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I must admit I have thought about getting into T shirt business. Especially after reading few succesful stories and seeing how shirts sell like crazy on Amazon and Ebay. This topic came to my mind again while doing usual research on Internet. It reminded me how custom-made T-shirts are very popular, and there is certainly WordPress T shirt designer plugin which can help tap into this business.

It seems everyone is wearing shirts with some funny phrase or image. People like them. But even more, they like to customize it per their needs. I decided to reasearch if there is possibility to tap into all that buzz using WordPress and was surprised how WordPress community lacks with products on that field.

While there are many products and possibilities to work as affiliate and sell other people T-shirts using WordPress theme, there is practically no T shirt designer theme nor T shirt design plugin for WordPress.

I found two WordPress T Shirt designer plugins that are still active and somewhat updated by developer. WooCommerce Custom T-Shirt Designer and WP eCommerce Custom T-Shirt Design Studio. Both from same author.

One works in symbiosis with Woocommerce and other is common WordPress plugin. Both plugins are nothing spectacular and pretty raw. While Woocommerce Custom T-shirt designer is not bad, WP eCommerce Custom T-Shirt Design Studio is not worthy purchase by my opinion.


WordPress T Shirt Designer Plugin

This T shirt design plugin is intended to work with WooCommerce. Thanks to this plugin, customers can design T-shirts as they want. They can add text, numbers or logo using different font type, color, size, alignment, etc.




Buyers are able to design their own t-shirt, upload logo or image to any position or even select existing logo from the sample items. Text can be normal or curved and can be rotated  in any position.

Previewing T-shirt while making customization is also possible as well as front and back view.


  • Add Text or Number
  • Design can be possible for front and back of the T-shirt
  • Select an Image/logo from the existing logo/images or upload your own
  • Normal and curved text
  • Change the text Font, Color, Alignment and Style of the Text or Number
  • Text or Image can be swapped
  • Place Text or Images in any Positions of the t-shirt
  • Text and Image can be Drag, Move and Rotate
  • Shows Preview mode of the T-shirt as designed
  • Shoppers can add to cart with quantity from design panel

From admin interface, Admin can customize template color such as background color, content color, default menu template color, etc.

Admin can also customize “Button Settings” like background color, border radius, font size, font family, hover, etc. You can even change text of the plugin from “Localizations” section and made it in any language.

Plugins “Help” text section is editable using html editor in admin interface. Woocommerce T Shirt Designer Plugin comes with sample images, but you can upload more.

Admin can enable or disable design panel for a particular product. Extra price for custom design can be set from admin metabox area.

Text and image can be put in front or/and back. The product images are totally within your control and can be managed from the admin panel.

You can upload customization image for cups, pens, hoodies, long sleeve t-shirts, shorts or any other item’s image. Admin can view the customized products with details and print the product from WooCommerce > Orders > Order Details page.


T Shirt Designer Plugin Summary

Woocommerce Custom T-Shirt Designer plugin is a decent product. You can make personalized products with your own text and/or image. Once applied to your product, images and text can be adjusted using the buttons in each of the four corners of the image box.

Text can also be curved and spacing can be adjusted. Multiple images and text can be added if needed. In live demo just three fonts are available. I hope more can be added. So, all basic functions are available. Developer also offers further customization per needs.

Price is $28 and I think it is worthy investment if you need WordPress T Shirt designer plugin. I also recommend checking Covert Shirt Store theme review where I have reviewed WordPress theme for selling T-shirts.

WordPress T Shirt Designer Plugin


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Design can be possible for front and back of the T-shirt
  • Select an Image/logo from the existing logo/images or upload your own
  • Normal and curved text
  • Text and Image can be drag, move and rotate
  • Shows preview mode of the T-shirt as designed

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2 thoughts on “Customize Shirts Using WordPress T Shirt Designer Plugin”

  1. Thanks for This Post…Its really helpful ……
    I am also using a WordPress Tshirt designer plugin but I have purchased from InkyROBO and they have provided me amazing services……..

    1. John that WordPress plugin looks amazing. It seems it has many features for T-shirt design. Though little expensive for serious business is probably “must have”.

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