Crocoblock Dynamic Templates & Interactive Popup Library

Crocoblock is an all-in-one toolkit of addons for Elementor that includes a load of handy JetPlugins with 150 widgets inside, pre-designed templates, and a versatile Kava theme. Using Crocoblock dynamic templates and interactive popup library makes creating perfect sites even easier.

Crocoblock continues to impress its users with fresh products that are created to simplify their lives. Let’s dive into the details about the newly released Dynamic Templates and Interactive Popup Library and learn why they are worth your attention.

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What Makes Crocoblock Special?

Crocoblock products are at your service to prune down the process of creating the website for any purpose. With Dynamic Templates, any site you design will be a piece of cake. And if you add some popups from the Interactive Popup Library, your website will play out in fresh colors.


Crocoblock Dynamic Templates Essentials

In short, Dynamic Templates are pre-coded websites powered by JetPlugins for which you don’t need any coding knowledge. Dynamic websites cover various business fields, so each template’s functionalities are tailored to the special aspects of each niche.

Dynamic Templates are an effective solution because they are ready to use right away. Crocoblock is about functionality, so you will not find dozens of variants of home pages, headers, and footers here. Only the necessary tools and clean design.


Dynamic Templates are pre-coded websites powered by JetPlugins.


The best thing about Dynamic Templates is their full compatibility, so you will definitely enjoy the smooth interaction between all the elements – the JetPlugins and the website template itself. No third-party Elements are needed!

They have perfectly designed archive templates, adjusted taxonomies, built-in AJAX filters, and, what is even more attractive, they provide WooCommerce integration. However, don’t think that is all.

Let’s revise the most peculiar templates Crocoblock offers at the moment:

  • Balirento (property booking site template) – adaptable vacation rental website, packed with all the essentials of such site type like property pages and catalogs, built-in AJAX filters for advanced search and indexer, profile builder, etc.
  • Cardealer (car sale marketplace site template) – the full-featured solution, ready to use as a completely elaborated marketplace for car sale. It also includes a profile builder, advanced AJAX filters, and allows users to post ads right on the front-end.
  • Cutcloud (barbershop site template) – comes like a complex solution for advanced appointment functionality. It provides pre-configured single page templates to adjust the services and a convenient ready-to-use schedule with working hours and holidays.
  • Bristol (grand hotel site template) – template for hotel booking that comes with properly tuned suite single pages and rooms catalogs. Don’t forget about the advanced filtering tool and full-featured booking functionality.
  • Medcenter (medical center website template) – elaborated dynamic template to provide medical services. It comes with a multi-step appointment booking form, department and doctor singles, and catalogs of both. Also, it is worth mentioning the Appointment Core Setup that ensures perfect frontend exposure.
  • Rentgo (car rental platform template) – this dynamic template comes with the familiar built-in advanced filters and booking functionality. Don’t forget about conveniently organized vehicle singles and catalogs.
  • Once (spa site template) – full-featured template with the mentioned benefits, like convenient single pages and catalogs to divide single therapist and team, multi-step booking forms and appointment layouts, and ready-to-use schedule.

Note that all the dynamic templates work with WooCommerce flawlessly. Pick one of the templates, make some customization, and that’s it. You get the fully working site.

Crocoblock ensures that every dynamic template’s functionality will expand in the future because JetPlugins is a constantly updating product.

Crocoblock offers 3 All-Inclusive licenses to pick from, and each of them includes 10+ Dynamic Templates, which is quite a good deal. Choose an option suitable for you and enjoy using convenient Dynamic Templates.

The Crocoblock clients who already have All-Inclusive subscription (Yearly and Lifetime) have the possibility to obtain more Dynamic Templates after each release. The installation process is also a piece of cake. You only need to follow the Installation Wizard‘s tips.


Interactive Popup Library

It is no secret that websites’ visitors like to interact with. There is nothing better than a sense of control, the ability to influence the storyline of the page in a certain way. So if you have such a purpose – to gamify the content and make it engaging – a whole Interactive Popup Library was created to meet these requirements.

So, what does Crocoblock have here? First and foremost, 50+ amazing vivid popup templates for Elementor. It is possible to say that Crocoblock has popups for each possible occasion.


Crocoblock Interactive Popup Library works smoothly with Elementor.


Season sales, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, birthday sales and discounts, holidays – like Halloween, Easter, Christmas, and many others. Each of them is captivating and interactive – so the name of the popup library is self-explanatory.

Interactive Popup Library works smoothly with Elementor. You will need about 10 minutes to set everything up and to add a popup to your website. Besides all standard settings, you can use amazing slide out, scratching, or clicking effects, which transform some banal ad into a piece of art.


How To Add Interactive Popup To Website?

The main thing you need to remember is that Interactive Popup Library is an attractive addition to the whole Crocoblock subscription. So, to unlock the library, you will need the All-Inclusive Crocoblock plan. In case you don’t have one, you can upgrade your plan and make use of popups right away.

To unlock the Interactive bundle, you need to download Crocoblock Installation Wizard. Install and activate the plugin and follow the Wizard’s instructions to be taken to the Interactive Library. There you will find filtered interactive popups. You can sort them by category and choose the template you need.

Customize your popup with Elemetor – change background image or color, pick another typography, add hover and animations, and play with basic settings to get the look you need.

To add a designed popup to your website, you need to go to Display Settings in Elementor, click the Display Conditions button, and set the pages that this popup will appear on.


Crocoblock Dynamic Templates & Interactive Library Summary

Both Dynamic Templates and Interactive Popup Library give the possibility to enhance your website. Once you try some of the pre-made templates or popups by Crocoblock, you will not be able to stop.

Honestly, the guys have everything under control. No more worries about coding – apply Dynamic Templates or popup from Interactive Popup Library and enjoy the professionally designed Crocoblock products.

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