Create Pricing Tables For WordPress Site With Plugmatter Pricing Table Plugin

Create Pricing Tables For WordPress Site With Plugmatter Pricing Table Plugin

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If you need simple way of showing data in WordPress site, whether it is for specs, features, reviews, pricing or comparison, you need good pricing/comparison table plugin to create pricing tables for WordPress site.

Pricing table plugins have come a long way in WordPress. There are many pricing table plugins available that it’s rather easy to get lost and pick the right one.

Pricing table plugin allows you to present your offer to your visitors in a very elegant way. Make whatever it is that you are selling, appealing.

That will make it easier for customers to clearly understand what you are offering and under what terms.


Create Pricing Tables For WordPress Site

When it comes to the pricing page design, it’s all about making it clear and simple. Especially if you are running an eCommerce website.

If managing an eCommerce site which sells one or more products, you should consider picking en effective pricing table plugin that is clearly usable and helps boost conversions.

Statistics shows that simpler pricing tables sell products better. Modern customers don’t read, they skim.

If your pricing page is easy to understand and doesn’t feature any unnecessary stuff, it’s likely to improve your conversions.

The pricing should also be easy to compare. Alongside with providing users with the cost of one specific item, offer them a couple of alternatives.

Once they see the most appropriate offer, they won’t hesitate adding it to the cart.




Offering several alternatives can help people with decision-making. Provide them with brief and clear descriptions of the key features this or that product/service/plan provides.

Don’t forget to mention the price tag, and let buyers choose. As a rule, the most popular offer is placed somewhere in the middle, so you may follow this trend and put emphasis on it in such a way.

If you’re targeting the international market, provide users with several currency options. Most US citizens would prefer paying in $, whereas Europeans choose €.


Plugmatter Pricing Table Plugin Review

Plugmatter Pricing Table plugin is a simple to use premium WordPress plugin for creating high-converting pricing comparison tables.

The plugin can boost your sales while complementing site’s design. It comes with conversion optimization features.

The plugin comes with a range of 10 beautiful, premium, customizable and fully responsive templates.

Template structure has been classified into two most popular design structures for pricing tables. Those are Matrix and Cards Templates.


Matrix is a popular pricing table structure among services that offer various features to their clients.

Many companies rely on it because it allows users to compare packages without much effort.

Some of Matrix template features are: Horizontal scanning, Highlight features, Compares feature between packages….

Matrix pricing tables are great fit for large feature sets or pricing tables.



Matrix Template Example


Cards are the most popular pricing table design type. With cards, you can simplify things and let know your visitors what exactly you’re offering in each package.

Some features include: Vertical scanning, Highlight packages over features, Focus only on feature availability per package…

Cards templates are good for small and medium pricing tables.



Cards Template Example


Plugmatter Pricing Table Plugin Features

It is really easy to create pricing tables for WordPress site with Plugmatter pricing table plugin.

When customizing a template, simply drag and drop your rows and columns.

Templates are responsive which means they will look great on handheld devices too. You can even take control and customize appearance using custom CSS.

With Plugmatter pricing table plugin, all you need to do is enter your data in one pricing table template (just once) and it automatically gets applied to all the other templates.

Plugmatter pricing table plugin  



Plugin comes with powerful WYSIWYG Editor that makes table creation easy.

The editor gives you the power to customize all the elements such as Columns (Packages), Cells, Buttons, Features, etc.

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You can use over 650 web fonts directly from Google and add beautiful icons from 600+ font awesome icons to your pricing tables to make them visually appealing and intuitive.




Plugins cell editor lets you:

  • Bold, italicize and underline important text
  • Strikethrough text
  • Add links to the features
  • Use Font Awesome icons
  • Tooltips to explain the features
  • Change font color not only on the pricing table but also on the page


If needed, you can create unique buttons using 23 button designs that will grab visitors attention and boost click-through rate.

You’re not limited to one button style. You get three popular button styles for different web design: Flat buttons, Ghost buttons and Regular buttons.plugmatter-pricing-buttons

Pricing tables are placed using shortcodes. You don’t need to deal with HTML code.

Plugmatter pricing table plugin is integrated with Google Events Tracking system to help you keep track your sales goals in your favorite analytics tool.

You can even conduct advance split-testing campaigns with A/B split-testing functionality.

You can split-test everything and come up with the best converting pricing tables for your product or service.

Improve your conversion rate optimization by testing button colors, pricing, package names, fonts, etc.


Create Pricing Tables For WordPress Site – How to Install and Use

Installation of Plugmatter pricing table plugin is same as installing any other plugin. You can download and install it directly by uploading it on your WordPress site.

Before you begin using plugin, you need to first create a pricing table using one of templates. For that, go to Pricing Table → Templates → Add New.

Select desired template and name it. You can easily change all options in template.

A new feature when added in the template is applied for all the columns by default. This is big time saver.

Meaning if you add a feature, it will automatically be applied to all the pricing packages.

The default width is set as 700px. But you can adjust it accordingly. You can also apply margin on top and margin on bottom of the pricing table.

After setting pricing table and putting necessary text, you just need to insert shortcode to display pricing table on website.

To track your pricing table performance, use Google Events Tracking feature.


Plugmatter Pricing Table Review Final Words

Plugmatter pricing table plugin is fairly new product from Plugmatter. They also have WordPress Optin Plugin and Document Importer plugin.

As already mentioned, you get 10 pre-made templates to work with. But I noticed there is no option to create pricing table from scratch.

Yes, you can edit templates per your wishes, and it makes things easier. But still I think there should be that option available.

You cannot add more that 6 columns (packages). And for most of time you will not need so many.  Also more columns you have, it  will be harder for pricing table to fit and look good on-screen.

There is option to enable sorting in order to move columns and rows. When you are finished with re-ordering and wish to continue making changes, you need to disable sorting.

You can add images to pricing table. But only in header. You are not able to add images into rows.  Also, it seems image size is fixed at 120 x 120 px.

Only images are possible to me used in pricing tables. There is no option to add videos or google maps.

Pricing table container size can be set. You can also easily edit font, color, background color, font size, shadow, alignment etc. almost anywhere. If wanted, you can clone, edit or delete pricing tables.

It seems you can add unlimited number of rows (they call it feature). But I don’t see an option to duplicate or clone row. You can add tooltips to rows, font awesome icons, links…

What I don’t like in most plugins, and can be seen here too, is that you need to enter Font Awesome Class Name in field every time you want to add Font Awesome icon.

It would be better and easier if plugin would provide us with icons and we could just click to add.

Most pleasant surprise is when you make changes to pricing table, and then decide to change or look it on another template, it will keep all the changes you made. I have never seen that option on any WordPress pricing table plugin.

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Pre made templates look good on mobile devices. But I didn’t test look of pricing tables and their responsive design when changes have been made or more columns and rows are added.

There is Click for help icon down below in template editor if you get stuck. But it seems it is not working correctly. At least for me. From provided tutorials only Getting Started has worked for me.

All other tutorials like Template Creation and Management, Split Testing, Custom CSS Tricks….just show “Nothing found… try again!” message.

Developers should also consider adding option to easily insert pricing table through shortcode directly from post without need to copy/paste shortcode from plugin editor.


Plugmatter Pricing Table Plugin Advantages

– 10 pre-made templates to work with

– you can move columns and rows

– you can easily edit font, color, background color, font size, shadow, alignment etc

– you can add unlimited number of rows

– changes to pricing table don’t disappear when trying new template

– pricing tables are responsive

– custom CSS option


Plugmatter Pricing Table Plugin Disadvantages

– no option to create pricing table from scratch

– cannot add more than 6 columns

– image can be only put in header of pricing table

– image size is fixed at 120 x 120 px

– no option to add videos or Google maps

– no option to duplicate or clone row

– need to enter Font Awesome Class Name in field every time you want to use it

– click for help option doesn’t work


Plugmatter pricing plugin offers several pricing plans. Those are Basic, Professional and Developer.




I think this is good plugin to create pricing tables for WordPress site, but it lacks some more additional features. It is probably best pick for people who need simple pricing tables and ability to create them fast.


Pricing Table Plugins Comparison

  • Pre-made templates
  • Responsive
  • Highlight Feature
  • Ability to use Custom CSS
  • Ability to re-order rows and columns
  • Ability to change templates without losing data
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Fonts
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Ability to add Tooltips
  • Customizable Buttons
  • Bold, Italicize,Underline etc. Text
  • Add Links
  • Shortcodes
    Pricing tables are placed using shortcodes
  • Integration with Google Events Tracking System
  • Advance Split-testing Campaigns
  • Change Size of Tables
  • Create Pricing Table from Scratch
    Without using pre-made templates
  • Number of Columns
    How much columns can you add per table
  • Number of Rows
    How many rows can you add per table
  • Option to add Images
  • Option to add Videos
  • Option to add Google Maps
  • Option to add Audio
  • Animated Pricing Tables
  • Option to Duplicate Row
  • Import/Export Feature
  • Ribbons
  • Live Preview
    Preview button to see how pricing table would look on different devices (desktop,tablet,mobile)
  • Pricing Table Analytics
    Detailed Analytics for Pricing Table Views
  • Support
  • Updates
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  • 250+
  • Over 650
  • 10
  • Unlimited
  • Free for 6 months
    $6 if you want to extend support to 12 months
  • Lifetime
  • 170+
  • 400+
  • It seems as much as you want
  • Unlimited
  • Free for 6 months
    $5.40 if you want to extend support to 12 months
  • Lifetime
Plugmatter WordPress pricing table plugin
  • 10
    Only in Professional and Developer pricing plan
  • Over 650
  • 6
  • Unlimited
  • You can add images but only in header. You are not able to add images into rows. Image size is fixed at 120 x 120 px.
  • 1 year of support
    You need to renew license every year to be able to use support option
  • 1 year of updates
    You need to renew license after a year if you want to continue receiving updates


What are your thoughts about Plugmatter pricing table plugin? Let me know in comments below. If I made any mistake feel free to correct me.

Review Summary

5 out of 5
Easy to use
4.2 out of 5
Options and settings
4.3 out of 5
4 out of 5
Overall quality

Simple to use pricing table plugin for WordPress which could use little more features and options.

4.38 Good 4.38 out of 5

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