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WP SurveyFunnel


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • You can set start and end date for survey
  • Option to use cookie
  • Can use images and videos in surveys
  • Funnels are not fixed and you can rearrange them anytime
  • Ability to make jumps to different funnels based on answers
  • Data from survey can be seen per person and as a whole summary
  • Ability to export collected data


  • Cant set size for each survey/funnel separately
  • No option to pick font, font size, color of text etc from plugin survey editor

A WordPress survey plugin helps you collect valuable feedback and allows your readers to express their ideas and needs. Surveys can become a powerful source for collecting necessary data for any marketing campaign.

An effective survey plugin for WordPress allows you to enhance visitor participation and accordingly improve post content. They give you direct insight into customer needs and demands. A business cannot survive if the market demands are not fulfilled in the right way.

Online surveys are a great way of finding out more about your customers, readers, and visitors. The information that participants provide is vital, and the cost of acquiring this data is very low.

Polls and surveys can do wonders in increasing user engagement, and it will help you to know your users better so that you can offer content of their interest.


wpforms survey addon


WordPress survey plugins can help you gather data from thousands of site visitors in just a few hours. These plugins offer a user-friendly experience for both the site masters and the end-users.

WordPress offers a lot of options on how you collect information from visitors. Plugin solutions allow you to perform simple polls, fun quizzes, evaluation surveys, and long detailed surveys.


Best WordPress Survey Plugin

Several essential factors influence on people:

1. Commitments – It means that you get people to take action, and it doesn’t matter how small it is because it will move them into “action taking mode.”

Someone might not ready to opt-in to your list, but when you get them to click and answer a few survey questions first, it builds momentum. Once people move into “action taking mode,” they are much more likely to follow-through by opting-in.

2. Tension and desire –  By getting people to fill out a short survey or quiz, you create tension and desire in their brain.

They just want to get the results of their survey or quiz, and they just want to close that open loop. Because they want to satisfy their desire to get the results and relieve their brain of that tension. They become more likely to opt-in because they just want to find out the results.

3. Interpret results – Our brains naturally work and find ways to interpret the results as being true to us. We always want to find ways to justify why the survey or test results are accurate.


SurveyFunnel Review – WordPress Survey Plugin

SurveyFunnel is a responsive WordPress survey plugin for creating surveys, questionnaires, polls, and getting feedback.

It has been designed to create curiosity amongst web visitors and pull them into a filling survey or quiz info, ultimately leading to an increase in conversions rates and overall profits.

By having the ability to laser target in on specific details of your web visitors, you can position your offers and content in a way that fits them best as an individual.

All of the survey/quiz functionality is entirely intuitive. All you need to do is set up settings, enter your survey and questions, add your autoresponder info and your all set.

You can get as simple or as advanced as you want to with this plugin. It is excellent for use in niche sites, marketing sites, Adsense sites, CPA sites, content sites, sales pages, etc. Don’t look at this plugin as a survey or quiz oriented. It is a tool to sell products to targeted visitors.




There are three ways to display a survey on your website using SurveyFunnel:

  • As a side slider
  • Embedded into a post or page
  • Trigger it on the click of an image


Survey Plugin For WordPress Features:

  • Compatible with handheld devices
  • Complements your existing theme
  • Add surveys to pages/posts using shortcodes
  • Inbuilt theme designer
  • Place survey as a sidebar, widget, or use it on a page
  • Multipage support
  • You can set up surveys on category pages
  • Multi-site compatible
  • Works with Aweber, GetResponse, Icontact, Mailchimp, etc.
  • You can use HTML special characters
  • Use the survey header space for branding by adding images, videos, company logos
  • Integrates with video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler…
  • Use HTML in content section
  • Segment traffic into different lists based on options selected by users
  • Export reports of survey results into a spreadsheet .xls
  • Powerful analysis features
  • Notification to the admin about every survey completed


 Using SurveyFunnel

After installing and activating WP SurveyFunnel plugin, you will get SurveyFunnel icon in your left side of your site WordPress dashboard.

When creating a survey, you can set a start and end date for or keep ‘Start Date’ empty if you want to start survey immediately. Keep ‘End Date’ empty if you’re going to run a survey forever.

Then you will be brought to “Design Survey” options. Here you can choose display settings, select theme, funnel size, add questions, set trigger settings, etc.




You can choose who will be able to see surveys. There are three options: Show survey to all users, Show survey to logged-in users only, and to Show survey to users who are not logged in only.

There are three themes (black, blue, green) to pick from if you don’t intend to use a custom theme. I suggest creating a custom theme as default themes are plain simple and don’t look good.

You can pick a funnel size. All funnels in that survey will then have the same size as there is no option to set size for each funnel differently. Why is that bad?

Because some funnels will have maybe ten answers and some 3. Those with fewer answers will then have too much blank space below.

Also, don’t rely on the preview of funnel size in SurveyFunnel editor. It may show that text is out of survey container, but it will, in fact, fit container when checking in live preview on site.

There is an option to add a cookie to your surveys and set its expiry in days. After setting all options per wishes, you can start adding questions and answers to your survey.




HTML is allowed, but there is no option to pick a font, font size, the color of text, etc. from plugin survey editor. Which means you will need to write text and pick desired font (if you don’t want to use default) and other visual options in your WordPress post editor (most convenient) and copy/paste it in the survey editor.

The workaround is to make a custom theme. Because then when creating the custom theme you can choose fonts, font family (you have just nine standards to choose from), font-weight, etc. for the whole container as well as question and answers.

If you want to add optin form, CPA offer, insert an ad, discount code, or any other HTML code, click Add Content. It says you can also insert the shortcode. I tried several including Mailpoet optin form, but it didn’t work.

To prompt the visitor for name and email, click Add Name/Email and check the Add User Information (Name/Email) box. In Question Header, you can add the title of the survey and add image or video.

Funnels can be rearranged at any time. So if you decide that you want to use the fourth survey instead of sixth, it is easily done via drag and drop. No need to delete and make a new survey.

You can make as many funnels as you need per survey and choose responses to jump to different parts of funnels based on answers. As already mentioned, there are three ways to trigger a survey. Those are side slider, embedded into a post or page or trigger it on the click of an image.

You can select the pages where you want to display the survey and the number of question to start the survey. Funnels can be deleted or edited at any time.

You analyze survey data by clicking analyze text next to the wanted survey in SurveyFunnel Dashboard. Data from the survey can be seen per person and as a whole summary.




SurveyFunnel Advantages

  • You can set start and end date for the survey
  • Option to use cookie
  • Can use images and videos in surveys
  • Can collect emails
  • Funnels are not fixed, and you can rearrange them anytime
  • Ability to make jumps to different funnels based on answers
  • Data from the survey can be seen per person and as a whole summary
  • Ability to export collected data


SurveyFunnel Disadvantages

  • No option to pick a font, font size, the color of text, etc. from plugin survey editor
  • Cant set size for each survey/funnel separately
  • Little too expensive
  • Updates and support only for one year (to continue receiving support and updates you need to renew license)


WPForms Survey Add-on – Alternative To Survey Funnel

I want to offer you an alternative way of creating surveys in WordPress – using WPForms survey add-on. The primary purpose of WPForms is to make easy adding forms to a WordPress website, while still catering to users with advanced needs.

Form builder plugins provide immediate access to useful features in WordPress like creating surveys & polls, ability to add e-signaturecreate payment formscreate file upload formscreate custom form calculators, automatically export form submissionscreate conversational WordPress formsintegrate with Campaign Monitor and various other email service providers, stop spam form submissions using reCaptcha, etc.

WPForms comes in the free and paid version. The free version has various basic form fields along with a prebuilt contact form template. The forms are responsive, which means they look great on any handheld device. They are also built to load quickly to avoid slowing down the site and impacting the user experience.


interactive survey reports wordpress


The premium WPForms plugin comes in three pricing plans — Basic, Plus, Pro, and Elite. Each license brings its own set of features.

Here are some of the features available to users of the premium version of WPForms:

  • Create an unlimited number of forms.
  • Many pre-made form templates.
  • Allow file uploads field for accepting files via forms.
  • Ability to use conditional logic.
  • Ability to store, view, and manage form entries from the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Easily create multipage forms.
  • Enable form spam protection features.
  • Integration with various email marketing services.
  • PayPal and Stripe integration for collecting online payments.
  • Ability to create surveys and polls.
  • Enable WordPress user registration and login fields.
  • Detect the user’s location using the geolocation feature.
  • Zapier integration.
  • Using the signature feature, you can get documents signed from forms.
  • If users abandon forms in the middle of completing using form abandonment feature, you can store partially completed form entries.

You can use the WPForms drag & drop form builder to create interactive surveys. When you enable the survey option, all form fields are converted into smart survey fields. This includes rating field, dropdown field, text field, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc. For more info regarding WPForms, be sure to check my WPForms vs Gravity Forms comparison.


wpforms form builder plugin


What Makes WPForms Survey Better Than Others?

1. Visual reports that you can customize

Real-time insights feature automatically builds a report with the best visualizations for each type of question. You have the option to change the visualization type per your needs. You can also enable survey reporting on your older forms.

2. Real-time reports

You can show the results to each user immediately after they submit the form. You can embed your surveys in sidebar widgets, inside a post, page, or any other area.

3. Export charts

You can export the entire survey report, but you can also export individual charts as PDF or JPG. Use those charts in presentations, blog posts, or on social media posts.


SurveyFunnel Review Summary

Competition is much bigger now, and people’s online attention has changed as well. It’s getting shorter and shorter. In general, they spend only 3 minutes on-site, and then they go to your competition or go doing something else. That means your money walks out the door.

You miss a chance to convert a hot prospect. To avoid that you need to customize the sales process to every individual. It works the same way when you sell one-on-one.

By installing SurveyFunnel, WordPress survey plugin, you don’t have to do anything else, and you don’t need to set up multiple sales letters and autoresponders.

Once set, leave everything else as is simply by framing the results of the quiz or the survey as being personalized. Your prospects will interpret the offer or sales message as being tailored to them.

All you need to do is load it up with some questions that your visitors want to answer. There is a straightforward yet useful survey technique that can double or even triple your sales when you do it accurately.




Price for SurveyFunnel is $67 for use on one website/blog. You will also get updates and support for one year. After a year, if you want to keep receiving updates and ability to solve the issue via support, you will need to renew license.

If you wish to use SurveyFunnel plugin on more than one sites, there is a Developer license available to purchase for $97. In that case, you can use it on an unlimited number of sites. Maybe you could split the cost with someone and purchase a developer license.

Developer license also comes with only one year of support and updates. It seems plugin is updated regularly, so no fear that developers will abandon this project and leave you hanging.

This survey plugin for WordPress has a lot of useful features. But it has a few disadvantages too. You have to spend $67 to get it and need to renew every year to keep getting updates and help in case of problems.  I would also like to see a more robust admin interface.

SurveyFunnel is a popular WordPress Survey plugin that when used correctly, can help you gather useful insights about your site’s visitors.

If you ask the right questions, when a visitor lands on your site and point him to the right content or offer, your chances of conversion will skyrocket.

You can even use information that you gather to add each visitor into a specific email list that matches his / her requirements and send out targeted offers that the visitor would appreciate (not ignore).

Have you used SurveyFunnel or any other survey WordPress plugin? Let me know in comments below.

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