, image license key encryption, translation ready, and more.

You can designate and assign a different set of license keys for every product variation. The plugin’s impressive interface lets you manage and keep track of every license key and their status after purchase.

After each successful sale, your clients will receive an email that includes both the products they’ve purchased and the license keys that were assigned to those items. Purchased license keys will also appear in the admin section of your WooCommerce order page and user account page under the customer order history section.

A detailed interface provides all the information you’ll ever need about the license keys that you’ve sold. Details such as consumers’ names and addresses, all license keys that were purchased, and their status are just part of the information that you’ll find.


2. WooCommerce Serial Numbers Pro

WooCommerce Serial Numbers is a fantastic WooCommerce license key manager and generator. Just a few clicks of the mouse allows you to sell lottery tickets (check best WooCommerce lottery plugins), license keys, usernames & passwords, and secret keys.

The free version of the plugin has plenty of features that can be used to sell products that require the use of secret numbers. The premium version’s features help to improve your online store’s productivity even more.


WooCommerce Serial Numbers Pro


You can set automatic serial number generation for any digital product that can be license-enabled. The plugin will create those serial numbers automatically and send respective serial keys to your buyers after they’ve purchased those items.

If you don’t want your serial numbers to be automatically generated, you can also create and assign them manually. You can do this from the “Add Serial Number” section. Here you can choose serial number expiration dates, validity, and license activation limits.

Outstanding support for variable products means that you can have different serial numbers for every product variation that you offer. You don’t have to worry about selling variable license-enabled products.


3. WooCommerce Software Add-on

The WooCommerce Software Add-on lets you use your WooCommerce online store to manage license keys and activations. It will add the Software product type that allows you to sell license keys. You can use this option along with the downloadable license key option so that customers can download digital items.


WooCommerce Software Add-on


A new Software tab will open in the product data meta box menu when the particular product type is chosen. There are also new meta boxes and screens that will appear in the WooCommerce back end. They can be used to manage all of your licenses.

There will also be two new reports sections in the admin panel. The software tab shows you software sales data from your online store and the activation status of software during a specified period.


4. WooPro License Manager

WooPro License Manager uses an API key to secure your software. It also provides automatic updates for your themes and plugins. This plugin is packed with features to help eradicate support requests, improve customer satisfaction, and increase shop manager productivity. It allows you to concentrate on increasing sales and overall revenue.


  • Automatically created license keys are emailed to your clients after the selected products are purchased.
  • Automatic, secure software updates are achieved through your WordPress dashboard.
  • The plugin makes product integration simple. It includes an example theme, an example plugin, and already designed PHP classes for faster development.
  • Software updates can be offered free of charge, for a nominal fee, based on product subscriptions, updates according to a certain number of software activations or unlimited updates.
  • Many selling combinations: You can sell software products individually, as part of a bundle or composite, grouped, as variable products that have sliding scale pricing schedules, chained, composite, or any other variation that will help increase sales.
  • You can sell API license keys with different activations that can change according to the product variations purchased.


5. WooCommerce Software License

This plugin provides options to manage, activate, and maintain licenses via your online store. It comes with an API module that can be used to activate, deactivate, update, and perform an evaluation check for software.

The WooCommerce Software License plugin includes already designed license code examples so that any software can have key activation and licensing functionality.

The plugin was created with the end-user in mind. Everything is straightforward and easy to understand. Every interface uses a style that’s comparable to the active theme so that integration is flawless.

The interface is powered by a Javascript engine that uses AJAX interactions so that every action is easy to follow.


  • The simple, intuitive interface makes it easy to designate your license expiration settings. You can allow your clients to extend their licenses by paying a specified fee.
  • License key usage can be automatically generated or pre-defined using the internal system.
  • You can have licenses for any WooCommerce simple, grouped, or variable product. License groups can even be used for multiple product variations.
  • Licensing procedures for physical and virtual products are available.
  • Your customers can see and manage licenses that they’ve already purchased. They can also deactivate, automatically create or delete license keys that they’ve bought.


6. Themehigh License Manager For WooCommerce

The Themehigh License Manager for WooCommerce plugin’s simple integrated settings give you more freedom over the licenses that you generate for every WordPress plugin and theme that you sell. You can also add license data for all of your WordPress products and any product variations that you may have.


WooCommerce license key generating plugins


This plugin is a perfect tool for your WordPress product licenses. Localized individual product variation settings and global license data are added to the information for all of your products.

Adding the necessary product information allows you to generate product licenses automatically when orders are finalized.

There are plenty of customization options to choose from. You can customize the key length, prefix, and suffix. You can select the key pattern that you want from a list of choices. You can also decide whether or not you wish to divide the product license into smaller portions or if you want to eliminate any unwanted or unnecessary characters.


7. Elite Licenser- Software License Manager for WordPress

Elite licenser is an exclusive digital product licensing plugin that helps you manage and regulate the use of the digital products you deal with.

This unique and feature-rich software license manager plugin comes with a plethora of functionalities. It meets your needs for controlling the usage of your digital products in a significant way, with capabilities including managing product updates, auto-generating license codes after download, etc.


Elite Licenser software license manager for WordPress.


Moreover, this comprehensive plugin has been developed with user-friendliness in mind because everything is easily manageable. You can control and track your license usages (based on number of times, number of sites), create custom license types while maintaining support and license expiration time, remove the license from the user’s digital product anytime without touching a single line of code! It has 3rd party Integration enabled such as WooCommerce, FastSpring, Paddle, etc.

This plugin is available both in free and pro versions.


  • Create a license automatically when a product purchased.
  • Create and send the license manually/automatically.
  • Track the license usages. (website, no. of times)
  • Help your customers to update plugins/themes/app from their Dashboard panel.
  • 3rd party Integration enabled: WooCommerce, FastSpring, Paddle, Easy Digital Download.
  • Generate complete WordPress plugin and theme sample code
  • Auto host ban feature.
  • Maintain support and license expiration time.
  • Track which website is using the license.
  • Export license keys & clients list as PDF or CSV
  • License activation Report
  • No coding is required, Simply drag n drop.


Best License Manager For WooCommerce Conclusion

The license manager plugin makes developers’ lives easier. They can easily control, activate, and manage all kinds of product licenses by using a single piece of software.

Having a software license key together with the product being sold simplifies things when it’s time to facilitate recurring payments (see how to add WooCommerce recurring payments to your site) or license renewals. Your customers will receive regular customer support and software updates.

A good software license system is convenient for businesses and their customers. Companies can track and manage each license sold, and consumers can deactivate, delete, or recover the license keys they’ve bought.

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