Best WordPress Plugins For Online Courses, Distance Learning & eLearning

If you are thinking of creating a website that offers online training courses (eLearning) and you are looking for a plugin or WordPress extension that will allow you to have a complete system for managing and delivering online education courses for your students, you will surely be interested in this article about what are probably the best WordPress plugins for online courses.

This list of plugins have compiled has features that will give you the ability to create and deliver online training, as well as interesting functionalities such as easy course creation, detailed profiles of teachers and students, certificates upon course completion, knowledge assessment tests, course evaluation by the student, and so on.


WordPress Plugins For Online Courses

This kind of plugins can add interactivity, create virtual classrooms, keep users interested and provide an easy way to create an eLearning platform.

Although in principle, these plugins can work well in most WordPress themes, some themes are specifically developed to properly integrate WordPress plugins for online course management systems. Some of them even include them for free as part of the theme itself, allowing you to save time and effort when you try to implement them on your website. If you need theme, then be sure to check best WordPress education themes, WordPress themes for high school and WordPress university themes.



LearnDash is a great eLearning training management system for WordPress. In LearnDash, the learning material is organized in three levels: courses, lessons, and topics per lesson. Courses and lessons can have their prerequisites to control the learner’s progression from one level to another.


LearnDash features.


As part of the courses you have created, you can require learners to upload their work/assignments, which can be manually reviewed and approved. Teachers can also provide real-time feedback to the learner, thus increasing the interaction between trainer and learner.

LearnDash also offers partial delivery of course content by setting up schedules to let the rest of the content be displayed for students who have enrolled.

If you want to charge for your courses and materials, LearnDash allows you to offer different enrollment options, such as paying for the entire course or setting up a recurring subscription.

It supports payment gateways such as Paypal, 2Checkout, and Stripe. As well as giving you the option to offer personalized certificates. Once the student completes a course, you can set minimum execution times of the training, expiration of access, etc.

For more info, you can check articles such as how to handle increasing students on LearnDashallow other students to create courses in LearnDashbest LearnDash themesbest LearnDash addons, and why to use LearnDash specific theme.



Sensei is a complete online course management system, which, together with WordPress, will give you the possibility to have a powerful platform to distribute your online courses.

Sensei has been developed by the WooThemes team who is well-known for creating the popular WooCommerce online store plugin.


Sensei features.


Once Sensei is installed on your WordPress, you can easily create courses, write lessons, and add quizzes. In each course and lesson, you can include requirements that the student must meet before starting, such as having completed a previous course.

This plugin integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, giving you a powerful set of tools that will allow you to sell your content online through various payment methods.

Although Sensei should work perfectly with any WordPress theme, WooThemes has created its own set of templates that are fully compatible with this plugin, ensuring that your course content will display perfectly and all functionality will work seamlessly.



LearnPress is a WordPress plugin that incorporates features to have a complete online course management system.

Like the other plugins on this list, LearnPress has features that allow you to create and sell online courses, create free and paid courses, and share your knowledge.


LearnPress features.


With the LearnPress plugin, you will have the following types of custom posts: courses, lessons, knowledge assessments, questions, and certificates, which can be easily managed through its intuitive graphical interface.

LearnPress is free but has extra plugins that add more features. And if you want to sell your courses, you can choose to install the WooCommerce plugin, use its payment methods, and use the proprietary integration with Paypal and Stripe payment methods. Another interesting feature is that it supports multisite.

Once you have created a course, you can share it, modify it, view statistics on the number of registered students, their trends, etc.


Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS is a WordPress extension that offers a complete management system for online training and online courses. It has a free version and a paid version with a more extensive list of features.

It comes with interesting features and a well-designed interface. Tutor LMS, in a nutshell, will help you create and sell your online courses.


Tutorm LMS features.


Among the main features is a drag-and-drop course builder; content restriction; quiz and exam builder; integrated payments via WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads; support for teachers, including the ability to pay instructors a commission and allow them to download their earnings; separate student and instructor dashboard with from the front end of your website; course ratings; and more.

One of the unique features of this extension is its focus on other instructors. Instead of just selling your courses, you will be able to create a marketplace for online courses, including options for courses from external instructors. It allows you to create your eLearning platform like Udemy.

In the free version, you will find: a course builder, which supports unlimited courses and lessons; video player support; most features for creating quizzes, including the ability to limit quiz attempts, set a minimum passing score, and add an expiration time; receive payments through the WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads extensions.

Its paid version will give you access to these features: a course builder in the visible part of your website, with which, for example, you can allow other tutors to create their courses without having to access your WordPress admin panel; a greater number of question types for quizzes; detailed reports to see how your courses are going; email notifications; homework assignments; option to require prerequisites in the courses; inclusion of multimedia content; rating of the courses by your students; and more.

For more info, be sure to check the Tutor LMS review.


WP Courseware

WP Courseware is a plugin that will turn any WordPress website into a complete educational platform that offers distance learning courses.

Once this eLearning plugin is installed on your WordPress, you will be able to start creating unlimited courses, modules, and lessons, with the possibility of delivering a personalized certificate to the students who finish their training.


WP Courseware features.


Educational content can consist of multimedia lessons, knowledge assessments, and surveys, each of which can be manually reviewed and assessed. Courses can be configured to have an expiration time and even set up live training events.

WP Courseware integrates several powerful plugins that will give you the ability to sell your courses online, have a membership site, and use an achievement system to incentivize learner retention and loyalty. You will also be able to easily integrate email acquisition forms to grow your subscriber list.


Namaste! LMS

Namaste! LMS is available in the official WordPress repository for free. With this, you can create unlimited online courses, upload lessons, create quizzes, etc., but if you want to sell your online courses and integrate a payment gateway, you will need to upgrade to the pro version.


Namaste LMS review.


One of the great advantages of this plugin is the reporting or statistics module. You will have access to the metrics of each user per lesson and course, detailed history with all user actions. You can set rankings based on your own criteria, etc.

Main features of Namaste! LMS:

  • Possibility to record lessons.
  • Restriction to certain courses or lessons.
  • A progress bar that shows users how much time they have left to finish the course.
  • Sending newsletters to registered users.
  • Option for your users to make public comments on the courses and maintain direct contact with them.
  • Integration with WooCommerce and BuddyPress.


Good LMS

Good LMS allows you to create and sell online courses very easily. In addition, it has a very clean and quite intuitive interface.


Good LMS review.


Main features of Good LSM:

  • Integration with Paypal, Stripe, Paymill, or
  • Possibility to generate certificates or medals when students finish the course.
  • Creation of timed tests and quizzes.
  • Creation of discount codes.
  • Option for students to rate the courses.

Another great LMS plugin is MasterStudy. And if you want to add Zoom option, check how to add WordPress Zoom integration to your site.




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