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“First impression is the last impression.” It stands true for emails as well. People don’t remember about your brand from the offers you run. But from the emails that you sent. It’s your emails that establish your brand’s authority.

The default WooCommerce order emails or WooCommerce transactional emails are plain and unimpressive. That’s why you need a powerful WooCommerce email customizer plugin that helps you add a personal touch to your emails.

Emails that make customers say ‘WOW.’ Emails that can nudge customers to buy again from you.

Email Customizer Pro for WooCommerce is that plugin you must use on your websites. It gives you the flexibility to customize WooCommerce emails the way you need. It’s a plugin you can use without any coding to beautify your emails.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the plugin how it helps get repeat purchases and build a lasting impression of your brand.


You Were Wasting A Big Marketing Opportunity

Your customers receive hundreds and thousands of emails from WooCommerce stores every day. And something not so good about them is their design and content. Quite monotonous that customers don’t even bother to read.

About 60% to 70% of the WooCommerce stores would send such emails, thus missing the big opportunity to connect with their customers. So do you want to end up sending those same emails? I’m sure you won’t.

If people remember you, they will open your email. If that email is well designed and there’s something for the users in it, they will surely convert.

As mentioned, the default WooCommerce transactional emails (all eleven types – order complete, password change, etc.) will do their job. But won’t help establish your brand. They look quite dull, repetitive, and boring.

Therefore, all you need is this WooCommerce email customizer plugin called Email Customizer Pro. It is available for purchase on


Email Customizer Pro live editor.


From the email header to the text to the footer, the links, colors, etc., easily customize the default WooCommerce order emails and make customers acquainted with your brand!

Your brand logo, styling, designs, colors, copy, etc., decide whether people will connect with your emails or not. It improves engagement, conversions, and conversations.

The plugin is from StoreApps, the team that gave you popular plugins like Smart Coupons, Affiliate for WooCommerce, Offermative, and other valuable WooCommerce plugins.


Email Customizer Pro Features

Here are some of the features you get with the plugin:

  • Customize all the eleven default WooCommerce email templates: new order, order completed, order on-hold, order processing, order refunded, canceled order, failed order, customer invoice/order details, customer note, password reset, new account.
  • Customize WooCommerce Subscriptions emails.
  • Edit email body text (highlight of the plugin).
  • Add other email content – text, image, video, links, etc.
  • Show related products/product recommendations to boost sales via upselling/cross-selling.
  • Customize emails in a live preview to see how it looks.
  • Send test emails before sending them to users.
  • Mobile/tablet responsive emails.
  • UTM campaign parameters to track conversions from links within the emails.
  • Compatible with Smart Coupons plugin, WordPress, and WooCommerce-supported WordPress themes.

Using Email Customizer Pro, you can achieve:

  • Set up emails that will represent your brand authority.
  • Make your emails stand out from other WooCommerce stores.
  • Increase your brand visibility and win more trust of your users.
  • Evoke your customers to interact, engage and improve communication with them.
  • Encourage repeat purchases from your customers.
  • Improve your conversion rate and grow your business.


Professional Readymade Email Templates

Designing is not that easy. Other plugins may provide you with one or two templates. But the Email Customizer Pro plugin provides you with five readymade templates to choose from and get started instantly.


Email Customizer PRO style images.


Customize the way you want without any coding required. If you wish to take the professional approach or tone it down to a little casual one, you have the flexibility to customize WooCommerce emails as per your requirements. Each template gives you different options to customize the emails.


WordPress Customizer

Customize emails with what you are comfortable and used to with – WordPress customizer. Simple and quick to make changes. No drag and drop hassles.


Edit Email Text (Plugin USP)

This is what makes Email Customizer Pro stand out from other WooCommerce email customizer plugins.


Email Customizer PRO edit text.


Most of these plugins allow you to customize the email header, footer, background, and other elements but not the email body text. If your design is good, but the copy isn’t, it makes no sense.

With the Email Customizer Pro plugin, you can edit existing text and add your own unique text to the email that engages with your audience. Based on what you sell, you can edit the email content.

Easily customize the default email order messages, headings and subheadings, and the closing notes. You can show your company information ask for reviews and feedback.

You can add images, video links, coupon codes, links to high-converting blog posts, product pages, and other important pages.

You can bold or highlight the text, change the font color, increase or decrease font size and apply other changes as required by applying some HTML/CSS.



Email Customizer Pro plugin allows you to add product recommendations using merge tags right within the emails. How cool, right?


Email Customizer PRO product recommendations option.


Look, you need to showcase your brand via your emails. The user has already purchased from you and trusts you more. Now, if they see some related products they need, the chances of purchasing are higher. As such, they are your existing customers who made a recent purchase. So it’s a win-win.

It also saves you from the effort of creating and sending separate emails for it.


Customize Header, Footer, Background

A brand’s positive image is also built on minute details – header and footer sections, background colors, links to relevant pages, etc.


Email Customizer PRO avaiulable templates.


Email Customizer Pro plugin helps you style these minute element details and make pretty emails. Complete control in your hands.

You can customize the ‘Header Style’ – Header Color, Header Text Color, and ‘Header Text.’ Now, under Header Text, for each individual email template, you can add custom text.

One of the plugin templates allows you to add an image to the email. You can add a brand logo in the header area. You can also add a banner or a featured image to make your email look more attractive.

The menu bar in the email allows you to show up to five custom links. These custom links are handy if you want to redirect your customers to any offer page, product documentation, special membership plans page, upcoming products page, or any other page.

You can customize the email background color, email border color, and email body color. Edit the default email text like the order message, headings, subheadings, closing notes for better conversions.

A brand is incomplete today without any social media presence. You can add three social media icons with links to those pages of your brands. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram seems the most widely used icons in emails.

The plugin allows you to add text in the footer section of your emails. It can be a custom message or custom HTML.


Live Preview

All customizing work you do happens in real-time. So you know if anything goes wrong, you can make edits quickly there itself, assisting you in creating the perfect templates.


Mobile Responsive

Whether your users view emails on their laptops, tablets, or mobile phones, they would see a well-designed and responsive email.


Send Test Emails

You don’t want to send emails directly to customers and face negative feedback. So better to send some test emails to check everything and see how they will look at the customer’s end. If required, tailor your emails. Again test and then send if all is ok.


Customize WooCommerce Subscriptions emails

Since Email Customizer Pro is compatible with the official WooCommerce Subscriptions extension, you can customize the subscription emails and showcase your brand better.


Engaging Email Styles

The email style you set for WooCommerce transactional emails and subscription emails you send out from other plugins on your store will also take that same style.

For example, emails sent out from Stripe will have the email style you have selected for your WooCommerce emails. However, you won’t be able to customize these emails.


Email Customizer Pro pricing

The plugin is priced at $79/year. It includes one year of support and updates. You can purchase the plugin from the WooCommerce marketplace.

Considering the features and benefits, it offers at this price. It’s a good deal.



Email designing can be messy. Sending plain emails to customers is not acceptable if you want to establish your brand authority.

That’s the reason Email Customizer Pro is crafted to help you build that brand build that engagement with your audience. And most importantly, trust you.

Apart from basic customizations, it goes steps beyond other plugins to give you the features to increase engagement and conversions, like editing email text and product recommendations. And style your emails that resonate with your audience.

Every single email that goes out of the system has a great impact on your customers. It can be WooCommerce follow-up emails, order confirmation emails, or others. Don’t ruin your customer’s experience with dull emails.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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