9 Best WordPress Virtual Classroom Plugins Free & Premium

The best WordPress virtual classroom plugins help teachers create engaging, interactive lessons and courses. They connect them with students and other educators worldwide and personalize learning. Also, they help adapt to individual learning styles.

With schools, however, you also have the added challenge of student engagement and the need to keep them away from possible distractions. This can be achieved by enhancing your WordPress site with plugins to create interesting and interactive learning environments.


WordPress Virtual Classroom Plugins

We’ve hand-picked the best virtual classroom plugins that will help you get the most out of your virtual classroom. Whether you’re building an online course, adding live video, adding interactive lessons, or trying to capture your audience’s attention with some cool effects, this list has something for you.



LearnDash is a WordPress plugin that enhances your site with features to help you create beautiful, powerful virtual classrooms. Constructed with the needs of educators, LearnDash offers great quality and versatility and allows you to organize several courses with classified lessons and topics of your choice.


LearnDash features.


It can also be used to create tests or exams for students, use enrollment forms, collect information, and show students’ boards with their grades and progress.  LearnDash is a feature-packed, custom course catalog and course administration plugin for your WordPress site. It’s great for:

  • online courses;
  • class registrations;
  • workshops;
  • pretty much anything virtual teaching-related.

LearnDash is the only plugin designed to truly excel at both course management and content organization on WordPress.

They all offer a demo version but come with different sets of benefits. So, make sure to check them out carefully before purchasing.

For more info, you can check articles such as how to handle increasing students on LearnDashallow other students to create courses in LearnDashbest LearnDash themesbest LearnDash addons, and why to use LearnDash specific theme.



MemberPress includes powerful LMS features. Using this plugin, you can easily create engaging online courses and make multiple membership levels. It’s also possible to protect the content you want to protect, build members-only forums, and engage in different forum topics.


MemberPress features.


Creating online courses is super simple with MemberPress. It allows you to create unlimited courses in any topic or language that you want – and you can also set up the price of each course individually.

MemberPress offers an amazing array of features to help your WordPress site turn into a great learning center for all kinds of topics. From creating online courses to running successful webinars, MemberPress is here for you.


MasterStudy LMS

MasterStudy LMS is a powerful and comprehensive e-Learning plugin that gives you a versatile approach to create your exclusive courses. Among other similar plugins, MasterStudy LMS is distinguished by simplicity and versatility.


MasterStudy LMS plugin.


You can build pages with LMS content in seconds. MasterStudy is compatible with WooCommerce, which means ultra-high conversion of sales through its own payment gateways, as well as WooCommerce bunch of payments.

There is also a set of flexible subscriptions that you can offer to your customers.

In addition, a full package of available add-ons will make your LMS website truly multifunctional. Here you can find certificate creation builder, co-instructors, Udemy and Google classroom integration, live stream, drip content, zoom conference, gradebook, group courses and much more.

Among the pages at your disposal:

  • Profile page (for both students and instructors). In two forms: default and with a floating side menu.
  • Courses page in list and grid format.
  • A separate course page with all the inner information.
  • Lesson system in the form of text, video, slide and zoom.
  • Various forms of quizzes: single choice, multi-choice, image matching, true or false, item match, keywords, fill the gap.

For more info, you can check MasterStudy LMS review.



Sensei is a WordPress LMS Plugin crafted by the creative team standing behind WooCommerce. It is more than simple and straightforward to use and follows the same practices as WordPress and WooCommerce, respectively.


Sensei features.


Just some of the things you get access to with Sensei include:

  • admin dashboard;
  • course management and administration pages;
  • student accounts, pages, and profiles;
  • class list views;
  • grade book and documentation pages;
  • quizzes.

The Sensei plugin is very easy to install and set up. However, there are not many third-party integrations available, and you’ll have to use WooCommerce if you’d like to sell your courses.

You can download it completely free and install different extensions that range from $29 to $129.



LifterLMS is a feature-rich learning management system (LMS) that provides a flexible and affordable platform for creating and delivering online courses. LifterLMS allows you to easily create and share courses with your students using any device, virtually anywhere in the world.


LifterLMS features.


Here are some additional features:

  • Courses and Programs: The courses you create don’t have to be limited to just one topic, as you can divide them into many subcourses. Just make sure they’re engaging!
  • Forum: This is an optional feature that’s available in some areas of your site. It allows you to host a members-only forum for your courses and programs. This is useful for students if they need to ask questions or get help from a teacher or moderator at any time.
  • Reviews: This feature allows students to rate and leave reviews on courses they choose. When enabled, a student can write openly about how your course has impacted their lives, your teaching style, and the general course structure.


Good LMS

Good LMS is an excellent plugin. The learning management system is very intuitive, thus making it easy and even fun to create your courses.


Good LMS review.


Good LMS makes it very easy to create online courses for your WordPress-based website or blog. Users can enroll in courses, take quizzes, and even build their own quests. Several themes are available to choose from to cater to various purposes, such as education or eCommerce.

Good LMS has an excellent support team that will quickly respond to any issues or questions you may have about their product. They also offer free updates and upgrades for life, so make sure to check it out.

One of the nice features of this plugin is that it is compatible with all types of WordPress themes. It also supports all major browsers so that you can build responsive courses for mobile devices.


WP Courseware

WP Courseware has all the features that you can expect from a learning management system. With this solution, you can create your course with the possibility of having users simply entering with their email addresses. The site is secured with SSL, which allows you to make changes on the admin panel without having to worry about losing your data.


WP Courseware features.


Besides, it’s possible to share files, videos, and other multimedia resources. This means that teachers will be able to let students interact with each other effortlessly.

It’s an integrated system that combines the power of WordPress with the accessibility of video lectures. It employs a simple and easy-to-use interface, making it ideal for both beginners and advanced users alike. It can create customized courses with specific modules or topics, make transcripts of your videos, and publish them on various media platforms.



LearnPress is one of the very best WordPress LMS plugins out there. It has countless qualities that make it a number one choice for a lot of educational websites.


LearnPress features.


It provides you with all the tools you need to create an easy-to-use and very efficient scheduling platform for educators and students. You can add tasks and quizzes to quickly make a basic automated follow-along study plan.

It is very popular and has very decent support. So even if you have never used WordPress, you’ll be able to quickly find all the information you need.

Another advantage it can boast is that it’s completely free. You can safely use its high-quality features even if you are on a tight budget. And the developers are planning to keep it that way.



BuddyPress is an open-source WordPress plugin. You can combine it with different themes to get the desired outcome.


BuddyPress features.


It provides a place for students to create profiles, join groups, and communicate with each other. These conversations can cross into all sorts of different areas: music, sports, hobbies, etc. But the best part about BuddyPress is the ability to create virtual classrooms, thus allowing members to interact with each other in a social environment.

If you go to their WordPress plugin page, you can download it for free. One of the features is a plugin that helps you create quizzes and games for your students – and you can also use the BuddyPress plugin to create private groups for your students that they can join or leave as they please.

Another feature is that you can have an activity feed where all of your pages are displayed in chronological order so that students can see what is happening in your classroom at any given time. The BuddyPress user community is very active and helpful, so if you have any questions, just post them on their support forum, and you will be answered quickly.


WordPress Virtual Classroom Plugins Conclusion

Plugins are one of the most powerful tools available on WordPress. They give you the ability to add extra functionality to your site, making it more useful for your audience. And the more complex your site, the more plugins you’ll need and want.

Installing a few effective WordPress virtual classroom plugins can make a huge difference in how your educational website looks and feels — and in its performance, too. The plugins mentioned are some of the best and most well-known in combination with WordPress. They’re here to make your online classroom engaging, exciting, and profitable. You can even integrate Zoom and WordPress.

If you need WordPress theme for virtual classrooms, schoo, online courses, education purposes, etc., then be sure to check best WordPress education themes, WordPress themes for high school, and WordPress university themes.




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  1. Excellent roundup of virtual classroom plugins for WordPress! With the increasing demand for online education, having the right virtual classroom plugin can make all the difference. This list is a valuable resource for educators and institutions looking to create an interactive and engaging online learning experience.

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