Covert Store Builder Review PROS & CONS

Covert Store Builder


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Unlimited site license
  • Products are pulled with images, description, title, and price
  • Price is automatically updated
  • Ability to add visitors to autoresponder
  • Registration and wish list feature
  • Affordable price
  • Add as many products as you need


  • Duplicate content
  • For autoblogging you need to purchase Covert Content plugin
  • Not the best theme design

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn money. We all would like to create profitable affiliate site in WordPress in minutes and then sit back and collect money. Covert Store Builder theme promises something like that so in this Covert Store Builder review I will check if it is really like that.

Luckily there are plenty of WordPress plugins and themes which promise exactly that. Earning money through affiliate commission. For example, Amazon and eBay are most well-known as people trust them and they have high authority rank. Taking that into consideration people from IM Wealth Builders present us easy way to create affiliate site in WordPress.

The owners claim their store builder is a self-optimizing, intelligent WordPress theme that allows you to create an affiliate store in a matter of minutes. In this Covert Store Builder (CSB) review, I will see if these claims have weight.

CSB is WordPress theme that can help you start earning money by referring your site visitors to various products to earn affiliate commission. You can use the theme to create an affiliate store in any niche or multiple niches.

Also, if you are interested you can check other products from Covert Store Builder makers:

UPDATE: Covert Store Builder is not updated nor maintaned anymore.


Covert Store Builder Compared To Other Affiliate Builders

  • Product
  • Amazon affiliate
  • Ebay affiliate
  • CJ affiliate program
  • Importing Content
    Content imported straight from Amazon
  • Option to register
    Registration option built with theme
  • Slider
    Slider showing most recent products
  • Automatic update
    Automatic price update
  • Built in social sharing
    Theme comes with option to share products on social sharing sites without the need of plugin
  • Multi Site license
    Once purchased you can use theme on unlimited number of sites
  • SEO optimized
    Well every theme will say it is SEO optimized so take this with doubt
  • Import reviews
    Import product reviews from Amazon
  • Image Zoome
    Image Product Zoomer
  • All Amazon Stores
    Support different Amazon country stores
  • Shopping Cart
    Built in shopping cart
  • Autoposting
    Autoposting new products
  • Rating option
    Built in option to rate products (review site)
  • Responsive
    Optimized for handheld devices
  • Duplicate Post
    By activating duplicate post detection you can check if you have already posted a product before
  • Quick Loading
    Pages are optimized and tested to boost loading times
  • Custom Search
    Amazon Custom Search
  • 90 Day Cookies
    Standard Amazon affiliate links only set 24 hour cookies
  • GEO Targeting
    GEO Targeting algorithm which auto detects where users are from so you can profit from anyone who visits your site no matter what country they are from
  • Control
    Control the Look and Feel
  • Free version
  • Price
  • Covert Store Builder
  • SEO plugin is needed
  • Available with Covert store content which is paid extra
  • $47
  • WordPress Affiliate
  • Category descriptions, meta tags and title tags
  • Need to buy additional wordpress plugin
  • $29
  • WP Amazillionaire
  • It is possible to obtain license for unlimited sites for higher price
  • In built compatibility with the incredibly powerful WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast, including support for titles and interior links / breadcrumbs
  • Need to buy additional wordpress plugin. Optimized for WP Robot,WP ZonBuilder, WP ZonGrabbing
  • $17
  • Prosociate
  • Need to buy additional wordpress plugin
  • $49
  • Associate-O-Matic
  • Need to buy additional wordpress plugin
  • Free version has limitations
  • $99 First Year
    $20 Per Year Thereafter

For more info you can check Amazon affiliate store builder WordPress themes comparison.


Covert Store Builder Review

Covert Store Builder theme provides you an easy way to create affiliate store on your website and earn a commission. You can choose to create Amazon, Ebay, Commission Junction affiliate site or a combination of that tree. It is up to you.

You just need to choose the category of product you wish to earn affiliate commission from. I will not go into details which affiliate program should you choose, which is better, where are better commission fees and so on.

I will just write my experience in using Covert Store Builder (Be noted I tested last time I tested Covert Store Builder in 2015).


Affiliate Site In WordPress


It is easy to install as you only need to activate the theme and configure settings. All configuration settings are done in theme options under appearance tab.

The theme really has a lot of settings. But you can skip most of them. The Covert Store Builder theme has a large options area that lets you modify a range of different settings.

You can choose one of five color schemes. White, blue, coffee shop, fairy floss, and red. In the general options area you can upload a favicon, open graph image, default featured image, and configure social media services.

The color of your header and menus can be defined using a color picker. You can also choose which categories to display in your menus and where post navigation links direct. Your home page can display a list of featured products and regular products.

You can also integrate products into your sidebar or even change the text used for buttons. For example, you can modify the text from “Buy product” to “Find out more.” In the comment area, you can display WordPress comments, Facebook comments, or a combination of both.


covert store builder theme options

covert store builder theme review

covert store builder 1.7


The color scheme of your footer area can be modified. The theme also has full support for the WordPress membership solution Wishlist Member. At the bottom of the options area, you can insert code for additional styles and scripts. For example, your Google Analytics tracking code.

Advertisements can be displayed in between products. You can show up to five ads. Ads can be shown in order or randomly. From a design point of view, Covert Store Builder is very basic. But hey, simple plain designs always convert better than flashy ones.

The store builder theme is like many other WordPress themes. The difference with the Covert Store Builder is that it allows you to add products from choosen affiliate network rapidly.

You choose the product you want to promote, the network and the number of products you require. The theme then returns a list of products.


covert store builder theme review


You select the products you wish to include and the category. The products can then be saved as drafts that you can edit later or posts that will go live immediately.

One of the advantages stated by the owners of Covert Store Builder is that you can add products without having to write a single word of content. And this is true. Descriptions of products using CSB are retrieved from their respective stores and displayed on product information pages.

However, be noted that content imported from other sites will not bring you organic search results. To rank well in the search engines, you will have to write unique content or at least rewrite existing.

And creating original content will take time and work. Of course, you can also always utilize spin rewriter tools or article generator tools to get the job faster. The method of acquiring traffic that is promoted with this theme is from the social media, and they don’t mention any other traffic.

Unless you have a huge following on the social media, I have difficulty imagining that this will give you enough traffic and sales to have a successful store which will bring affiliate commissions.


covert store builder theme widgets area


Covert Store Builder Theme Features

Here are some of the features found in this WordPress builder theme:

  • Users can register to your site as Covert Store Builder theme supports registration. In new version captcha field on the registration form is added to the theme to prevent bot registrations.
  • Visitors can be added to the auto-responder, in case they join your newsletter.
  • The products can be added to the wishlist by the visitors for later use or to share with their friends.
  • Covert Store Builder shows the most popular products by itself as a self-optimizer and helps you increase your profits.
  • The theme also shows you clicks, click-through rates as well as the impression of your posts so you can see which products perform best.
  • You can get Covert Store Content plugin on the purchase of a Covert Store Builder Pro version which adds posts automatically based on set keywords.
  • You also get an unlimited license for the theme, and you can use it to make affiliate sites for yourself or your clients.
  • Automatic welcome emails to new members
  • Members automatically added to your autoresponder list
  • Visitors can comment on your products using Facebook comments
  • Theme will pull comments from Amazon too for products


covert builder ads area


How To Create Affiliate Site In WordPress By Adding Products With CSB?

In the product settings area, you need to enter API and campaign information for Amazon, eBay, and Commission Junction. This step is necessary to pull products from stores.

Once you have completed the products settings page, you can perform a search for products. Just enter a keyword and choose the affiliate network you want to search.

The results page will show you a list of products for your chosen keyword. The name, description, image, and price, will also be displayed. The affiliate network is also shown for reference. Just select the products you want to add to your website.


wordpress store theme review

The process of adding new products is straightforward. However, you may want to spend time looking at the products you are adding to ensure the quality of products being listed is high.

You don’t need to search Amazon, eBay, Commission Junction and manually add products. Covert Store Builder theme has the option to bulk add products, so you don’t need to add one by one. You just need to put your affiliate data, and search products you wish to import to your site in order receive an affiliate commission.


create fast affiliate site


Products can be imported as a live post or put in the draft. It is recommended that you rewrite content to get a unique text. Covert Store Builder imports product description and images directly from Amazon to auto populate your site fast.

In that way you get duplicate content, and you don’t provide anything new to visitors. So why would anyone use your site when they can found all that and more on better site – Amazon.

That is why it is important to rewrite product description text and give it a personal touch. Google will love you for that, and your site will rank better.


Covert Store Builder Price

Covert Store Builder costs $47, and you can use it for multiple sites. There is a 45-day money back guarantee. This means you can ask for a refund in that period if you are not satisfied with the product.

After you purchase Covert Store Builder, you will see these special offers:

OTO 1: Covert Store Content WordPress Plugin ($37): It grabs relevant content from Amazon, Commission Junction, and eBay and posts it to your sites automatically.

This plugin has been designed to work specifically with the Covert Store Builder theme. It can also auto-post to Facebook and Twitter. This is recommended to purchase as it can provide you with the handsfree process.


OTO 2: “Faster Smarter Better” Business-Building, Online-Coaching System ($1 trial, then, after seven days, $20 per month for 12 months).

The system will explain, what business to start, how to get free traffic, how to create products that are guaranteed to sell, how to attract partners that will allow your business to grow really really fast, how to build a mailing list, how to put your business on autopilot, and how to scale your business from 6 figures to 7 figures per year. It consists of 12 Video Modules, MP3s, and PDFs with notes. I recommend you to pass on this offer.

NOTE: You can get 20% off Covert Store Builder, by using the discount coupon greekgeek on the order page. You can also use this coupon on the upsell pages.


how to set up an amazon affiliate store


Covert Store Content Plugin

Covert Store Content Plugin makes possible autoblogging for affiliate sites which use Covert Store Builder theme. It can be purchased after buying CSB theme. You will get offer to purchase it as OTO.

Covert Store Builder theme can be used without Covert Store Content plugin. But if you want to use full potential of affiliate site then it is recommended to use both of them.

Covert Content will take content from Amazon,eBay or Commission Junction (CJ Affiliate) and post it on you site with your affiliate links. All that will be done on autopilot. You just need to set intervals and number of posts you want to create.


covert store content

covert store content plugin settings


Covert Store Content Plugin will also auto post your new content to social sharing sites. After installing plugin you should go to settings option and set up your autoblogging campaign. Or several of them.

Enter as many keywords or phrases as you wish to use. You can put them in quotes for exact match. Select if you want to publish immediately new posts or to save them as draft for editing first. Covert Store Content Plugin will also automatically create tags.

It can also import comments from social sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter. Once bought Covert Store Content comes with unlimited license. Which means no restriction on how many websites you can use it. You can even use it to build affiliate sites for your clients or sell on Flippa.


Covert Store Builder Pros & Cons

Here are some advantages of using Covert Store Builder theme to create affiliate site in WordPress:

  • Theme looks good
  • 45-day money back guarantee
  • Unlimited site license
  • Just input keyword and you can add as many products as you need
  • Products are pulled with images, description, title, and price
  • Price is automatically updated
  • Using Covert Store Content plugin, you can automate the whole process
  • Ability to add visitors to autoresponder
  • Registration and wish list feature
  • Facebook commenting
  • Affordable price
  • Sharing to social site automatically



A big issue is the fact that the price for Amazon product on your Covert Store Builder website may be different from the actual price on Amazon. Also, the theme is mainly based on the idea that you will get traffic through social media.

All of the content is pulled directly from sites like Amazon, and as such, it is merely duplicate content that does not create any added value for your visitor. Search engines like Google want to give users the best possible experience, and as such, they hate sites that have duplicate content.

A site with duplicate content will have very poor search engine rankings. If you are looking for information about a product, you will want something more than the same information that is on the seller’s site.

The knowledge base consists only of few articles, and you get limited training documents and videos after purchase:

  • a PDF step-by-step guide to help you build your store
  • a help file explaining the different settings and functions
  • tutorial videos showing how to install the theme


Covert Store Builder Review Summary

Covert Store Builder is by no means the most advanced affiliate marketing WordPress theme out there. However, I am sure that the theme could be used to make money if you chose the right product and built a website around it.

Your affiliate site with Covert Store will look decent, and the theme is relatively easy to configure and use. If you buy Covert Store Builder Pro version, you will also get Covert Store Content Plugin. Covert Store Content plugin makes auto blogging possible.

That means you can set keywords and your post will be automatically added. You can forget on your site and let the plugin do all work. It will add a new post to your site and post them to social sharing sites to get more traffic and exposure. Pretty nice add-on.

While you will not be able to create affiliates sites fast (you will need few hours), Covert Store Builder is a good product. You can use it to build unlimited sites for yourself or others. Maybe even sell on Flippa.

Covert Store Builder is not a scam, but anyone buying this theme will have great trouble getting traffic and will probably give up after a short while. You will not get any traffic from the search results if you have used automated content that has been imported with your products.

You have to rewrite that content or even better add your own. All in all Covert Store Builder is a good theme for creating affiliate sites. You can easily populate your site with content in minutes. But if you don’t at least rewrite descriptions and provide value, you will not get far.

For great Covert Store Builder alternatives you can check Datafeedr review, Content Egg review, and Fresh Store Builder review.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

17 thoughts on “Covert Store Builder Review PROS & CONS”

  1. Just a FYI – CSB was sold by IM Wealth Builders 3 or 4 years ago. The company who purchased it, embedded their own malware which then sat in and then infected so many sites. (I lost about 10)
    Nowdays methodology with Amazon stores is totally different when these kind of themes were so popular. No way around not doing the hard work building an authority site.

    jest letting you know as this post was dated recently, you should check.

  2. Although I like the way they automate site building and content creation, duplicate content is a big NO-NO! Google is very strict about this and they penalize harshly on this. So, I would stay away from Covert Store Builder.

  3. You state that this is “by no means the most advanced affiliate marketing WordPress theme”

    I want to start with an “advanced” theme or stand alone affiliate marketing program. What are some companies you suggest?

    1. Depends on what you want to accomplish. If you want to create affiliate site with price comparison and automatic prices updates then consider Datafeedr or REHub theme + Content Egg plugin.

      If you want to strictly focus on Amazon and maybe few other affiliate networks then is a good choice.

      There are many other options and plugins for affiliate marketing available.

      I personally like Datafeedr (I suggest if you already have site with traffic) but mostly use combination of REHub + Content Egg which requires more manual work.

  4. You mentioned in another article that CSB will not localize the link, but there are free plugins that allow us to do that. My question is: how can we localize the link so that we can earn more commissions from local Amazon stores.

    1. Unfortunately, all free plugins for localization (which I know) are no longer supported or updated.

      But recently I discovered Amazon Link Engine. It is free and they have free plan if you intend to put your own amazon aff IDs for up to 1,000 clicks/month.

      If your site gets more clicks than that or you have more sites then you will need to pay.

      You could also try GeoLite City but that requires too much work via shortcodes.

      From paid plugins I strongly recommend Affiliate Egg or Content Egg plugin.

  5. Can you help me understand what happens when a visitor buys a product from your website with this plug-in? For example, I see a pot that is pulled in from Amazon. I click to buy it. What happens? Am I sent to amazon to complete the order?

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