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At one time or another, you’ve probably filled out forms online. And chances are that it was a long and very tiresome form. Conversational Forms, however, take a different approach than normal forms.

Classic forms have boxes that indicate a limited number of choices, etc. And the staggering lineup of questions on some forms can easily overwhelm you.

This is not only difficult, but if you’re trying to fill out a job application, this can become downright scary. But it doesn’t need to be like that. Conversational Forms by WPForms offers forms created specifically for the user to generate conversion on any website.

Conversational Forms make it easy for users to answer and respond to questions and it reduces form abandonment. Instead of facing a bombardment of fields or questions, each question or field will appear after a preview or by scrolling down.

The user is guided through the maze of questions by showing only one question at a time. Similar to a face-to-face conversation.


interactive conversational forms wordpress plugin

Conversational Form Example


The question will remain active until answered and when the user is ready to move on to the next question or field. Instead of requiring you to wander all over the form to be filled, you can just use your keyboard to fill out each question in sequence.

This innovative method makes the filling out of forms painless and quick. Every conversational form built with WPForms is accompanied by its URL, similar to a landing page.

In this way, you’ll have no hassles or distractions. You’ll have the form filled out and send without any problem whatsoever.


How To Create Conversational Forms Using WPForms?

There are many benefits in using WordPress form builder plugins. If you are already a WPForms user, you’ll just need the Conversational Forms Add-on to start creating your Conversational forms on your WordPress site.

Not a customer? Well, you just get WPForms, and you’ll immediately have access to different ways to build Gutenberg-ready contact forms, survey forms, order forms, etc. Creating a Conversational form using WPForms is easy.

Step #1: Install and activate WPForms. Then go to WPForms>Addons.


wp forms conversational addon install


Step #2: This will bring up a screen with a number of add-ons. Choose the Conversational Add-On and activate it.


conversational forms addon review wp forms


Step #3: After activating the Addon, go to WPForms>All Forms.  This will bring up a list of forms you may already have created as well as providing the ability for you to create new forms as well. Click Add New or edit existing.

To speed up the process, you can select from one of the pre-made templates or start with a blank form. Add Fields to your form.

Step #4: Now that you have all that in place, go to Settings>Conversational Forms and enable it by clicking on the box next to it. If you already have Form Pages enabled, you won’t be able to enable Conversational Forms. Both cannot be enabled together.


conversational form mode wordpress plugin


Step #5: At this point, you may create a unique look for your form. You can add a title, and write a message for visitors as well as providing them with a permalink. You can also put in your header and logo. You can change the color scheme as well.


Typeform vs Conversational Forms By WPForms – What’s the difference?

A number of SAAS (software as a service) applications offer conversational forms feature. Typeform is the most popular. Typeform has, however, a number of downsides.

Typeform is a SAAS (software as a service) tool which stores your forms data on their servers. This, of course, tells you that you’re placing your information in trust with another party.

Also, Typeform is expensive. It’s expensive for most small businesses. The premium plans start at 25 EUR per month. With more features, you will pay 59 EUR per month. Typeform does offer a free plan but it is very limited in options that it provides.

WPForms, unlike Typeform, is an open-source WordPress plugin. That means that all your form data is stored on your website not on some third-party app.

You’ll find that WPForms is much more cost-effective than Typeform. A yearly plan at $199 gives you unlimited access to all forms, surveys and, addons and other powerful features including Conversational Forms. But WPForms lacks chatbot lookalike conversational forms.


Typeform vs Conversational Forms By Wpforms


If you’ve used Typeform before, you may feel that Conversational forms by WPForms look similar to Typeforms.

Typeforms is an excellent tool for what it does. However, the Conversational Forms by WPForms is Typeform plus several other add-ons that you could use within your WordPress site.

In short, with WPForms you get what Typeform does so well, and several other functionalities such as Drip Add on, Mailchimp Add on, Paypal Add-on, Stripe Add-on, etc. For more info regarding this options see how to accept Stripe payments in WordPress forms and how to accept payments through forms without the need for eCommerce solution.

You also get smart conditional logic, entry management, multi-page forms, spam protection, file uploads, signature field (see best WordPress digital signature options), etc. WPForms were specifically designed for you to use on your WordPress site. They can be combined with other powerful features that WPForms offers.

Conversational Forms can easily be navigated with your mouse or keyboard. You can even fill out forms solely using the keyboard if you prefer.


Conversational Forms PROS & CONS

Here’s a quick summary of all the advantages and disadvantages of using conversational forms.


  • personal, human touch, deeper relation with the user, more engaging,
  • fresh and innovative,
  • convenient and natural way of communicating,
  • cross-platform,
  • perfect for smart form scenario (adjusting questions based on the user’s answers).


  • unknown length of the form (users don’t know how long it will take to complete the form),
  • complicated mistakes correction,
  • limited trust when providing sensitive or confidential data.


Conversational Forms vs Regular Forms

I think there is no clear answer to what works better. In some cases a conversation could do the job but definitely not always. It depends on various factors. Where, when and who is going to use it, how complicated is the form, whether it requires confidential data like credit card number.

Conversion Forms will boost your form completion. The chance that a person will abandon your form before filling it will drastically decrease with them. And you even don’t need to make your hands dirty with coding; you can create it without using a single code.


Conversational Forms vs Regular Forms


Unlike a traditional contact form or survey form that lists all question at once, conversational forms take one question at a time approach similar to a face-to-face conversation.

This makes conversational forms less overwhelming for users and results in higher form completion rate. Anyone who has ever filled out a form has had an experience where you start filling out a long piece of digital paperwork field by field.

Each field has only a label and some placeholder text to provide direction. Several minutes later, you hit “Submit.” But nothing happens. You then scroll up to find out that there are a bunch of errors that need to be corrected before the form will go through.

Now consider the conversational form. Each question or interaction can come with decision support in the form of options and rich media descriptions.

Your customers answer only one question at a time, and the answers are validated at each step. They never have to go back a few questions to correct mistakes or enter additional data. The result is happier visitors.

I have also compared features of WPForms with Gravity Forms so if you are in doubt which to purchase from those two, be sure to check that post. I have compared features that each form builder plugin provides, ease of use, available addons for each, price, etc. If you are interested in Gravity Forms addons, I have listed most popular free and paid options.

If Gravity Forms nor WPForms fit your needs then check WP Fluent Form review or more about Formidable Forms plugin which are great alternatives.

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  1. If you are going to use Gravity Forms for the conversational add on, I highly recommend adding the MultiPage Auto Advance Plugin or form users will still have to click a next button after each selection. Multipage Auto Advance auto advances whenever users make a selection. It works with all the usual fields but also works with text boxes, number fields, checkboxes, polls, and quizzes. The plugin also has its own conversational settings which are slightly better than the Gravity Forms Add-On

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