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Searching for best WPBakery extensions, you will undoubtedly encounter Composium addon plugin for this popular page builder plugin. Formerly called Visual Composer and now WPBakery Page Builder, it is most popular and well know page builder plugin for WordPress.

It is not strange that there is a vast number of various extensions, elements, widgets, and add-ons for it. It has been making huge waves for a long time, and it is not strange various extensions have been springing up and are improving how a user can use this drag and drop plugin.


Best WPBakery Extensions

The sky is the limit now that developers have started to create these easy to use addons for WPBakery Page Builder. There are many more available on Codecanyon and on various other third-party sites.

Of course, I have no intention writing in-depth reviews on all of them. Instead, I will write about one that should be enough and cover most of your WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) needs for extensions.

If you are confused about why did Visual Composer became WPBakery Page Builder and also why there is a new plugin called Visual Composer Website Builder, you can read my post where I deeply explained this confusing situation. For more info about WPBakery you can check WPBakery review.


Composium Review

Composium – WP Bakery Page Builder Extensions Addon is the ultimate extension set of widgets for WPBakery. It comes with 50 different new elements, lightbox, modal pop-up solution, custom post types with sliders and 16 included icon fonts with 4,600+ different icons.

Also, build in option to upload your own icon font and 70+ CSS3 animations available for most included elements, will quickly provide you with all the things you were always missing with the original WPBakery plugin.




Composium extension is a plugin that extends the already awesome WPBakery Page Builder plugin by adding new content elements.

The extension requires the original “WPBakery Page Builder” to be installed on your WordPress page, either as a stand-alone plugin or as part of your theme.

If your WPBakery Page Builder came as part of your theme, you need to check with theme authors that they didn’t modify the plugin or that the plugin is still capable of working with this extension. After buying, you install it and activate like any other WordPress plugin.


Composium WPBakery Extension Features

WPBakery Page Builder Composium Extensions comes with its lightbox solution. It can be used for images, videos, iframes, as well as for modal pop-ups.

It includes 20 different open/close animations, social share feature, an automatic grid builder for image galleries, slideshow preview, the ability to group elements throughout a page, touch and swipe support, etc.

Currently, there are three custom post types offered with this extension for WPBakery Page Builder plugin. One is for teammates, one for testimonials and another one for skillsets. Using custom post types makes it easy to reuse information for a variety of elements without having to re-enter it again and again.

If you want to show your regular posts in a different layout, the “Isotope Posts” element allows you to show your posts in multiple layouts, including masonry and a timeline.

Composium provides you with dedicated elements to easily embed a variety of Google Elements: Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Charts, and Google Trends. All elements provide multiple options and are responsive.




Composium WPBakery Page Builder Extensions provides you with multiple elements for manipulation and styling of images. You can split images into stripes, apply the filter, add hover effects, etc.

The plugin provides the option to embed self-hosted HTML5 audio and video files, and videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo. Composium extension includes three different counter elements, including a countdown element with multiple styles and effects.

You can apply over 60 CSS3 animations to your rows, columns, and the new icon content elements. For rows, you can use full-width background images, apply a parallax effect (up, down, left, right), etc.

Advanced effects such as parallax or full-width images will strongly depend upon your theme and/or framework and will automatically be disabled on mobile devices to ensure performance and compatibility.

Composium WP Bakery Page Builder Extension add-on comes with 16 different icon fonts pre-installed giving you access to over 4,600 different icons.

You don’t have to use all icons and can disable ones you don’t need. Uploading custom fonts is also possible.

Each icon font requires a CSS file, defining the class names and general styles for each icon, and the icon font file itself, which tells the browser how to “draw” the icon. Less active icon fonts mean that less of those files have to be loaded.




The more icons are utilized, the longer it will take WPBakery Page Builder to load and build the element settings panels that include a visual icon selector. It will take more time to build a visual preview of 2,500+ icons than it does for 400 icons. So only activate the icons (icon fonts), you are planning to use.

If you do require a large number of icons, you should deactivate the visual icon selector in the plugin settings (tab “General Settings” -> section “Basic Settings”). That way, WPBakery Pager Builder doesn’t have to build the icon previews anymore.

That will improve the time it takes WPBakery to load and open element settings associated with icons. Instead of the visual selector, you simply manually enter the icon class name.


Is Composium Extensions Plugin Worth Buying?

With so many different elements, each element having a multitude of different settings and options, the sky is the limit as to what you can do with Composium Extensions.

If you don’t know where to start, but like the examples found on demo site, you can download the exported pagers of demo site in the “Downloads” section and import the file into your WordPress site.

Of course, for the imported pages to work, you must have WPBakery Page Builder, and Composium Extensions Addon installed and activated. Naturally, the more elements and features of the plugin are activated, the more resources it requires to run, affecting memory utilization and general load speeds.

But most users don’t really use every element and feature of the plugin. Your first step should be to go through the plugin settings and to deactivate all features and elements you are not planning to use.

Once deactivated, the plugin will not be loading the associated files for that element or feature anymore, improving overall performance. Every file that doesn’t have to be loaded anymore lowers memory consumption and improves load times.

By default, the plugin will, when editing a page on the backend, provide a thumbnail image for each of its elements, that can utilize images. That helps to identify which element is using which image quickly.




Using many image elements can cause “waiting times” as you will have to wait on WPBakery Page Builder and your browser to load all those thumbnail images first.

To speed things up, you can disable the thumbnail image preview in the plugin settings (tab “General Settings” -> section “Basic Settings”). Once disabled, WPBakery will only provide you with the numeric image ID that WordPress assigns to each image.

Composium Extensions gives you the option to expand the internal Row and Columns settings provided by the original WPBakery Page Builder with additional settings.

These additional options allow you to add background effects to rows, such as parallax, gradient colors, and YouTube video backgrounds. You will also be able to add viewport animations to rows and columns.


Composium Review Final Words

If you want to expand WPBakery Page Builder by adding extensions/addons then Composium WP Bakery Page Builder Extensions Addon plugin is definitely recommended.

For the price of $25, you will get all elements, settings, effects needed to enrich your content even more. You can even take it for a test run before purchasing. That means you will get login data to test it, play with it, and see what it offers. Like when buying a car.

You can also get this plugin as a part of Ultimatum WordPress theme (check Ultimatum theme review), which comes with many popular WordPress plugins like Layer Slider, Slider Revolution (check Layer Slider vs Slider Revolution comparison), WPBakery Page Builder, Go Pricing (check Go Pricing review), etc.

Plugin already sold in more than 16,900 copies with an average rating of 4.80/5 on Codecanyon. Other popular addons for WPBakery include Ultimate Addons, Mega Addons, Super Bundle, etc.

If you are interested in difference between WPBakery and Elementor, then be sure to check my Elementor vs WPBakery comparison where I show similarities and differences between those two.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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