Is Element Pack Pro Worth It? Element Pack Pro Review (2023)

Elementor is one of the best page builder plugins available. You can make any website using this page-builder plugin in just a few clicks. Everyone loves to use Elementor plugin because it is easy to use. Elementor also supports different add-ons that help you to make a dynamic, multi-functional website. Different add-ons plugin offers different features.

So, the question here is, which is the best Elementor addon plugin? Elementor officially features many add-ons plugins. It is challenging for a beginner to choose the best out of them.

All the plugins are a great way to expand your Elementor options. But we find the one which is perfect in all aspects giving tons of premium add-ons. After checking the usage, features, pricing plans, we find that Element Pack Pro is one of the best add-ons plugins for Elementor.

Yes, this is the plugin you should use to increase your Elementor library. The Element Pack Pro has 130+ widgets, 299+ built-in pages, 1500+ blocks, and 250+ header & footer. But will this plugin suit your website needs? Is Element Pack Pro Plugin worth using? To answer all these questions, let’s get deeper into its features in this Element Pack Pro review.


Element Pack Pro Review

Element Pack Pro provides top-notch features. Covering all these features is not possible in a single article. That’s why we will cover the most used and important features here. For checking all the features, you can visit the Element Pack Pro site.



Element Pack Pro has 130+ widgets that allow developers to make multi-function top-notch websites for a high-quality user experience. From heading to button styling, carousel to form styling, Element Pack Pro brings various options.

Let’s check different types of widget styling:

  • It allows 9 different types of carousel. For example, portfolio carousel, testimonial carousel, WooCommerce carousel, etc. These are all available in different styling.
  • Elementor itself has its grid widget. However, Element Pack Pro provides more options for customization using the Grid system widget. Post grid, event grid, testimonial grid are some of the possibilities.
  • The plugin has many different slider designs. All the sliders have top-level styling. But you can also customize them if you want to.
  • Elementor has its Gallery widget. But it limits the custom editing features. Element Pack Pro has a top-notch Gallery widget in different styling. The most important gallery widget is Video Gallery. Video Gallery allows different types of designing for videos.
  • Element Pack Pro has numerous forms. Contact form 7, MailChimp, Gravity Forms, all can be added with just drag and drop.
  • The most styling and attractive Widget is Circle Menu. Circle Menu allows different styling options to open the menu in a circle. If you want to make a fantastic website, this feature is for you.
  • There are also many other widgets like dark mode, buttons styling, crypto card, pricing table, search box, and the list goes and goes.


Page Library

Element Pack Pro has a huge inventory of ready-made templates. It has 300+ pre-built pages that can be used to make the website in just a few clicks.


Element Pack Pro ready made templates.


All the pre-built templates have different designs for the specific niches. For example, if you want to make a business website, just pick 1 out of 109 pages, and there you go. Element Pack Pro also offers templates for various niches like gym, e-commerce, portfolio, travel, and many more.


Ready-made Blocks

Thanks to Element Pack Pro, you don’t need to build your website from scratch. Element Pack Pro has a big inventory of custom pre-built blocks. It has more than 1500 ready-made blocks that can be used anywhere on your WordPress website.


Element Pack ready made blocks.


Tons of blocks allow you to make your website super easy. All the blocks are 100% responsive. You only need to copy and paste using the Live Copy And Paste option, and you are good to go.

Element Pack Pro blocks also have the dual button, pricing table, Mailchimp, Contact Form 7, countdown, etc.


Built-in Header & Footer

Element Pack Pro has an inventory of different types of headers and footers. All of them are unique, attractive, responsive, easy to customize. You will get 250+ built-in header and footers with its pro plan.

These are all designed for different niches such as digital agency, e-commerce, business, etc. All you have to do is pick up the right design and copy and paste it into your website.



Element Pack Pro is an excellent Elementor WooCommerce addon as it is a perfect fit for e-commerce brands. All the built-in templates, widgets are specially designed for e-commerce businesses.


Element Pack Pro WooCommerce widgets.


Element Pack Pro has 22 pre-built pages. All of them are designed beautifully. Just copy it into your site. Then customize it with your brand identity.

Element Pack Pro blocks, header, and footer also have e-commerce designs. You can easily find add to cart button, the checkout form, product page, product carousel, comments, product categories, etc.

The best feature you will get with this plugin is 360 Product Viewer. What is it? You can display your product image as rotating at a 360-degree angle. This way, you can convert more customers into your buyers by giving them a complete look at your product.


Third-Party Plugins

Element Pack Pro supports 60 third-party plugins. This includes bbPress, Contact Form 7, Calendly, Download Monitor, Carousel, Mailchimp, Ninja Forms, etc.


Element Pack third-party plugins support.


You have to download the plugin you want to use, and you are good to go. The rest of the work you can do within Elementor with their add-ons.



The Element Pack Pro has premium support for its customers. You can also read the detailed documentation or check video tutorials.


Extremely Fast

You may think because this plugin comes up with a wide inventory of features, it probably slows down your website. Right?

Thanks to its beautifully designed backend layouts, you can on/off the different functionalities of this plugin. For example, if you don’t need to use a dual-button, you can simply switch off the option in your WordPress dashboard within the plugin section.


How To Use Element Pack Pro?

Like any other plugin, Element Pack Pro is easy to install. You can download the plugin from its official website or find it in the plugin section of WordPress.

In WordPress, go to the Plugin > Add New > Element Pack Pro > Install. After Installation, click on the activate button, and you are ready to go. You will see a section appear in the right menu with the name Element Pack Pro

If you click on the Element Pack Pro button, you will see a page with different tabs. This is where you control all the add-ons. Let’s get straight into each of the sections and find out how we can use it effectively.


Core Widgets

Core Widget is a section where you can find all the main widgets that Element Pack Pro offers. There is also a section before Core Widget named Dashboard. But it’s not so important. That’s why we directly start with the Core Widgets tab.


Element Pack free and pro core widgets.


In this tab, you have the option to check which options you want to use and which are not helpful for your business. Let say you don’t need to use the Search box anywhere on your website. So you can simply turn off the add-on. This will help your website to use the add-ons that you need. As a result, your website load speed gets better.

All the core widgets are not in the free plan. We recommend going with a paid plan to use all the widgets for a better experience and ease of use.


Third-Party Widgets

Like the Core Widgets tab, the Third Party Widgets table helps you turn on/off the plugin that you want to use and that you don’t. It is also an excellent opportunity to speed up your website load-time by using required 3rd-party plugins.


Element Pack 3rd party widgets.


Some of the 3rd party plugins only come up with a paid plan.


Elementor Extend

This tab is only available in the paid plan. The Elementor Extend section provides next-level styling to all the elements in Elementor plugin.


Element Pack Elementor extend.


For example, you created a button. The default plugin allows limited animating effects like fad-in, fade-out, etc. But the Elementor Extend tab has a widget with the name Floating Effect. It will help you to float the button continuously in any direction.

There are also many other extended features in this tab that help to make your website attractive.


API Setting

This tab is for some widgets that need any API, email, or login information. For example, if you want to create a simple contact form on your website. Here is a section in which you can add your email id from where you want to receive the emails from users.


Other Settings

This tab has some special kind of features. For example, the Live Copy And Paste tab. If you find a pre-built template in the huge template inventory, you can copy that template by clicking on the Live Copy and then copy from there. After that, you have to turn on the Live Copy And Paste tab, and that’s it. Easily paste the copied template into your website by right click and then choose the Live Paste option.


Get Pro

Get Pro Tab gives a brief difference between the free and the pro plans. You will get a full refund within one month of purchasing the plugin if you don’t like it. 24/7 support is also available with  Pro Version.


Element Pack free vs pro.



This plugin is available in free as well as paid versions. If you need some of its add-ons, then the free version is good for you. But if you are a beginner and want to make your website attractive, clean, and responsive, then we highly recommend purchasing its Pro plan.

The Pro plan makes it easy to build and customize the website. You don’t need coding knowledge or any technical experience to use. Simple drag and drop your desired element, and a top-notch website is in front of your eyes.

The paid version  comes up with three different plans:

  • Personal Package
  • Business Package
  • Developer Package

You will get all features with all three packages. So, what’s the difference?

The difference between these three plans is the use of the plugin on different websites. What does it mean? You can only use the personal package on 1 WordPress website. The business and the developer package allows using the pro version on 5 and unlimited websites, respectively.

You can also purchase a lifetime plan. It allows you to pay one-time, and then you can use the whole plugin life with lifetime support.


Element Pack Pro Review Conclusion

The Element Pack Pro makes it a lot easier when it comes to building a website. No doubt, the Elementor plugin itself has good features. But you will get tons of great new add-ons with this plugin. If you are a beginner to WordPress or a developer with so much work, this add-on plugin is for you.

You can easily create a website in just a few clicks with its ready-made templates. Just copy and paste the template and customize it in your way with complete control.

Good alternatives to Element Pack Pro include Ultimate Post Kit, Stratum Elementor Widgets, Master Addons for Elementor, Plus Addons for Elementor, and Jet Plugins. And if you need a good Elementor theme, be sure to check the Litho theme or Everse theme.

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