Brave Review PROS & CONS (2024) – WordPress Conversion Widget Builder

Brave Conversion Engine


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Free version available
  • Drag-and-drop visual editor
  • Various conversion widget pop-ups
  • Multi-step campaign option
  • Advanced targeting and tracking
  • Integration with various third-party tools
  • A/B testing


  • No option to show social shares count with social share feature
  • I would like to see more ready-made templates.

Many websites regularly gather leads or email addresses through the use of popups. It may take more effort to convert site visitors if you don’t have proper offer triggers or messaging.

Brave Conversion Engine is a valuable, multipurpose conversion widget builder plugin that’s effective and doesn’t require any marketing abilities or knowledge. This Brave review will show how you can convert site visitors to customers on autopilot using powerful WordPress widgets from the Brave plugin.


Brave Review

Brave conversion widget is a precious tool for site visitor conversions. It comes with various conversion widgets that WordPress website owners can use to convert visitors. You can also gather leads by integrating them with well-known CRM or EMS tools with advanced analytics to help you monitor leads in real-time.

Quizzes, surveys, custom banner ads, related blog posts, WooCommerce upsells, social signups, and lead magnets are just some of the 20 widgets that can be implemented to help turn site visitors into loyal customers.


Brave WordPress conversion engine plugin.
Brave comes with various conversion tools under one plugin.


New popups can be created in a matter of minutes with Brave’s easy drag and drop popup editor. Form, image, button, and text are some of the nine elements included in the free version.

You can quickly customize themes by dragging and dropping these elements wherever you feel they are appropriate. It doesn’t take much time to craft unique slide-ins, EU cookie notices, lightboxes, modals, announcements, sidebars, sticky bars, contact form popups, newsletter opt-in popups, and much more.


Brave newsletter campaigns.

Brave WooCommerce products campaigns.
Few examples of Brave campaigns that you can create.


The Brave visual editor comes with 20 different types of tools you can use:

  1. Newsletter Subscription – There are various optin forms to capture site visitor emails.
  2. Promotional and Sales Popups – Sticky bars and popup windows with countdown timers and coupons.
  3. Contact Forms and Lead Capture – Floating the “Contact Us” button for site visitors to get in touch.
  4. Feedback and Surveys – Survey widgets for conducting surveys and gathering user feedback.
  5. Quizzes – Interactive quizzes can be used to retain site visitor interest and capture email addresses.
  6. Modals and Notifications – Notification boxes and popups of all types.
  7. WooCommerce Products – Another way to improve sales is by cross-selling items that visitors are currently watching and showing upsell products.
  8. WooCommerce Cart Abandonment – Show messages or coupons to customers who are about to leave shopping carts.
  9. Related Posts – To reduce your blog’s bounce rate, you can display popups with relevant posts.
  10. WP Login/Signup – Signup popups can be used to get new users’ attention and interest to sign up.
  11. Social Shares – You can get more page and post shares by allowing visitors to share them.
  12. Social Followers – Sidebar widgets or floating popups can be used to show “Follow us” social media buttons.
  13. Social Chat Popups – These chat boxes can be uniquely customized. They will integrate with your Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, or Messenger.
  14. Cookie Consent – Brave has its own cookie consent notification boxes. You won’t need to purchase or install any cookie consent plugins from third parties.
  15. Reviews and Testimonials – To help improve conversion rates and increase sales, you can show customer reviews in popups.
  16. Help and Frequently Asked Questions – Display FAQ popups and mini documentation sidebars.
  17. Terms and Policy – A button click or popup can be used to display the policy and terms information for your site.
  18. Video Popup – Floating video boxes or video lightboxes that can be clicked to open.
  19. Directions – Direct visitors to the important pages of your website.
  20. Stories – Automated stories, somewhat similar to Instagram stories.
  21. Custom – Apart from mentioned ready-made widgets, Brave’s simple drag and drop visual builder lets you create unique multi-step visitor conversion tools.


Brave quizzes campaigns.

Brave cart abandonment campaign options.
Brave cart abandonment and quizzes example campaign ready-made templates.


Brave Free vs. Pro Features

The Brave plugin comes in a free and paid version. Paid plans are Brave Pro $59/year for one site, Brave Mega $99/year for 10 sites, and Brave Ultimate $199/year for 100 sites. Each plan comes with all the features.

The price is auto-renewed every year. You can cancel anytime from your account. When you cancel your subscription, you won’t receive any future updates and support. If you are not satisfied with Brave, you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Features that come in the free version:

  • Intuitive visual editor – You can create all sorts of custom popups with an intuitive drag and drop visual editor. No coding knowledge or experience is necessary.
  • 10 beautifully designed elements – You can create popups with the following drag and drop element types: button, code, form, image, list, shape, single post, text, WooCommerce product, and WordPress posts.
  • Advanced forms – It only takes a few minutes to create contact forms, feedback forms, and newsletter opt-in forms.
  • Create all kinds of popups – Notification boxes, dialogue boxes, modals, lightboxes, sidebar panels, slide-in popups, opt-in popups, and sticky header popups are just some of the possibilities that you can create.
  • Integration with WooCommerce – Related products, cross-sell, and upsell popups can help to increase sales and revenue for your WooCommerce store.
  • Simple targeting – You can control where, when and who sees your popups.
  • Custom goal – Determine the particular action that will finish the popup’s goal. You’ll be notified instantly once the goal has been met.
  • Customize display frequency – You can change up popup display frequency, so that site visitors don’t see the same popups repeatedly.
  • Create separate versions of popups for mobile devices and desktop – You can create a mobile version of the popup or display the scaled version of the popup that will appear on cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.
  • Animated popups– There is a list of ready-made animations that can be applied to popups.
  • Custom code – You can add custom codes to a code element or shortcodes so that content from your favorite plugin will be displayed.
  • 15 started presets – You can start creating popups right away using any of the fifteen presets in the free edition that can be added and customized as you see fit.
  • Newsletter service integrations – There are 20 newsletter services for opt-in forms to connect. Those include Active Campaign, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, GetResponse, HubSpot, Kkaviyo, MailChimp, Mailer Lite, Mailjet, MailPoet, Moosend, Ontraport, Pabbly, SendinBlue, SendGrid, SendPulse, The Newsletter Plugin, and Zapier.
  • Performance – Brave popups are lightweight and only load assets after the page is fully loaded.
  • Analytics – You can quickly learn which popups result in the most conversions and which ones could do better. Brave tracks views for every popup. It will show the number of form submissions or popup clicks.
  • No credit links – You won’t have to worry about popups having any “generated by” or “powered by” links.
  • Third-party tools integration – LearnDash, Pixabay, Polylang, Vimeo, WPML, YouTube, Zapier, and Zoho are just some of the many third-party tools and plugins that can be integrated with your popups.
  • A/B test function – The A/B testing feature allows you to check the performance of different popup variations. You can serve them randomly and observe the results.


Brave conversion engine review.
Here are some of the available optins. There are also multi step optin, content lockers, and inline widgets.


Pro version comes with free version features plus a bunch of additional options:

  • You can create popups that have multiple steps. These steps can link to each other, and you can create as many steps as you want.
  • Custom thank you page.
  • Display forms based on user selection.
  • No form field limits.
  • Once a site visitor submits a completed form, they can receive an automatic email notification.
  • As soon site visitor submits the form, you can set a download option for eBook or any file.
  • Pixabay videos, images, icons, Giphy animated stickers, and millions of other free assets can be added.
  • Login/signup, WooCommerce single product, dynamic content, WordPress posts, animated stickers, countdown timer, and video are additional elements you can use.
  • You have a choice of more than 100 different presets.
  • Presets can be exported and imported.
  • Scroll, form submit, and exit-intent popups can be used.
  • Site visitors can be targeted according to traffic sources, roles, or devices.
  • Add animation to every element separately.
  • Once a site visitor finishes a popup’s goal, you can be informed of that by push notification, SMS, or emails sent in real-time.
  • When a site visitor clicks on or sends a form, a tracking event can be submitted to Google Analytics.
  • Social and analytics section access.
  • Additional templates to choose from.


How Brave Works?

To use Brave, you will need either a free or paid version. You can install the free edition by going to the WordPress dashboard and navigating to the Plugins menu. From there, choose the “Add New” option and look for “Brave.” Once you’ve found the correct plugin, you can click on “Install.”

You’re ready to create your first campaign after the plugin has been installed. Begin at the Brave menu and pick the “All Campaigns” selection. You can then click on the Plus icon that appears at the top of the page.

You can then use Brave’s preset library to add their pre-designed conversion widgets. The library has more than 200 different conversion widgets and over 20 widgets.


How to create campaign with Brave plugin?


Once you click on the Plus button, you will see a drop-down with the New popup / Widget and New Embedded Content options. Click on the New popup/Widget for the next step.

A new screen will now be shown. This screen has the template section and title field. A blue icon will appear when you hover over a particular popup box. This icon allows you to see a preview of the template.


Brave live preview option.


The bottom right-hand section of your screen will have the Create Popup option. This lets you make a new popup box by editing one of available templates. There’s also a Start With Blank choice at the bottom of your page that lets you create from scratch. You can always adjust your widget design and text after the campaign is created.


Visual Editor

Brave’s innovative built-in drag and drop visual editor simplifies widget creation. You can create all sorts of sidebars, floating widgets, sticky bars, and other widgets in a matter of minutes. Any element type can be placed in widgets, much like how Canva or Photoshop operate.


Brave available editor elements.
Brave static and dynamic elements you can use.


You can drag and drop 18 different element types in campaigns. Here’s a summary of each element that Brave offers:

  1. Text – Popups can have text information placed in them. More than 800 different fonts can be used to customize the text. You can also adjust text color, size, etc.
  2. Image – Your popups can have images. You can integrate Giphy gifs, Pixabay’s more than a million free images, or integrate images from your own library.
  3. Shape – Adjust popup design with custom shapes. Popups can have eighteen different shapes.
  4. Sticker – If you want popups to be more visually appealing, you can insert Giphy’s animated stickers.
  5. Button – Buttons can be added and customized. You can set the actions that each button will perform.
  6. Form – You can create multi-step forms and add up to ten different field types in your forms. ConvertKit, GetResponse, MailChimp, and other email service providers can be linked to forms. You can also use custom webhooks or work with Integromat, Zapier, or other services.
  7. Video – Custom videos, YouTube, or Vimeo videos can be used.
  8. List – Place bulleted lists in your popups.
  9. Timer – Site visitors can see evergreen and custom timers.
  10. Dynamic – To show custom information, you can use custom news, custom user reviews, feature boxes, sliders, and testimonials.
  11. Search – Use live search boxes inside popups.
  12. Login – This function allows you to create social and custom login popups. Site visitors can receive welcome emails personalized specifically for them, and default subscription roles can be assigned.
  13. Post – Embed a single post or page into the popup.
  14. Posts – To help lower the site’s bounce rate, you can show blog posts related to a site visitor’s searches to keep them engaged and interested.
  15. Product – Embed a single product with add to cart button.
  16. Products – WooCommerce items can be cross-sold and upsold. You can show new products and popular items in addition to the products that you want to upsell or cross-sell.
  17. Social – Display social follow and share buttons. You can customize the buttons to match your website design.
  18. Code – Shortcodes or custom HTML can be added to campaigns. Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, or other third-party forms can be displayed whenever you want using this element.

Using the Brave plugin, it is easy to create multi-step campaigns like surveys, quizzes, multiple step newsletter opt-in forms, chat boxes that open when clicked, floating button click popups, and many other kinds of widgets.

You can also decide which custom elements you want to target for monitoring campaigns. Brave lets you create form, text, image, or button elements to set your campaign goal.

Goals are reached when those designated elements are clicked. You will receive information by instant email notification about the site visitor that clicked on the goal element.


Brave visual editor.
It is easy to edit and create campaigns using Brave drag-and-drop visual editor.


Various conversion elements can also be created with Brave. Shortcuts, the included asset library, and intuitive drag and drop builder make it easier to create unique popups quickly. Designers can take advantage of the drag and drop feature to create diverse, one-of-a-kind elements added to popups.

Some features of Brave visual editor:

  • You can create all sorts of popups with the drag and drop Visual Editor.
  • Create sidebars, sticky bars, full-screen popups, floating popups, and other popups.
  • Ability to create multi-step popups.
  • You can take advantage of the features that the Super Advanced Targeting system has to offer.
  • It can connect with WPML, Polylang, LearnDash, Easy Digital Downloads, and WooCommerce.
  • There are hundreds of different pre-designed popups that concentrate on conversion.
  • If you want to see how popups are performing, you can access the Advanced Statistics information.
  • There is an A/B testing function.
  • Ability to schedule popups.


Placement & Targeting

Targeting site visitors has never been easier. Brave’s advanced functions let you perform targetting tasks such as targeting visitor:

  • Target site visitor that has previously visited a particular page.
  • Target visitors if the URL contains a special keyword (UTM).
  • If your site visitor came from a certain web page or web domain.
  • You can find out if a particular site visitor comes from a specific nation.
  • Target visitors based on user roles.
  • Target based on if a site visitor is using a desktop computer or mobile device to view your website.
  • Target customers who visited a particular page on your site before.
  • Target site visitor who has purchased goods or services in the past on your WooCommerce store.
  • See if a site visitor has previously bought items from your Easy Digital Downloads store.
  • Target visitors based on particular items currently in their WooCommerce online shopping cart.
  • You’ll know if a particular site visitor has previously finished a campaign.
  • You can find out if a visitor has finished a LearnDash quiz, lesson, or course.
  • The visitor has a certain browser cookie.


Brave placement options.

Brave audience options.


Conversion widgets can be placed anywhere you want on your site. You may want to put widgets on specific posts in particular categories, products, blog posts, certain pages of your site, etc. You have the ability to trigger the popup campaigns in various ways:

  • On page load.
  • Whenever a site visitor tries to exit a particular page of your site.
  • When a certain percentage has been scrolled.
  • After a particular page element has been clicked on.
  • After a form has been sent.
  • After a given number of seconds have elapsed.


Brave frequency setting options.


Tracking Features

You can see the number of times that campaign goals were finished and viewed with Brave’s tracking system. The built-in feature allows you to know how many views it took for site visitors to complete a particular goal and page URL, goal time, and visitor location.


Setting goal in Brave plugin.


Google Analytics can also be used to monitor campaign goals and elements. For instance, let’s say that you want to find out the number of clicks that a certain button that you created for your campaign receives. You can enable a Google Analytics action event for that button within Brave. Google Analytics will then retain that event information for you.


Brave advanced analytics.
Brave tracks the conversions and view count real-time that you can view anytime within the dashboard and find out which campaign is performing the best.


An advanced analytics dashboard is included with Brave. It can be used to see conversions and campaign visitors. Brave will keep records on the amount of exposures needed for a site visitor to complete a certain goal, the page where the goal was completed, and the user’s location.

The date range selector lets you see campaign data for the date range that you entered. You can adjust your campaigns to make them more appealing and effective by using the information obtained from the analytics dashboard.


Lead Capture

Advanced functions and more than 20 different native email service providers make Brave a powerful lead generation tool. It doesn’t take much time or energy to increase lead generation.


Brave email imtegration options.
You can integrate Brave with various email services.


Here are some of the ways that Brave can assist you in your efforts:

  • Site visitors can use Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook to opt-in to your newsletter with a single click of the mouse.
  • You can create more interest by creating quizzes that relate to site visitors’ areas of interest. According to the respective participant’s quiz score, messages can be sent, and each form field can have its own number of quiz points assigned.
  • Posts can be locked so that visitors can only see them after they’ve signed up.
  • You can try to gain more conversions by using the A/B test function. Different site visitors will see different versions of your opt-in forms. You can have text and image variations in these forms.
  • After people sign up for your list, you can send automated personal greetings.
  • Brave can be used to let your site visitors download any file after subscribing. You can also offer free e-books to try and increase subscriptions.
  • Once Brave has a lead, you’ll receive a notification in real-time via email. You can also get a real-time push or SMS notifications by integrating Integromat and Zapier.
  • The Advanced Analytics dashboard lets you see real-time counts and monitor conversions.
  • Your forms can have different fields added to them. Visitors can be added to various newsletters according to their registration status, quiz score, browser cookies, or field values. Based on those conditions, site visitors can be tagged.
  • Brave works well with AWeber, GetResponse, Mailchimp, and many other email service providers.
  • Let visitors signup without typing an email.
  • Exit-intent popups can help you acquire more leads.
  • Subscribers can be saved in WordPress locally.
  • An advanced email validation engine stops disposable and fake email signup attempts.
  • Form information can be used to put site visitors on various lists.
  • There are more than 40 different lead capture form templates that concentrate on conversions.
  • Integromat, Webhooks, and Zapier can be used to send subscriber information to more than 1,200 applications.
  • Campaign layout options can be slide-ins, popups, multi-step optin, sticky bars, inline optin forms, content lockers, floating sidebars, fullscreen and inline widgets.


WooCommerce Options

There aren’t too many popup and conversion plugins that work well with WooCommerce, but Brave integrates with WooCommerce without any issues. Brave can help perform the following WooCommerce features:

  • Highlight best sellers and the newest products.
  • Promote upsell items.
  • Cross-sell products.
  • Countdown timers can create a sense of urgency.
  • You can reduce shopping cart abandonment.
  • Show popups based on items in the user’s shopping cart.
  • Show popups based on products that the particular site visitor has bought.
  • More than 30 different pre-designed templates available.
  • Display products as Instagram-like stories.
  • Visitors can copy coupons.


Social Features

Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook native integration are included with Brave. There are have plenty of social media functions available without needing to worry about the site lag or bloat that other third-party social media plugins can cause. You can accomplish the following social tasks with Brave:

  • Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook can be used to let your site visitors sign up for your newsletters.
  • Social share buttons can be placed anywhere on the site.
  • Display social follow popups that can help you increase page likes and social follower numbers.
  • Allow visitors to use social media accounts to login or sign up.

Social share popups created with Brave allow site visitors to share content. Site visitors can also sign in, or login to your site with a single mouse click from their LinkedIn, Google, or Facebook accounts. This is in addition to site login and email signup. Login forms can be placed in sidebars or popups on any page of the website.


Interactive Content

You can embed the interactive content that you create with Brave visual editor in your pages and posts. Flyers, interactive magazines, interactive restaurant menus with multiple steps, quizzes, lead capture forms, and surveys are just some of the options that you can create.


Brave content locker campaign.

Brave flyer templates.

Brave photo gallery.


Automatically generated shortcode can be inserted inside plugins that take shortcodes as well as widgets, posts, and pages. More than eighteen different elements can also be added to your content. Elements can be animated, and multiple steps can be created and connected.



Brave’s coding doesn’t leave much of a trace on your website. Only two Brave files are loaded, and those files are loaded quickly. The backend functions are also rather swift. All Ajax-based activities of  Brave are completed in a second.

You may want to think about using Brave if you already have other plugins to help you with forms, popups, quizzes, surveys, and other related activities. Brave can help to significantly reduce loading times for your website pages and reduce the amount of plugins installed.


Brave Review Conclusion

It’s not easy to find and keep new clients. Plenty of marketing experience and knowledge is usually needed. Most people don’t have these resources, which explains why many new companies fail. They don’t know how to successfully convert site visitors and keep them engaged and interested.

Brave comes with various widgets focused on conversions and is ready to go right away. You can start converting site visitors as soon as the plugin has been installed.

Brave’s conversion engine does it all. It makes it easier for WordPress website owners to turn site visitors into blog readers and customers. Brave’s conversion widgets can be customized to your specifications so that you can start converting visitors as soon as you’re ready.

Brave is packed with an insane number of features and options. I wasn’t able to test them all but did find room for improvement on the campaigns I tested.

Here are some things I noticed which could be improved:

  • It would be good if you could set that related posts show only once per page/post instead of only having the option to set global value.
  • In social share campaigns, I have noticed there is no option to show share count.
  • While there is a good number of ready-made templates available, it would be good to add more options to some popups. For example, there are no horizontal templates for social shares. You need to create those from scratch if you wish to use something like that.

The mentioned are minor improvements that I noticed and it will not probably bother most of the users. It all depends on what you intend to use and need to accomplish. Brave is an amazing plugin and I was surprised by the number of options it provides. I was so pleased with it, that I will be using it on this site. At least some of the options until they hopefully improve few things.

There is a free version available so I highly recommend you give it a try and decide if you wish to go with the pro version.

If Brave is not what you need, then I suggest alternatives like Convert Pro, OptinMonster, Thrive Leads, Claspo and Getsitecontrol.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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