BigCommerce Review PROS & CONS (2022) – What Does It Offer?

In this BigCommerce review, I take an in-depth look at one of the best known eCommerce solutions currently available. I’ll examine its functions and list its primary advantages and disadvantages. By the end of this article, you should have enough information to determine whether or not BigCommerce meets your needs or if you’d be better off with an alternative like WooCommerce or Shopify.


BigCommerce Review

Companies and individuals can create their own online stores and start selling with the assistance of BigCommerce, a paid open Saas solution where you pay a monthly fee to use it. You don’t have to install any software or purchase hosting services, because BigCommerce operates on its own servers. You can create and run your store no matter where you live. 

Store owners can create their own unique stores with the help of available customizable templates. Stores can sell digital or physical products and promote them thanks to various marketing tools available.


BigCommerce store dashboard.


BigCommerce’s target markets are individuals and organizations who lack web design knowledge or experience. But that doesn’t mean that developers and technologically adept users can’t use it. They can adjust BigCommerce’s CSS and HTML to take their stores to the next level.

BigCommerce features vary according to the particular plan that’s purchased. All plans have the following:

  • Choice of 12 free templates.
  • You can sell as many digital or physical items as you want. You can also select your shipping rates and product categories.
  • An intuitive page builder with a simple drag and drop interface.
  • Integration with payment gateways such as PayPal and many others. There aren’t any added transaction fees, either.
  • There are no limits to the number of staff accounts.
  • Use it as a blog.
  • Convenient options for improving search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Akamai Image Manager is used to automate image optimization.
  • Integration with numerous third-party applications.
  • Gift vouchers and discount coupons.
  • Allow product reviews.
  • HTML and CSS can be altered to meet your specifications.
  • Professional reporting tools.

You can unlock additional functionality in BigCommerce by paying more. Each plan offers a distinct set of features.


BigCommerce Plans

There are four BigCommerce plans. They are:

  • BigCommerce Standard is available for $29.95 per month.
  • BigCommerce Plus can be acquired for $79.95 monthly.
  • BigCommerce Pro costs $299.95 monthly.
  • Pricing can vary for BigCommerce Enterprise according to the needs of the organization.

If you pay for the Pro or Plus plans annually, you’ll receive a 10% discount. There is also a 15-day trial available. In addition to 15 day trial, they also offer 1 month free when merchants pick their plan.

Individuals and small companies are ideal for the BigCommerce Pro, Plus, and Standard plans. The Enterprise plan is best for larger businesses with more advanced selling needs and who use higher bandwidth.


Bigcommerce Standard

BigCommerce Standard is the cheapest plan. You receive the following features:

  • Sell as many items as you want.
  • Bandwidth isn’t limited.
  • There are no limits to file storage.
  • You can create unlimited staff accounts.
  • Discount codes and gift cards options.
  • Reviews and ratings.
  • Products can be sold in multiple international currencies.
  • You can use the helpful point of sale (POS) features to sell products in a physical location.
  • Access to professional reporting that can help you improve and grow your business.
  • Images are optimized automatically.
  • Access to the accelerated mobile pages (AMP) feature.

Automatic conversion and the ability to sell items in different currencies are available with this plan, but it doesn’t include the abandoned cart option. There is also an annual sales limit of $50,000.


BigCommerce Plus

In addition to the main features from the standard plan, the following features are provided with BigCommerce Plus:

  • Abandoned cart feature.
  • Clients’ shopping carts will have items saved to them, no matter what device they’re using, with the persistent cart feature.
  • Frequent customers can have their credit card information saved.
  • Shoppers can be segmented and grouped in order to receive unique experiences, discounts, special pricing, and more.

The annual sales limit for BigCommerce Plus is $180,000.


    BigCommerce Pro

    BigCommerce Pro has some feature differences compared to BigCommerce Plus. One distinct difference is that BigCommerce Pro has a larger sales limit.

    There’s an online sales limit of $400,000 with this plan. You can also increase that limit by paying another $150 monthly for each $200,000 increase in sales on your store.

    Google Customer Reviews is another intriguing feature that’s included in the BigCommerce Pro plan. This allows you to collect and display feedback from users who’ve purchased from your online store.

    Custom SSL and advanced product filtering (facet search) are primary features that this plan provides.

    Product filtering improves the shopper experience by enabling shoppers to easily and dynamically filter products and custom product filtering allows merchants to leverage custom product fields to filter products in faceted search.


    BigCommerce Enterprise

    Companies with advanced selling requirements and organizations that routinely have $1,000,000 or more in annual sales are the primary market for the BigCommerce Enterprise plan. Some of the functions that are exclusive to this plan are:

    • Pricing rules can be created according to client groups. Pricing lists will then be created that will only be shown to particular customer segments based on your groupings.
    • There’s no limit to the number of API calls that can be made. Information can be shared between other apps and your store through BigCommerce’s application programming interface (API). Those connections are unlimited under the Enterprise plan. Companies that anticipate large API connection/traffic numbers can benefit from this feature.
    • BigCommerce also provides account management and implementation support.
    • Priority support included.

    The exact price for this plan will depend on the specific needs of your organization. You can contact BigCommerce to determine the pricing based on your requirements. You can also negotiate your annual sales limit with them for this plan.


    Interface & Customization

    It’s usually pretty easy to use and understand BigCommerce’s interface. Users familiar with the WordPress dashboard will become quickly accustomed to it. It should also be similar to those who have experience with modern content management systems (CMS).

    The primary features can be accessed via the vertical menu on the left-hand side of your screen. Related information will be shown on the right-hand side of your screen after a particular option from the menu on the left has been selected.


    How to edit BigCommerce store?

    BigCommerce customization options.


    Store Design is a new visual merchandising tool that BigCommerce released recently. It allows you to customize certain content sections. You can edit navigation arrow colors, the number of featured items, logo positions, background colors, and other attributes. It allows you to make more customization choices than ever.


    BigCommerce SEO Features

    BigCommerce comes with all SEO basic features you will need. You can edit URLs, robot.txt, headers, meta descriptions, or page titles.

    All templates are fully responsive, and support accelerated mobile pages (AMP). Akamai Image Manager makes it possible for your BigCommerce images to be optimized. This function automatically optimizes all of your images for you.


    Multi-Channel Selling

    BigCommerce has several functions that can assist companies selling on other marketplaces or plan to do so at some point in time. Inventory and product listings will synchronize with platforms such as eBay, Facebook, Amazon, Walmart, Wish, Instagram, and other similar websites. BigCommerce recently doubled down on Multi-Channel with the acquisition of Feedonomics.


    BigCommerce multi-channel selling.


    There’s a lot less manual labor involved because any changes made to a product on your site’s backend will be carried over to all platforms.

    As many as five products with their own detailed product views can be shown on your Instagram account. Merchants can also sell their items on Walmart Marketplace.


    Payment Gateways

    BigCommerce clients can take payments on their store in two ways. Using the default Braintree-powered PayPal option is the easiest choice. Third-party payment processors can also be used. The gateway you use will probably depend on your country of operation. There are about 55+ payment processors that you can use with BigCommerce. Also, BigCommerce provides exclusive rates through its platform.

    You may be charged transaction fees and/or a monthly fee from your payment processor. Those fees are charged by the particular payment processor that you choose. BigCommerce doesn’t charge additional transaction fees.


    BigCommerce Templates

    You can create your own store with the use of BigCommerce’s convenient templates. These templates are premade and ready to use. There are around 150 paid templates and a dozen free templates.


    BigCommerce free and paid templates.


    Each template also has several variants. Several paid BigCommerce themes are also available. They range from $150 to $300 in price.


    Shipping Options

    The shipping choices displayed to your clients (such as quotes in real-time or flat rates), zones that you ship to, and the origin address where your store ships from can be configured in the Shipping Manager section. You can also set these shipping methods and rules:

    • Shipping at no charge.
    • Flat shipping rates.
    • Shipping rates are based on product prices.
    • Shipping rates based on product weight.
    • Items can be picked up at physical store locations.
    • Third-party carrier data is used to provide shipping rates in real-time.
    • Integrations which Shipstation, ShipperHQ, etc.


    BigCommerce shipping zones.


    You can access this functionality on any of BigCommerce plans.


    Analytics Reports

    Some of the standard analytic reports from BigCommerce are:

    • Customer reports. Information about the last time a particular client placed an order, customers’ overall spending, where clients came from, the percentage of new versus repeated customers, etc.
    • Marketing reports will tell you how your clients were acquired.
    • Search data reports can be used to determine what key search words or phrases were used when customers were looking for products at your store.
    • Finance reports provide information about tax reports, sales, and other pertinent data.
    • If your BigCommerce plan supports this function, you’ll also receive abandoned cart reports.


    BigCommerce order statistics.


    The e-commerce insights report can be purchased for an additional charge. It provides details on abandoned carts, products, and your clients.


    iOS & Android Apps

    You can manage your store with a convenient app for iOS or Android devices. It can be used for these tasks:

    • One login can be used to access all of your stores.
    • Weekly or monthly information can be obtained about your store’s conversion rate, visitors, orders, and revenue.
    • You can update order status, see details for specific orders, and view orders for the store.
    • See order history and other individual customer data.
    • Email links and in-app phone can be used to contact clients.


    BigCommerce Apps

    BigCommerce’s app store has additional apps that can be purchased if you’re looking for more than what their plan features offered. You can easily add more functions to your BigCommerce plan with these apps. Some categories deal with specific aspects of managing your business. There are apps for accounting, CRM, marketing, shipping, etc.


    BigCommerce free and paid apps.


    There are also apps for Salesforce, Mailchimp, Xero, Zendesk, and other popular software as a service (SaaS) programs. There is often a cost associated with these apps, but on the plus side, they do open up a world of advanced features for your online store. In total, there are around 850 apps available for BigCommerce.


    Customer Support

    New BigCommerce users will get several support emails and resources helping them with getting started. There’s a fair amount of hand-holding available if you want it, which should make it easy enough to get your store up and running.

    Around-the-clock customer support by chat, phone, or email with live agents is available to anyone who has purchased a BigCommerce plan. They want you to check the BigCommerce help pages to try and resolve issues before contacting support.

    Not all users will like this approach. If you’ve ignored the help articles and finished your search, you will have access to support contact details. You can also get the customer support staff contact information by pressing the “skip this step” button.

    Phone support is available for many nations. The “all other countries” phone number can be called if you don’t see your particular country on the list.


    BigCommerce Pros & Cons

    Here are some of the BigCommerce advantages and disadvantages.


    • There are many impressive features.
    • It’s simple to sell products in different currencies at the same time.
    • All of their plans have third-party shipping calculations that are in real-time.
    • BigCommerce doesn’t charge any transaction fees, no matter what payment gateways you use.
    • All plans also have very effective reporting resources.
    • It’s easy to create custom fields.
    • Clients can upload files while they’re placing orders.
    • Built-in product review feature.
    • You can create all kinds of unique pages with their intuitive drag and drop page builder.
    • BigCommerce has helpful built-in search engine optimization functions.
    • The ‘abandoned cart saver’ tool is more comprehensive than the similar offering from competitors.
    • All plans let you have as many staff accounts as you want.
    • People with multiple product variants have more flexibility.
    • GDPR consent feature.
    • A 15-day free trial.


    • You have to pay quite a lot to have abandoned cart functionality.
    • Annual online sales have limits. You’ll need to upgrade to a costlier monthly plan if you surpass those limits.
    • There isn’t much originality in many of the free themes. Some of them resemble each other too much.
    • The page builder features have some definite room for improvement (recently they have made updates that make things much easier).
    • Free templates aren’t as simple to change as they could be.
    • You have to deal with VAT MOSS rates manually.


    BigCommerce Review Summary

    BigCommerce is a great WordPress alternative and has impressive store management resource in addition to its eCommerce site builder functions. It lets people successfully create and sustain their online stores. Discounting and coupon tools, real-time and flexible shipping quotes, and a diverse product catalog are just some of BigCommerce’s features.

    eBay and Amazon can be connected with BigCommerce. You can also sell items on Facebook, thanks to BigCommerce’s social selling functionality.

    Shipping is simplified with BigCommerce. The cloud-based resource provides a powerful shipping rules engine and rate calculator from ShipperHQ. You can also add your own custom shipping rates and supply customers with shipping quotes in real-time.

    Helping manage your orders and products is what BigCommerce is all about. Its sole selling point isn’t just content management functions for pages and blog posts.

    BigCommerce also handles situations that go on behind the scenes. They use the latest technology and measures to take care of your online store security and hosting. Their servers use hardware firewalls and take steps to prevent hackers from accessing sensitive information.

    If you have an item that unexpectedly increases in popularity, you won’t have to worry about site lag. BigCommerce stores can handle traffic spikes with ease.

    Checkouts are safe and secure because they’re completed using SSL. Clients’ data won’t be lost or stolen. BigCommerce offers a fifteen-day free trial, so you can try it out before deciding if their features can help you increase business, revenue, and overall profitability.



    Easy to use






    Overall quality



    • Free trial option.
    • BigCommerce doesn't charge any transaction fees.
    • Drag and drop page builder eature.
    • Integration with many payment gateways.
    • Multi-channel selling option.
    • Various plans depending on what you need.
    • Huge amount of features and options available.


    • Various integrations and some features are paid additionaly.
    • Plans have annual sale limits.
    • Page builder features could be improved.

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