Document360 Review PROS & CONS (2023) – Top Features You Should Know About



Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Free trial option
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Ease of use
  • Simple navigation
  • Saves time
  • Packed with various features
  • Good customer support


  • No free version available
  • Pricing not for every pocket
  • Import restrictions
  • Not a complete customer care solution
  • Lack of support for web interface on hand-held devices

If you want to create a responsive knowledge base for internal or self-service use, look no further than Document360. It is a powerful and innovative platform for businesses that need to manage their documents effectively.

Technical teams will rely on software documentation, and customer care teams will need the content to help users. You can use Document360 catering to different teams for all such purposes.

Leverage its array of branding and customization tools that help you easily design documentation of your choice.

The authoring experience that Document360 provides is second to none. This powerful software documentation tool offers quick configuration options, version control, and category management options. It is an excellent pick for businesses looking to create a self-service knowledge base for customers without investing too much in dedicated customer support services.

You can create a highly sophisticated, structured, multi-product knowledge base with category management. You can try out all the features for free for 14 days to determine if the product meets your requirements.

In this Document360 review, we will explore some of the top features of Document360 and show its pros and cons.


Document360 Review

The highlight of this software lies in the set of features it provides. You have just about everything covered with Document360 as its core features simplify your task to create a comprehensive knowledge base.


Multiple Editor

You have Markdown and WYSIWYG as text editors with Document360 that technical and non-technical writers can use. For instance, Markdown is ideal for technical writers familiar with markdown language. On the other hand, WYSIWYG is best suited for those looking to better control their text layout.


Version Control

There is full support for older, outdated, and beta versions of documents while using Document360 as it offers article-level versioning.


Category Manager

Enable your team to organize the information correctly with Document360’s six-level subcategories using its category manager.


Document360 category manager feature.


Landing Page Customization

You have advanced customization options with Document360 that help manage headers links, integrate brand colors to the knowledge base, images, and videos easily to your knowledge base.


Language Options

Create support resources in multiple languages that help you reach a global customer base as it enables human translation coupled with machine translation.


Document360 language options.


Backup & Restore

You can restore data with a single touch as Document360 offers intuitive backup for up to 180 days (depending on your price plan). This means your team need not worry about losing data due to an error.



You have multiple integration options with Document360 as you have third-party integrations like Google Analytics, Disqus, Zendesk, Zapier, Freshdesk, Microsoft Team, Slack, and Intercom, to name a few.


Document360 third-party integrations.


Single Sign-On

You get the Enterprise SSO (Single Sign-On) feature that helps enhance UX by securely accessing the projects using their existing corporate account. Such an added authentication offers an added level of security.

You don’t need to worry about recollecting specific credentials for each project or task. Instead, use your current corporate account to safely access the projects without requiring a separate Document360 login key. It is possible to add new SSO users to your project in the same way as you would add normal users.


Ticket Deflector

Bring down the number of support requests with Document360’s ticket deflectors. It helps resolve customer uses with the self-service knowledge base.

You can improve customer experience by deflecting the number of inquiries to your website or FAQs instead of your customer support team. It is possible to customize the same by switching it on or off using an HTML website.

Gain a better understanding of your efficiency with the ticket deflector dashboard. It provides a quick overview of queries answered by knowledge-base, total feedback, forms submitted, etc. Such an approach shows how your customers may leverage self-serve and discover solutions to answer questions using knowledge base articles.


Single Sourcing

Use Document360 to keep track of activities and projects thanks to its single-source feature. Create a project space as a single source of information for business-critical information. This will allow you to create a single document with all your paperwork in one place.

Also, you can create a single piece of documentation and then share it across multiple platforms, including context-sensitive help files in CHM format and online tutorials in PDF, HTML, DOC, and many more.


Other Features

Other features worth mentioning include:

  • Smart internal search engine to quickly find the most relevant content from your knowledge base.
  • Experience the power of built-in analytics as Document360 filters the data and helps you create a report to analyze document content, audience retention, clicks, etc.
  • Compare different versions of documents with a difference viewer that helps review changes amongst the other versions.


Document360 difference viewer feature.
Document360 difference viewer.


Document360 Pros & Cons

There are many advantages of using Document360. Here, we will discuss a few of those to help you better understand how your business can benefit from this tool:

  • Quick setup – Getting up and running with Document360 is a breeze for businesses of any size. You have their tutorials and user guides that come built-in. Such resources help your writing and editing team pick up the basics of Document360 to get started.
  • Storage – Document360 offers cloud storage that helps store different knowledge base files and articles (depending on your price plan).

Document360 cloud storage.


  • Ease of use – There is no need to learn to code as Document360 offers drag and drop functionalities to add images and videos to the knowledge base content.

Document360 drag and drop functionality.


  • Device adaptability – Document360 can match the display (size, pixels, etc.) according to the device used to access the knowledge base.

Document360 device adaptility.


  • Reader feedback – Your knowledge base readers can rate the content and use the comments section below the document to provide feedback.
  • Multiple knowledge base hosting – You can use Document360 to manage multiple knowledge base sites in one portal. There is also a preview box where the editor can see what a published version will look like while still in the edit mode.
  • Customer support – Document360’s support team will help you whenever you need a solution to a support query. Their team will help you know more about its features and how to put them into action for better results. Also, if your team faces any issues during or after the migration to Document360, you can feel free to connect to their support team.
  • Feature requests – The best part about using Document360 is that their service team will also consider feature requests. If your feature request adds more value to their existing software version, their team will add your requested feature whenever they roll out the next version.
  • Branding – Document360 offers you greater control of how your knowledge base looks and feels. Maintain a consistent brand experience by adjusting your logo and colors to create a consistent design.

Document360 customize according to your brand.


  • No code – Tailor the links and menus of your knowledge base using Document360 without the knowledge of coding. You can also create a custom footer without knowing how to code. Document360 provides you with an almost no-code solution that helps you get started with a custom knowledge base without training your team or hiring dedicated personnel.
  • Simple navigation – Provide simple navigation to your users as it allows them to see the entire hierarchy of their knowledge base in a tree view. This makes it simple for readers to switch between different types of content.
  • Security & access – Make your knowledge base public or private. Private access is ideal for creating internal documents where the content is only limited to the internal team, while open content works best to create documents for users.

Document360 security features.


  • Saves time – Save users’ time to remember and enter login credentials every time they log in to different enterprise applications. Document360’s SSO spares you from repeatedly doing such activities, thereby saving crucial time if your team members forget credentials.
  • Faster Turnaround – With SSO, users don’t have to type in their credentials when they want to access an application/service. New users can also sign up quickly as Google would already have done the email verification and data collection.
  • Content reuse – Document360 comes in handy when you look to leverage it as a comprehensive content management system. Create a single source of information that works as a knowledge bank, enabling your team to refer to the same for creating related articles. With it, you can create a user manual, FAQs, and other such documents by repurposing the content in a structured manner.
  • Cloud-based solution – If you are too overwhelmed with on-site documentation hosting platforms, then Document360 is a great solution. There is no need to consider things when choosing a cloud vendor as you get a complete, cloud-based customer support documentation software. With it, you are free from the worries of hosting large databases, and, in turn, you get multiple version control, article comments, auto-save, and code blocks.
  •  Other features –  Switching between the Dark & Light mode, publishing contributors’ names and articles, article status indicators, and many more.

The downsides of using Document360 depend significantly on what you expect from a knowledge base software. Here are a few of the cons of adopting Document360:

  • Lack of support for the web interface on hand-held devices – If you are more into a mobile-based application for documentation purposes, Document360 is not a great choice as it does not run on iOS and Android. Also, its web layout in mobile and tablets is not as good as the browser display on PC.
  • Import restrictions – Document360 does not permit the import of WordPress content, restricting such operations to only CHM files and thereby limiting its utility.
  • Not a complete customer care solution – This is not your ideal solution for customer service helpdesk products, but this can help your customer service representatives perform better. You can get more control for technical documentation with other tools, especially if you need to create a lot of content for different mediums like single-sourcing, printing, etc.



Besides a free trial and a customizable plan, Document360 offers a variety of pricing options depending on your business size and requirements. They consider various stages of a company’s growth into its price plans and have plans based on team members, organizational structure, and the need for advanced features.

They also have an Enterprise Plus plan apart from the ones mentioned below, where you can customize features coupled with dedicated hosting space.


  • Startup Plan is for small businesses and startups foraying into the world of documentation. This plan starts with $99/month.
  • Business Plan is ideal for small to medium businesses that either demand a comprehensive documentation system or migrate their existing knowledge base. This plan starts from $299/month.
  • Enterprise Plan is best suited for multinational corporations and large-scale businesses looking to drive customer value with a robust knowledge base. This package is worth $499, benefits teams working from different countries, and needs more collaboration.


Document360 Review Summary – Should You Buy?

Go ahead and sign up for a 14-day free trial. It is worth taking a quick look at Document360 as it may well prove to be the perfect solution for your business.

It offers everything that you demand from a knowledge base solution — an ideal tool for your customer-facing personnel while meeting all their needs. This one is a platform for building an internal knowledge base and sophisticated controls that streamline internal communication.

Its integrations with popular third-party software coupled with an unmatched customer service team provide a comprehensive support tool for users. So, if you are looking for a quick solution to knowledge base requirements, Document360 is the best in class given the set of features it provides at given price points.

You have the category manager, a sophisticated and simple-to-use Markdown Editor, AI-powered Smart Search, commenting, version control, enhanced security, private documentation, and backup amongst plenty of other features sets that are surely a value for your money.





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