CJdropshipping Review PROS & CONS (2023) All-In-One Dropshipping Service



Easy to use




Costs & Fees





  • Free to use
  • They handle absolutely everything
  • You are provided with your own personal agent
  • Impressive product catalog
  • You can add your own branded materials
  • Products can be quality checked
  • They have warehouses around the worl


  • Only Google Chrome extension available
  • Beginners can be overloaded with information
  • Too much loading in account dashboard

Dropshipping allows businesses to launch store without having any physical inventory on hand. The increase in dropshipping solutions provides more opportunities for entrepreneurship of all sizes to succeed.

I’ll briefly explain how dropshipping works if you’re not familiar with it. You select items from different dropshipping suppliers to sell your online stores. Dropshippers are informed when your client places an order to fulfill and ship the items that the customer has purchased.

Suppliers charge you a base price for the sold product while you mark up those items to make a profit on each sale.

If you’re thinking about working with a dropshipping partner, you need to evaluate your options to find the best platform for your business. CJdropshipping is the one-stop solution for all your dropshipping needs.

In this CJDropshipping review, I will be putting them under the microscope to see exactly what they can offer, as well as the pros and cons that come with it.


CJdropshipping Review

CJdropshipping is a company based in China that provides dropshipping services. They can handle finding products, processing orders, and fulfilling each order with ease.

The company also provides API support, an affiliate program, photo and video service, a warehouse service, and much more. CJdropshipping can be considered as Oberlo and AliExpress mix (check CJdropshipping vs. AliExpress differences).


CJdropshipping service.


CJdroppshipping’s no fee approach is one of the main reasons why so many decide to work with them. There aren’t any storage fees, monthly subscriptions, minimum order quantities, or setup fees. They don’t have fees per item sold, either.


How CJdropshipping Works?

CJdropshipping is one of the most used dropshipping companies in the world. They have a million monthly site visits and 260,000 users. Shopify merchants can easily import products to their stores, and when the orders come, CJdropshipping will deliver the products directly to their customers.

CJdropshipping remains popular because:

  • They fulfill one million orders every month.
  • There are more than 200,000 items to choose from in their supply chain.
  • Over 60,000 Shopify merchants and 260,000 registered users have come to trust their services.
  • They have their own global logistics resource, known as CJPacket. It ships most orders within seven to fourteen business days, which is about a week ahead on average than most of its competitors.
  • Offers integration with Lazada, Shopee, eBay, WooCommerce, and Shopify.
  • They provide video shooting, POD, free sourcing, and other associated dropshipping features.
  • CJdropshipping warehouses are in the US, Thailand, Germany, Jinhua, Yiwu, Shenzen, and other international locations.

CJdropshipping operates on an easy concept. Store sites sell the products while CJdropshipping fulfills and delivers those items to customers.

The process looks like this:

  1. They source products. CJdropshipping also allows you to make your own product sourcing requests. They will work with their suppliers to find those items. Even if the item you’re looking for isn’t in CJ’s product catalog yet, you can request to get it added.
  2. CJdropshipping maintains product inventories. They stock items so that stores don’t need to. CJdropshipping’s warehouses are spread across the globe are where their inventories are held. Dropshippers can buy the overseas stock ahead of time if they want. This process can greatly reduce shipping times. Stock is available free of charge.
  3. They perform quality checks. CJdropshipping will quality check every product before it is sent to customers.
  4. CJdropshipping fulfills orders. They offer integration with different eCommerce platforms using their app. This helps to control product inventories automatically.
  5. CJdropshipping sends purchased items directly to your customers. All products that your clients buy are delivered to their residences. CJdropshipping can process orders the same day that they are placed. Items can even be delivered as quickly as four days if you sign up for the CJPacket (their alternative to ePacket).

Their mobile app allows you to manage all of these steps. A few simple clicks of the mouse is all that it takes to import items to your store.



No matter what you want to sell, there’s a good chance you’ll find it on CJdropshipping. They also have thousands of different print-on-demand items, or you can add your own designs to customize those products if you prefer.


CJdropshipping products catalog.


Once you’ve listed products on your online store, you also have the option of bundling SKUs to create product bundles. Here are some of the significant features that CJdropshipping offers:


Free application without order limits

WooCommerce and Shopify work well with the CJdropshipping app, and CJdropshipping has been included in the Shopify App Store as of January 2, 2020.

You can download and install the CJdropshipping app for free. You don’t need any technical knowledge or experience to do so. It simplifies order tracking and control, placing orders, and listing items.


Affordable prices

There isn’t much difference between prices for items found on AliExpress or CJdropshipping’s site. But you can negotiate prices with CJdropshipping using your assigned agent after you start selling more than 50 units a day.


Quick shipping

This is one of the best advantages when using CJdropshipping. They offer several convenient shipping choices. Most of the items stock that you can list on your store is already available in CJdropshipping warehouses across the United States. Because of that, you can utilize local USPS shipping.


CJpacket shipping service.


CJdropshipping also offers their CJPacket shipping service, which delivers items in about five to fifteen business days. USPS+ sends products from warehouses in China in four to eight business days on average. There’s also ePacket and other options, but these are the two primary choices to keep in mind.


Fast processing times

One significant issue of dropshipping from AliExpress is that AliExpress sellers are often dropshippers themselves. When a consumer places an order, they will then order that item from a supplier.

Some suppliers have certain minimum order requirements, which means that your order might not be placed for a few days until that minimum has been met. Your order might not be processed for a week because of that.

CJdropshipping’s processing times are usually around one to three business days. They’re much quicker because they have many of their items in their warehouses around the world. It can take as many as three to five working days to process orders for products that aren’t in their warehouses. This is still quite reasonable when compared to AliExpress’s order processing.


Better quality control

CJdropshipping uses quality control to review the condition of each item before it ships. This is done to ensure that clients aren’t receiving inferior or broken merchandise. This can be hit or miss from what other user experience which I have read. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that CJdropshipping can do when suppliers provide items that are of poor quality.

The company requires quality control as a part of its operations. CJdropshipping will review each item for quality before shipping without any additional fees. A minor charge may be added to quality checks on items sent from one of their supply partners (instead of being shipped directly from CJdropshipping).


Large inventory

CJdropshipping has a large number of quality products available. This is one reason why more businesses have been working with them instead of AliExpress.

Pay attention to the “Trending Products” section. This section has many items that other active dropshippers are currently selling regularly due to customer demand.


Products with videos

CJdropshipping also provides videos for different items. They are created in their production studio. Facebook advertisers and other companies can use these videos for free.


You can request product video or photos shooting.


You can also ask for a photo shoot if you want. The company will take exclusive photos or make a video per your request. Exclusive rights to the video are $150. Other costs can vary depending on what you need. The videos probably won’t be Instagram quality, but they are good considering that they were made in CJdropshipping’s own studio.


Items are sourced for you

They will source any item that you ask them to. Just give them the product URL. You begin with five sourcing requests per day, which should suffice for many businesses. The actual amount of sourcing requests that you can make will be based on the number of products you’ve sold using CJdropshipping.


CJdropshipping sourcing form.

You can also purchase paid plan to increase the quantity of the sourcing requests.


Custom packaging option

Custom packaging is another convenient feature. Creating your own brand can set you apart from other dropshipping competitors. An easy, risk-free way to create your brand is by branding your packaging with “blank products” that you sell.


CJdropshipping provides custom packaging options.


There are plenty of choices. Sometimes all you need to do to improve perceived value is adding your logo to a box. Product etching and engraving is another service that is available.


Talk with an agent

You’ll be given your own agent after you start selling. Your primary contact point will be the agent that’s assigned to you. Usually, you will be in contact with them via Skype.

Agents can help your dropshipping company succeed. They’re your external ears and eyes. A good agent will answer product-related questions or concerns and transmit product photos when you need them. They can also tell you which items are selling well.


Support via chat

If using chat to contact a CJdropshipping support staff member, the waiting time will be around ten minutes. A big benefit in dropshipping from China is the ability to contact and communicate with people who speak and understand English.


Print-on-demand feature

The print-on-demand function is one of CJdropshipping’s lesser-known but significant features.


CJdropshipping print on demand feature.


The POD products can be designed by the merchant (yourself) or buyers (your customers).


Warehouses in different locations

You can access all of CJdropshipping’s products that are located in different countries across the globe.


CJdropshipping has warehouses in various countries.


Their warehouses are in Germany, France, Italy, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and several other nations.


Connection with products

Any products currently in your store can be connected with the same CJdropshipping items so that order fulfillment can be achieved by syncing products. You can always submit a sourcing request for any products you want that CJdropshipping doesn’t have on their site.

CJdropshipping allows you to connect all of your stores simultaneously. This can happen regardless of the number of stores you own or manage.


Orders automatic synchronization

A single click of the mouse is all that it takes to synch the CJdropshipping platform with your store’s e-commerce orders. It also simplifies order fulfillment.


CJdropshipping automatically synchronizing orders.


Inventory monitoring & tracking

You can use the CJdropshipping dashboard to stay on top of the tracking information after each order has been fulfilled.


Manual orders

It’s easy to create manual orders. Just click on the “Add to Cart” option on the respective product pages and enter the customer shipping details.


Staff accounts

Individual staff accounts can be generated for large e-commerce store teams. This can help you improve profitability and increase profit and overall revenue.


Product reviews

Products reviews make customers feel more confident when making online purchases. The more reviews a product has, the more confident and convinced shoppers will feel.


CJdropshipping importing reviews to store.
Example of importing product listing and reviews.


You can list CJdropshipping items and import product reviews for those products.


Upload orders via CSV files

Excel files can be imported to fulfill bulk orders. This can be done from the dropshipping center dashboard.


Automatic invoices

All items ordered from CJdropshipping can have invoices created for them automatically.


Bundle SKU

You may consider combining several related items into one. SKUs from different products can be bundled into one SKU. This allows you to sell products as a bundle and can speed up order fulfillment.


CJdropshipping bundling products.
Example of bundling products.


You can bundle products based on “buy one get two,” and bundle similar products into one.


Combine orders

Different items ordered by the same client can be shipped together as a combined order. This can be a significant saving in terms of shipping costs.


Split orders

Certain shipping companies prohibit shipping beyond a particular weight amount. ePacket will only let you send items that weigh less than 2000g, for instance. CJdropshipping allows you to split orders into more than one package so that you won’t have to worry about such restrictions.


Holding inventory

You can hold items in a CJdropshipping warehouse free of charge. This option is commonly used by companies who pre-order items in bulk and want to reduce order processing times.


Shipping calculator

One of CJdropshipping’s most valuable resources is its product shipping calculator. You can use it to determine shipping charges using product dimensions and weight.


CJdropshipping shipping calculator.


Enter the product details. You will then see the expected delivery time. You’ll also be able to view the logistics charges and shipping fees for sending orders to different international destinations.



CJdropshipping integrates with many popular sites. CJdropshipping works well with eBay, Lazada, Shopee, Shopify, ShipStation, and WooCommerce.


CJdropshipping WooCommerce integration.
You can connect your WooCommerce store with CJdropshipping.


It also includes an API. Web developers or others with coding experience and knowledge can develop custom integrations to work with popular applications.


Fulfillment & Order Management

Order fulfillment and shipping are taken care of by CJdropshipping. You don’t have to do anything to ensure that your customers will receive the right items. You’ll receive a tracking number so that you and your clients can monitor the progress of orders.

CJdropshipping does let you have extra control over order fulfillment. For example, you can combine or split orders as needed to spend less on shipping charges. All you need to do is to let CJdropshipping know that they should combine items into the same shipping package.

It can take about one to four business days for CJdropshipping to fulfill and send orders from their product warehouses.

Their shipping methods are the key advantage. CJPacket is CJdropshipping shipping method what ePacket is to AliExpress. CJPacket is less expensive, and clients can receive their packages sooner.

They also offer other shipping methods. You don’t have to use CJPacket if you don’t want to. Whatever option you use, be sure to select one that can be tracked because, in case of dispute requests, CJdropshipping won’t accept it without a tracking number.

As of now, they have warehouses in 30 countries, including the United States. Going to their website’s “Warehouses” link on the top bar menu and hovering over it will show you all of their warehouse locations.



It’s free to open a CJdropshipping account and integrate it with your store. You will pay only for additional services such as custom packaging, labels, and logos. You can check all services fees here. Warehouse fees are only added for items sent to CJdropshipping’s warehouse in the US.

Their product catalog contains all of their item base prices. Profit margins equate to your prices minus the item costs and shipping costs. Domestically shipped products are only assessed shipping costs and the base item price.

You can pay for these added services and your orders in eight different ways. Credit cards and PayPal are usually the preferred methods. Check all payment methods here.

What is free of charge? Free of charge is Setup fee/Monthly fee, Sourcing request, Product listing and connection (you can import CJ’s products to your store by simply filling in your price), Product photos and videos, Product recommendations, Storage for CJ products, Order synchronization and creation, Order tracking and notification, Quality check for products from CJ, and Global warehouses.

What features are paid? You will need to pay for Your private inventory, Processing fees for fulfillment service, Request for more sourcing limits, Videos and images shooting service, and Custom packaging.


CJdropshipping Pros & Cons

The following is a summary of CJdropshipping’s primary advantages and disadvantages:


  • Their mobile app makes things easier. It can be used to receive information on trending products and to import items.
  • It’s free to join. You can start selling items as soon as you’re ready.
  • Their impressive product catalog gives you thousands of items across multiple product categories to choose from.
  • You can also sell and customize thousands of different print-on-demand products.
  • You can add your own branded materials and customize product packaging if you wish.
  • A CJdropshipping Google Chrome extension is available.
  • All products can be quality checked. This can ensure that your clients receive items of the highest quality.
  • Their global warehouses can help you extend your market reach with rapid shipping for all orders.
  • Several well-known couriers work with CJdropshipping. CJPacket is the company’s shipping method. It’s usually a week or two faster than USPS, Canada Post, ePacket, and other similar services.
  • You will have an agent assigned to you that you can always remain in regular contact.
  • It’s an all-inclusive service. Sourcing, shipment, and everything in between are covered.


  • Their user interface may have too much information at times. It can be overwhelming and confusing, especially to those who are new to dropshipping.
  • Be careful to add into account processing and warehousing fees for items sold within the US. This will also apply to products that aren’t stored in warehouses located in the United States.
  • CJdropshipping’s prices are comparable to AliExpress. It isn’t the cheapest alternative. You may need to rely on bulk shipments via a fulfillment service or hire a private agent to get the best rates.
  • The most annoying thing is loading icon for almost every single action you take in your CJ account dashboard.


CJdropshipping Review Conclusion

CJdropshipping has plenty of online information, including video guides and tutorials to assist you. Personal agents are assigned to each client for free. You can always contact them with questions or if you need extra services. You can also email or call their customer service support staff.

The company succeeds in areas where many other dropshipping services may be lacking. It’s a one-stop dropshipping resource. You can use their worldwide shipping, add your own designs with their print-on-demand service and customize your order packaging. More than 300,000 customers are already taking advantage of CJdropshipping’s flexible and trusted features.

CJdropshipping is available internationally. However, there are some hesitations regarding its performance for customers who reside in the United States. Products retrieved from warehouses around the world may cause your costs to rise.

You’ll need to compare different platforms before selecting the one that best meets your needs. The goal of this CJdropshipping review article was to provide you with enough useful information about CJdropshipping to help you decide if it is the right choice for your needs. I highly recommend the service is it has everything you will ever need for a dropshipping business.

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