Blog2Social Review PROS & CONS (2024) | Blog2Social vs Social Networks Auto Poster



Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Free version
  • 30 day trial period to test all features of paid version
  • Option to automatically share content to profile, pages, and groups
  • One Stop Workflow feature
  • Customize shared content for each network individually
  • Add hastags, links, tags, etc.
  • Best time scheduler feature


  • You can't choose the placement of the URL in message
  • Price could be cheaper
  • It would be nice if they would be support for more social networks (currently 15)

Using social media to share your blog posts is a great way to promote your website or business. Just make sure that you’re not letting your time on social media take up too much of your day. Automating your social media activities is a great time-saver. Many bloggers automatically share their WordPress blog posts to all of their various social media accounts.

Blog2Social is a plugin used for social media post scheduling, automatic posts sharing, and custom sharing of WordPress blog content. You can cross-promote to all your social media pages.

The plugin will automatically convert your post into the proper format and allow you to post at optimal times for each social network automatically. It saves time and effort as opposed to having to manually post content and images individually on each of your social media pages.


Blog2Social Review

This freemium WordPress plugin allows you to post content directly from your WordPress dashboard to your social media pages. No more having to take the extra time to post to your social media accounts one by one manually. You can automate your posts through the use of auto-scheduling, auto-posting, cross-promotion, and more other helpful features.

Blog2Social supports 15 social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. It also supports other platforms such as Flickr, Reddit, Google My Business, LinkedIn, XING, VKontakte,  Bloglovin, Tumblr, Medium, Torial, Flickr, Diigo, and Reddit. After you’ve connected your social media accounts, you can draft different social media posts for each network.


blog2social supported networks
Connect your WordPress blog to Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Medium, Torial, VK, Flickr, Diigo, and Bloglovin. And, automatically share your post to all your social media networks profiles, pages, and groups in one easy step.


You can share those posts immediately, or you can schedule your posts on either a one-time or recurring basis. You can also prepare multiple posts simultaneously. This allows you to prepare and schedule promotional campaigns for your WordPress content proactively.

You can use the auto-post feature to share updated or new content automatically, according to a template that you select. You can make different templates for each social network you’re connected to. This ensures that you’re optimizing your content for each platform’s format.

Blog2Social’s convenient drag and drop editorial calendar makes it easy for you to manage your posts. You can see upcoming posts before they go live. If you want to change the dates, all you need to do is drag and drop them into a different day on the calendar. You will also have access to multiple list views so that you don’t miss any upcoming posts.


Blog2Social vs Social Networks Auto-Poster

Blog2Social and SNAP (Social Networks Auto-Poster) are both popular plugins with the same purpose of sharing published posts from WordPress to social accounts. They both have a premium and free versions and support many social networks.

I have compared them based on their features, and I have used both plugins for a long time (SNAP for over three years). From my usage experience, they are both great plugins, but despite that SNAP offers more social network options and is cheaper, I recommend using Blog2Social.

The reason why I recommend Blog2Social over SNAP is support. Support is non existing in SNAP, and you will often encounter issues for which you will rarely get help or answers to your support ticket. While for Blog2Social I have used support several times, and they have always replied in a timely manner and helped solve the issue.

If you are still interested in the SNAP plugin, then check my Social Networks Auto-Poster review for more information about it.


blank comparison 300x160
  • Name
  • Price
  • Share to Facebook profile
  • Share to Facebook pages
  • Share to Facebook groups (public, private, closed)
  • Share to Instagram
  • Share to Instagram story
  • Share to Facebook story
  • Share to LinkedIn profile
  • Share to LinkedIn Pulse
  • Share to LinkedIn company pages
  • Share to LinkedIn groups
  • Share to
  • Share to Plurk
  • Share to Pinterest
  • Share to Twitter
  • Share to VK.Com
  • Share to Weibo
  • Share to XING profile, page and group
  • Share to Blogger
  • Share to Flipboard
  • Share to Google My Business
  • Share to Instapaper
  • Share to LiveJournal
  • Share to Medium profile
  • Share to Medium group
  • Share to Scoop.It
  • Share to SETT
  • Share to Tumblr
  • Share to WP Based Blog
  • Share to Diigo
  • Share to Reddit subredits
  • Share to MailChimp list
  • Share to Line
  • Share to Telegram
  • Share to Yo
  • Share to deviantART
  • Share to Flickr
  • Share to vBulletin
  • Share to YouTube channel
  • Share to Bloglovin
  • Share to Torial
  • Automatic repost of the existing posts
  • Autoposting Filters
    You can setup general criteria for what posts should be autoposted
  • Integration with URL shortener services
  • Auto-Import comments from Social Networks
    Plugin will automatically grab the comments posted on Social Networks and insert them as "Comments to your post"
  • Auto-HashTags settings
  • Open Graph settings
  • Auto-Scheduling
  • Auto-post imported RSS content
  • Content curation
    Share content from any source on social media
  • Best time manager
    Use pre-defined time settings to share your posts at the best times to post on each network
  • Individual scheduling
    Define your own time settings for different dates and times to share your posts on each network
  • Select network post format
  • Put GIFs into your social media posts
social networks auto poster vs blog2social
  • Free and paid version
blog2social vs social networks auto poster
  • Free and paid version
  • Only Bitly


NOTE: Above comparison may get outdated as plugins get updates, changes, new features are added, etc. For most accurate information, visit official sites.


Blog2Social FREE vs. PAID Version Features Difference

Below you will find the differences in options and settings between free and premium versions of Blog2Social plugin.

1. Connect WordPress to All of Your Social Media Networks 

This feature allows you to share your posts automatically. It also connects your WordPress blog so you can share WordPress content on Facebook pages, profiles, and groups; your VK groups and pages; Google My Business and Twitter accounts. You can also link your WordPress content to your LinkedIn pages and profiles, as well as your Xing pages, profiles, and groups.


connect social networks


The plugin can be used to integrate your blog with Diigo and Reddit and share images from your site to your Flickr, Instagram, and Pinterest pages. You can also re-publish content on Medium, Torial, and Tumblr.

You can automatically share posts on:

  • Facebook pages – FREE version
  • Multiple different social media profiles – FREE version
  • Multiple social media accounts per network – PREMIUM version
  • Social media groups or pages – PREMIUM version


2. Auto-Posting on Social Media – PREMIUM

Blog2Social automatically converts your images and posts into the optimal formats for each social network. You can automatically share your blog posts to your social media pages, either immediately or at scheduled best times. Posts can be shared to social media networks individually or all at once.


3. Custom Sharing – FREE

Tailoring your social media posts to meet the network-specific preferences of your communities can help you engage more frequently with your target audience. Blog2Social’s custom sharing allows you to customize your social media posts. You can edit text messages before they are sent, or you can add unique hashtags, handles, or comments for each network that you use.


blog2social cutom sharing
You can customize your content for each social network before sharing.


This allows you to post to your social media pages automatically to fit individual audiences. You can use this function for your Facebook groups, profiles, and business pages; your LinkedIn profiles and pages, your Xing pages, profiles and groups as well as your social media accounts on Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, Diigo, Reddit, Medium, Torial and Tumblr. Specific images can be selected to be published with each post.

You can also re-publish your WordPress blog posts on Tumblr, Torial, and Medium. Pre-filled posting text includes the original post’s headlines and sub-headlines, links and HTML markup. You can change the text and HTML markup depending on your individual preferences for each network that you use.


4. Best Time Scheduler – PREMIUM

Selecting the right time to share your posts on your social media pages is crucial for success. Posting at just the right time is the difference between your post being read and interacted with and being lost in the social media space.

Each social media has its own high traffic times of the day. Blog2Social’s Best Time Scheduler helps you determine the best time to post on each of the social media networks that you use.


best time scheduler feature
You can set your own best times to publish posts for each social network or you can use Blog2Social best times.


You can select and save the time settings that work best for your needs. These options can be edited for each social media network and each post. You can post immediately or schedule your posts to appear on either a one-time basis or on a recurring schedule that you determine.


5. Custom Scheduling on Social Media

Every time you post on social media, only a fraction of your followers will actually see that post. That’s why it’s a good idea to post regularly. However, each social network has rules and regulations as to sharing content repeatedly. These restrictions vary from platform to platform.

Blog2Social provides you with options for scheduling your social media sharing. It allows you to post, share, re-share, re-publish, and re-schedule your images and posts at any time on any social media network as you see fit.


schedule posts sharing on social accounts
You can schedule, re-post, re-share and re-schedule your social media posts and images.


You can view all of your active social network pages, profiles, and groups on the default section of the preview page. Clicking on each respective channel will let you:

  • Add or remove social media networks from your current sharing setup – FREE version
  • Save or pre-select different channels for sharing posts and images – PREMIUM version

You can also:

  • Re-share old posts – FREE
  • Share brand new posts – FREE
  • Re-share older posts and evergreen content recurringly – PREMIUM
  • Pre-schedule posts that have yet to be published – PREMIUM


6. Select any Image You Want for Each Single Social Media Post

Blog2Social allows you to choose images for each post that you want to share. By default featured image will be used. But clicking on “Change image” you can set different image for each social network.


changing image for sharing


NOTE: You can even use any GIF when sharing your social media posts. GIFs can be used in the link post format as well as the image post format. Just be aware that not all social networks support GIF.

The networks Diigo, Bloglovin’ and Google My Business do not support the GIF format and will use your featured image instead.

You can use the plugin to:

  • Pick images from your blog posts to add to your social media posts – FREE
  • Choose images from blog posts for each social media post and network – PREMIUM SMART PLAN
  • Select images from your media gallery to add to each social media post and network – PREMIUM PRO PLAN


7. Select the Post Format For Your Posts – PREMIUM

This feature will give you a preview of your post. The post title and first sentence or two will be shown for you to review. The image that appears will also link to your blog post. The selected image will connect to the image view in the image gallery for that network.

The format for your social media post can affect your post’s performance, depending on its content and the audience that you’re trying to reach. Blog2Social lets you decide what format you want for each social media post. You can also select your images for each post. The plugin automatically loads that image to the network’s image gallery. It will also add a link to the post in the comment section.


8. Social Media Reporting – FREE

You will receive a single page report of your current sharing for every post that you make. This includes both scheduled and shared social media posts complete with links on associated social networks.


social media reporting
You can see detailed reporting for each shared social post.


Some of the Blog2Social’s social media reporting dashboard’s functions include:

  • The ability for your site administrators to see all posts
  • The ability for each user to see all the posts that they’ve made
  • The ability to see all published blog posts (you can also share and re-share those posts right from your dashboard)
  • The ability to view all published and social media posts, along with the respective links to each post on social media networks


9. Customize Social Media Posts – FREE

The preview editor gives you a single page readout of all of your social media posts. You can schedule social media posts, edit comments, and text all in one step. Each social media post will include excerpts that are prefilled based on the number of available characters that each social network allows.

You can use this function to:

  • Edit your posting text for each post
  • Choose your image for each post
  • Use the Best Time Scheduler to post at the optimal times for each network
  • Add or remove social networks per click for sharing posts
  • Add content-specific hashtags, handles or comments for engagement, post visibility and interaction with your audience


10. Content Curation

Sharing content from reputable third parties can establish your pages as a trustworthy source for information on your area of expertise.


content curation
You can also share content from other websites.


You can use Blog2Social’s content curation function to:

  • Share any content posts that you want your followers to see – FREE
  • Schedule your content curation posts in advance so that they fill your pages with an even mixture of your original content and content from relevant third parties – PREMIUM


11. Facebook Instant Sharing – FREE

Using the Instant Sharing function allows you to share posts instantly or schedule and customize your posts. Your scheduled posts will appear in the “Scheduled Posts” tab of your “Posts & Sharing” navigation bar. On the day a post is scheduled to run, it will then be in the “Instant Share” tab. Clicking on the “share” button will instantly add these posts to your Facebook profile.

You can share posts on your timeline, on a friend’s timeline, in messages to friends, on group pages, in events, and in pages that you manage. You can also add activities, emotions, or @handles, tag friends, check-in at a specific location, or update your post’s privacy settings.


How Blog2Social Works?

Blog2Social is a convenient social media posting plugin for WordPress users. It’s a simple all-in-one solution for many websites and blogs. Website owners, business owners, Internet marketers, and agencies have been using this plugin to share posts and cross-promote information and ideas across various social media network platforms.

The plugin currently supports 15 different social networks. You can share content not only on your own personal pages but also on groups and pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing, and

You can even automatically share WordPress posts on Instagram. You can integrate multiple accounts per social network, depending on the license version that you purchase.


blog2social advantages


Blog2Social lets you create different profiles for different social media networks. This allows you to combine network profiles for specific social media campaigns.

The plugin will automatically convert all posts into the proper format for each network. You can preview and edit your posts before sharing them, or you can use the auto-post function to share them automatically on all of the connected networks that you choose.

The preview editor displays all of your social media posts on a single page. You can edit individual posts, add emojis, hashtags, handles, and comments. You can create time settings to publish posts at a single time, on a repeated basis, or according to a schedule that you define.

Start by going to your WordPress admin menu and bringing up the Blog2Social submenu. From there, click on the “Posts & Sharing” option. Choose the blog post that you want to share on social media. Click on the blue “Share on Social Media” button to view the post in the preview panel.


how to share posts


You can also add social networks from this submenu. Go to the network panel on the right-hand side and select the “ADD MORE” option.


adding and removing social accounts


Choose the networks that you want to connect to from the list of options that appear in the popup window. The step by step instructions will help you connect to those networks.

Once you’ve successfully added a network, you will see it in the account panel on the right-hand side. This network will be available to use for all future posts. You can add or remove social networks from this panel with a single mouse click.

You don’t need to worry about formatting your posts, because Blog2Social automatically converts each post into the optimal format for each social network that you want to post to. You can use the custom sharing option to edit individual posts. You can add hashtags, tags, comments, or add personalized messages such as asking for shares or encouraging engagement.

From your preview page, you will see an editor page for all of your social media network accounts. You’ll see that the editor field has already been pre-filled with a snippet of your post, according to the maximum number of characters for each social media network.

You also have the option of creating your own best time settings or using Blog2Social’s Best Time Scheduler every time you share a blog post.

The premium version of the plugin gives you two basic options for sharing posts on your social media pages: Social Media Auto-Posting and Custom Sharing and Scheduling.


Social Media Autoposting

Blog2Social auto-posting feature makes it quick and easy to share your posts on social media. You can share automatically every time you publish a post, or you can choose to have your posts published on specific dates and times that best meet your needs.

The plugin will automatically schedule posts according to the times defined in the Best Time Manager feature if you don’t create custom time schedules for your posts.


auto post on social media


You can schedule blog posts to post automatically. All you have to do is choose either the “immediately after publishing” or “at scheduled times” options to post at certain times or right after a blog post is published.

Immediate auto-posting:

  1. Choose the “enable Auto-Posting” option.
  2. Choose either your standard social networks or a list of social networks that you want to post to.
  3. Choose the “immediately after publishing” option.

After you’ve selected the “schedule” or “publish” option in your WordPress post editor, the Social Media Auto-Poster will then be enabled.

Auto-posting with auto-scheduling:

  1. From the WordPress post editor menu, select the “enable Auto-Posting” option.
  2. Choose either your standard social networks or a set of social networks that you want to post to.
  3. Choose the “at scheduled times” option.
  4. Choose the date(s) and time(s) that you want your posts to run.
  5. Selecting the “post at my time settings” will post at the optimal times for each social network that you use. If the best time windows have already passed for that particular day, Blog2Social will publish your posts the following day.

Using the “schedule” or “publish” options in your WordPress post editor will activate the Social Media Auto-Poster feature.


Custom Sharing & Scheduling

You can select the “Custom Sharing & Scheduling” option from your WordPress post editor to use custom blog post sharing and scheduling features. This allows you to share your blog posts with individual hashtags, handles, and comments.

You can use the single page preview editor to adjust your post settings. Some of the available options include image post format by default, network settings, and post formats.

You can also schedule and customize your posts whenever you want. You can select pre-defined times that your posts will run on all social media networks that you use.

If you want to schedule individual posts, just use the scheduling preferences option that’s in the drop-down box right below the menu field.

The social media scheduler function can be used to schedule posts:

  • to be published and shared immediately
  • to run a single time
  • to be shared on a specific date or time
  • to be shared repeatedly on certain dates and times

Use the dashboard if you want to edit your scheduling preferences for your posts. You can also pre-define your own best time scheduler if you wish. Start by bringing up the Blog2Social sub-menu.

Click on the settings. Selecting the “My best-time settings” in the preview page’s upper menu will save those settings. If you don’t know what times to schedule your posts for, you can always use the “Best Times Scheduler” to handle that part for you.


Connect To Multiple Social Profiles, Pages & Groups

To connect your different social media pages, start by accessing either the Blog2Social submenu’s “Networks” option or your preview page. Your network setting should appear as the default “Standard” network profile.

You can edit this setting to pre-define certain sets of networks that you want to post to. For instance, you may want to define one network for re-sharing your evergreen content regularly and define another network for sharing only your new posts and images.

If you want to auto-publish new posts, use the drop-down menu found in the networks panel on the right-hand side to choose your predefined network set. You can add or remove specific networks from this set by clicking on the desired account, page, group, or profile to turn it on (a green checkmark will appear) or off (the network will appear as faded).



The reporting function helps you stay on top of your published and scheduled social media posts. You can access this feature from your WordPress dashboard. Choose the Blog2Social sub-menu and click on the “Posts & Sharing” option.


blog2social reporting function


Here you’ll see:

  • A list of social media posts that have already been published. They’ll be categorized by blog posts and will include deep links to each post in its social media network.
  • A list of scheduled blog posts that have yet to be published. They will also be grouped by blog posts. There will be links to every scheduled post, and you can edit the date and time when they will be published, as well as the option to delete scheduled social media posts.
  • An entire list of all of your posts. You will also see links to the single page preview editor so that you can schedule and share different posts.
  • You can toggle between calendar and list views to review all of this information.


Save Customized Social Media Posts As Drafts

The ability to save social media posts as drafts is convenient for those who want to return to a particular post at a later time. You can also use drafts to re-purpose social media posts. All you have to do is to save your scheduled social media posts as drafts so that you can return to them whenever you’d like.

Blog2Social lets you save your work, even if you’re right in the middle of scheduling and/or customizing them. The draft feature allows you to save your customized social media posts and pick up right where you left off when you’re ready.

You can continue editing, scheduling, or customizing posts without having to worry about lost data. This lets you create different kinds of posts with various hashtags, handles, images, text information, or formats and save them for future use. You can also save your recurring scheduling or pre-determined scheduling information for your posts in your drafts.


Customizing Post Templates

Blog2Social allows you to customize social media posts automatically using templates. Creating new layouts can instantly make your posts unique for each network and community that you share them with.


edit post format for sharing


You can define variables such as content, titles, keywords, and excerpts in your templates. The plugin will then use those rules to convert your posts to fill those requirements automatically.


Content Curation

Content curation is an essential part of social media marketing. The ability to share third party content related to your field or industry can establish your social media pages as a reputable and important content resource.

You can use Blog2Social to share any content and even schedule your content curation posts so that viewers see a fresh mix of new content and third party articles regularly.


Post Format

The plugin gives you the option of choosing either an Image Post or a Link Post. This flexibility allows you to determine the focus of each social media post.


automatic share post on facebook wordpress plugin
Link and photo post format setting in Blog2Social plugin.


Image posts concentrate on visuals. Clicking on the selected image will enlarge it. Your link will be clickable, and it will appear directly below the text.

Link posts emphasize your blog and post content. The network will automatically create a link preview, using information from your blog post’s open graph tags.


Open Graph

You can edit or add Open Graph meta tags on your site to alter the look and feel of your link post images and previews. Facebook created Open Graph tags to improve the interaction between social media platforms and other websites.

Data in meta tags tell social media networks what images to use and show in previews that are automatically generated when a link URL is shared.


Blog2Social Pricing – FREE vs. PAID version

You can use the free version of Blog2Social to cross-promote, customize, and share your WordPress blog posts. You can upgrade to the premium version at any time to access its advanced features.

Some of the features in the premium version include auto-posting, social media scheduling, and the ability to connect multiple social accounts, groups, and pages per network. There are different license options to choose from. Each of them offers its own unique advantages according to the number of blogs or users that you want to link to your social media accounts.


blog2social pricing plans


The plugins limited free version allows you to customize and manually share posts on social media. To access functions such as cross-posting, scheduling, auto-posting, and other features, you’ll need to purchase the premium version of Blog2Social.

You can also use the free version of Blog2Social to:

  • Re-share older posts.
  • Choose and share images with your posts.
  • Create hashtags automatically using your post tags.
  • Use the posting dashboard to stay on top of all of your social media posts.
  • Add hashtags, @handles, and comments for individual posts.
  • Cross-promote content on all of your active social media accounts simultaneously.
  • Manage and share blog posts from all your website users (administrator access is required for this feature).

Upgrading to Blog2Social PREMIUM lets multiple users use your license at the same time. You can also access advanced features and functions, including:

  • The ability to define network bundles for different social media campaigns.
  • Using social media reporting tools to track the status of every social media post that you make.
  • The ability to use advanced scheduling options to schedule recurring posts.
  • Connecting different social media accounts using the same network.
  • The ability to automatically post on social media groups and business pages.
  • The ability to design and schedule multiple social media posts per each page, profile, and group that you use in a single step.
  • You can use the Best Time Scheduler to automatically schedule your posts for peak times of the day for each social media network that you use, or you can save your own preferred time setting for each network.
  • Use the convenient drop and drag calendar to see and edit scheduled posts as necessary.
  • Connect multiple accounts per social network
  • Select different post formats and images for each social media network and post.

The premium version starts at 69 € per year and can range up to 249 € per year, depending on how many users, social networks, and websites you want to grant access to and the type of features that you need.

There is a free 30 day trial period that doesn’t require any credit card information. This allows you to try the plugins functionality risk-free. You can find more information on the features for each pricing level on the pricing page of Blog2Social’s website.


Blog2Social Advantages & Disadvantages

Here are the pros and cons of using Blog2Social plugin:


  • You can review all of your scheduled and already published social media posts in the calendar
  • You can schedule posts sharing to multiple pages, profiles, and groups one time or on a recurring basis
  • You can create your own time schedule or use the Best Time Scheduler time for sharing
  • Posting automatically to your social media accounts every time you publish a new blog post
  • Using individual network messages to improve your social media posts’ visibility and relevancy
  • Flexible license options in Premium version and availability of free version
  • You can use the One-Stop Workflow feature to customize messages and preview them before they are published
  • 30 day trial period to test all features of paid version for free without the need for inputting credit card info



The plugin allows you to edit each message per social network. Unfortunately, you can’t choose the placement of the URL in the message. Blog2Social always puts the URL at the end of your message. This would probably be one of the first things that would be edited or removed if your message was edited or retweeted by someone else.


Blog2Social Review Conclusion

Most WordPress site owners enjoy having the option of making their content available on social media. However, taking the time to manually share your blog posts on each of your social media pages, profiles, and groups can be rather tedious and time-consuming.

Blog2Social is a handy plugin for managing your social media content. It gives you the option of manually scheduling your posts or use its auto-scheduling and automatic posting features. This puts your content posts on auto-pilot.

I like the ability to curate content from other trusted third-party sources. This helps make your social media profiles fresh and timely. The event and calendar functions assist in keeping your social media post schedules running smoothly. The easy to use drop and drag user interface allows you to move posts in the calendar view.

Blog2Social is an essential plugin for personal blogs, corporate blogs, and agencies of any size. It helps increase readership and awareness. It’s also a great way to draw more traffic to your social media pages and your blog.

If you need a good plugin to allow your visitors to share your blog content on social media, then Easy Social Share Buttons (check Easy Social Share Buttons review) plugin is the right choice. In combination with Blog2Social, you will have everything you need to share and promote your website content.

In this Blog2Social review I have tried to show every possible feature of Blog2Social. But if you have any additional questions, let me know in comments below.

As alternative options, you can also use tools such as Hootsuite and Statusbrew which are feature-rich social media management solutions.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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