Claspo Review PROS & CONS (2024) – What Separates It From Other Popup Builders?



Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Free plan available
  • Easy to use editor
  • Various trigger options
  • Analytics and insights feature
  • Optimize popup for mobile devices
  • Various widget styles


  • Lack of documentation
  • Only several available templates
  • No option to create popup from scratch (blank) instead of selecting template
  • Many features are yet not available and will be coming soon (it feels like tool was launched too soon)
  • You need to manually add script to site or use third-party plugins (Claspo doesn't have its own WordPress plugin which would make things easier)
  • Not many layout types

Forms and banners aren’t the only strategies to get new customers and keep them around. With Claspo’s drag-and-and-drop interface, companies can easily build completely customizable popups.

Anyone can benefit from Claspo’s services, regardless of their website’s size or niche. By using its user-friendly tools, you can increase engagement and the amount of time visitors spend on your site.

Using the widgets provided, Claspo can help you maximize the site’s potential and increase traffic. Many functions are packed into these widgets while still making them simple to use.

You can use them to advertise certain areas or features of your site, convert site visitors into customers, create polls and surveys, and increase the number of people who sign up for your newsletter.

In this Claspo review, you will find out more about the tool’s features and how you can utilize them.


Claspo Review

The Claspo is a one-stop platform that anyone can use. Even beginners can easily create stunning popups.

Setting up trigger actions, website pages or sections, and other factors is up to the user. Use a Claspo widget to display popups, collect data, and track the results of your marketing activities.


Claspo drag and drop editor.


You can use available ready-made templates to create popups. Then you just change things like background, font size, color, padding, and other design aspects. You can add various elements such as forms, gamification, call-to-action buttons, animated buttons, etc.


Why Claspo?

Claspo offers many options and featuresSome of them include:

  • Optimize your popup to make it fit the screen of any device.
  • Various widget styles.
  • Easy to use editor.
  • The ability to control when and how visitors view popups.
  • Customizable elements.
  • Display campaigns at designated time intervals.
  • Exit-intent popups or welcome popups.
  • Widgets can be triggered based on how far down the page the user has scrolled.
  • Analytical tools allow you to keep track of conversions for widgets.
  • A username, email address, and password are all you’ll need to open a Claspo account. Additionally, you can sign up with Twitter, Google, or Facebook.
  • Integrating with CRM, CDP, or other available tools allows you to personalize popups and boost their effectiveness.


Connecting Claspo Widgets To Your Site

Popup widgets from Claspo can be instantly added to the site using one of the following methods:

  • Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  • WordPress


Claspo install script.


Adding Widgets Using GTM

When you use Claspo to design a popup widget tailored to your activities and objectives, you are provided with a script. You must include that script into your website using the tag management system known as Google Tag Manager.


Adding Widgets In WordPress

There are several ways to integrate the script into your WordPress site:

  • Use Insert Headers and Footers plugin to add the script to the entire WordPress site. Every page of your website will now have the new code automatically loaded.
  • Manually add the script to your WordPress files and insert it in locations such as header, footer, specific page, or post.
  • Use a Code Embed plugin to select the location in the content where to embed the script.


Layout Types

Currently, there are three layout types available:

  • Inline –  The widget is incorporated into any element of the webpage.
  • Floating box – The widget will stick to the top or bottom of the page without blocking content.
  • Popup –  There are several popup types. Lightbox popup (a huge message on top of the website with a darker background), Informer popup (attention-grabbing popup banner to inform visitors or notify), Slide-in Scroll Box (a small slide-in message), Inline popup (message built into the page), Popup launcher (mini version of popup).


Claspo layout types.


There are also placement options for inline.


Claspo placement options.
Claspo placement options.


Coming soon layouts:

  • Sidebar forms –  Contact form on the side of the page.
  • Full screen – Popup that covers the entire screen.
  • Content locking forms –  Hide content behind content lock, and users will need to perform a certain action to unlock.
  • Multi-step forms – Divide forms into multiple pages.
  • Gamification –  Invite visitors to spin the wheel for a certain reward.


Display/Trigger Settings

There are available various trigger options (when will popup appear):

  • Scroll Trigger –  Display popup when the user reaches a particular % of the page.
  • Exit-Intent Trigger –  Use a popup message to make an attractive customized offer to clients who show indicators of leaving your site.
  • UTM Parameters –  Your visitors’ UTM parameters can be used to create a personalized message for them.
  • Timed Delay – To ensure that visitors have enough opportunity to look around, set time constraints.
  • Click Trigger – Use the elements’ characteristics (class, ID, link) to trigger popups.
  • JavaScript Trigger – You’re only limited by your creativity when it comes to JavaScript customization.
  • Frequency – Adjust the number of times a popup message appears and the number of times it repeats.
  • Newsletter Subscriber –  Show newsletter to those who haven’t yet subscribed and not those who have already done so.
  • New Visitor –  Show a nice popup message with a personalized offer (coming soon).
  • Page-Level Targeting –  Display popups only on selected parts of the site.
  • HTML Elements – Embed the required HTML elements from the page to customize the triggers.
  • Flexible Setting of Display Conditions (and/or) –  Claspo Advanced Rule Engine can be used to help you develop a set of rules for popups that have two triggers.
  • Campaign-Scheduled – Using a campaign-scheduled popup is a great way to promote a new product or service on a certain day or time (coming soon).


Claspo trigger options.
Some of the available trigger options.



Claspo can be integrated with third-party tools.


Claspo third-party integration tools.


Currently supports integration with Zapier using hooks, ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, MailerLite and SendGrid.


Analytics & Insights

Under the analytics tab, you will find valuable statistics about popup performance, such as:

  • Impressions and views
  • Subscription conversions
  • Conversion rate
  • Google Analytics (Events)
  • Desktop/Mobile statistic


Claspo analytics features.


The features that are yet not available but will be soon:

  • Top Converting Widgets
  • Control – See how various messages perform compared to the popup-free website version.
  • Lift test – Do you require evidence that your popups influence buyers’ behavior? Do a test to investigate the shift in conversion rate.
  • Goal Tracking – Set up statistical goals that help you get insights into customers’ behavior and track them.
  • A/B Testing – Perform A/B tests to see how each popup performs.


How To Create Widget Using Claspo?

When creating widget, you need to add name, select goal and layout type.


How to create widget with Claspo?


In the next section, you will select style options that suit you best.


Claspo widget style options.


Then you can choose to from available ready-made templates. Currently, the choice is in not big.


Claspo widget templates.


In the last step, you can customize popup further using editor.


Claspo editor customization options.


Drag and drop editors allow you to personalize a chosen template to your heart’s content. Options for personalization include:

  • Undo/Redo –  Mistakes are bound to occur. Callaspo’s ability to undo or redo activities will be helpful to everyone while customizing popups.
  • Duplicate elements – Duplicate the objects like input fields, images, or text in one click.
  • Mobile view editing –  Use mobile-friendly forms like compact popups, sliders, or sticky bars.
  • Adjustable size & layout –  Place the photographs in the popup and adjust their dimensions. There are various ways to include them into your design, whether to make them bigger or smaller, turn them into a centerpiece, or put them into the background.
  • Custom success message – Customize your success message.
  • CTA boosted –  Use CTA-boosted components like dynamic buttons and inputs.
  • Templates library –  Claspo comes with ready-made templates. Currently, only 4 templates are available. More coming soon.
  • Built-in image editor – Change the size, add elements and text in the builder to allow you to render the images while creating your popup (coming soon).
  • Countdown timer –  The fear of missing out is a strong motivator. Place a countdown timer in your popup to show visitors that the offer will expire soon. Fear of missing out is a great tactic (coming soon).
  • Video content –  Video materials assist buyers in connecting with the core concept of your marketing campaign. They can feel like they’re using or wearing your product, which is an important part of a successful marketing strategy (coming soon).
  • Setting the theme –  Create the same theme for all popup forms to harmonize with your store’s design and color palette (coming soon).
  • Personal library of custom modules & components –  Create a customized library of unique modules and components to quickly and easily create popups of your own design (coming soon).
  • Customizable input fields – Customizable input fields allow you to receive only the information relevant to the intended use of a particular popup like email, gender, and age (coming soon).
  • External libraries of icons and stock images – Using Claspo’s built-in external libraries, you’ll have access to a large library of royalty-free pictures and icons for your popups.


Pricing Plans

Claspo currently only offers a free plan. The tool has recently launched, and many features are yet to come. Because of that, only a free plan is available.

There are no time limits to using a free subscription plan. The only difference between plans are limits such as page views, active widgets, sites on which you can use, users, and branded/white label.

When a page is loaded or the URL path, the Claspo tracking module counts a pageview. A second pageview is recorded if a user navigates to a different page and returns to the original page. If a user clicks reload after reaching the page, this is counted as an additional pageview. A pageview is not counted when the query component of a page URL changes.


Claspo Review Verdict

The attention spans of website visitors are quite short. After fewer than seven seconds, they’ve already moved on to the next item on their list. It’s not always easy to turn visitors into long-term customers. People aren’t simply going to sign up for your newsletter. A variety of methods must be used to keep your audience engaged for a longer amount of time.

Popups are not a great experience for users. However, they are beneficial for generating leads, increasing conversion rates, and letting site visitors know about any specific deals or important information. Popups aren’t supposed to be bothersome, but instead, they’re supposed to aid in the growth of your revenue. Popups can only be effective if they are built using the proper tools.

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources for creating popups. Claspo is one such product. It’s a unique set of widgets packaged as an online toolkit, allowing you to create unique popups running on any platform for any site.

Unfortunately, in this state, Claspo lacks many features that other popup tools have. Most of the features in Claspo are yet to be added. This is because it is a newer product and I think it was launched too soon as much work and features are needed. Also, I don’t see anything in upcoming features that would distinguish it from many other established popup builders.

Claspo has potential, but until they release all features, there are better options available such as MailOptinOptinMonsterSumo, Thrive Leads, Convert Pro,  Brave, Getsitecontrol, and other popular popup builders that have been around for a while now.

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