What is Evaluation Survey & How To Create It In WordPress?

There are many types of surveys, and one particularly useful is the evaluation survey. Creating the evaluation survey gives your users a chance to evaluate your service and for you to get valuable data.

Whether you are a website owner, blogger, business owner, lecturer, or someone with another profession doesn’t matter. Evaluation surveys are always helpful.

Suppose you have a business, for example, a chain of restaurants. In that case, you can survey the service provided by your restaurant, understand how your employees work, and whether your employees are satisfied with their salary, working hours, etc. In other words, you can get answers to various questions.

Let’s move onLet’she, professors. As we know, professors differ not only in the subject they teach but also in their methods and how they will teach the subject. Therefore, it is essential to ask a question to understand whether or not the method used was effective. Whether the lecturer explained the topics well, evaluated them fairly, etc. You can use evaluation surveys everywhere.


When To Create An Evaluation Survey?

For example, if you are a private teacher, you can allow every student to pass the form once in the middle of the course and once at the end. It will help you to improve your methods and also to know a given student’s weaknesses.


Evaluation survey example.


If you have a store, it is desirable to allow the employees to fill out this survey at least once every six months to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction, and if there are complaints, try to solve them together.

People do not like to hear complaints or negative opinions about the services they provide. However, I think it is important to emphasize that otherwise, you will not grow. You will always be stuck in your place, or on the contrary, everything will get worse and worse, and one day realize that it is no longer possible to save anything.

Therefore, if you want to have employees who do their work with love and great enthusiasm, customers who always use your services loyally, and satisfied and knowledgeable students, who always sit in your classes with love, then you must allow them to express their opinion and also test their knowledge from time to time.


How To Create Evaluation Survey In WordPress?

Let’s start bLet’stalling your survey plugin. You can use Survey Maker, which is one of the best WordPress survey plugin and this tutorial will be based on it.

When your survey plugin is installed, continue with the creation process by clicking on survey maker (on the left) and choosing Add New.

Here you can see some fields where you need to write down your survey’s title and description (if required), add unlimited questions, and endless options/answers.


Creating evaluation survey using Survey Maker plugin.


You can choose the style of questions, answers, buttons, and admin notes, color, font size, font shape, etc.


Survey Maker survey style settings.


Under the Start Page tab, you can write down a title and some description if you need, and choose a style.


Survey Maker start page tab section.


For creating a body of your survey, the survey maker provides you with many settings, which you can further customize under the Settings section and the Result section.


Survey Maker plugin settings.


When your survey is ready, click on save and preview the survey by copying and pasting the shortcode in the post.


For adding survey to page or post, you need to use Survey Maker shortcode.


As an alternative to Survey Maker, you can also try WP SurveyFunnel.


Advantages & Disadvantages of Evaluation Surveys

Here are some advantages of using evaluation surveys.



The company needs workers who care about their work and are highly qualified as it is the key to any accomplishment of the business․ So finding out the worker who wants to learn and improve is important. An evaluation survey is a big help in this situation.


Relationship between employer and employee

Any employer needs an employee who is open to any feedback. If an employee does not want to listen to feedback and is not ready to change anything in their behavior, he is not a good fit.

The employer and the employee should collaborate to have good results in their business. So based on the solid relationship between them, they should have a great outcome and a successful business in the future.


The next level for employees

In every company, every employee wants a promotion as the result of their excellent job. But how to know who is ready for promotion? The evaluation survey comes to help as well. By checking employees,’ you will know exactly who is ready and worthy of promotion and who is still not.

If every worker is in the right position, the quality of their job will increase, and with the quality of their job, sales and your business quality will also increase.



For excellent results, you need stimulated and ready-to-work employees. The best way to stimulate your employees is to give them feedback, whether good or bad. In any case, it will be a valuable motivation for them to self-development, learn, and study something new, not to remain in the same place.

Any business needs motivated employees, for whom careful hard work is in the first place.


Let’s now check some of the evaluation survey disadvantages.



The opposite result of evaluation surveys is that employees may feel diminished and not valued enough. One employee can be good at one job, and another can be good at the other. Comparing them to the same standards will not work well, and it may hurt the employees and demotivate them.

Giving feedback and making some notions about an employee only based on one test, which takes place only twice a year and after that does not take into account the whole excellent job that the employee has taken throughout the year, overcoming all the difficulties, will be unfair from the employees’ point of view.


Opposite result

One of the biggest advantages of an evaluation survey is to motivate your employees to work hard and be the best in their current positions. But as it is said, the medal has two sides. So the opposite result of an evaluation survey is losing motivation.

If the survey is created poorly without any related questions to the job or with poorly worded questions, you will not get quality data and results from the survey.


Types of Evaluation Forms

There are two particular types of forms: formative and summative.

A formative evaluation form is a form with the help of which we can assess the worth and the quality of work, business, or any other subject while they are forming, its process, etc.

A summative evaluation form is a form with the help of which we can assess the worth and the quality of work, business, or any other subject which are already finished.

Using an evaluation survey with its advantages and disadvantages will be a very useful reference to improve the quality of your and your subordinates. Don miss the opportunity to enhance the quality of your work, project, or something else, especially in such an easy and fast way.




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