Elementor vs Wix Comparison – What Are Crucial Differences?

Wix and Elementor are popular tools for web design. They are both used to create, customize and publish various types of websites for personal and business use. While they both have their implications and provide different features, they work great, no matter if you are a beginner or a web design professional.

So which is better when comparing Elementor vs Wix? I understand your concerns! It’s not an easy choice. But don’t worry, I will help you understand the differences between the two options, so you can decide which tool is best for your needs.


Elementor vs Wix

Wix is a do-it-yourself website builder that provides many features and allows users to launch different types of websites. It has powerful design customization tools, integrated blogging tools, powerful eCommerce features, and versatile templates. If you’re looking for a modern website builder, Wix is the clear leader.


Wix review.
Wix website builder platform.


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Elementor is a popular free web page builder made explicitly for WordPress. It comes with a drag-and-drop editor with a convenient and easy-to-use user interface. With Elementor, users can create simple and advanced projects from scratch without the required CSS or HTML coding skills.


elementor pros and cons
Elementor site builder.


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Wix and Elementor are amazing for creating beautiful websites on your own. They have many different features and tools to choose from, making the process simple and fun. However, they have some key differences.

Elementor is a plugin for WordPress which means it can’t be used as a standalone tool, whereas Wix is a full-fledged website builder. Additionally, Wix is more flexible and customizable, making it the perfect platform for creating a stunning website without coding knowledge.

Here are the key differences between Wix and Elementor:

  • Wix is an all-in-one solution where you can manage a website from a single dashboard. On the other hand, Elementor is a page builder that integrates with WordPress. However, with Elementor Cloud, you get various extra options, such as managing the website from the Elementor dashboard.
  • Wix is a self-hosted solution, so users don’t need to purchase additional hosting from a third party. For the Elementor plugin, you will need to buy hosting separately to host your site. But you can use Elementor Cloud hosting solution that includes Google Cloud hosting in the plan.
  • Wix offers access to its entire template library even with the free plan, while Elementor only provides limited access to its template library unless users upgrade to Elementor Pro.

Wix Elementor
Ease of Use: Wix is a website builder that anyone can use to create different types of projects for commercial and non-commercial purposes. This includes business websites, blogs, forums, landing pages, portfolios, and more. It works great for both beginners and web design experts alike. Plus, it comes with a simple and smooth sign-up process as well as plenty of features to benefit from. Elementor is a web page builder created for WordPress that offers a wide selection of features for beginners and professionals. The plugin is designed to be simple and fast to use, with easy to use drag-and-drop editor.
Functionality: The platform is feature-packed, offering various high-end tools and options. It has built-in blogging, eCommerce features, various business and marketing tools, Wix Ascend (complete marketing and customer management suite), App Builder, App Market, Logo Maker, Wix Marketplace, multi-language support, etc. The plugin offers integration with many third-party extensions, works with numerous marketing and website promotion tools, and provides interactive features such as images, animations, effects, etc.
Design: Wix offers one of the most comprehensive and versatile template collections, with over 550 mobile-ready themes that can be customized to suit any topic. The preview feature lets users see how their project will look at every stage of customization so that they can make changes along the way. Wix offers two ways to edit a selected theme – with the Wix ADI tool or in the Standard Editor – and does not allow switching between designs. Elementor comes with a wide variety of templates for any occasion that are responsive and high-quality. If users can’t find a suitable template, they can always get one from third-party providers. Users also have many customization options that allow the creation of unique and personalized sites.
eCommerce: Wix is a great way to set up a store. With the Wix store widgets, users can easily create and update product galleries, sales lists, and more. They can also set up product parameters, integrate video reviews, add photos and videos, enable user comments, and perform SEO optimization. Elementor plugin is great for web store development, but users will need to find a separate eCommerce solution to actually power the store. Luckily, there are plenty of great options out there, and the most popular one is WooCommerce.
Blogging: Wix’s blogging options are designed to be both simple and convenient. The website builder has a wide selection of blog templates, and it also lets site owners add/edit posts, schedule new articles, enable commenting feature, SEO optimize blog posts, etc. The plugin is effective for creating blogs, but users will need to install additional third-party plugins to extend its functionality. While many WordPress plugins are available for blog creation, inexperienced users may find the integration process time-consuming and difficult.
Small Business: Wix website builder is designed for small business website creation. It offers a collection of mobile-ready business templates divided into niche categories, as well as the ability to use powerful third-party integrations from the App Market. Additionally, it allows users to access its Ascend Platform, which provides marketing and management tools/features. Elementor is the perfect plugin for small business projects. With it, users can set up and customize their project with ease. There are plenty of business templates to choose from and multiple integrations to make a project just perfect.
Pricing: Wix’s pricing policy is designed to be affordable for a variety of users. There are plans for website owners and store owners. Plans differ in price and features they offer. Elementor has several different plans available, which vary in price depending on how many websites one wants to launch. For those who only need the plugin for a single website, the price will be $49 per year, and you get all available features.
SEO: Wix is an SEO-friendly website builder. The SEO Wiz widget makes it easy to fill out the optimization for SEO purposes. In addition, multiple extensions in the App Market can help with SEO optimization. As a WordPress plugin, Elementor provides an opportunity to integrate SEO plugins explicitly developed for SEO. It is also possible to integrate analytics and stats-tracking tools.
Customer Support: VIP support, email assistance, knowledge base, ticketing system, forum. The Help Center contains articles, FAQs, and forums where users can find an extensive knowledge base. Support can be reached via email.


Which One Is Easier to Use?

Wix is a website creation tool that offers an easy-to-use, understandable, and convenient approach. No coding knowledge is needed to use. Simply follow the tips/guidelines it generates to get started. Whether you are creating a business website, portfolio, store, blog, or any other project, Wix will help complete a task in the best way possible.

Registering for a Wix account is quick and easy. You can use email and password or social network accounts to log in and get started. Once signed in, you will be redirected to the system dashboard, which consists of the control panel with multiple elements.

You must choose one of two editing options before proceeding to website customization– Wix ADI or standard editor. If you want to set up a website in an automated mode, the ADI option will let them do that using the content submitted.


Wix classic editor review.
Wix classic editor.


With the second option, you select a template and customize it to your liking. Remember that you won’t be able to change templates later on since the website builder doesn’t have that option.

Elementor is a great WordPress plugin for anyone looking for a simple, drag-and-drop interface. The control panel is also easy to use and navigate. You won’t find any unnecessary elements or tools here – everything is in its place.


elementor interface
Elementor editor example.


Creating your page layout and organizing content is easy and convenient. All you need to do is integrate the plugin into your WordPress website, start a new project from scratch, or use one of many available ready-made templates.

Remember that you will require hosting to launch a website and store the content. While with Wix, this comes in a package, with Elementor, you need to purchase hosting separately or in one of Elementor hosting package options.

If you’re not a coder and you’re looking to create a custom website from scratch, Elementor is a great option. With Elementor, you can either create a custom web page or pick a ready-made theme and edit it per your requirements.


WINNER: Wix is definitely the easier platform to use. It comes with more features and two editing options for different types of users. You can also customize the templates and integrate other tools. Customer support is always available to help solve any issues users may have. Elementor also has quality customer support, but the system may be more difficult for users that aren’t tech-savvy.


Templates Library

Wix provides users with many template optionsover 800, to be exact. This wide selection is sorted into various categories based on a different niche. This makes choosing a template for your project quick and easy.


Wix templates.
Wix templates examples.


In addition, all of the templates available in the library are responsive and easily customizable. Users can also take advantage of Wix’s built-in stock image library to make their templates more attractive.

Elementor’s template library is unrivaled, with over 300 templates available. While the free version offers access to only a limited selection of these templates, the complete library can be accessed by upgrading to Elementor Pro. All of these templates are easily customizable and responsive.


best elementor templates
Elementor has huge selection of templates.


But there are also many third-party plugins that provide Elementor templates, so there is really a huge number of templates available.


WINNER: Wix offers more templates than Elementor out-of-the-box, but Elementor has many plugins that bring more templates for various purposes.



Wix is an excellent platform for bloggers who want to customize their blogs. There is a wide variety of blog templates to choose from, and you can edit them to create a completely personalized project.

With Wix, bloggers can add, edit, update and schedule posts, add media files, tags, utilize comments, etc.

Elementor can be used to create and customize blogs, but core blogging feature come with WordPress. A CMS for which Elementor is an addon.


WINNER: Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas with the world. Both Elementor and Wix offer great platforms for creating and customizing your blog. However, Elementor requires extra plugin integration for full blog utilization, while Wix comes with a built-in blogging engine that makes it quick and easy to get started.



Wix eCommerce potential is made by connecting the Wix Stores widget and allows users to set up small-to-medium online shops.


Wix eCommerce features.
Wix eCommerce options example.


You can pick and customize a suitable eCommerce template, add and manage products, create lists of items available for sale, adjust web store parameters, and customize show windows to present them.

Likewise, you can add product descriptions, videos, photos, and other related content, set SEO settings, control and analyze SEO stats, track web store performance, etc.


Wix business tools.
Wix has all the business tools you will need.


Elementor can be used to customize a web store. However, one thing to remember is that it doesn’t come with a built-in eCommerce engine. This means that you will need to install an additional plugin to power the online store.


woocommerce widgets elementor
Some of Elementor elements for WooCommerce.


Luckily, there are plenty of great options to choose from, like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), WP eCommerce, etc. WooCommerce is particularly popular for those using WordPress to build their store.


WINNER: When it comes to creating and customizing online stores, both Wix and Elementor have their own strengths and weaknesses. Wix is generally more straightforward and intuitive, while Elementor may require extra skills, effort, time, and budget.



Wix offers integrations with some of the best third-party tools. You can integrate powerful free and paid apps directly from the Wix App market.

With Elementor, if you want to add unique functionality to your website, there are many useful third-party integrations that will enhance the capability of Elementor.


WINNER: Wix and Elementor work really well with third-party integrations, and I would say there is a tie in this field, considering both offer a decent number of integrations.


Third-Party Extensions, Widgets & Special Features

Wix is a great platform that offers a ton of features in terms of integration and specialty applications. Its App Market is one of the richest and most powerful, with dozens of apps to choose from.

Users can find free or paid apps, depending on how powerful or necessary they are for their needs. For ease of use, the software offers a search filter to help users find the right extensions for their niche and goals.


Velo by Wix.
Velo full stack web development example.


The website builder offers a variety of widgets for specific types of websites, and their integration is quick, easy and contributes to enhanced website performance.


Wix mobile editor.
Wix has handy mobile editor to customize appearance of site for mobile devices.


Wix’s Ascend platform is great for small business website owners who want to streamline their project management. With over 20 tools available in one place (live chat, tasks, forms & reminders, invoices, inbox, automation, etc.), it’s easy to keep track of everything. Plus, the Wix Marketplace makes it easy to find and hire web design experts to build project for you.

Wix also has some great additional features that make it stand out from the competition. With Logo Maker, users can easily create a professional-looking logo for their brand.

And with multi-language support, you can easily manage website in multiple languages and cater to a global audience.

The App Builder is also a great feature, allowing you to manage everything in their app even when you are on the go. It is a unique and convenient feature.

Elementor is a great tool for people who want to create highly customized and flexible websites. It works well with all WordPress templates, both free and premium. Additionally, it is available in over 20 languages, making it an excellent option for users across the globe.

Elementor may require the integration of third-party WordPress extensions to give a website the specialized functionality you need. Many third-party developers have created Elementor addons that add even more options and creativity.

The plugin provides advanced visual customization options with inline editing, which lets users change blocks and sections on the main screen. All the edits users make are displayed in real-time, so there is no need for any coding knowledge. The customization process includes premium typography settings that give you access to over 800 fonts and more than 80 design elements.


best elementor elements
Some of available Elementor elements.


Elementor is a great tool for creating interactive websites. This is because of the array of animations and special effects at disposal. Web projects can take on an exciting and engaging look by applying scroll animation and hover effects.


Using Elementor Theme Editor you can customize every part of website.
Using Elementor Theme Editor you can even customize headers, footers, 404 page, search results page, etc.


The plugin also grants access to popup design tools, enhancing possible features and customization options. These include ready-made popup layouts, like lead capture forms, announcements, banners, email subscription forms, etc.


elementor popup templates examples
Elementor popup templates examples.


Elementor has a huge library of widgets out-of-the-box, but you can also use plenty of third-party widget addons. The Elementor pro version includes a widget builder that allows users to create widgets unique to their site.


WINNER: I would say that both platforms have a lot to offer in terms of integrations and unique features, so in this field, they are tied.


Design Options

Wix design customization options are top-notch. The website builder has an extensive template collection that currently has many themes that are mobile-ready and customizable. The templates are divided into categories based on topics to make it easier for users to find a suitable theme. If you can’t find a suitable theme, you can pick a blank template and edit it from scratch to create a unique design.

There are two main types of website editing tools available – one that requires coding and one that doesn’t. People who are non-techies or not familiar with website coding generally prefer to use the Wix ADI tool. This is because all you need to do is provide the system with the required data, and it will come up with a ready-made project for you.

You will then need to submit and edit the rest of the content to get the website ready. This process is simple and can be completed relatively quickly.


Wix website builder.
Wix website builder.


Users with a web design background will find the Standard Editor mode particularly useful. It allows for deeper website customization through code editing. However, this doesn’t mean that only web design experts can work in this mode, as the website builder is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for everyone.

Elementor page builder provides access to over 80 design tools to help create a website from scratch with minimal time and effort investment. Users can choose from many ready-to-use templates available, or they can use third-party templates made for Elementor.


elementor styling options
Example of some Elementor styling options.


The custom dashboard allows users to integrate and edit new blocks and sections, and you can choose from three modes – Content, Style, or Advanced – to customize the selected section.

Elementor makes it easy to make changes in real time and preview a page to see those changes on different screen devices.


WINNER: Wix is a flexible and simpler solution when it comes to template editing. It offers two editing modes to meet the needs of different types of users, as well as a wide range of templates and customization options. Elementor does require a longer learning curve for full project customization potential.



Wix is somewhat SEO-friendly. This is done by using the Wix SEO Wiz widget. The widget includes detailed instructions on effective search engine optimization, which helps users fill out all the required parameters correctly.

Users can do a few things to improve their website’s SEO positions. They can adjust the required parameters in the corresponding SEO fields and use apps available in the App Market.

Elementor doesn’t have integrated SEO tools. You need to use one of many available SEO plugins, such as Yoast SEO, All-in-One SEO, SEOPress, Rank Math, SEOPressor, etc. If these plugins are integrated correctly, it can help increase traffic to a website and improve its ranking in search engine results.


WINNER: Wix provides certain SEO options, and you can also integrate third-party apps for even more effective SEO optimization. Elementor is SEO friendly but does not provide any SEO options out-of-the-box, so you will need to use a third-party plugin for that.



Wix pricing policy is designed to be both affordable and attainable for everyone. This is accomplished by having several plans that fit different budgets, project types, and requirements.

There is no free plan, but you can test Wix for free for 14 days. The premium plans are divided into Standard and Business/eCommerce.

Wix is a website builder that offers subscriptions with various features, including multiple payment options, removal of system ads, online payment acceptance, increased storage space, custom domain name connection, and more.

Elementor has a free version that can be used to build an entire website for users who want to test the system before committing to a paid subscription. However, users who need more functionality and flexibility will eventually need to upgrade to a premium plan.

Elementor offers several pricing options ranging from $59 to $399, depending on how many sites you will use it on.

Elementor also offers a pricing option where you get in a bundle all Elementor Pro features plus storage space, SSL connection, CDN by Cloudflare, automatic backups, premium support, hosting, etc.


WINNER: Both options offer versatile subscriptions available at moderate cost. It all depends on which plan you choose, but mostly Elementor plans are cheaper than Wix.


Wix or Elementor Conclusion

If you’re new to the world of website builders, you might find yourself stuck when choosing between Wix and Elementor. However, as you take the time to explore each option, you’ll quickly find that they have a lot of significant differences. These include things like implications and special features that will help you make the right decision for your needs.

Wix is a popular web design platform that offers an all-in-one solution for creating, customizing, managing, and promoting websites. As a DIY website builder, it provides users with everything they need to create a website, including built-in eCommerce and blogging engines, a rich App Market, hundreds of customizable templates, and powerful SEO and marketing tools.

Elementor is great Wix alternative that offers a wide variety of integrations to help improve its functionality. However, where it differs is that most of these integrations are through WordPress plugins and templates. While this makes Elementor more compatible with WordPress, it also might pose some problems for users who want more freedom when customizing their designs.

I suggest you go with Wix if you are a beginner and just need to set up your site quickly and get it running. Go with Elementor if you need more customization options and you are ready to invest more time to create a powerful site.

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