6 Best WooCommerce Products Compare Plugins Free & Paid

Comparing various products alongside each other can make easier buying decisions. WooCommerce’s standard functions don’t include product comparisons. Fortunately, you can install the WooCommerce products compare plugin to provide this option to visitors.

With so many choices, it can be challenging for users to pick the right website to buy goods and services from. Allowing customers to compare different products is a relatively new feature that many online stores have implemented in recent years and is guaranteed to improve conversions.


WooCommerce Products Compare Plugins

I’ve compiled a list of some of the most useful WooCommerce product compare plugins. They can be implemented so that your customers can evaluate similar products before choosing the item to purchase.

Adding the product comparison option benefits:

  • Customers can easily compare the two similar category products.
  • Item advantages and disadvantages are easier to view.
  • Product conversions can increase.
  • Users can share the comparison on social media.

People who shop online want to be able to see prices and other features of similar items alongside each other. Stores can allow consumers to compare various products to make a well-informed buying decision.

They’ll be able to buy the items that best meet their own individual needs. It’s a convenient function, especially for large sites that have a large number of products.


YITH WooCommerce Compare

Using the YITH Compare plugin, users can compare the pros and cons of different products on your store. It can help to improve conversion rates and overall consumer satisfaction.

Site visitors won’t have to go back and forth between different product pages. Instead, they can use a comparison table to view product features and add other products to comparison while staying on the same page. This way, people will spend less time researching individual items.


YITH WooCommerce Compare plugin.


You can customize compare function in many ways. Related products can be displayed to give visitors more choices. Comparison table features can also be customized as you see fit. The plugin comes in free and premium version.


  • Modal windows are used to open comparison tables.
  • Whenever a new product is added, the modal window can open automatically.
  • You can determine which product fields to include in the comparison table.
  • The comparison table will have product image sizes that you assign.
  • There’s more freedom in comparison table customization. Attributes that aren’t chosen for one or more items being compared will be hidden. Any attributes that are selected will be shown.
  • Products can have their own custom attributes that people can use to compare with other products.
  • All items that share a category and/or tag with the comparison table products can be displayed in a slider.
  • Table fields that have different values can be highlighted.
  • Create dynamically a shortcode that shows a comparing table for specific products.
  • A list of all items added to the comparison can be placed in a widget.
  • Comparison tables can be restricted so that only a certain number of products can be added.


WooCommerce Compare Products

WooCommerce Compare Products plugin simplifies product comparison table creation. Users can see a particular item’s features by using the compare bar on all of your site pages. Shortcodes can also be used to show comparison tables on various sections of your website.


WooCommerce Compare Products plugin.


The plugin also allows you to customize comparison tables. The maximum amount of items that will be shown, display styles, text, and other options can easily be altered. You can change tables according to your needs by using any of the more than fifty available configuration settings.


  • Tables can be created in a matter of minutes.
  • Sidebar tables, comparison bars, or both options can be used.
  • Comparison tables can have Ajax product loading.
  • You can decide on the products that you want visitors to compare.
  • Customization tables can be adjusted with any of the many available customization choices.
  • Choose what data to be added to compare.
  • The plugin is SEO friendly.


WooCommerce Products Compare

Using WooCommerce Products Compare plugin comparison options, site visitors can investigate different items in greater detail. Category pages of your site will also have a product comparison function.


WooCommerce Products Compare plugin.


Visitors can decide how they’re going to compare items by choosing the particular options that are most relevant to them. User ratings, product stock levels, price, and other important attributes will have detailed data in the comparison table. You can add the products compare option anywhere on your site.

The products a customer has already viewed will stick around, so they can easily add more products to the comparison table.


WooCommerce Compare Products Premium

WooCommerce stores can take advantage of the many benefits that the WooCommerce Compare Products Premium plugin offers. You can determine the product features and categories that visitors will be able to compare.

There are multiple ways that comparison tables can be shown. You can control product comparison functions for all items that you sell with the express product manager feature. Table and widget styles can also be customized as needed.


  • Add to comparison list from product cards and pages.
  • The comparison list widget will have items added to the comparison.
  • Products in the comparison table can be added to the cart.
  • You can print or save the comparison list as a PDF.
  • Video and audio files can be added to comparison tables.
  • Comparison tables are completely customizable.
  • A new tab or a pop-up window can be used to open the comparison list.
  • Information from terms and attributes are used to create comparison tables.
  • Comparison tables work great on mobile devices.


WPC Smart Compare for WooCommerce

The unique features provided by WPC Smart Compare can make purchasing experiences more enjoyable for your visitors. Product comparisons can be tailored to meet specific inquiries by adding or removing various attributes to product comparisons.

Site performance won’t be affected because the Ajax-enabled interface takes care of attribute and product loading. Visitors can opt for a horizontal or vertical view of comparison tables.


WPC Smart Compare for WooCommerce plugin.


Comparison tables can be shown in the popup window, and the comparison button can be customized. If you want to improve user experiences, the first column or row can be sticky.


  • Powerful AJAX functions (there’s no need to open a new tab or iframe)
  • Comparison tables can be seen in vertical or horizontal view. You can switch back and forth between these choices at any time.
  • Items in the categories that you choose can have the compare button visibility altered.
  • Clicking on the “search” button lets you add new items to the comparison table right away.
  • The tables can be viewed easily on mobile devices and other touch screen devices.
  • Sticky first row and column are part of effective comparison tables.
  • Comparison buttons can be added to particular pages of your site by using custom shortcodes.
  • Bar background and button colors can be adjusted.
  • You can hide certain product attributes from showing in comparison tables.
  • Support customization of all attributes and custom attributes.


Products Compare for WooCommerce

Products Compare is a very effective free WooCommerce product comparison plugin. Visitors can see detailed product comparison tables and choose the items they want to compare. The plugin is user-friendly and lets customers select the product features that will appear in product comparison tables.


Best free WooCommerce products compare plugin.


Buttons and comparison pages can also be customized. Various widgets can be employed, and buttons can have their own custom text. This plugin works well with many other WooCommerce plugins.


  • There’s a button that allows you to add items to the comparison table.
  • Products you’ve selected to be compared can be contained in a widget.
  • Select attributes for comparison.
  • Your compare page and buttons can be customized.
  • Buttons can have their own custom text.
  • Fast compare on the popup.
  • Custom taxonomy can be used to compare products.
  • Advanced customization choices are available.
  • Show only difference or show all button.


WooCommerce Compare Products Conclusion

Allowing your visitors to compare products takes the guesswork out of buying. People can decide just what they want by seeing the similarities and differences of certain products. This feature can come in handy for stores that have items with various spec or variation changes. Seeing product specifications in a comparison table provides a better overall experience for visitors.

Purchasing is simplified when consumers can compare products without doing a lot of work. They can select the items they want and receive detailed item information in a few simple mouse clicks.

There are a lot of ways to improve conversions on your store. Such as using dynamic pricing, creating cart upsells and cross-sells, offering coupons, etc. But allowing visitors to compare products is one of the best features you can provide that will surely improve customer experience.

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