11 Best WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Gateway Plugins Free & Paid

PayPal, Stripe, and Skrill are just some of the many payment gateway options for WooCommerce store owners. PayPal is most popular, and it is a “must-have” on any website. This is why in this article, I will discuss the best WooCommerce PayPal checkout gateway plugins available.

Merchants from various countries rely on PayPal to run and grow their business. Customers trust PayPal will keep their banking and credit card data and other financial information safe and secure.


Best WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Gateway

To accept payments, you need to have one or more payment gateway options. PayPal is one of the best payment systems available.

WooCommerce store owners have various plugins to pick from that can help integrate PayPal with their store. The only real difficulty is in selecting the plugin that best meets your needs.


YITH PayPal Express Checkout for WooCommerce

YITH PayPal Express Checkout for WooCommerce plugin lets you use PayPal’s new payment method to expedite customer orders.


YITH PayPal Express Checkout for WooCommerce.


PayPal’s servers connect using PayPal Express Checkout directly, which allows orders to be processed quickly. Many transactions can be completed in a few minutes or less.


  • Quicker checkout with one-to-one connection to PayPal service.
  • The PayPal Express checkout button can be displayed on the WooCommerce checkout page, the shopping cart page, or a single product page.
  • Show PayPal payment in a popup so that customers don’t need to leave your store to complete payment.
  • The checkout page can display the popup for the PayPal account login.
  • Site visitors can use the checkout popup window to pay for their purchases on PayPal with a credit card.
  • PayPal account information will be retrieved to fill the requisite data fields on the checkout page automatically.
  • You can use PayPal’s official layouts for colors, sizes, and labels to customize your site’s PayPal Express checkout button.
  • The country that your PayPal account is based in will be used to show the acceptance marks.
  • The PayPal checkout section’s header image and logo can be customized.
  • Custom prefixes can be defined for all of your sites so that it’s easier to tell where your particular PayPal account sales are coming from.
  • You can use the authorize and charge later or immediate payment option.
  • Set immediate payments as required and prevent customers from paying with an e-check.


PayPal Express Checkout Plugin for WooCommerce

The PayPal Express Checkout plugin is an advanced version of the default PayPal payment option included with WooCommerce. It allows your customers to checkout in fewer clicks. They will only need three clicks instead of seven in best-case scenarios.

Customers can use the funding information and shipping data from their PayPal accounts during checkout. There are fewer chances of clients abandoning shopping carts because they don’t need to re-enter information every time they purchase.


Webtoffee PayPal express checkout plugin free.


You can let your clients use all kinds of debit cards and credit cards to pay for goods and services. The plugin allows you to change the banner, button style and position, description, name of the payment method, logo, and other items to align with your brand identity.

Website owners with more than one store can take advantage of the Prefix invoice number option. This lets you connect different PayPal transactions with their respective stores.

You can start in Sandbox mode while testing the gateway. Once your website is ready to go live, you can switch to Live mode.


Webtoffee WooCommerce PayPal Express.


Customers don’t have to leave your site to pay for their items, thanks to the in-context flow checkout. No matter what kind of device your clients use, their shopping experience will be safe and easy.

Clients can experience quicker checkouts, as they will be taken to a mobile-friendly version of your store checkout when using their smartphones. For more info, you can check my PayPal Express Payment Gateway Plugin by WebToffee review. The plugin also comes in a free version.


PayPal Checkout

Clients can pay quickly and easily after the PayPal Checkout plugin has been installed and activated. Customers can purchase right from product pages. You’ll have around-the-clock fraud protection and the ability to customize the look and feel of the payment gateway completely.


Free PayPal checkout plugin.


Customers don’t have to leave your site to complete payment and can use all major debit cards and credit cards or PayPal to pay for goods and services via PayPal Checkout.

Clients can pay in 26 different currencies right from the product pages. US clients can use the Smart Payment Button feature, which automatically presents relevant payment options like PayPal, PayPal Credit, and Pay in 4. You’ll still be paid right away even if a customer uses one of the pay later selections.

PayPal’s expedited checkout is also included with this plugin. Clients can connect their PayPal accounts or save their credit card data to speed up the checkout process. That information can be retained for up to six months. Online orders are simple on mobile devices too, as purchases can be completed in fewer mouse clicks.


WooCommerce PayPal Here

You can successfully accept multiple payment forms with the WooCommerce PayPal Here plugin. All transactions are completed safely and securely. The plugin allows you to concentrate on growing your business.

Using a PayPal Here compatible card reader, you can accept payments in-person for WooCommerce orders. You can also monitor WooCommerce orders that were paid in your pop-up store, physical retail location, etc. Payments can be processed no matter where you conduct business.


  • When you use your current PayPal Business account to sign up for PayPal Here, all of your PayPal payments will go into the same account. This makes it easier to track payments.
  • On-the-go payments and in-person payments with all major credit and debit cards and other primary payment methods accepted.
  • There are no processing minimums, cancellation fees, setup fees, or monthly fees. You won’t be tied down to any contracts or other types of long-term commitments.
  • Their pricing is very transparent. A fee of 2.7% is added for every card swipe for US-based accounts.


Braintree for WooCommerce

Braintree for WooCommerce gateway plugin lets you use Braintree to accept WooCommerce store payments made via PayPal or credit card. Clients can save time during checkout by connecting their WooCommerce user account and PayPal account, or they can save their credit card information.

Hosted Fields options allow you to sell various products securely. You don’t need an integrated checkout system and won’t lose flexibility as you simultaneously conform to security requirements.

Hosted Fields is hosted on PayPal’s server network but fits inside your site’s checkout form elements, thus providing a secure, seamless means for customers to share their payment information.


Braintree for WooCommerce plugin.


Braintree fully supports tokenization for WooCommerce. Checkouts take less time because customers can link their PayPal accounts or save their credit card information.

WooCommerce subscription plugin integration is also supported. This feature allows you to have recurring billing on items that are sold.

You can integrate the WooCommerce pre-orders plugin so that clients can pay for products right away or once the pre-order items ship.


  • Payments can be accepted via American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, JCB, Diner’s Club, and all other major debit and credit cards, as well as PayPal.
  • The plugin conforms with PCI Compliance SAQ-A industry standards.
  • Braintree’s fraud prevention tools can identify and stop potentially fraudulent activity immediately.
  • Apple Pay is supported.
  • Clients can link their PayPal accounts to your website or save their credit card details.
  • Capture charges, void transactions, and provide refunds right from the WooCommerce dashboard.
  • Option to add PayPal Connect buttons to the online shopping cart and Buy Now buttons on various product pages.


PayPal For WooCommerce

PayPal for WooCommerce by AngellEye is your one-stop plugin to handle all things PayPal-related. You have plenty of payment gateway options to choose from.


AngellEye PayPal for WooCommerce.


MWB PayPal Integration for WooCommerce

MWB PayPal Integration for WooCommerce supports REST DCC, Payments Advanced, Payments Pro, and Braintree Payments. Payments Advanced, and Direct Credit Cards via REST APIs are also supported.


MWB PayPal Integration for WooCommerce.

MWB PayPal for WooCommerce plugin helps customers to pay online. This plugin integrates WooCommerce with PayPal Payment. Customers can pay using PayPal at the checkout.

It  has been mainly designed for the ease of WooCommerce store owners and customers so that they will not face any difficulties in selling and purchasing.


  • Merchants can easily Receive payments from Paypal on their WooCommerce stores.
  • It  provides Easy Refund Payments for the customer.
  • Customers have the option to pay using credit card / debit card and Paypal pay later.



PeachPay, a WooCommerce-backed company, is the one-stop checkout and payment solution for WooCommerce stores.

PeachPay WooCommerce payment.

Top features:

  • Customers with prior PeachPay purchases on other stores are remembered.
  • Fully customizable checkout button (color, width, text, rounded corners, shine effect, disable by page, and more).
  • Fully customizable window (additional fields, coupon/discount field, upsells/cross-sells, related products, product images, and more).
  • 4+ main payment methods: Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay (many more coming soon).
  • Multicurrency/multilingual functionality.
  • Test mode to try PeachPay on site before showing customers.
  • 24/7 customer support.

Setting up PeachPay is as easy as 1-2-3! Install PeachPay, connect your payment methods, and customize to interface to your liking.


WooCommerce PayPal Pro Payment Gateway

WooCommerce PayPal Pro Payment Gateway extension adds on-site credit card checkout functionality. Clients don’t have to leave your website to pay for their purchases. Everything can be completed on your store checkout page. Customers can have a simple, seamless transaction experience every time.


PayPal Plus for WooCommerce

PayPal Plus for WooCommerce is the official plugin. It offers options like pay upon invoice, credit card payments, direct debit payments.

PayPal provides the iFrame that plugin loads on the checkout page. Customers can then see all available payment methods. After they click on the buy button, they will then be taken to the respective form that will allow them to pay for their purchases either via upon invoice, by credit card, or direct debit.


  • The Express Checkout button can be added to the shopping cart or single product pages. This can help to reduce payment time.
  • Pay upon Invoice, Credit Card, Debit Card, and PayPal are the payment options that PayPal Plus allows you to integrate.
  • One simple plugin allows you to have all payment methods.
  • You won’t have to worry about losing money on transaction reversals or chargebacks, thanks to PayPal’s vendor protection.
  • You can find ways to bring more potential business to your store, even if your site visitors don’t have a PayPal account.
  • Checkout system that’s very intuitive, responsive, and user-friendly.
  • After each transaction, the respective transaction amount will be credited to your PayPal account right away.
  • All payment methods have the same fees. There are no monthly fees or signup fees.
  • The plugin will load a PayPal-hosted iFrame on the checkout page. All necessary transaction data will be entered in that iFrame to ensure PCI conformity.


WooCommerce PayPal Gateway

With the WooCommerce PayPal Gateway plugin, you can integrate the following PayPal Payment choices in a matter of minutes:

  • PayPal Credit/PayPal Express Checkout
  • PayPal Payments Pro (DoDirectPayment)/PayPal Pro (site payments pro)
  • Braintree Payments (Braintree user interface will be added with Card, PayPal Credit, and PayPal)
  • PayPal Payments Advanced
  • PayPal Pro PayFlow (PayFlow Gateway/PayPal Manager)
  • PayPal Express Checkout (PayPal Smart Buttons) REST Application programming interface
  • Real-Time Order Status Update (PayPal instant payment notification)


WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Gateway Conclusion

eCommerce companies have many options when it comes to accepting payments from clients all around the world via payment gateways. Authorize.net, Amazon Payments, and Stripe are some of the most commonly used resources.

PayPal has become one of the top payment gateways. More than 300 million people around the world trust PayPal for their online payment transactions.

PayPal fees have stayed at 2.9% + 0.30 USD. This is quite reasonable for the features and safety measures that they provide. They make it simple to establish customer subscriptions for recurring payments. PayPal can quickly connect to many e-commerce sites and applications, and they provide several helpful anti-fraud and security services.

Many WooCommerce stores are already using PayPal as a payment gateway. Your odds for conversion increase with PayPal, as customers know PayPal offers protection in case of issues.

Your site traffic, sales, and revenue can increase dramatically with the right payment gateway. PayPal can help you find the right solutions to bring more people to your WooCommerce store site and improve profitability.

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