Best WordPress Fundraising Plugin To Start Crowdfunding

Best WordPress Fundraising Plugin To Start Crowdfunding

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Is there a good WordPress fundraising plugin or crowdfunding theme? This is question I received in email few days ago from one of mine readers.

It caught me of guard. I really never needed or even think about using our beloved CMS platform for creating WordPress Kickstarter website.

Of course, I couldn’t leave it at that. So I instantly throw myself on researching and finding WordPress Kickstarter theme or plugin.

It seems competition is not that big and one name appears almost everywhere as only quality solution.

Crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter, RocketHub, and Indiegogo have helped get some great projects off the ground.

If you have a project you want to find financial backers for, or you want to create your own fundraising community, there is no reason why you can’t create your own crowdfunding website using WordPress.

All you need is WordPress fundraising plugin and a suitable WordPress fundraising theme.

Luckily, there is solution to everything in WordPress. Usign IgnitionDeck, Crowdfunding Plugin for WordPress, you can easily create WordPress Kickstarter clone.


WordPress Fundraising Plugin

Crowdfunding is a way of raising money by asking a large number of people for a small amount.

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, IgnitionDeck does not charge based on how much money you raise. It is one time payment.

Pay once, use on unlimited number of sites and on unlimited number of projects. There aren’t any applications and you can keep all of the money you raise.

Whether you need to market a product, promote business or raise money for your cause, IgnitionDeck WordPress plugin will do the trick.

By building a no-fee crowdfunding website on WordPress, rather than using Kickstarter or Indiegogo, fundraisers get to keep all of the money they raise and own the relationship with their users.

IgnitionDeck works with any theme available for WordPress. It also comes with (among other available) a free copy of WordPress crowdfunding framework, Theme 500.

All themes are fully responsive, customizable and offer all-in-one solution.

IgnitionDeck framework provides very effective charity – foundation/fundraising WordPress themes that are modifiable to better work with preferred online presence. It is easy to install and fully customize.


Features include:

  • Theme customization
  • Custom donation enabled
  • Flexible funding
  • Updated statistics
  • Preferred PayPal funding payments
  • Easy to manage contribution levels
  • Manageable goals
  • Campaign date flexibility
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Language flexible

  • Excellent support services
  • Reputable brand
  • PayPal and Stripe integration
  • 500 Framework Crowdfunding Theme
  • One or more IgnitionDeck extensions
  • Kickstarter importer plugin
  • IgnitionDeck e-commerce plugin
  • Membership registration and dashboards
  • Recurring pledges or donations
  • Front end project submissions


Ignition Deck WordPress Crowdfunding Plugin  


There is a free version of the IgnitionDeck WordPress fundraising plugin available which should give you a good overview of the interface.

However, the more advanced features are found in the premium version.

Upgrading to one of the three premium versions of IgnitionDeck will give you the ability to build a fully functioning crowdfunding website with WordPress as its base.


Fundraising Plugin WordPress Pricing Plan

Fundraising Plugin WordPress Pricing Plan


Depending on the license you choose, you can have everything up and running very easily.

Allow visitors to register and start adding their own products in the hope of finding financial backers or even add your own products..

When it comes to setting up fundraising WordPress theme, the IgnitionDeck team offers a premium valet service in which they take care of everything from installing WordPress, creating first project, with the end result being that you will have a working IgnitionDeck installation.

If time is money then this service can help you save a lot of both.

There are four main variations of IgnitionDeck WordPress fundraising plugin:

  1. IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding (basic)
  2. IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding (premium)
  3. IgnitionDeck + Membership
  4. IgnitionDeck Enterprise


Some IgnitionDeck customers use IgnitionDeck Commerce (standalone) to sell digital goods without any crowdfunding functionality at all.

All of these scenarios require that you install, activate and register the IgnitionDeck Plugin. The registration process will automatically run IgnitionDeck updater.

This will install a second plugin called IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding, which is mandatory for all IgnitionDeck-powered crowdfunding sites.

Running the IgnitionDeck updater for the first time will also install the free Theme 500 Framework, WordPress fundraising theme.

This is a “parent theme,” designed to make it easy for you to either install and activate one of premium 500 child themes or create your own.

NOTE: IgnitionDeck Basic (free version) requires the free Theme 500 Framework in order to function properly.

Once IgnitionDeck has been installed, you will have an “IgnitionDeck” link in your WordPress Dashboard’s main navigation.

Click on this to go the main IgnitionDeck settings screen where you will see a “Register” button.

If you need a new account, click on “Register” and you’ll be presented with a form for creating a IgnitionDeck Launchpad account. Free account with

If you already have an account, click ‘Register’ and select the option to login from the registration screen, enter your credentials and click the “Continue”.

 If you are already logged into the website when you do this, it should detect that and handle the rest automatically.

Once registration/login is validated, IgnitionDeck will automatically install both the IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding plugin and the Theme 500 framework.

Depending on what type of IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding system you are using (Basic, Premium, + Membership, or Enterprise), you will need to select the appropriate commerce platform.


Choosing a Commerce Platform for IgnitionDeck

The following is a list of the commerce platforms you can use with the Ignition Deck Framework and some information to help you decide which one is best for you.

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NOTE: Not every commerce platform is available to every IgnitionDeck customer.

The commerce platform(s) available: 

IgnitionDeck Basic (free version)

IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding (premium version)

IgnitionDeck + Membership

IgnitionDeck Enterprise

IgnitionDeck Commerce (standalone)

Legacy IgnitionDeck

Legacy IgnitionDeck, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads

IgnitionDeck Commerce

IgnitionDeck Commerce

IgnitionDeck Commerce


1. IgnitionDeck Commerce – IgnitionDeck Commerce (IDC) is available to customers who have purchased either IgnitionDeck + Membership or IgnitionDeck Enterprise.

With IgnitionDeck Commerce, project contributors have accounts created for them when they support a project for the first time.

This allows project contributors to log into their Member Dashboard, where they can easily manage or renew their contributions and access their contributor rewards, such as downloads, restricted content, etc.

IgnitionDeck Commerce integrates with popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Balanced, First Data. Projects can take pre-orders, immediate payments or a funding threshold can be set.

IgnitionDeck Commerce integrates with SendGrid, Mandrill and MailChimp.


2. Legacy IgnitionDeck – Legacy IgnitionDeck is the commerce platform recommended for IgnitionDeck users that intend to use only the most basic functionalities of WordPress fundraising plugin.

This commerce platform will be good for users that have a website where they are raising money for a single project and not need all the powerful features of IDC.

Legacy IgnitionDeck integrates with PayPal. In this case, for supporters account is not automatically created.

NOTE: This option is not intended for use with IgnitionDeck + Membership or IgnitionDeck Enterprise, since the Member Dashboard and front-end submissions are handled by IgnitionDeck Commerce.


3. WooCommerce – If user already has e-commerce functionality built on WooCommerce and they wish to make it work using their existing WooCommerce store, WooCommerce platform for Ignition Deck fundraising plugin will be best choice.

Contributions that earn rewards will result in WooCommerce purchases.

NOTE: This option is not intended for use with IgnitionDeck + Membership or IgnitionDeck Enterprise, since the Member Dashboard and front-end submissions are handled by IgnitionDeck Commerce.


4. Easy Digital Downloads – This set up is for IgnitionDeck CrowdFunding user who already has E-commerce functionality built on Easy Digital Downloads.

If they wish to make their contributor rewards work using their existing Easy Digital Downloads store, this setting is the best choice.

Contributions that earn rewards will result in Easy Digital Downloads purchases.

NOTE: This option is not intended for use with IgnitionDeck + Membership or IgnitionDeck Enterprise, since the Member Dashboard and front-end submissions are handled by IgnitionDeck Commerce.

Ignition Deck WordPress Crowdfunding Plugin  


IgnitionDeck Commerce

IgnitionDeck Commerce integrates with any WordPress theme or better you can use it with themes specially designed for use with IgnitionDeck.

It is a membership oriented E-commerce tool for processing payments, facilitating customer relations, and distributing digital goods and content.

IgnitionDeck Commerce is great if you intend to have long-term or repeat customers, or want to streamline paid access to your digital goods or content.



IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding Integration – Allows you to easily raise money for a project, charity or cause.

Multiple Gateways – Integrates with major gateways for instant checkout, subscriptions, pre-orders…

Secure Digital Delivery via Amazon S3 – Use Amazon S3 to deliver protected content, save bandwidth and reduce hosting bill.

Built-In Messaging and Transactional Email – Integrates with Mailchimp, Sendgrid and Mandrill. You can easily send newsletters and transactional emailS. Also includes a group messaging feature for customer segments.

Credits and Virtual Currency – Reward customers after purchase by issuing credits that they can redeem on future purchases. Or even create your own virtual currency.

User Management – Easily view and update user’s profile, order history, access level or credit value.


IgnitionDeck Commerce vs WooCommerce vs Easy Digital Downloads

  • Pre-orders
  • Link downloads to multiple products
  • Host downloads on Amazon S3
  • Product bundles
  • Advanced crowdfunding
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Content protection/paywall
  • Product discounts
  • Forums access management
  • Subscriptions
  • Product expiration
  • Regional Sales Tax
  • Recurring Payments
  • Customer credit system
  • Coupons
  • Mixpanel analytics
  • Customer segment messaging
  • Product SKUs
  • Product inventory
  • Sendgrid integration
  • Mandrill integration
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IgnitionDeck WordPress Fundraising Plugin Extensions

Another selling point of IgnitionDeck is the extensions that are available for it. Depending on the license you choose when purchasing the plugin, you will get access to at least one extension, with other being available at an additional cost.

Fundraising plugin WordPress extensions:

  • Sharesale Affiliate – Shareasale integration makes it easy for any IgnitionDeck Commerce user to offer commissions on product sales
  • IgnitionDeck Social – Facebook login and registration for IgnitionDeck Commerce
  • Mixpanel Analytics – Custom tracking for crowdfunding campaigns with metrics for every sale, pre-order and donation
  • Email Receipts – Send email receipts and notification emails to the customer
  • Stripe Payments – Accept credit cards via Stripe’s API. Includes option to disable PayPal.
  • Stretch Goals – Add and maintain dynamic stretch goals for crowdfunding projects
  • Export to Google Drive – Save orders to Google Drive. Exports a spreadsheet with options to select project and level
  • FAQ and Updates – Show custom list of FAQ and Updates on project page
  • iDeal – Use to accept crowdfunding payments via the Netherlands’ most popular payment gateway
  • Kickstarter Sync – Import Kickstarter campaign data into your IgnitionDeck project.
  • WePay Payments – Accept credit card and bank payments for crowdfunding projects via WePay’s secure API
  • BitCoin Payments – Accept Bitcoin payments for crowdfunding projects
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Crowdfunding WordPress Themes

While IgnitionDeck crowdfunding plugin will in theory work with any theme, the developers have created a selection of themes built especially for creating a crowdfunding website with WordPress.

The responsive 500 Framework is a free theme that comes with IgnitionDeck and includes WooCommerce support for handling the checkout process.

The framework gives you the opportunity to customize the colors of your website through a visual set of controls, without the need to edit any code.

There are a number of child themes for framework which add a totally new look to features.

Except free 500 Framework there are paid crowdfunding themes:

1. Backer – The Modern WordPress Crowdfunding Theme – A standalone theme featuring a custom IgnitionDeck integration. Available on ThemeForest and priced $53.



Clean and minimalistic design of Backer will appeal to anyone looking for modern look for their crowdfunding website.

Once this third-party theme has been installed, Backer makes it easy to customize the colors used for many of the elements of the theme.

Whether you are hosting your own projects or hoping to create a community of users promoting their own projects, Backer covers it all.

2. Fundify – Hugely popular Crowdfunding theme which integrates with IgnitionDeck



Now under ownership of the IgnitionDeck team, Fundify continues to be a popular choice amongst those creating WordPress-powered crowdfunding websites.

The Fundify theme is ideal for creating a website to promote a personal project, or building a multi-author, multi-project fundraising website.

Individual project pages on Fundify display all the important information including the amount being sought, the total received so far and the benefits for backers pledging certain amounts.

Price for Fundify is $99.

3. For The Cause by WooThemes – A standalone theme featuring a custom IgnitionDeck integration. Available on WooThemes.



Featuring a flexible homepage, large image areas and a detailed design, For The Cause can help you achieve goals.

The price of this premium crowdfunding theme includes one year of support and updates, which can be renewed after the first year of use. Price for single site license is $79.

4. CrowdPress – CrowdPress is a crowdfunding theme for IgnitionDeck that offers various color choices, layout options and homepage styles.



Use it to launch a single crowdfunding project, white label crowdfunding platform of your own using IgnitionDeck Enterprise.

CrowdPress is a WordPress theme and relies on the crowdfunding functionality built into the IgnitionDeck plugins. Price is $99.

5. GoodWork – Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme – A standalone theme featuring a custom IgnitionDeck integration. Available on ThemeForest. Price $58.



GoodWork is the ultimate fundraising theme for business. It is an elegant and modern with a wide amount of high quality features, such as shortcodes, sliders, layout builders, theme options, page templates, responsive templating…


WordPress Fundraising Plugin FAQ

Here are most common questions asked by customers about fundraising plugin for WordPress:

On how many sites can I install IgnitionDeck plugin?

You can install IgnitionDeck and IgnitionDeck + Membership on as many of your own sites as you wish. IgnitionDeck Enterprise and work for hire projects require one license per site.

How many projects can I create?

There is no limit. Create as many projects as you want.

Do I get free updates?

Each IgnitionDeck purchase includes a full year of support and updates.

Is IgnitionDeck multisite compatible?

All IgnitionDeck versions are compatible with multisite. /acc]

Purchase grants you access to support forums, detailed documentation and product dashboard for one year after purchase of IgnitonDeck. Certain products require a license key, which will enable updates via the WordPress admin.

How much license renew costs?

You do not need to renew when your Support and Upgrades expire, but doing so will keep your product up to date.

Does IgnitionDeck work on hosted websites?

IgnitionDeck works only on self hosted WordPress sites. This is because is a closed environment and you are not allowed to install additional plugins or themes.

What is refund policy?

Because digital products are impossible to return, refunds are not accepted. However, you can sell and/or transfer license to another party.


WordPress Crowdfunding Plugin Conclusion

Once again WordPress and developers working in ecosystem have made it very easy to build a specific type of website. In this case fundraising plugin/theme.

The premium options will yield the best results and the amount of money required in order to get a professional looking and functioning crowdfunding website online is very reasonable.

Dont forget that IgnitionDeck WordPress fundraising plugin has its free version available to download from WordPress repository.

Whether you want to start your own fundraising community or simply get some financial backing for your latest great idea, WordPress has it covered.

Tell me about your experience with crowdfunding tools. Have you used IgnitionDeck plugin or fundraising theme with WordPress? Please share your experiences and let me know in comments below.

And as usual, if I made any mistake feel free to unleash your rage on me. Enjoy!

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Review Summary

4.4 out of 5
Easy to Use
4.7 out of 5
Options and Settings
4.2 out of 5
4.8 out of 5
Overall Quality

IgnitionDeck is best pick for building crowdfunding website using WordPress.
You have wide options of features and WordPress themes which were made to work great with IgnitionDeck.
Price is reasonable and in overall it is worthy investment.

4.53 Good 4.53 out of 5

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