Best WooCommerce Multisite Plugins And Benefits Of Multisite Network

WooCommerce is a free plugin for WordPress. It is all in one eCommerce solution that can help transform your personal or business website into an online store. WooCommerce multisite is when the same WordPress installation is used for all of the independent sites where you have WooCommerce installed.

WooCommerce is fully multisite compatible. You can create an entire network of online stores. All of these stores can be effectively managed and operated individually from the same location.

The multisite feature is a valuable resource for people who own multiple companies. They can be controlled from the same installation and still be run independently of each other, including plugin management.

Multisite is also a convenient option for organizations that conduct businesses in multiple countries. You can assign the proper currency for each country and sell different products in each country that you do business in. It’s easier to separate, track, and control all of your orders in this way.


Should You Use WooCommerce Multisite?

WooCommerce is compatible with WordPress multisite, which means you can install WooCommerce on a multisite network. Doing so allows you to create your own WooCommerce multisite network of online stores.

WooCommerce themes and plugins can be installed once and can be used by all sites on that network. The primary network and all of its subsites can use a single click of the mouse to activate or deactivate specific themes and plugins.

Some sites on the network can use WooCommerce, while others even don’t need to have it installed. All store sites created with WooCommmerce still have to be managed separately, even though they’re all on the same network.

Unfortunately, you can’t share features and settings amongst stores in your network by default. To accomplish this, you’ll have to either use some WooCommerce extension or add custom coding.

You can create each store site and manage them all from the same location. You don’t need to log into each site individually to control them. This can come in handy for companies that have stores with different product lines or that operate in different countries.


When To Use WooCommerce Multisite?

The following examples are just some of the many situations in which using multisite option with WooCommerce can help you achieve your business goals:

  • For creating an online digital mall similar to Amazon. Each locale store can have its own product lines. All stores are linked so that shoppers can find the products and product categories that meet their needs.
  • For establishing ann Etsy type of online store. Interested parties can sign up to create their online stores that will all be on the same network.
  • For companies that have different products that they want to market and sell on separate sites. You can see detailed reports for each store and control each site more effectively.
  • For businesses that want to manage their brands separately. For instance, a film company might want to sell tickets and merchandise for different movies independently. Each film would have its own online storefront specifically for that particular movie.
  • For companies with high inventory volumes. They may be having a tough time trying to keep track of all of their current product categories and inventories.
  • For developers. This is especially important for web developers that want to use one simple dashboard to control and review all of the client stores.

These are just some examples of the types of companies and individuals that could benefit using the multisite options with WooCommerce.

Sub-stores in a network share the same database. This is a crucial point to note because it could cause potential information security risks. You should take all necessary data safety precautions if you plan on using the multisite feature.


Useful WooCommerce Multisite Plugins

Here are some of the popular plugins for WooCommerce, which make using multisite easier or bring useful options. They’re all based on the concept of using one central location to control different websites simultaneously.


1. Woo Multistore

Woo Multistore is an excellent resource for companies that are dedicated to multiple business strategies. This plugin can be used to help you effectively manage inventory from stores in different locations at the same time.

You can have the same items listed in different stores simultaneously. One admin page can be used to control all sites that you own. You can manage all of these sites through various subdirectories, domains, and subdomains. You can also use the same central location to access all products.

The plugin simplifies inventory management. You can keep different quantities of products for different stores, or you can use the same inventory to be sold in different stores. One central location can be used to control and review all orders across all of your sites.

Orders can be exported into XML or CSS files for one or all of the stores that you operate. All WooCommerce product types are supported. You can choose to have different product descriptions for the same merchandise at different stores if you wish. Each store site can also have its currencies, languages, and payment methods.

A Woo Multistore license for one network costs $199. There is also a developer license priced at $299 that allows owners to manage five networks at once.


2. WooCommerce API Product Sync with Multiple WooCommerce Stores

This plugin can help people with multiple WooCommerce stores connect product information amongst those stores. Any time product information is changed on an item in one store, that same data is changed in all other stores on the network.


woocommerce multisite sync products


Product categories, media, and tags will also be shared across all sites. You can use it to update pricing information and integrate information for all of your online stores.


3. WooCommerce Global Cart

WooCommerce Global Cart can be used to convert all of the stores on the network into a combined marketplace that has just one checkout and shopping cart.

Customers can add any products from any of the stores to their online shopping cart. The plugin will easily connect all active sites. It also works well with subfolders, subdomains, custom domains, and other domain types.

Customers have a much simpler shopping experience because they don’t have to switch back and forth shopping carts on multiple sites on the same network. They can access all the stores with the same user account.

The plugin is incredibly easy to install and configure. There’s detailed documentation that can help you through any hurdles you may encounter.

WooCommerce Global Cart is available as a single network license for $120, or you can purchase a developer license for $230, which provides unlimited usage on as many networks as you want.


4. WooCommerce Multisite Duplicator

WooCommerce Multisite Duplicator can help online store owners address common problems that may occur when managing multiple store sites. One such issue is copying products from one site to another.


copying products woocommerce multisite


The plugin lets you control the duplication of this data to all of the sites in the network that you choose. You can copy product attributes, images, metadata, taxonomies, variations, and much more.

Suffixes and custom post attributes for copied products can be assigned. You can also decide to restrict access for different user roles.


5. WooCommerce Product Information Management

This plugin can assist WooCommerce store owners who are trying to control multiple store sites from one location. You can use it to keep tabs on product information across all of your stores.

Product inventory data is synced to all sites simultaneously, so if an item is sold on one store site, the inventory levels for that particular product will be affected for all store sites on the network.

The WooCommerce Product Information Management plugin can also be used to edit and locate order information from individual stores. There are also options for managing stores that operate in multiple languages.


6. WordPress Multi-site Reports for WooCommerce 

WordPress Multi-site Reports for WooCommerce plugin helps you see sales summaries of all WordPress multisites on one single dashboard. No need to go to individual site to see sales summaries.


multisite reports for woocommerce


Plugin shows multisite summaries like sales, refund, discount, tax, shipping amount. You can also see summaries for single site.


Wrapping Up

There are many positive attributes to owning and operating multiple online store websites. Selling products to customers around the globe provides opportunities to have sites in various languages.

Having a wide variety of product ranges allows you to sell those items in different stores. For example, you probably wouldn’t want to sell fashion items on a store site that’s focused on selling electronics.

If you decide to start a fashion dealership, you can manage that store site and your electronics store site from the same place. Both niches require different sales strategies. That’s where WooCommerce multisite solutions can help you manage multiple sites all at once.

WooCommerce and WordPress multisite networks are great tools for creating blogs, sites, and online site networks. They can make for a simpler workflow when they fit, but they might not be ideal for every user’s goals or situation.

Every WooCommerce store also needs shipping plugin, shipment tracking plugin, email customizer, reporting and analytics plugin, etc. so be sure to check the best plugins for that.

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