Elementor WooCommerce Addon: ShopEngine vs JetWooBuilder vs WooLentor

Elementor page builder for WordPress has made it easy to design any website from scratch. But when it is a WooCommerce website, you need to walk some extra miles. Using only Elementor won’t be enough for a WooCommerce website. You need the right Elementor addon for WooCommerce.

Default WooCommerce features are not enough for a complete eCommerce website with WordPress. But the combo of Elementor and the best WooCommerce plugin for Elementor can make things happen.

Different Elementor WooCommerce add-ons are currently available. Among them, ShopEngine, WooLentor, and JetWooBuilder are doing great. In this post, I will compare Woolentor vs JetWooBuilder vs ShopEngine so that you can decide which one to pick.

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Elementor WooCommerce Addons Compared

It is difficult to go through all of the features of a plugin and compare them with each other. However, the basic features of all Elementor WooCommerce addons are almost the same. The add-on elements for WooCommerce usually differ in the pro version.


Advanced Features

No matter whichever Elementor WooCommerce addon you are using, you will get default widgets. The fact is, widgets are not the only thing to consider when choosing. Instead, check for the advanced features.

WooLentor brings some astonishing advanced features that you can enable for a new WooCommerce website. Some popular plugin modules are cart page builder, checkout page builder, thank you page builder, etc.

Utilizing these features, you can implement ajax query or advanced search options, various filters, sales notifications, and more. The free version of the plugin has fewer modules.


WooLentor WooCommerce page builder features.
Some of WooLentor available features.


Similarly, JetWooBuilder offers custom templates, layout switcher, product carousel, category cards, and more. These features are customizable and don’t require any coding expertise.

Whether it is a new website or an old one, you can implement the features easily. For instance, you can create a whole new section on the website with the ready templates. Similarly, if you wish, you can add a product carousel in the hero section. Most of the features are available only for the premium version.


JetWooBuilder WooCommerce addon for Elementor features.
Example of JetWooBuilder features.


ShopEngine has both free and premium versions. If you need some basic features only, the free version will be enough.  In the free version, more than 5 modules are available. You will enjoy quick-view, variation swatches, wishlist, comparison, and more.


ShopEngine free WooCommerce Elementor addon.
ShopEngine plugin features.


In the Pro version, you will have more than 20 modules! Also, the Pro version will offer modules like Partial Payment, Badges, Quick Checkout, Pre-Order, Back-Order, and more.

With ShopEngine, it will be easy to take installment payments with a custom checkout page. Or, you can add particular badges in the products that allow you to give offers on products. Other than that, you can easily implement order types with pre and back-order features.


WINNER: Comparing both free and pro versions, ShopEninge is the winner.


Number of Widgets

Remember that, Elementor already has default features for WooCommerce. Even with the free version, you will have some widgets available. So, when picking a premium addon for Elementor, make sure it offers more than the basic widgets.

In the ShopEngine premium version, you will get around 70+ widgets. Some of them are available for the free version too. These widgets make it easy to implement a feature in WooCommerce pages. You will get widgets for almost any feature for WooCommerce. From simple product widget to checkout widget, flash sale countdown, everything is available. Each of these widgets is highly customizable.


ShopEngine Elementor widgets.
ShopEngine Elementor widgets.


Similarly, WooLentor has 76+ widgets. Yet, some of them are very basic that are available in any free addon. Also, if you are using Elementor Pro, the widgets of WooLentor will overlap the widgets of Elementor. One cool feature you are going to like is the sticky add to cart page. So, when a visitor browses the web page, can still see the add the cart option.


WooLentor Elementor widgets.
WooLentor Elementor widgets.


JetWooBuilder has fewer widgets compared to ShopEngine and WooLentor. But the available widgets are beneficial. For instance, you can design a single product page from scratch with built-in widgets. Also, it offers widgets for custom checkout pages.


JetWooBuilder Elementor widgets.
JetWooBuilder Elementor widgets.


WINNER: Considering the number of widgets, WooLentor is the winner.


Ready Templates

Designing a segment in a WooCommerce page from scratch is time-consuming. ‘Ready to use’ templates make it easy. Each of the mentioned plugins comes with some ready templates for different pages of a WooCommerce website. So, whenever you need to add a new page in that particular section, you can simply use the ready-to-use template page.

WooLentor offers some amazing ready-to-use templates for WooCommerce. You can enjoy Shopping cart, Checkout, My account, Registration, Thank you templates. Besides, in the pro version, you will get a template library and advanced template builder.

ShopEngine comes with 15+ ready templates for WooCommerce. Even in the free version, you can enjoy 6 ready templates – cart, shop, single page, quick view, empty cart page, and archive page.

In the pro version, you can use ready templates like Thank you template, Quick Checkout Template, My Account Dashboard, My Account Orders, My Account Order Details, My Account Details, Quick Checkout, and more.

JetWooBuilder offers a Checkout template, My Account template, Thank You template, and Cart pages. The number is fewer than ShopEngine and WooLentor.


WINNER: Considering the variation and the number of templates, ShopEngine is the winner.


Ease of Customization

What is the purpose of using an addon with Elemenetor? Making the customization easier for WooCommerce pages.

In the matter of customization, each of the discussed addons for Elementor is relatively easy. There is no need for coding knowledge or anything else.

Just drag and drop the particular widget that you want to implement. For example, if you want to add a customer feedback section in WooCommerce, simply drag and drop the Popup review or Product review widget in ShopEngine.


WINNER: Acknowledging the ease of customization, each of these addons is a winner.


Free ‘Premium’ Themes

A large number of people use the Elementor page builder to design their website from scratch. You can, however, use a WooCommerce theme too. However, themes are not mandatory as long as you can create a page with built-in widgets of Elementor.

The Pro version of WooLentor offers five premium WordPress themes to integrate into WooCommerce websites. So, you can choose a particular theme based on the layout.

ShopEngine and JetWooBuilder don’t offer any WooCommerce themes in their pro version.


WINNER: WooLentor is the winner in the matter of free ‘Premium’ themes.


Custom Checkout Page

You might be wondering why we are comparing the custom checkout page as it is a simple widget. Indeed, it is a widget for WooCommerce, but each WooCommerce addon for Elementor doesn’t offer the same customization.

For example, ShopEngine pro offers tons of customization options for a custom checkout. You can directly implement Partial Payment, flash sale offers, product badges like ‘sale,’ and many more. There is no need for another addon or plugin to implement them.

On the other hand, WooLentor and JetWooBuilder have custom checkout pages too. But there are fewer options for customization. You can do the basic things. But features like flash sale and partial payment are not available.


WINNER: In terms of the Custom Checkout feature, the winner is ShopEngine.


ShopEngine vs JetWooBuilder vs WooLentor – Who Is The Winner?

It is very hard to say one is better than another. Each one is offering something exceptional. But, if you have gone thoroughly to the features and widgets, ShopEninge Pro is slightly ahead of others. I do recommend checking the comparison table to have a better understanding.


Comparing WooCommerce Elementor addons.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions you might be having and are worth explaining.


Is it worth spending on premium Elementor addon for WooCommerce?

Yes! But before you go for any, you must check the features and detailed offers. There is no universal addon for Elementor that fits all. Everyone has unique demands. However, just remember that instead of buying multiple plugins for each feature, get something that has all the features together.


Why are premium WooCommerce Elementor add-ons costly?

Premium addon plugins offer unique features that make the overall process smoother. Hiring a team of developers is too expensive. Premium addons are comparatively cheaper and provide better things.


Do the premium versions have trial offers of these plugins?

ShopEngine and WooLentor plugins also have a free version that you can test. And if you go with the pro version, usually there is a money-back guarantee in case the plugin doesn’t fit your needs.


Does adding an addon with Elementor make the WooCommerce website slow?

No. It depends on how many other plugins you are using. Try to keep the number of plugins fewer. Also, optimize all the product images, videos, and other sections for the web. Keep them compressed so that the webpage loads faster.


Are there any free WooCommerce addons for Elementor that have the same features?

Some of the mentioned WooCommerce plugins in this comparison have a free option. Try it out and find if it fits you. But most advanced features are available only with a premium pricing plan.


Best WooCommerce Elementor Addon Wrap Up

Elementor WooCommerce builder has limited features. Even Elementor Pro is not a dedicated WooCommerce page builder. The plugin has versatile usages. So, they don’t have all the advanced features for a WooCommerce website. You won’t have many customization options.

But with an addon, you will have more freedom when designing the WooCommerce website.

This WooLentor vs JetWooBuilder vs ShopEngine comparison is to give you a detailed idea. Check the comparison table and feature-based comparison while trying to pick one. I do recommend trying the free option if you are confused about which one to choose.

Be sure also to check best Elementor addons, like Stratum, Jet Plugins, Plus Addons, Master Addons, Element Pack Pro, etc. For Elementor themes, see Litho and Everse.

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