Allow Customers To Create Product Bundles With WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes

WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Create assorted boxes
  • Create flexible bundles
  • Offer shopping deals
  • Create pricing tiers
  • Inventory management


  • Works only with ‘Simple’ WooCommerce products

WooCommerce custom product boxes are needed if you sell products purchased as bundles or if you wish to allow customers to create their own product bundles using WooCommerce.

A feature which provides customers option to create their own bundle doesn’t come with the default WooCommerce installation. This is where plugins come handy.

Custom Product Boxes plugin is an extension for your WooCommerce store. It allows your shoppers to select products, create and purchase their personalized bundles.

With this plugin, you are offering an option for the customer to select more than one product of their choice and make a bundle.

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Product Bundles Example

Mark owns a chocolate store. Business is booming for Mark ever since he introduced the ‘Mix and Match‘ scheme at his store. Mix and Match Products allow customers to create their custom product assortments from a group of available products.

In contrast to other complex product types, Mix and Match products are grouped containers of a particular size, which customers configure by selecting a quantity of each product available in the assortment.

This makes Mix and Match ideal for creating products like gift baskets and wine boxes. Under this scheme, Mark lets his customers ‘Mix and Match’ assorted chocolates to go with every purchase they make, and offers them a great deal for it.

Pumped by the success of Mix and Match, Mark decides to implement the same on his WooCommerce Store.


Create Custom Boxes

A visitor to your site is provided options of box sizes to select from. There could be several options, for the number of pieces a box can contain, like 12, 24, 36, etc. Each box has a different price.

The box could be pre-assorted, or the user can choose a custom box, to create his own assorted box.

  • The visitor selects the box he wants to purchase.
  • If it is a pre-assorted box, it will be added to the cart.
  • If it is a custom assorted box, a list of chocolates (white, dark, with almonds, etc.) is provided to the user, which can be added to the box.
  • The visitor can pick quantities of individual chocolates, which can be used to fill up the box. The add-to-cart option will not be enabled, till he fills the box completely.
  • The visitor can create and buy as many assorted boxes of chocolates, as he wishes.

The idea behind this is simple. You are basically selling the chocolate boxes as products. These boxes have a fixed number of slots which have to be filled, to be able to be purchased. The individual chocolates are not sold individually. They can be bought only as a part of the box.

Custom Product Boxes for WooCommerce is an extension built by folks over at WisdmLabs that will let Mark do exactly what he wants to do, in his WooCommerce store.

In simple words, this plugin will give an option for customers to create their own bundle by picking their favorite products.


WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes

Custom Product Boxes plugin makes the shopping process smooth for the customers. Power is in their hands as they can decide what type of products they want to select from the store. The checkout process is managed dynamically depending on the kind of the goods selected by the customer.

As the admin of the store, you can create the product boxes and link other products which can be added to the box. You can create an unlimited number of product boxes which will increase the number of choices your customers get.

Once the box is ready, you can set the price or allow it to calculate dynamically depending on the price of the products added to the box. This extension offers an option for the customers to add and remove products from the box as per their choice.

Using WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes plugin, you can create a customized Product Box as a type of Product to be sold online. This, in turn, will allow customers to set up their own personalized bundles while shopping on your website.

It is an exceptionally customized e-commerce experience, where every buyer can add selected items of his/her choice to a Product Box and create an assorted bundle.




Imagine going to a chocolate store and assorting all your favorite chocolates in one single box, rather than having to purchase individual boxes of each chocolate. Creating a custom product box is as easy as adding a new Product on your WooStore.

On the back-end of your WooStore, you can choose the Product Type as a Custom Product Box. Navigating to the Custom Box Settings, you can select an appropriate Pricing Type from between:

  • Fixed Pricing: For when the box is available at a fixed price, regardless of the contents.
  • Per Product with a Base Price: When the price of the box would be a total of the specific contents along with a base price.
  • Per Product without a Base Price: When you’d like the box to cost a total of all the items within the box.

Just like you have ‘Simple Product’ listed in the ‘Product Type’ drop down, a new product type is created on installing the plugin.

The new product type is called ‘Custom Product Box.’ The product bundling feature will be made available to you on assigning this product type to a product. You can then set the number of items that can be added to the box.


custom product box wordpress plugin for woocommerce


‘Box Quantity’ will let specify the number of add-on products that you would like the box to have. Products that have been added to WooCommerce can be linked to the Custom Product Box using the ‘Add-On Products’ field.

Once the grouped product has been set up at the back end and published users will now be able to choose the products they add to the bundled product box.

The stock of the add-on products is managed on the front end. So the user can view the availability of a particular product add-on right where he adds it to the custom product box.


How Does WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes Work?

Custom Product Boxes for WooCommerce will let you create an unlimited number of pre-designed Product Boxes, of any size and price, to fit the needs of your customers.

The more boxes you set up, the more choices customers have. It’s a win-win.

Typical uses of the extension are:

1. Create Flexible Bundles – Allow shoppers to set up their own bundles using the WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes plugin. With the options available, you can setup a fixed price assortment, a pay-per-product-selected set or an assortment with additional price for packaging.

2. Offer Shopping Deals – Buy X for the Price of Y. You can also offer deals such as: Buy one get one free, Buy 3 for the price of 2 or Buy 6 for 10% off.

3. Create Pricing Tiers – Buy X for $Y. You could create the following deals: Buy 3 for $20, Buy any 4 for $50, Buy any six for a discount, Buy 1-4 for $10, 1-8 for $20, and so on.

Being an intelligent plugin, Custom Product Box will dynamically link each item with the corresponding unit in the inventory and also calculate the price of customer-created Boxes in real-time.

So when buyers visit your WooCommerce store, they can Mix and Match the choices of their chocolates into an assorted bundle.

They’ll find a Custom Product Box in the form of a grid where they can add/remove items:

  • A custom box can be created as a product. There are custom fields provided, where the store owner can add additional information, such as the capacity of the box, and add-on items.
  • The capacity of the box enforces a limit on the number of items which can be added to the box.
  • The items which could be added (chocolates) are shown in a drop-down field. The store owner can select and add products as add-on items.
  • In the shop, a customer can choose a box he wishes to purchase.
  • The box along with the add-on items are shown to the customer
  • The customer then has the possibility to add (or remove) items to the box.
  • The box once filled, can then be added to the cart, to purchase the assortment.


custom-product-boxes-for WordPress


Once the box is loaded, it can be added to the shopping cart. A customer can then view the cart to confirm his/her purchases, proceed to payments and check-out.




This is how ‘Mix and Match’ is now a part of Mark’s online store experience. However, that’s not it. A smart man that Mark is, he used Custom Product Boxes as an impetus to bring on board other exciting offers to his WooCommerce store and push his sales even further.

An excellent example would be ‘Buy 3, Pay for 2’, wherein his customer’s will add any three chocolates of their choice to a Product Box and buy it at a fixed price of two.

Or the one called ‘Sweet 69’ where he lets his customers bundle together $100 worth of chocolates and offers it to them at $69.

As is evident, Custom Product Box is not limited to just chocolates and candies. It can virtually be used for any number and any type of products.

For a complete feature list, purchases and other queries, visit the WisdmLabs webpage. Optionally, you can see the plugin in action at its demo site and live the customer experience yourself.

Plugin features:

  • Create Custom Product Boxes – You can create a box, just like any other WooCommerce product. Set prices, shipping details and set a box size.
  • Link Other Products to a Box – You can decide which products a customer can add to the box. These will be shown to the client when he selects the box.
  • Set a Price or Calculate Dynamically – Set a fixed price for the box, or calculate it dynamically based on the price of the simple products added.
  • The customer has Add and Remove Option – The customer has the option to add (or remove) product to (or from) the box.
  • Create Unlimited Assorted Boxes – There is no limit to the boxes you can create. The more the boxes you create, the more choices a customer has.
  • Inventory Management – The inventory of the box is managed dynamically by keeping track of available stock of each product in the box.


Benefits of Assorted Bundle Offer in WooCommerce?

The custom product boxes are beneficial for customers as the price of the combo box is usually lesser than the individual products.

Additionally, it allows users to purchase multiple products in fewer steps and makes the process of customized purchases simple. That, however, does not mean that the benefits are restricted to the end users alone.

Shop owners also receive benefits of the functionality by selling multiple products in one go in a combo pack. Allowing the customer to create the bundles means opening up various combinations making customer purchases more likely.


How Much Is WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes?

You can buy this WooCommerce extension/plugin for $59. If you want to use the WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes plugin with more than one site, you will have to purchase additional licenses.

You get a 30 days money back guarantee which is subject to terms of the plugin. If you face any issue with the plugin or it doesn’t work on your site and the support team is unable to fix the problem, you will get your money back.

Every license is valid for a year from the date of purchase. During this year you will receive free support. After the license expires, you can renew the license for a discounted price.

After the license key expires, you will still be able to use the plugin but will not receive any support or updates. To continue receiving support and updates, you will have to purchase another key.


WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes FAQ

Q: Does Custom Product Boxes plugin work with variable products?

A: The Custom Product Boxes currently works only with ‘Simple’ WooCommerce Products.


Q: For which products in my WooCommerce store can I use this plugin for?

A: You can use this extension for any WooCommerce ‘Simple Products’, to allow customers to created assorted boxes.


Q: Can my customers add as many products as they want to in an assorted product box?

A: The number of products that the customers can add to an assorted product box depends on the capacity that you have set in the dashboard for that particular product.

So if a capacity of the box has been defined as ‘5’ in the back end, then the WooCommerce store customer cannot add more than five products to the box.

Customer must add five products to the box in order to add the box to the cart. Customers cannot proceed with the purchase otherwise.


Q: Can customers remove products that have already been added to the custom product box?

A: The customer can add products to the box and remove products from the box as many times as required.


Q: Will all the products that have been added to an assorted product box be visible on the cart page?

A: Yes, a list of all the products that have been added to an assorted product box will be visible on the cart page along with their quantity.

However, the customer cannot remove any products from the custom product box at this point. If the client wishes to change the contents of the assorted box, a new box will have to be created.


Q: What if a product being added to the custom product box is out of stock?

A: Let’s assume the stock quantity of a particular chocolate is 3. Once a customer adds the three available pieces of that particular chocolate and tries to add more, the customer is notified about the unavailability of the product.


Q: Is the plugin responsive?

A: Yes the plugin is responsive. All you have to do is set the ‘Product Thumbnails’ size under WooCommerce->Settings->Products->Display->Product Images. Do remember to regenerate your thumbnails once the changes have been made.


Q: For how many sites is the license valid?

A: Every purchased license is valid for one site. For multiple site, you will have to purchase additional license keys.


Q: Do you provide customization requests?

A: Yes, custom development services can be provided.


WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin Alternatives

Here are some aternative plugin options for creating product bundles:


WooCommerce Product Bundles

WooCommerce product bundles is an excellent alternative plugin with several features from creating various discount packages on bulk purchases and individual items.


Woosuite WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin.


With WooCommerce product bundles, you can offer your customers customized subscription boxes as it integrates with WooCommerce subscriptions and All Product for WooCommerce subscription add-ons.

This efficient plugin is an all-in-one solution that meets every bundling requirement of your WooCommerce store for discounts. Ideally, it can efficiently work for store owners with bulk purchase customers as they can create bulk discounts for them without any hassle.


WooCommerce Bundled Products

One of the biggest benefits of using WooCommerce is the ability to build complex e-commerce solutions without needing to build everything from scratch. The plugin comes with pre-built product pages, but you can also add your own to better serve your own unique business needs.


WooCommerce Bundled Products.


The WooCommerce Bundled Products plugin allows you to bundle multiple products together in one single product page, giving your customers the ability to add more to their cart without leaving the product page.

This increases the average order value and improves conversion, improving your revenue. You can also use this plugin to create bundles of products based on your current inventory or based on your visitor’s browsing history, ensuring that they only see the products they want to see. This also allows you to experiment with new product bundles without having to update your entire store.


Product Bundles

The Product Bundles extension for WooCommerce, allows you to create and sell a group of products as an individual product.

This is used to create static bundles, i.e. the bundles will be pre-defined and sold. A visitor to your store can purchase them as they are (that is to say, he cannot edit a box). You could use this extension to create and sell pre-assorted boxes.


Orderable WooCommerce Plugin

Orderable is a WordPress plugin that allows restaurants to create and manage their own online ordering system.

With Orderable, you can create a digital restaurant menu for customers to order from. Orderable covers all of your restaurant needs. From your menu design, to your business schedule, time slots, checkout improvements, addons, tipping and more.


Orderable WooCommerce restaurant plugin.


Customizing this plugin couldn’t be easier because Orderable requires no coding knowledge whatsoever. It takes care of pretty much everything. So all you have to do is add your menu items, process orders, and deliver them.

The menu design/product layout setup allows you to choose from a variety of different options to suit your store. Display in a grid, or list, show images or not, section your menu and more. All of these changes can be made with a few simple settings and you can see a live preview before you hit publish.

Orderable has been designed for that clean app-like experience. So comes complete with a floating cart, and an improved checkout designed specifically for food businesses.

Here are the key features of this plugin:

  • A modern and app-like menu/food ordering design
  • Product add-ons (sides, toppings, dietary choices etc)
  • Revenue-boosting order bumps (added extras)
  • Customizable time slots
  • An improved checkout
  • Tipping
  • Easy order management
  • and lots more.

The plugin costs $249 for a single-site license and comes with 12 months of updates and support.


Composite Products

The Composite Products allows you to create and sell multiple components as a group. Each element which forms the group can be selected dynamically but from a specified list of products. For each component, you can choose one product, and set the quantity. You can check my article where I mention some of the best WooCommerce composite products plugins.


J Cart Upsell & Cross-Sell

J Cart Upsell and Cross-sell WooCommerce plugin uses a modern, modal shopping cart that can be quickly customized to boost sales.  J Cart Upsell is an excellent WooCommerce checkout upsell plugin. It offers a nice statistics tab, option to exclude pages, dynamic bar, creating gifts, and customization style options.


Sell User Customized Product Bundles in WooCommerce

Do you want to make available for your customers to select products, create bundles and purchase their personalized mix and match bundles? Then, this plugin is for you!

The Custom Product Boxes is an extension for your WooCommerce store. It will provide your customer’s option to select products, create and purchase their personalized bundles.

The plugin looks promising and useful. I like the idea that it offers a choice to the customers to select the products they want in the box and option to remove products from the box as well.

Though you are creating the product boxes for the customers and selecting the additional products which are available for selection, you are not forcing them to purchase the products you have chosen for them.

This WooCommerce extension doesn’t limit you to create only “x ” number of custom boxes. You can create unlimited boxes and make it easy for the customers to select their favorite custom product box.

If you have been asking yourself: “I’m looking for a WooCommerce plugin that will allow my customers create their own bundled products. Where can I find one?” , look no further! And if you don’t want to sell product bundles but still recommend products to visitors, then be sure to check best WooCommerce frequently bought together plugins.

What do you use to sell bundled products in your WooCommerce store? Let me know in comments below!

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  2. We like the idea of this plugin and may change out our Duda website with it’s eCommerce store for a Word Press website with a wooCommerce store, just so we can use this plugin for our fledgling chocolate business. Is it possible, however, for the plugin to work if we only want our chocolates to be sold in certain sized boxes, and not individually, and can we specify the box dimensions like 2×3, 3×4, and 4×5?

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